Wrapping Up 2015 + A New Giveaway!

Can you believe that 2015 is almost over? With only 10 days left until 2016 begins, I thought it would be nice to do a little recap of how the year went for me and what you can look forward to from Boho Berry in the new year!

After this post goes live, I’ll be taking a much-needed break to spend Christmas with Mark and the cutest dang 9-year-old you’ve ever seen! I’m looking forward to a week of cooking, baking, traditions, and adventures with the family. You won’t see me for my regular Friday post as it falls on Christmas day, but don’t worry! I’ll be back on Monday with my regularly scheduled programming :)

For now though, let’s get on with the good stuff, shall we?

I thought I’d do a little review of how my 16 Before 2016 list panned out. You remember that list, right? The one where I decided what loose ends I wanted to tie up in order to finish 2015 strong? Here’s a little run down for you:

It's time for a little year-end recap! I'm reviewing my 16 Before 2016 list and planning for the year ahead... Who's with me?

16 BEFORE 2016:

>> 1. Complete & Publish My Coloring Book (postponed)

Unfortunately this one took a back seat to all of the other things that have kept me busy for the past few weeks. This will be my top priority in the new year though, so don’t count me out just yet ;)

>> 2. Host a Giveaway on the Blog (complete)

Check! It was SUCH a rewarding experience to host my first ever giveaway. Over 3,000 of you entered to win a Bullet Journal Supply Bundle, and I was flooded with so many positive comments that I couldn’t keep up with replying to them all!

Not only did I complete my first giveaway (congrats to Emma R. again, by the way), but I’m hosting a second giveaway to end the year with a bang! More details at the end of this post :)

>> 3. Join a Yoga Studio & Attend 3x / Week (complete… kind of)

I marked this one complete even though I didn’t join a yoga studio (yet). I have been doing Yoga 3x per week following along with Adrienne on YouTube and it has been great! I’m also going to be starting her 30 Days of Yoga challenge in January and I can’t wait!

>> 4. Weekend Getaway With Mark (complete)

Mark and I spent an awesome weekend in New Orleans last month. He was there for work, so it just seemed like the perfect opportunity for me to fly out there and mark this one off of my list. That trip was exactly what I needed to recharge my batteries and come back fresh and relaxed!

>> 5. Schedule & Perform a Year-End Review (complete)

I’ll be diving deeper into my year-end review here in a bit, but suffice it to say for now that this was a fun and enlightening process! :)

>> 6. Pitch Guest Posts to My “Top 3” (in progress)

While I haven’t submitted my posts yet, I have come up with some great ideas (with a little help from a friend) and I’m busy putting together my posts for submission.

>> 7. Create 5 New Malas for the Shop (in progress)

I have all of the supplies ordered that I will need, and I have a great plan for the new line of Malas that I’ll be introducing to the Boho Berry Shop in January. I can’t wait to share them with you!

>> 8. KonMari Books & Paperwork (in progress)

This will actually be marked off by the end of the week. I’ve already sorted through my books and donated a huge stack to the local library. I’ll be organizing my new book shelf this week and then tackling the stack of paperwork that is waiting for me in the office.

>> 9. Plan a Fun Family Trip Around Christmas (complete)

We’ll be hopping a train into NYC this week to show Bella the Big Apple for the first time… can’t wait!

>> 10. Get in that Gym Habit NOW (complete… kind of)

OK, so maybe I haven’t really made going to the gym into a habit quite yet, but it’s a work in progress. I’ll be adhering to a more strict 3x per week schedule at the beginning of the year, but for now I’m happy to report that I’ve gone at least once every week since making this list :)

>> 11. Get My Passport (in progress)

Appointment is set at the passport office… yay!

>> 12. KonMari Kitchen Cabinets & Pantry (postponed)

I might get to this before the end of the year but I kind of doubt it. It will definitely be a top priority in the coming months though!

>> 13. Create an Awesome Opt-In Freebie (in progress)

While it’s not quite ready yet, I am nearing completion on this “little” project. I’ve been wanting to provide a downloadable PDF guide for free to my Tribe members for some time now, and I can’t wait to share it with you very very soon!

>> 14. Pamper Myself – Day at the Spa! (postponed)

I know, I know… this one should have been the first one marked off my list, right? Well, I totally meant for it to be but I kept putting it off to work on my projects and well… it kind of just slipped away from me :( Soon, spa day… soon!

>> 15. Take an Adobe Illustrator Course (complete)

I found this awesome (free) Adobe Illustrator for Beginners course on YouTube! I learned SO much throughout this video series and I highly recommend it for anyone wanting to learn Illustrator :)

>> 16. Finish 2015 Strong! (complete)

Overall I would definitely say that I finished 2015 strong! I can’t thank Lisa Jacobs enough for presenting the idea for this challenge back in October! Having this list to guide me through the last couple of months was super motivating and I really feel like it helped me to finish 2015 in a way that I can be proud of.

It's time for a little year-end recap! I'm reviewing my 16 Before 2016 list and planning for the year ahead... Who's with me?

* This post contains affiliate links. In plain English, this means that I may receive a small commission (at no cost to you) if you subscribe or purchase something through the links provided. You will never see me post a link to a product or service that I haven’t used myself and love! (Learn more here)


If you follow me over on Instagram, you have probably seen my 2015 Year-End Review there already. I conducted this review back in November, following prompts from Lisa Jacobs’ Your Best Year 2016: A Productivity Workbook & Creative Business Planner.

It's time for a little year-end recap! I'm reviewing my 16 Before 2016 list and planning for the year ahead... Who's with me?I talked a bit about Your Best Year 2016 in my Why Fall is a Great Time for Review + Goal Setting post, and I just can’t sing it’s praises enough!

I have been working my way through this workbook and loving every minute of it! Lisa’s prompts are thought-provoking and insightful. Her teaching style is effortless and effective all at once.

My favorite part about Your Best Year 2016 is that Lisa realizes that your personal and business lives are not always separate. There is a lot of crossover between personal goals and business goals… and I love it!

Of course I had to take this exercise out of the workbook and create a spread for it in my Bullet Journal! I love the result! I can see at a glance what my successes and struggles were, and I have my “marching orders” going forward into 2016.

It's time for a little year-end recap! I'm reviewing my 16 Before 2016 list and planning for the year ahead... Who's with me?

My favorite part was coming up with ways that I can improve and build upon my successes in 2015. All in all, I loved the year-end review process and you can bet that I’ll be making it a yearly event going forward!


I’m so excited to announce that Lisa has been generous enough to offer not one, but THREE copies of Your Best Year 2016 as a giveaway to my readers! I’ve been itching to tell you about this for the past week and I’m so happy that the day has finally arrived!

So what do you have to do to enter? 

Simply follow the directions in the Rafflecopter widget below to be entered to win. Choose any one of the methods below for one entry, or go wild and complete all 5! It’s up to you :)

This giveaway is open to US residents only, and will run today (12/23/15) through December 29th, 2015.

* For complete disclosures and my giveaway policies, read more here.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

* The 3 winners will be announced via Facebook and Instagram on December 30th, so stay tuned!

So tell me, how are you going to make 2016 Your Best Year Ever?

Kara Benz
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  • Elli M

    This year, I’m making a list of 101 nearby adventures and planning to do every. single. one of them. The year can’t help but be awesome. :D

  • Stephanie

    I’m excited to see what 2016 brings! Have a Merry Christmas and enjoy NYC!

  • Josefin Skogman

    Aw, too bad the give away was for the US only! Oh well, next time maybe. :) Sounds good with some time off the blog and spend time with family! Hope you have a great time in NY!

    For 2016, I have found a word that I will try to follow “aim”. Otherwise Im looking forward a new year with new challenges and goals and stuff! :D

  • This looks so helpful! My 2015 was decent work-wise, but there are things I could do so much better. Procrastination was a huge problem — I got A LOT accomplished this year, but it felt like I was constantly doing it all at the last minute, and that’s unfortunately carrying through the first week of the new year thanks to a deadline I keep pushing back. :/ A more balanced, calm approach next year would be great!

    (I just discovered your blog via Pinterest and I am so happy I did. I’ve been reading through your bullet journal posts and just started setting up my 2016 journal — so thank you!)

  • quiltbabe8

    I’m all for goals, and this looks like a great way to do the work to figure out what they should be – and make sure they are worked on.

  • Glenneth Reed

    so excited about 2016. just discovered bullet journaling and plan to use it all year as well as COMMIT to everything i do.

  • Katelynn Hale

    I love YWA and I’m also looking forward to the 30 days of yoga in January! Hope you enjoy and thanks for all the cool bujo inspiration! :)

  • Jennifer Schweitzer

    This 2016 I’m going to plan out my days more. I was running to much and not getting the things I wanted to do done.

  • Petra Trowbridge

    I LOVE YOUR BLOG. So happy I found it! I’ve used a lot of your bullet journal ideas. For 2016 will probably still use a lot of your same layouts but will venture into my own also. And I love the youtube videos. Going to try another Mandala and hopefully it will turn out a little better next time! Merry Christmas to you and your family and may 2016 be a filled with joy and happiness!

  • Shylah Ridgway

    I didn’t even know what a bullet journal was until I ran across your blog on Pinterest. Needless to say, I’m hooked! It’s a type-A personality dream come true. My intention for 2016 is to be fully PRESENT in each moment and each day.

  • Jenylynn Keil

    I love your blog, and I appreciate all your creativity and thoughtfulness! Thank you for sharing your life with us!!!

  • Debbie Remington Graf

    In 2016 I plan to use my Bullet Journal to organize my personal life as well as my Easy shop. Your blog and BuJo illustrations have motivated me to try to be more creative and organized in my own life and BuJo.

  • Vicky

    So excited for this give away, really want this book!! I Plan on using my BoJu to help track my tasks and be more focused on accomplishing small things daily.

  • Lindsey H.

    I am going to work on my new blog (simplymaude.com) and see where that leads. I also am planning on spending as much time and just having fun with my almost two year old daughter. I don’t want to be so serious this coming year, I really want to relax, have fun, be spontaneous, and just enjoy normal everyday things all year-long! Here’s to 2016!!!

  • Megan Tagg

    This looks awesome! 2016 will be my best year ever because I got into grad school!!! I can use all the tips and help I can get to figure out how to readjust my life to fit in grad school! Love your website and Instagram that I just discovered!

  • Megan

    2016 is destined to be better than 2015. After many hard losses and stress, I’m looking forward to designed 2016 a year of joy and happiness. I plan on spending the next 10 days focusing on setting up my first-ever BuJo. Thank you for the constant inspiration reminders and guidance. While i am still a bit overwhelmed with the journaling process, I know I will get there soon!

  • Anika

    In 2016 I hope to just overall love life more. To create a system in which I am not stressed all the time and can actually enjoy the days that I have off. I hope to just focus more on what matters most rather than focusing on the little things. My plan from now until the end of 2015 is to set up my first ever bullet journal. After seeing so many inspirational videos and pictures from awesome people (like you!), I have decided to finally just put aside my worries and go after it. I have tried using a standard planner and countless other systems, but they just didn’t work out for me! I hope that the BuJo will help this problem. I plan on making my own first with cheap materials such as a mini binder and graph paper, and then if I decide that bullet journaling is for me, I will go ahead and purchase some of the more expensive journals! I also would like to develop my new blog! Thank you Kara for being such a great inspiration to me and many other people.

  • Karen Harris

    I do plan to make 2016 my best year, yet, and I know planning and tracking will help me do that. Love your blog!!

  • Nicole Trott

    I am so excited for the upcoming new year! I began Bullet Journaling the end of October, and it has already made a huge difference in pushing me forward. You continually inspire me, so thank you!

  • Lora Robinson

    I have quit an old job earlier this year and plan to move to a smaller town where the hubs & I can spend our ‘later’ years. I have a job interview for a whole NEW field the first week of Jan ’16. I expect to be hired & move and be more in love than ever with the man I married.

  • Rachel McPhail

    Thanks for taking the time to share so many of your personal goals. 2015 was a tough year for reasons beyond my control. You are helping motivate me to move past the bad and into the good.

  • Morgan Stillo

    I plan to make 2016 the best year yet! I started bullet journaling a few weeks ago and will continue using it as a tool to achieve my goals. I just graduated with my masters so I will make this a great year by finding a job in my profession!

  • Kim Carr

    I’ll make 2016 the best year ever by starting it off with the bullet journal. I’m also planning to keep on with the Kon Mari of my house.

  • Tran Thai

    I plan to make 2016 the best year ever by following the Miracle Morning and continuing to Bullet Journal and find ways to become the best ‘me’ possible!

  • Kim Conner

    For 2016, I plan to continue to focus on the word I’ve chosen- JOY. I want to do things with joy and make life joyful for others. Hopefully, focusing on some of my dream career goals will do both of those things. I’d like to focus on making dolls and toys to sell.

    • Lindsay Morgan

      ***Never Turn Down A Memory***
      This is how I am going to dive headfirst into 2016! “My Best Year” is going to be full of new adventures, inspiration and pride in my journey! I am going to wrap up 2016 with a look back that leaves me full of peace and contentment!
      I can’t wait for my Best Year to begin!

  • Courtney Barts

    I would love to check out the book and help my 2016 be the best yet!

  • Kendall

    After a hard year, I’m looking forward to 2016 to start eating healthier, exercise more because I want to, and learn to enjoy life more and be less stressed.

  • Ellie Watkins

    I am going to make 2016 my best year ever by focusing on my mental and physical health, through the miracle morning and my new bullet journal.

  • Diana Steel

    To make 2016 my best year yet I am going to consistently work on the items that I put on my monthly tracker…those are the habits that I feel I need to establish for personal or economic or health reasons. These will make my life fuller, more productive and more relaxed. Of course all of this will be in my bullet journal :)

  • Naomi Schmidt

    Today I was going through my head about how I wanted to really rearrange my prioritites and do a better job at improving myself in all sorts of ways. I wandered here in my search for the Miracle Morning advice and fell in love with your bullet journal. I decided to try it right away and already started making one to see if maybe I can finally commit to a planner. Anyways I just wanted to say you one new fan and I hope you have a fantastic start to your year.

    2016 will be the best year just because I want it to be :)

  • Tracey Robinson

    I have many changes planned for 2016, time to embrace my next phase of life. here’s to the courage to change!

  • missjustinee

    So inspired to start a bullet journal because of your blog! I can’t wait to start in 2016 (:

    – Justine Erica | missjustinee.blogspot.com

  • Dianne

    Sounds awesome!! I just adore your BuJo! I’m excited about 2016 – I think mostly because it’s the first year I’ve really invested time well before the year began thinking about what I want to do. I’m looking forward to a fabulous 2016!!

  • Leisel Clayton

    The first thing I need to do to make 2016 my best year ever is to finish a project (a promised gift) that had been hanging over my head for way too long. I always feel like I should be working on it… even when I can’t, or other things really should take precedence, and that tends to keep me from working on those things, too.

  • Not in the US, so can’t enter/win but still – will keep reading your blog in 2016! All the best,

    Merry Christmas!

  • Linda Marie Walsh

    2016 will be my best year ever because I am going to do those things I have wanted to do but kept making excuses due to fear and second guessing myself.!!! First thing..get on a podcast. CHECK!!!

  • Janet Good

    I’m ready to start my own bullet journal, complete with a personal mission statement (thanks!) and a plan. Also I’ll be concentrating on making balance in my life a focus!

  • Debra

    Kara, I am so glad I found you via Pinterest and the Bullet Journal, which is new for me. I love some of the things you have done with the journal, and you inspire my creativity. I have my new 2016 Bullet Journal ready to go and some of my goals to make 2016 super are: finish my mission statement, write the book I’ve been resisting to write, continue with my artwork, and expand my circle of friends/connections to include people who inspire and motivate me.

    • Brandi Hernandez

      Kara, I also found you the same way (Pinterest and bullet journal)! I love seeing your posts on Instagram, and can’t wait to start my own bullet journal journey in 2016 following some of your ideas and advice for inspiration. I am going to make 2016 my best year yet by writing out my goals in my journal and following through with them! This includes level 10 life goals! I always set goals, but don’t have an action plan. By writing and journaling every day I will be able to track my progress! Thanks for all you do.

  • Elisa Fernandes

    I’m going to make 2016 the best year ever just by having a more positive outlook on life, working hard to get what I want and by spreading love everyday.

  • Traci Bennett

    Kara, I agree with Debra below. I am so very grateful to have found you. 2015 has been a true learning opportunity for me. I am a grateful recovering addict who is knee deep in step work. (if you know what I mean.) I’ve always been a writer. I find it more therapeutic than anything else. I am a single mom trying to teach my 9-year-old how to be a gentleman and a caring thoughtful person. I am trying to show him by example what it means to always do the next right thing even if it isn’t the next easiest thing. I am trying to teach him the therapeutic value in learning to forgive as fast as he wants to be forgiven. He takes after me in the sense of journaling. When we go to the store, he does want a new toy, but will definitely take a new journal and some pencils over anything Minecraft. lol. Anyway, I have Filofaxed my heart out, I have tried the Happy Planner, and like you, I didn’t gravitate toward planning in it as much as I’d hoped I would. I make my own Travelers Notebooks and inserts, so I tried that. It wasn’t until I saw your blog as well as your videos on YouTube about Bullet Journaling that it really clicked with me. I took inspiration from you, the originator of Bullet Journaling, as well as several references to other you make. I would like to think I am your biggest fan. I know for sure that you have had a strong impact on my ability to see that there are a lot of possibilities that lie within my own creative thinking. I have had a mental goal of opening my own shop on Etsy shop, and now thanks to you, it’s a dream that I know is possible if I WRITE IT DOWN and have the determination and tenacity to get it started. I too, like Elisa Fernandes, plan to make 2016 the best year ever. And I share her desire to have a more positive outlook on life. thanks to you. Keep on keeping on. You are effecting change. In my life as well as many many others too I am sure.

  • Jastina Png

    Hi, You can go to Tutsplus.com to learn more about illustrator! or if you need personal advise, i won’t mind to provide some solution for you! As i really love how you plan your journal and the stuff you share, so as a way show appreciate, i’m free for you to ask advise for adobe illustrator which i’m familiar with. :)
    Merry Christmas and enjoy your holiday!

  • Ooh, awesome to see your progress with these so far! :) I’ve been interested in the ‘your best year’ book, I feel like Lisa and I have some similar ideas, such as her poster – I made a similar thing earlier this year but have since sized it down to my Bullet Journal, which I absolutely love. :)

  • Lana Chu

    Thanks for the opportunity for this book. I’ve just come up with my mission statement and started Miracle Mornings. Looking forward to a great year!

  • chelsea

    I am going to make 2016 my best year I am going to be more positive and up lifting nandstrive form hat I belive in not going to stress as much and spend more time with my loved ones oh and also I want to try do more baking :)!

  • Barbara Ellen Talisman

    I am setting up my first BuJo in 2016. It’s gonna be a big personal and professional year. Your guidance and info has been invaluable. Thanks!

  • Lexa Dalton

    2016 will be the crucial “putting into consistent practice” year. had been using bulletjournal before I stumbled upon your amazing Instagram and blog but the techniques you used really allowed me to make bulletjournal my own. I was consistent through Fall, but cannot wait to continue into the new year and solidify this fantastic habit and tool. While also seeing your gorgeous posts!

  • Teresa

    I’m aiming to be more positive next year, work even harder, and stay organised! – Chrissy

  • Enjoy your well deserved break Kara and the time with your family. Next year too will be a good one!

  • Ronnie Sara Sanders

    I just discovered you blog, but I love it already! You have so many great ideas!

  • Jessica

    I just found your blog last night and I’m already hooked! Thank you for such great content!

  • minnie wang

    Addicted to your blog and cannot stop reading! In 2016, I hope to become better at organizing my life and get things done :) I want it to be a year I can reflect on and say “well done”.

  • wandren

    I’ve recently purchased a notebook to plan in. I love this idea.

  • Megan Simmons

    I am going to be better organized and I THINK…give bullet journaling a try!

  • Amanda

    Okay, so you might notice a bunch of “Amanda” related notifications and I’ll take full credit for that one! For the past year I have been trying to organize myself and my life with a good planning system; I’m talking about planner clubs, planner printables, binders, tabs, washi tape, the whole works! And I really got into it but I still haven’t found a system that I absolutely love and can commit to. On Pinterest, when searching for planner stuff, I would always see bullet journal-related pins around but I ignored them because my journaling is pretty on point and I was focused on planning. But then the other day I decided, why not? And I looked into what a bullet journal really is. A ton of YouTube videos, blog posts, pins, and IG posts later, I’m BEYOND ready to dive in!!!!! And I happened to love your layout and easy style, it’s very relaxing when I start to freak over planning my pages, lol! So I found you on social media and followed your accounts, hope you don’t think it’s too weird!! Anyways, you’ve inspired me to stop stressing over printables and how to plan things and to start ACTUALLY planning and, even more, ACTUALLY doing and living out the things that I plan! The bullet journal has a lot to do with it, also, but you’ve unknowingly pulled me on board and I’m ready to plan, act, and live in 2016 and stop trying to be perfect. It’s as simple as that! I want my year to be successful and productive and I want to be able to do an awesome year-end review like this with all of my goals from now either completed or in progress! You’ve definitely inspired me and I’m happy to have found your help!!

  • TheLoonieOne

    Love it!

  • Amanda G

    I just found your blog and especially love your bullet journal videos. Am getting organized for 2016 and so excited! Thanks!

  • Kristy N

    Love this post! I already grabbed a copy of “Your Best Year” and I can’t wait to start working through it this weekend.

  • Tara

    I just recently found your blog after viewing your bullet journal flip-through video. I’m going to make 2016 the best by starting a bullet journal and finally getting my life in order. I’ve never set goals or tasks for myself and, while things still get done, it’s not efficient! I’m so excited to start my journal. Thank you for the inspiration!

  • Ali

    I started Bullet Journaling and I’m hoping that will help me start planning more of life and tracking more of my goals. That’s how I’m going to make my 2016 the best ever. That and I’m getting Married in June so I have so much planning to do.

  • Day Ree

    You’re site is awesome! I’ve found your layouts to be very helpful! Thank you!

  • Amanda Shea

    I’m going to make 2016 the best year ever by starting my own blog. I have been inspired by Kara and other artists. I also have fitness and nutritional goals.

  • Gardenpeas Anddragons

    My theme for 2016 is transition…a big move in July is going to mean a lot of changes both personally and professionally (this sounds like a horoscope but it’s true). I want to navigate these changes in the most successful way possible so…transition!

  • Shu

    Awesome, excited to set up my first BJ

  • Ruby Naz

    2016 is a huge year for me – it’ll be the beginning of my professional career and the pathway to attaining new license, the year I get married and move out, and when I also start using multiple journals/planners. I hope to get more organized, more successful, and continue creating.

  • Katie Sharp

    I plan on being super positive and starting a bullet journal ☺️

  • Grace

    2016 will be the best year because I’m going back to school for my teaching credentials. I was a special education aide for 8 years until my site principal encouraged me to apply as a kindergarten teaching intern. I got the job and now I’m registered to start school in January. I’m extremely nervous but also excited and grateful for the support of my boss.

  • Kelli Davis Curry

    I love the idea of the yearly review! I was planning a planning day to spend goal setting for the up coming year when I found this post through Pintrest.

  • Karen

    2016 is going to be my best year because I’m using my planner to organize my life so that I can finally accomplish my goals. Especially those big ones that have been following me around for years. It is time to check them off and make new ones.

  • Martha G

    I found you through the bullet journal website and I so glad I did. I love your style and how you have organized your journal. Can’t wait to get mine and get it ready for 2016. I discovered the bullet journal in September and fell in love and then I saw what you did with yours and I’m excited about the possibilities with mine. Thanks for sharing yourself and your work.

  • Tina Ender

    Thanks for being an inspiration. I am going to attempt to spread inspiration in 2016! Sharing what I know and have learned so far with roost closest to me.

  • I am loving your planning posts and videos so much! Thanks for the giveaway.

    • And I forgot to say that in 2016 I’ll be working on minimalism. (I’ll also be doing Ali Edwards’s One Little Word project.)

  • Marie Kendrick

    So glad to have discovered your blog, wish I’d found it sooner! 2016 for me will be brought to your by my word for the year which is “purposeful”. I’ve been treading water after some family bereavements for far to long. This is the year for purposeful forward motion.

  • Rebecca Scherff

    I’m going to get on track at making myself a more well rounded person. I’ve been in a funk where all I do is go to work and sleep. I’m going to make time to enjoy life more.

    • Light Yagami

      so did u make ur life worth living for?

    • Actually everyone should think and do he same

    • Jose0109.123@hotmail com

      Hola Mami escribe me

    • malik micky


  • Christa Allan

    My word for 2016 is PERSISTENCE.

  • MsJax304

    I am going live happy in 2016. I will not being doing things that does not bring me or my family joy. Thank you for your awesome blog. Enjoy your time off.

  • I’m going to attempt to embrace the yes, as corny as that sounds…too many times it has been easier to say no or just stay where I already am…

  • MrsTempered Sunshine

    I’m going to continue to use my Bullet Journal and use information from pinterest and instagram to tweak it and make it work even better.

  • Jantien Schotman

    The year 2016 is going to be my best year yet, b/c i’m going to set beter goals for my business and family. And also health is gone be a big thing in 2016! I only need some guidens and hope to get some help with this book!
    Keep my finger crossed to win, I have not found this beautiful guide in the netherlands.

  • Yunuen Jimenez

    I’m going to make 2016 the best year ever by being more intentional. Take care of my health and move forward with my life goals and bring out the best in me.

  • Darbi Hines

    I’m going to make 2016 the best year ever by getting more organized and recognizing and focusing on all of the blessings in my life instead of the few things that don’t go my way. My husband and I are working on adding our first little Hines to our family and I WILL get more organized and in a better mindset before my family grows :)

  • Laine

    2016 will be my best year ever because I plan to set clear, achievable goals and if targets are missed, consider them rescheduled, not failed.

  • Stephanie Moore Cricklin

    What great inspiration!! Especially for some of us (that would be me) who need a need to keep focused to stay on task!!

  • Susannah Goldstein

    My 2016 is going to be made better by new bullet journal hacks to keep me on track- I tend to put it down when I get overwhelmed with life, when I should do the opposite, because it helps my mental health to be organized and accountable.

  • Michelle Kordsmeier Bowyer

    Kara, thank you for all of the hard work that you put into your blog. When I stumbled onto your blog post in November I had no idea how much you would inspire me. I never knew how much putting my ideas, thoughts, etc. down in writing would make me want to grow as a person. Now my goals and lists for 2016 grow everyday! Thanks you for sharing with us. Many blessings to you and your family in the coming year.

  • Melissa Hendrix

    I turn 30 in January and I have to get my act together and take back my body!

  • Pamela Vizdos

    2016 is the Year of Me! At 52 I’ve decided I need to come first – so I’m focusing on my body (I’m overweight and do not exercise enough), my mind (I’m taking part-time classes for a Master of Arts in History), and my spirit (I’m bullet journaling and am determined to focus on it daily as a form of meditation.)

  • Kim Gman

    I just found your blog! Love the ideas and encouragement. Gonna set goals and be more intentional in 2016. Thank you!

  • Daliene @ Alamo Adventures

    I am in LOVE with my new bullet journal. So glad to have found in at the end of 2015 so I can kick of 2016 planning well. Happy Holidays.

  • Thanks for running this! I’m very fond of your blog, and you totally got me into bullet journaling and goal setting. Thank you!

  • Maribel Martinez

    Thanks for the giveaway. I love your IG/YouTube and blog posts. I plan on starting a BuJo for work next week.

  • Lisa Finch

    So inspired right now.

  • Lisa Newman

    2016 is my year of forgiveness. Stepping out of the pain of loss.

  • Anadel

    I’m turning 30 years old in 2016 and I plan on making the last of my 20s the best it can be! Taking my toddler son on plenty adventures!

  • amanda_alandt

    Awesome year end recap and easy to see where to head next!

  • Angela Alves

    I am going to make 2016 the best year ever by finally decluttering, getting some house projects done for a more beautiful and peaceful home, physical therapy for my shoulder that has pained me for years and knocking off some bad habits and lastly bullet journaling to stop missing out on things (because I am so disorganized).

  • Erin Rowland

    I’m making 2016 my best year ever by letting go of the things that hold me back, planning what I can, and letting myself be flexible enough to change those plans when I need to!

  • Sarah

    2016 is going to be the best year ever because I finally have a plan and system that will keep me focused on my goals!

  • April

    I’m going to make 2016 the best year ever by accomplishing all of my goals. I WILL travel more and spend as much time as possible with my family and friends.

  • Niki

    In 2016 I try to figure out how to start my own business. I’m so exited! :)

  • shelley lewis

    I found you through Pinterest Love your bullet journal picture. Thank you for the give away. I’m looking forward to 2016.

  • Josephine

    I am going to make 2016 my best year by committing to things and not being afraid of imperfections.

  • I’m going to make 2016 my year of Essentials. Time to unsubscribe to all the chatter that keeps me focusing on 10 things at once and start focusing on the Essentials: My Tribe, my jewelry and myself. <3

  • Amber B.

    I’m going to make 2016 my best year ever by being more positive and productive. I already have my goals planned out for next year and have them broken out into categories and also broken out into 3, 6, 9, & 12 month plans.

  • Becky

    Ohhhhh new year 2016 I so desperately want it to be the year and for me and my family it’s about time!!! PMA and all that Thankyou for giving me a focus!!!! X☘

  • Tara Kizer

    Looking forward to winning!!

  • Kaitlyn Toles

    I think this is so rad for a bunch of reasons, but mostly I get so stoked when two people I admire collaborate together! Thanks to both of you for making this giveaway happen :)

  • Dani Beckman

    2016 is going to be a new year for me – a breakout year for trying all sorts of new things to market myself…. I am looking forward to this giveaway and emails from Lisa and all your blog posts!!

  • Melyssa Davis Vige

    Love this!

  • pamelasm

    Just recently found this blog while looking for bullet journal ideas. Going to get organized and move forward with farthing my career/future.

  • Kerri Frey Richter

    2016 can only bring better paths full of adventure and lessons:)

  • Ashley Crowe

    So I just binged watched all of your Bullet Journal videos! I was in the process of making my annual Erin Condren order, but I think you have me convinced on giving a BuJo a try. Yours is a big inspiration!! Love it!

  • I love you blog and how you share your BuJo. Very encouraging. I cannot wait to see what 2016 has for you!

  • Angie Dowling

    I can’t wait to own 2016!

  • Robbie

    I’m going to make 2016 my best year ever by planning ahead and trying to let go of the thoughts that hold be back!

  • Angela Arcara

    I’m trying to make 2016 a better year by sticking with my BuJo and thus, staying organized with my plans and having fun with the creativity aspect along the way!

  • Theresa Goodwin

    I just found bullet journaling this past week (right after I bought a shiny new already made planner). I’m so excited about trying the bullet journal method. It sounds like just the ticket for my creative and slightly ADHD brain.

  • TheMacyLady

    I need these giveaway goodies in my runaway-train life! Thanks for the awesome sauce. Xoxo-Macy

  • Stephanie

    This past week we found out my husband (age 40) has stage 4 colon cancer. So for 2016 I plan on slowing down and enjoying every family moment with him and our children the most and best way possible! And remember that tomorrow is not promised to live for today!

  • Krista Marie

    Hi Kara, we’re neighbors, I live in Deptford, NJ just south of you. I found your blog on pinterest as I was looking for 2016 planner ideas and so you’ve introduced me to the bullet journal – THANK YOU! Don’t worry I thanked Ryder Carrol too. Anyway, I also follow you on instagram, thanks for all of the creative inspiration! I’m going to make this the best year ever not just by utilizing the info from you and Lisa Jacobs (I found her through you) but by being the woman I’ve always dreamed of being. I’ve put a lot of thought into who I am and who I intend to be over many years, I have even put most of my old self behind me, including an unfulfilling career. Now is the time to fully transform, I’m following my dream of being a massage therapist – I have a small studio in Collingswood, NJ – and an artist. I’m already brainstorming items for my etsy shop. I also intend to help my sister on her journey of transformation, she’s an aromatherapist. Thanks again!

  • Jessica Bruland

    I discovered your bullet journal advice and ideas and started using it at the beginning of December. I love it!! Now that I have a sense of what works well for me and what doesn’t, I am setting up my 2016 bullet journal and goals so that I can increase my productivity, determination, and focus – and make a difference in people’s lives – in 2016!

  • Marissa M.

    My friend is starting a new Bullet Journal this year so I HAD to point her your way! Thanks for all the inspiration!

  • Karren Talbert McIntire

    2016 will be my BEST YEAR **EVER**, by simply….simplifying my daily life and expanding my creativity! Today, I am looking at stacks of paperwork on my desk. Tomorrow, they will be a thing of the past!

  • Lauren

    2016 is going to be the best year ever because I finally have all of my goals prioritized and I am going to achieve ALL of them!!

  • Lindsay Housley

    You are the reason for my BuJo obsession. Your layouts are so fun and beautiful. Thank you for sharing your pretty and functional works!

  • akjetmom

    2016 will be great because I’m going to be more intentional with my goals. Planning and flexibility will be the keys to keeping me on track in the areas I will be focusing on.

  • Caryn Cox

    I’ve never heard of bullet journals, but digging through your blog archives has inspired me! 2016 will be the best year ever because I’m ready to commit to planning my way through life!

  • Kara Sjoblom-Bay

    I want to make 2016 my best year ever by finishing my novel and securing an agent, and by posting more regularly on my blog.

  • Jessica Haines

    2016 is going to be an amazing year! I will be getting married and turning 30, and I’m super excited for what the year holds! This book looks amazing, and I would love to win it for my little sister, as she has just started her own business and I’m super proud of her!

  • Been Bullet Journaling for about a month, and am excited to be setting up my 2016 journal. Thanks for the inspiration and guidance

  • b fisher

    I accidentally came upon your blog looking for better ways to organize, but nothing is ever by accident. I am super excited to begin this new adventure!

  • Katherine Moore

    I’m going to make it my best year ever by making some changes that I have been avoiding making for some time…but they have to happen. I need to take some action! I need to start out strong and make my plans on paper because when I write them out, I have at least committed them to the universe in some way. This year just HAS to be better than the last one…!

  • D Hartsh

    Love the 2015 year in review page. That will be a good start towards getting my 2016 ideas in order, and good first page for a new journal. Was researching ideas for it when I found your post – checking out Lisa’s page as well!

  • Kathy Fuierer

    I am going to put your bullet journal into effect and work to better my health to relieve my Fibromyalgia

  • Wendy O

    I will be starting a bullet journal this year. Thank you so much for your videos on setting them up! I found them really helpful and inspiring!!

  • Kara

    Stumbled upon this bullet journaling post on Pinterest, very interested in trying this out! My goal for 2016 is to rise early in the morning to journal , pray and get a more positive start to my day. Thanks for all the great encouraging info!

  • Rebecca Mercer

    My husband and I always spend some time on New Year’s Eve going over month-by-month of the year and talk about the events, travel, and milestones… etc etc. that we experienced throughout the year. this year is plenty full with a move from Texas to New Jersey, a trip to England, New Jobs, and the loss of some family. We then talk about 3 personal goals we each want to achieve in the new year. We have found that we accomplish and persevere through a great deal more than we give ourselves credit for. He remembers struggles and triumphs I have achieved but usually seem to forget, and I do the same for him. Stating three personal goals out-loud to each other allows us to support and yes, remind, one another of our intentions throughout the year. I am going to copy your idea and do a review in my journal and then maybe come back after our New Year’s Recap Discussion and see what we decided for 2016 together. Thank you for all your positive energy and I wish you the best in the New Year.

  • Katherine W.

    I am going to take these last few days to really figure out my true desires for the new year. This last month of 2015 has been very turbulent emotionally and is really making me readjust some things.

  • Nora

    Hi! All of your pictures and blog posts keep me inspired to stay motivated. Thank you! I’m looking forward to your posts in 2016 and being as organized as I can be!

  • Ariel

    What a fun giveaway! This is going to be a big year for me first because I feel better prepared for whatever obstacles may arise but also because I’m getting married in September! 2016 is going to be great!!

  • I am going to make 2016 my best year ever by being more laid back, but intentional with my kids.

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  • Kai-Epp Kübarsepp

    Kara, you are brilliant! Thank you for sharing your journal and life!

    And million thanks for Adrianne-s youtube link. This is exactly what I needed!

  • Nikita Sohi

    Kara, you have inspired me so much with your bullet journaling. I have asked my mam for one for my Birthday one February 3rd 2016. :) I have been practicing in a note book but the way you set out your journal is awesome love it. Keep up your videos I watch them over and over again love them.
    Your awesome love yahh! :)
    Love Nikita xxx