Weekend Blog Love

Can you believe that it’s Saturday already? As the days get shorter leading up to winter, it seems like time just keeps moving quicker and quicker.

If you’re new around these parts, this weekly update is my way of sharing what’s been happening in my life over the past week. It’s also my way of sharing the love to other great blogs that I read. I spend a good chunk of my mornings reading other blogs and I love to curate lists of my favorite posts.

I feel like I say this every week, but this week sure did fly by for me! I’ve been working super hard this week coming up with new coloring page designs. The response I received from my first coloring page design was pretty overwhelming last  week. I’m so grateful to you ALL for the encouragement!

For all of you bullet journal and planner lovers out there, I wanted to share this amazing #planwithmechallenge hosted by @prettyprintsandpaper & @tinyrayofsunshine on Instagram.

I participated in the challenge last month and totally fell in love with the amazing planner community on Instagram! This month’s challenge is just as awesome, if not better than September’s. Won’t you come join us? Trust me, you’ll love it!

Alright, now let’s get on to the good stuff, yes?

Weekend Blog Love

I’m totally smitten with this week’s articles that I’m sharing with you! Grab a nice cup of coffee or maybe even a fancy umbrella drink, and let’s dive in! :)

>> If You Had an Extra Hour Each Day, How Would You Spend It?
When we’re hustling hard to create a life of creative and financial freedom for ourselves, showing up for our business every single day, and making a daily commitment to doing the work, we can sometimes struggle to carve out time to do everything we want to each day. We sacrifice self care, passion projects, and time with loved ones in the hopes of just keeping our head above water with our work, and what we find ourselves with is burn out, resentment, and a life that’s nowhere near as dreamy as we want it to be…

>> Empty Encouragement VS Intentional Investment
I love encouraging others and I love seeing others do the same. It’s really beautiful when we’re all kind and uplifting to each other. But can we get stuck in the rut of being kind just to be kind? Can we end up not really encouraging each other but instead, doing the opposite? Let’s talk about empty encouragement vs. intentional investment…

>> 6 Little Lessons Travel Has Taught Me
In life we are taught many things; from childhood through to school, college and university. I didn’t go down the university route but instead went out into the world of work after completing my A-Levels. I’ve learnt a great deal since then. To this day though, I still believe that travel has taught me the greatest lessons of all…

>> 25 Ways to be a Better Human Today
Just pick one of these ways to be a better human to start practicing today and you’ll already be on your way to a happier, healthier, more rewarding life! Come back to this list and pick a new one each day! …

>> How Social Media Shapes Your Self Image
I have a moderate to severe obsession with Pinterest. I love browsing fashion and makeup, and Pinterest is an effing amazing platform for that. However, like most media forums, Pinterest fashion search results are largely populated by women who have a particular aesthetic — tall, white, tan, thin, able-bodied, etc. These women are beautiful, but they only represent a very small percentage of the actual population of women in the world. When we scroll through social media feeds for three hours in bed even though we promised ourselves we’d go to sleep early, and we see image after image of only one very specific type of person, our perceptions of how representative that type is of the general population can become extraordinarily skewed…

>> The Comfort You Will Find in the Uncomfortable
Your dreams should challenge you, seem nearly impossible and make you feel a little crazy for wanting them. Your dreams should scare you. Being intentional about your journey and consciously deciding to jump out of your comfort zone is how you start to make things happen. That is where the magic lives…

That’s a wrap, y’all! I hope you enjoyed these posts as much as I did! Have a fantastic and fun weekend!


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