I’m Moving into a Traveler’s Notebook!

So… I did a thing last week! After trying very hard for months NOT to go down this rabbit hole, I finally caved and got my very first traveler’s journal.

You may remember that one time last year when I experimented with Bullet Journaling in a Filofax ring binder.  That experiment lasted a whole two weeks before I realized that I really missed my bound journal. Although I loved the rings for the segmentation and organization, I just couldn’t get past the fact that I had to take the pages out individually to write on them. I happily ran back to my beloved Leuchtturm1917 and haven’t looked back since.

Until now, that is.

I’ve been eyeballing the traveler’s notebook system (made popular by the Midori Travelers Notebook). The draw of this system for me is how customizable it is. There are TONS of traveler’s notebook brands out there nowadays — from lush leather covers to vegan fabric and beyond.

The options are SO plentiful, in fact, that they can be quite daunting. Not only do you need to choose a cover, but there are a plethora of accessories, different inserts/notebooks, different sizes, charms, folders… the list goes on!

I'm SO excited to share my new Traveler's Notebook set-up with you today! Here's what brand I chose and how I'm planning on incorporating my beloved Bullet Journal :)

I knew that I wanted an A5 size because that is what I’ve come to love. I also knew that I wanted a leather cover with a unique design. I spent quite some time browsing Pinterest and doing research in multiple Facebook groups before I finally decided on the Chic Sparrow brand.

After browsing the catalog online for a few days, I settled on an A5 Classic Odyssey (Siren Color). Of course, Mr. Boho Berry had to have one too, so I ordered him and A5 Classic Outlander (Browncoat).

I added the white stitching option to both notebooks and also added ink splatters and cup rings to my Odyssey. A few days later, I was stalking my mailbox like a kid waiting for Santa. I was that excited!

Chic Sparrow A5 Odyssey Siren & A5 Outlander Browncoat

I added some A5 Goulet Pens Notebooks to the elastics and I was off to the races! Or so I thought…

Two short days after I ordered my gorgeous Odyssey, Jen announced that there were two new colors available… Hera and Calypso.

The second I laid my eyes on the Hera I was in LOVE.

Y’all know that teal is absolutely me color, so I was powerless against this beauty! A couple of days after my Siren arrived, I was holding this beautiful Hera in my hands as well. I went with the Deluxe version on this one, meaning I also got pockets and a pen loop.

My plan is to alternate between the two covers from time to time to keep things fresh :)

I'm SO excited to share my new Traveler's Notebook set-up with you today! Here's what brand I chose and how I'm planning on incorporating my beloved Bullet Journal :)

I immediately plunged into various different Facebook groups to ask for tips and advice on setting up my new notebook. The photo above shows my current setup with my Leuchtturm1917 notebook in the center and two Goulet notebooks on either side.

I'm SO excited to share my new Traveler's Notebook set-up with you today! Here's what brand I chose and how I'm planning on incorporating my beloved Bullet Journal :)

My friend Toni over at Red Pen Travelers had the genius suggestion to untie the elastic and thread it through the spine of my notebook. In the close-up above you can see how it’s strung in between the cover and pages of my Leuchtturm. Doing it this way helps to avoid any bumps under the page as I write and my notebook lays perfectly flat inside of my cover… yay!

I’m really enjoying my setup so far, but I absolutely have plans to change things up and customize it even further in the near future.

If you’d like to see a full flip through with more detailed explanation of my inserts, be sure to check out the video below. I can’t wait to take you along on this new journaling journey with me!!!



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Kara Benz
Kara Benz is the artist and author behind Boho Berry, where she inspires her readers to lead a more centered, fulfilled, and inspired life. Kara also runs a successful sticker shop on Etsy - Boho Berry Paperie.
  • Brittany

    Hi Kara just wanted to point out you wrote this sentence twice :)
    “The options are SO plentiful, in fact, that they can be quite daunting.”
    Love the new set up, so inspiring!

  • I’ve had a traveler’s notebook for about a year now – I couldn’t live without it!

  • I’ve been using a bullet journal of sorts for two years now (using your weekly spread as a basis since March 2016) and this is my first time hearing about the travelers notebooks. Oh my goodness it is exciting to think about the possibilities of adding smaller notebooks into the system! I’m excited to see what you come up with in the coming weeks!

  • Leza

    I have been following you for a while and even tried a bullet journal but could not wrap my head around the content mixed together so after many failed planners I am just starting a TN really looking forward to see how you find it

  • Ashli Haggard

    I’ve been using a very similar system in an A5 State Lines TN from Red Pen Travelers since January and I LOVE it. I don’t thread the spine the same way you did in the LT – I just loop it in the back cover of mine so I can slide it out when I want to (and reinforced the spots where the elastic meets the book with tape). It’s worked well – no bumps when writing and easy to just take my notebook out if I don’t have room for the whole thing.

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  • Sorry, this question is not related to this post per se, but I wasn’t sure how else to ask. I got lost in the YouTube rabbit hole last night and found one of your super long (30-minute) videos where you flip through the whole of your bullet journal and show all the pages. One spread you glossed over is of interest to me — the housekeeping one you gave up on that you were going to use to track when you do a chore so you can refer back to it and see if you’re due to do it again. Would you have a close up of that one I could look at, please?

  • ♪ Miri ♪

    I started my first bullet journal earlier this year and I still haven’t found the perfect system for me. I’m in a LT1917 at the moment, in July I’ll move into my Nuuna L. But I’ve had my eyes on the TN system as well for a couple of months, actually there’s a specific cover that I love, so I wonder if it would be possible to fit 2 LT1917s in an Extra Wide (A5) TN cover?

  • Erica Liz Colón

    I would totally love it if you sold travelers’ inserts! I think they’d do really well.

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  • Sarah Davis

    I’m so excited that you are trying out the traveler’s notebook and that you made this video. I would really, really love to try out your little weekly spread notebook. I’ve been trying to bullet journal for over a year and have not managed to be very consistent. I have a chronic health problem that sorely limits my energy, so I end up drawing out a spread and then being too tired do any actual journaling for days. I had just made a resolution to go completely simple with Ryder Carroll’s system when I came across this video. Please let me know when your inserts are ready – I think they might be the perfect solution to my problem.

  • Sandra de Jong

    Just wondering how you integrate GTD in this travelers’s notebook-system.
    Thank you for sharing!

    Kind regards,

  • Shortcake5

    okay so that TWSBI fountain pen is amazing. which nib size is it?

  • torres54234

    Best travel education you share in here and I hope every body are can learn more information from here. So I hope it will be great information for us in the travel guideline for us.

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  • Kisane Appleby

    So excited to order this one… :) BUT I cannot seem to find the link to the HERA or what style it is to find it on Chic Sparrow website – I’m sorry if its right in front of me… I have just found your site, and I am sooooo in love with everything you share!!

  • Amy Stiner

    Travelers notebooks are fun! A little disappointed to see you chose Chic Sparrow. If you do a little research you’ll see they had issues with copying other artists’ work. They’ve also personally attacked their customers when confronted with evidence of this dishonesty.

  • Darlene

    Hi Kara, Thank you for sharing about this journal!!! I am excited to say I now am a happy owner of the Hera A5 journal too! I would like to add my Leuchtturm1917 notebook to mine as well. Would you make a video to show us exactly how you got the cord in the spine of the notebook yet not messing up the way the cord is already set in the traveler’s journal? I would love to see how you did it!! Thank you!!

  • Layal Chehadé

    Where did you get the inserts?

  • grayeyedgirl

    I love Traveler’s Notebooks. I had actually made my own notebook a couple of years ago for my Moleskin A5 notebooks. I loved it. But I didn’t have any leather dye etc etc. So when I saw your gorgeous Chis Sparrow notebooks I got super excited!!

    Unfortunately, I can’t afford the Chic Sparrow in A5 – and I’m a little leery of purchasing from Etsy even with good reviews because they aren’t people I know, they’re not people who’s taste I know. So I did some minor research on Amazon to pick up a less expensive Traveler’s Notebook. Well boo on me. I got a suppsedly better than the actual Midori notebook by a company called Wanderings. It’s awful. I got some regular sized traveler’s notebook inserts (not by Midori but some other companies) and the quality isn’t good.

    Note to self: save my pennies for good, well reviewed by trusted people products. Don’t wuss out for the cheaper alternatives. I’m still pining over that Mr. Darcy…..

  • Rose Moondreamer

    Hi Kara, I was on the Tribe page asking about journals with lots of pages and several people posted about Traveler’s journals. I had looked at them on Amazon but hadn’t seen a real one or even a good explanation of them. I decided it was time to look at them again, so came here and saw your excellent post. Plus, TEAL!!! My color too! I’m off for the year end Planner sales and think a Traveler’s journal will be on my list. Thank you!

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  • Lisa Young

    Hi Kara. I am just waiting for my Artermis Odyssey to arrive this week. Super excited. What do you use your additional inserts, other than your Leuchtturm, for? Also, do you sell the white mandala decal on your etsy store?

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