Review: Your Best Year 2018 by Lisa Jacobs

I’m not a big fan of Fall. There. I said it. (Please don’t throw pumpkin spiced lattes at me!) The cooler temperatures and changing of the leaves are nice and all, but that change of seasons just leads straight into Winter… which means snow… and I really don’t like snow or the freezing temperatures that come along with it here in New Jersey.

But if there is ONE thing that I love about Fall, it’s getting my hands on the brand new copy of my friend Lisa Jacobs’ amazing workbook: Your Best Year.

I’ve been a huge fan of Lisa’s work since I started Boho Berry, and I’ve been lucky to work through each one of her Your Best Year workbooks since 2015. Year after year, I get more and more excited when Fall rolls around because I know that I’m going to get to spend some serious review time within its pages. And boy, has this year NOT disappointed!

Lisa has launched not one, but two versions of Your Best Year 2018. There is the traditional version (the “Business Edition”), geared towards creative business owners, and then there is a brand new “Life Edition”. The Life Edition is chock full of the same hard-hitting and thought-provoking prompts without all of the business stuff.

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I wrote a raving review of Your Best Year 2017 last year, and I’m so happy to report that Lisa has truly outdone herself again this year. Each year I think “it can’t get better than this”; and each year, Lisa proves me wrong!

I was lucky enough to be invited to her #YBY2018 Launch Party in Ashburn, VA last month. It was a beautiful afternoon surrounded by 20+ amazing businesswomen (and my husband, Mark 😊) where we ate delicious food, had great conversations, and of course workshopped Lisa’s brand new book.

Your Best Year 2018 Launch Party

When I got home from the launch party, I immediately threw myself into my annual planning routine. I dove straight into the review process and exercises within and enjoyed a nice long weekend of re-focusing and planning for 2018.

Your Best Year 2018 Includes:

  • Prompts, goal-setting exercises, goal-prioritizing exercises and tough questions that MUST be answered in order to create results.
  • Trackers and review to help you make the most of your time with high-efficiency and focus.
  • A place to capture your wins each month, a record of review, a focus on the five pillars, a record of memorable moments, improved habit and performance trackers, a revolutionary goal-setting system, a revolutionary goal-setting worksheet, and a mix of instruction and application.
  • Refreshers on the fundamentals: what to focus on, how to make progress, how to get your goals.
  • Monthly calendar spreads.
  • Introductory chapters that will help you make the most of every season of your life.
  • Examples for every worksheet. No more guessing what an exercise means, examples follow each exercise or instruction.
  • Instructions on how to use this workbook.
  • Decision-making tools that will launch you into the leader’s circle.
  • Vision for success worksheets and creative prompts.
  • Fear-naming exercises and helpful insight.
  • Motivational worksheets to keep your engine running and your creative juices flowing all year long.
  • Monthly tracking tools, weekly reviews, unfinished business eliminators, daily scorecards, and more!

I’m SO excited about this year’s edition, and I decided to film a little review / flip-through of the Business Edition for you over on YouTube today. Check it out below :)


If you were one of the lucky 1,000 who subscribed to the Boho Berry Box, I have an amazing surprise for you!

I reached out to Lisa, and she is giving away a copy of the Your Best Year 2018: Life Edition to each and every one of you! How exciting is that?!?

Get ready to start checking your mailboxes… your copy of Your Best Year 2018 will be arriving around the beginning of December!!!



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