How I Use Trello as a Blog Editorial Calendar

Happy Thursday, Lovelies! I’m coming to you with something a little off-topic for Boho Berry today. There’s been a lot of talk in some of the Facebook groups that I’m a part of about Editorial Calendars lately and I wanted to share what has been working for me. I use an app called Trello to manage my editorial calendar and let me tell you: it has been a life-saver!

Trello is a free app available online (and they have a handy iOS app) that lets you easily organize and manage projects. I discovered Trello a few years back and I used it off and on to organize different projects that I had going on in my life. I even used Trello to organize and keep track of my wedding tasks and timeline back in 2013.

It wasn’t until I started blogging, that I realized the awesome tool that I had at my disposal. Trello has a super awesome calendar feature that most people don’t know about which makes it perfect to use as an editorial calendar.

Trello is a great project organizing app all on it's own, but did you know that you can use Trello as a blog editorial calendar too? Find out how I did it! Plus, get a free template to set yours up too!
What’s cool about the calendar feature is that you can easily drag and drop your cards (posts) from one date to another. (You know, in case you’re like me and change your mind all the time :)

here’s how i use trello as an editorial calendar:

Trello is a great project organizing app all on it's own, but did you know that you can use Trello as a blog editorial calendar too? Find out how I did it! Plus, get a free template to set yours up too!

Trello uses a unique system of boards, lists, cards, labels, and checklists to help you keep everything organized and tidy. Once you get the hang of it, it really becomes a breeze to manage your blog and see everything you have going on at a glance.


Trello is a great project organizing app all on it's own, but did you know that you can use Trello as a blog editorial calendar too? Find out how I did it! Plus, get a free template to set yours up too!

Here you can see the different boards that I have in my Trello account. Think of these boards as the master categories for anything and everything you want to manage.

I used the “Grand Opening” board as a task manager for when I opened Boho Berry Shop back in April. I simply shifted my million tiny tasks (cards) from “To-Do” to “In Progress” to “Done”. The “Admin Day” board is set up similarly, but I use it more frequently. I set an Admin Day for myself on the last Wednesday of each month to get caught up on any paperwork-type stuff that may have fallen through the cracks that month.

The main board that I use on a daily basis, though, is my Blog Editorial Calendar and that is the one that we will be exploring in more detail today.


Trello is a great project organizing app all on it's own, but did you know that you can use Trello as a blog editorial calendar too? Find out how I did it! Plus, get a free template to set yours up too!

Lists are the sub-categories that you add in to your boards and they house your ‘cards’ during each of their stages. The lists that I have for my editorial calendar are:

  • Ideas: Guest Posts
  • Ideas: Blog Freebie & Passive Income Products
  • Ideas: In-House Posts
  • Date Assigned
  • In Progress
  • Published
  • Resources

The first 3 lists are where each of my cards starts out. When I have an idea for something new to write, I add a card and sort it into one of my 3 ‘idea’ lists. From there, I can drag and drop them over to the “Date Assigned” list once I decide to start writing and I assign them a due date.

Once I decide to start a draft of my post, I drag that card to “In Progress” and it stays there during the draft and review phase of my writing. This is where I add labels and checklists to the cards to help keep myself on track (more about that in a little bit). Once I am ready to publish my post, I move it over to the “Published” list, where it stays for all eternity for me to look back on if I ever need to.

The “Resources” list is just a place for me to store cards with links to writing resources, and is not really necessary unless you’re into that kind of stuff.

P.S. My favorite resource is 100+ Attention-Grabbing Blog Post Title Templates.


Trello is a great project organizing app all on it's own, but did you know that you can use Trello as a blog editorial calendar too? Find out how I did it! Plus, get a free template to set yours up too!

This is what a card looks like when you click on it. As you can see, there are quite a few options to customize your cards as you see fit. When I decide to add a post to my calendar, I simply open the card, add a due date, and give that card a red label, indicating that the due date is set. This is what makes the card show up on that awesome calendar I showed you earlier.

Now, no matter what list I move the card to, it will always show up on my calendar on it’s assigned date. Also, if you’re in calendar mode and you drag and drop a card to another date, it will automatically change the due date of the card for you.

When you have the card open like this, you can add a description to the card. This is usually where I will add in any research notes, draft title possibilities, or create some bullet points for my post before I start the draft process. The possibilities here are endless, people!

You can also add attachments to each card if you like. I like to add my featured image as an attachment once I have it. The first image you attach will appear on the cover of the card, which makes it even easier to see everything at a glance.


Trello is a great project organizing app all on it's own, but did you know that you can use Trello as a blog editorial calendar too? Find out how I did it! Plus, get a free template to set yours up too!

Labels are one of my favorite parts about using Trello. You can customize your label’s title and color with just a few clicks and you are good to go. I love to use labels for all of my cards so that I can see at a glance what stage all of my posts are in.

For example I may have a post in my “In Progress” list that is marked with a red label and an orange label. This means that I have scheduled a publish date and the draft is in progress. Alternatively, if it is marked with red and yellow, then I know that the draft is complete and all I have to do is review the post and put finishing touches on it before publishing.

I also like to keep track of when my email newsletters need to go out on my calendar, so I mark those with a purple label that really makes them stand out at a glance when I’m looking at all of my lists.


Trello is a great project organizing app all on it's own, but did you know that you can use Trello as a blog editorial calendar too? Find out how I did it! Plus, get a free template to set yours up too!

Checklists are probably my favorite feature in Trello! Above, you see an example of my “Review Checklist”. This is my must-have checklist for each and every one of my blog posts before it is ready to be published. Once you add a checklist to your card, a neat little counter will appear on the face of the card showing you how many tasks you have completed.

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I know that all of this can seem time consuming and a little daunting at first, but I promise you that once you get the hang of it, you will wonder what you ever did without Trello. I also know that just seeing these few pics and descriptions here is not the best way to learn it, so I put together a little video of me walking you through how I use Trello as my editorial calendar in hopes that you will understand it a bit better.

If you decide to use Trello as your blog editorial calendar, I’d love to help you get it set up correctly. To that end, I’ve created a blank template that is set up just like mine. All you have to do is copy the board into your account and edit it as you wish. This includes the lists and checklists that I use for scheduling and promoting my blog posts as well!

Click here to get access to the Blog Editorial Calendar Template


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Kara Benz is the artist and author behind Boho Berry, where she inspires her readers to lead a more centered, fulfilled, and inspired life. Kara also runs a successful sticker shop on Etsy - Boho Berry Paperie.
  • I’ve never heard about it before. Great idea. Thank you for sharing.

  • ThIs is awesome! Thanks for posting. I’m going to pin this for later :)

    • I know you’ll love it, Sarah! Thanks for pinning :)

  • wow! This is really helpful, but overwhelming too! You got me at FREE! Definitely looking into it, but sounds like I have a TON to learn! Pinning now!

    • Thanks Caroline! There’s definitely a bit of a learning curve but once you get the hang of how everything flows it just works like magic! Feel free to contact me if you get stuck or have any questions :)

  • I will definitely have to give this a try! It looks so much more detailed and organized than most of the other free options out there!

    • You’ll fall in love with it once you get the hang of it, Lara :)

  • Melanie Pickett

    Oh my, I’ve never seen anything like this! I write for several blogs including my own and this would definitely be helpful. Thank you!

    • You’re so welcome, Melanie! I imagine if you set up a “list” for each blog that you write for this could save you a lot of headaches down the road in trying to keep it all organized :)

  • wow, that is really awesome! way to go you!

    • Thanks Asheli! This was a super fun post to write for me because I love organization and Trello is something I think everyone can benefit from :)

  • Mandi

    1. I ADORE your blog <3 you have a new fan. and 2. LOVE this post, and I'm heading over to Trello right now as it is speaking to my type A OCD organizational personality. haha :D Great tips, THANKS!

    • Aw, Mandi! You’ve got me blushing over here! Thanks girl!

  • Kara this post is amazing! I read it (way too) late last night. I have been struggling to figure out an editorial calendar system that works for me so I’m excited to try this one out. My favorite thing is your post to-do list. I can tell that whatever system I use, that list will be so helpful for me regardless. Thanks for continuing to push out awesome content! =)

    • Marina, your support and kind words mean the world to me, girl! Thank you so much :)

  • Hey, I loved this post. I am struggling to find some of of calendar or organization tool that works, Trello might be PERFECT. Thanks!

    • You’re welcome, Milena! I hope it works for you :) Let me know if you have any questions that I didn’t answer in the video, I’ll be happy to help you get it set up :)

  • Lisa Jacobs

    It’s brilliant! My editorial calendars always turn into a scribbled mess. So doing this!

    • Thanks, Lisa! I just love the drag-and-drop flexibility that I get with Trello… it has made a world of difference for me since I started using it :)

  • Thank you so much for this post + template! I was trying to find a way to organize a board as editorial calendar and this is so perfect.

    • You’re welcome, Alice! I hope it works out well for you! :)

  • A fabulous article Kara, I’m so going to try this out. Thank you :)

    • You’re welcome Judith! Let me know if you have questions along the way! I’ll be glad to help :)

  • Let me tell you… this is JUST what I needed to whip me back into shape. I wish I would have saw this sooner!!! Thank you so much for sharing!!

    • I’m so glad you found this post useful, Iyanna! I love seeing plans put into action! :)

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  • Kemya Scott

    Oh my gosh I am too excited! I have been trying to create a real editorial calendar that I can stick with, and so far, everything I’ve found and created is too pieced together and blah. I have a Trello account and have yet to use it, betcha I’m going to learn how to use it now. Great post!

    • I’m glad you found it useful, Kemya! The checklists for each post are my favorite part of this system. :)

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  • Kara, This was so valuable! I use trello often, but haven’t integrated the calendar system. Cannot wait to try it out. Though my blog isn’t too active right now, I think I can adapt your template to fit my needs for my etsy website/social media accounts. Thank you for taking the time to share such a comprehensive tutorial. Beautiful.

    • You are so welcome, Vanessa! Trello is definitely super adaptable and that is one of the things I love about it! There are some great YouTube videos out there with people using it to manage SO many different aspects of their lives & business.

  • THIS IS AMAZING! Thanks so much for taking the time to make a video and for making the template resource available to readers! This was very educational. I’ve been trying to work out a social media editorial system to help with pages I consult for and this is the answer! My only question is: Does Trello Allow for collaboration?? Thanks so much for your time!

    • Yay! I’m so glad this was helpful to you! Trello definitely allows for collaboration! I didn’t go over it in the video but that is one of the main features as well :)

  • Kara you’re a rockstar! Thanks so much for sharing this. I’m definitely giving trello a try.

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  • This looks like the perfect program for me, I’ve already got myself all set up in it. Thank you so so much!

  • Kelsey Macomber

    This is amazing! Thank you for taking the time to break it down – I just set it up for myself and already love it. I had been using Google Calendar for schedules, lists, and tasks, but it always left me feeling scattered and not that organized, especially when trying to differentiate between social media posts and actual blog posts. Already I feel better using Trello! Thanks again.

    • You’re so welcome, Kelsey! I’m glad you found my tutorial useful :)

  • I had no idea there was a calendar feature. I use Trello and I am so happy this exists!! Thank you so much for sharing this.

    • As soon as I discovered the calendar feature, I knew it Trello was perfect as an editorial calendar. Hope it helps you :)

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  • Kara, I found your post through Social Media Examiner and I’m glad I stopped by.
    I downloaded your template and I’m excited to use it. I loved Trello already, but I had a feeling my system needed some improvement, but I was not sure how I could do it better. You showed me the way.
    I’m sharing this post on my Shout Out Saturday of December. I have to admit that your Weekend Blog Love inspire its new format as well. I’m also mentioning on my content. I hope you are OK with it.
    Have a fabulous weekend!

    • Thanks Debbie! I don’t mind you sharing, and I definitely don’t mind you copying the Weekend Blog Love format… it works great :)
      Hope you’re having a great weekend too!

  • This was so helpful! Thank you for sharing this with us! :)
    I already use trello but never had a very complete yet easy system, and your system helped me have many ideas :D

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  • Katelyn Rose Braun

    I was wondering, is there is a way to print or share the calendar with my supervisors (without having them join Trello)? I find I need to provide a list or calendar of past, current and future content posts or shares to people that I don’t necessarily work with on a regular basis.

    • Sorry I’m just now seeing this. :(

      As far as I know there is not a print feature on Trello. Could you possibly screenshot the calendar overview and print that?

    • Domenica Tootell

      You can print cards on Trello. There will be a ‘Share and More’ option when you have a card open. I see it on the list of actions on the right hand side right down the bottom. You can also print a calendar if you go to the Trello Menu on the Right and select ‘More’. The print option should be there.

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    I only heard about Trello a few days ago and did a quick search leading to this post (via pinterest). This is the EXACT thing I needed to get organized. I can’t thank you enough for outlining a clear plan so I can take the [too many too count] ideas I have and actually start making them reality. This post was the first thing I made sure to save in my “resources” board!

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    • I’m so happy that you found it helpful, Lisa Marie! Thank you for sharing it as well :)

  • Max Waldburg

    hi kara, thanks for this. just wondering what it would look like if you had an event that you had coming up that was entirely un related to your blog – lets say a family gathering that you were having at your house. would you have a seperate board for this and then link it up through the calendar some how. I think I saw somewhere that you can export your board calendar to google calendar – I suppose one could use google as the ‘mother’ calendar in this way where you would feed the 2 trello boards into google calendar… anyways – keep up the good work!

    • Hi Max! I don’t keep my regular schedule (events and appointments) within Trello. I find that it’s too much distraction. You can absolutely export your board to Google Cal in the manner you described though. :)

  • Thank you for this Kara. I’ve been blogging for 4 years this month, am working toward turning my blog into a nonprofit… and just had my malware put on my site 2 weeks ago. Now, despite having backups, I have to rebuild the site. Obviously, it’s put a lot on my to do list, so I’ve been a bit frazzled by it. I had just found out about Trello myself not long ago and was using it for a planning board with photos and topics. This will help even more. Much appreciated.

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    • Danielle Lee

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