Boho Berry Challenge – December: Year-End Review

Hello, lovelies! I’m thrilled to be unveiling this month’s theme for the Boho Berry Challenge… Year-End Review!

In addition to the information provided on the #BohoBerryChallenge page, I wanted to take some time to explain my thought process behind this month’s theme.

I’m also going to give you a bit more guidance when it comes to the prompts themselves.

>> PSST… For the full instructions on how to participate in the challenge, be sure to head over here.

With December quickly approaching, I’m finding myself in a very reflecting and introspective mood. 2018 is almost here, and I’ve been diving into planning and goal-setting for the new year. Between my 18 Before 2018 list, and Lisa’s Your Best Year workbook, I’ve been having a blast getting ready for 2018 and all of the good things to come!

This month, I thought it would be great to bring that review process to the Boho Berry Challenge as well. I’ve divided the list up into prompts to help you reflect on the year past (1st – 16th) and then prompts to help you brainstorm and plan for the year ahead (17th – 31st). I can’t wait to see your responses to the prompts this month!

I spent a long time putting together the #BohoBerryChallenge prompts for this month, and a lot of thought went into what topics that I chose to explore.

The challenge prompts (as always) are completely open to interpretation, but I’m hoping that a little bit of extra guidance might help you to get more out of the challenge this month.

Come join us for the Boho Berry Challenge this December as we review the year so far and start to plan for 2018!


Remember, there are many different ways to participate in this challenge. It was created as a journaling challenge, so ideally you would journal a paragraph or two about each day’s topic. But don’t feel like you have to… one word is enough to spark that feeling of gratitude. You can be as simple or as creative as you like here… the sky’s the limit!

  1. INTRODUCTIONS – Today is the day for introductions! 
  2. 2017 IN THREE WORDS – What 3 words best describe your year so far?
  3. FAVORITE MEMORY – What was your favorite memory of 2017 so far?
  4. BIGGEST ACCOMPLISHMENT – What was your biggest accomplishment this year? How did you achieve it?
  5. BIGGEST CHALLENGE – What was your biggest challenge or obstacle this year? How did you overcome it?
  6. THIS YEAR, I… – There are so many ways to interpret today’s prompt. Complete the sentence with whatever is in your heart about this past year.
  7. TIME WELL SPENT – What was time well spent this year?
  8. SUCCESSES – What felt successful about 2017?
  9. COULD HAVE GONE BETTER – What could have gone better this year? Were there any mistakes that you can avoid in the future?
  10. MONEY WELL SPENT – What was money well spent this year?
  11. PROGRESS TOWARDS GOALS – Did you make any progress towards your big goals? Were you able to check any off your list?
  12. NEW SKILLS LEARNED – What new skills did you learn this year? These could be business skills, something in your education, or even new creative techniques.
  13. BREAK-THROUGH MOMENT – Was there a moment this year where you felt like you broke through a barrier or mental block?
  14. SMART DECISIONS – What were some smart decisions that you made this year?
  15. GOOD HABITS FORMED – Did you form any new good habits? How did you do it?
  16. BAD HABITS BROKEN – Were you able to kick any of your bad habits this year? How did you do it?
  17. UNFINISHED BUSINESS – What unfinished business do you need to take care of in order to start the new year strong? Is there anything you can tackle before the month is over?
  18. THEME/WORD FOR 2018 – What is your theme or word of the year for 2018? What does it mean to you?
  19. START DOING – Is there anything you want to START doing in 2018?
  20. KEEP DOING – What would you like to KEEP doing next year?
  21. STOP DOING – Is there anything you want to STOP doing in 2018?
  22. OUT OF MY COMFORT ZONE – We all have those things that are uncomfortable but could be SO good for us. How are you going to step out of your comfort zone in 2018?
  23. SETTING INTENTIONS – What intentions do you want to set for the new year? Do you have a plan for how you will carry them out?
  24. SOMETHING NEW – What is something new you would like to try/learn/create next year?
  25. SELF-CARE – You can’t pour from an empty cup. How will you make time for self-care in 2018?
  26. CONTRIBUTION –  We all want to make a meaningful contribution in this world. What are some ways that you can contribute to your friends, family, community, or the world in general?
  27. EDUCATION – Education doesn’t stop when you’re done with school. How will you educate and grow yourself mentally in 2018?
  28. CAREER – Do you have any major career goals next year? 
  29. 2018 WILL FEEL SUCCESSFUL IF… – Imagine it’s December 2018. Complete this sentence and write about what a successful year would look like for you.
  30. TOP THREE 2018 GOALS – What are your top three goals for 2018?
  31. LESSONS LEARNED – What lessons have you learned through this year-end review?

It’s my sincerest hope that my breakdown of each one of these prompts will help you to get more out of the challenge this month. Remember, one of the best parts of this challenge is engaging with the community and learning from one another.

PS – You can find the full challenge graphic, printable, and instructions on how to join the community right here.


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