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Well, hello there! Happy Saturday! It’s been a crazy and hectic over here and I’m so excited that the weekend is finally here! Yet again, I slacked off on Weekend Blog Love last week, so this week’s post might be a little longer than usual… oops! ;)

If you’re new around these parts, this weekly update is my way of sharing what’s been happening in my life over the past week. It’s also my way of sharing the love to other great blogs that I read. I spend a good chunk of my mornings reading other blogs and I love to curate lists of my favorite posts.


A few big things happened around these parts last week…

The Bulletjournalist Show & Tell Series with Kara from Boho Berry

First, I was SO honored to be featured on Ryder Carroll’s Bulletjournalist Blog. Ryder is the creator of the Bullet Journal system that I’m always going on about. I was so excited when he reached out to me and asked me to be a part of his Show & Tell series! Check out the full post here :)

Practicing Spencerian Script

Next (as if I need a new obsession), I bought my very first fountain pen! I’ve been eyeing fountain pens for some time now. If you follow me over on Instagram, then you know that I’ve been practicing my cursive for some time now. I often get compliments on my all-caps handwriting and while that’s great I really want  to improve my cursive. What better way than to get a pen that makes me want to practice?

So I picked up a Pilot Metropolitan* and this awesome Spencerian Script Copy Book Set*… It’s safe to say that I’m a bit obsessed at the moment. You can expect a detailed review from me very soon :)

* The above links are affiliate links. In plain English, this means that I may receive a small commission (at no cost to you) if you subscribe or purchase something through the links provided. You will never see me post a link to a product or service that I haven’t used myself and love! (Learn more here)

I just feel so honored! Thank you @staedtlermars!

A photo posted by Kara | Boho Berry (@boho.berry) on

Lastly, I was totally caught off guard when STAEDTLER sent me this amazing gift box:

I knew they were sending me a “little” gift as a thank you for being a huge fan of their products, but I was NOT prepared for the awesomeness when I opened the box. I have always been a huge fan of Staedtler pens, but now I’m a raving fan! Any company that would be so incredibly generous is a-ok in my book!

Again, you can expect a detailed review from me very very soon!

Weekend Blog Love


Alright, now let’s get on to the good reads, shall we? Grab yourself a nice cup of coffee and let’s dive in!

>> You, Version 2.0: Upgrade Your Life
You know when you get a new phone or electronic device and, every so often, you have the option to update the software to make it better? What if your life were like that? Well it is! And today’s the day for your upgrade — it’s You, Version2.0 …

>> 2 Ways to Change Your Thoughts When You Can’t Change Anything Else
Sometimes changing your life situation isn’t possible – or simply not possible soon enough.  You can’t restructure your entire lifestyle in an instant.  You can’t make someone else change against his or her will.  And you certainly can’t erase the past.  So what choices do you have left? …

>> Ladies, You Need to Follow Your Arrow
Have you ever had a moment in your life when you realize, I mean deeply and terrifyingly realize, that you’ve gone way off track?  You knew who you were at one point in your life, but the person inhabiting your body now is foreign to you.  Mama always said to not talk to strangers and yet, somehow, you’re that stranger. …

>> 11 Gift Ideas for Minimalists
These are all thoughtful gifts that even non-minimalists will appreciate, and the bonus is that they are all items that will not contribute to the excess that most of us already have in our homes. …

>> On Being A Late Bloomer
A late blooming adult is a person who discovers, accepts or manifests her capabilities later than expected. There’s something about watching our children become that awakens an ache in late bloomers. …

That’s a wrap y’all! I hope you enjoyed these awesome reads as much as I did! Now go and have yourself an amazing weekend! :)

What were some of your favorite blog posts this week? I’m always on the lookout for new blogs to add to my list, so feel free to drop me a line below :)


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