Traffic and Income Report – January, 2016

Oh, hi there! Welcome to February everyone! I’m sure you’re just like me in thinking that this year is already starting to fly by! I get very excited this time of the month, because it means that it’s time to sit down and crunch my numbers, analyze my data, and take the virtual ‘heartbeat’ of my business.

If you are just tuning in to my monthly reports, let me set the stage for you a bit. I decided to start sharing my traffic and income from the very beginning for two reasons:

  1. I knew that it would be a great way for me to hold myself accountable. I know that when the first of the month rolls around, it’s time for me to crunch my numbers and really analyze what is working and what is not with my business. The goal setting that I’ve included in these reports also helps me to stay on track and maintain a focus that I really didn’t have before.
  2. The second reason is that I hope to inspire other newbie bloggers in the way that I have been inspired. I’m hugely obsessed with reading other bloggers’ income reports and learning how they gain traffic, engage their audience, and above all: how they make money online.

* This post contains affiliate links. In plain English, this means that I may receive a small commission (at no cost to you) if you subscribe or purchase something through the links provided. You will never see me post a link to a product or service that I haven’t used myself and love! (Learn more here)

Income & Traffic

A few things to note before we begin:

  • I started the Boho Berry Blog back in April, 2015. I started recording my traffic and income in June, 2015.
  • I don’t have (nor will I ever have) Google Adsense or any other ad networks on my blog. I don’t like ads on blogs, and I don’t believe that most of them are a good fit for my brand. The only brands or companies that I will advertise on my blog are ones that I have used myself and 100% endorse.
  • Some months, I will write a short “spotlight” review for one of the ways that I used to generate income that month. I’ll talk about things like how easy (or hard) it was to sign up, what kind of technical issues I faced (since I’m such a dweeb at these things!), and their pay-out policy, etc.
  • Please note that I am NOT including any of the income that I make from selling my malas, boho bracelets and jewelry over at the Boho Berry Shop. For the purposes of this traffic and income report, I am only concerned with the income I make through the Boho Berry Blog.
  • At the end of every monthly traffic and income report, I’ll have a goal-setting section. I’ll be reviewing my previous month’s goals and setting new ones for the next month.

Let’s get on with the fun stuff now, shall we?



January was a month of “evening out” for me. Sure, my overall traffic increased from December, but those huge “spikes” did not really occur this month. 

The beginning of the month started off strong, with my pageviews still riding the wave of that huge holiday spike back in December.

January Traffic

  • Pageviews: 756,882 (up 341,820 or +82% from December)
  • Users: 239,519 (up 98,876 or +70% from December)
  • Sessions: 400,032 (up 176,672 or +79% from December)
  • Average Session Duration: 2:40 (down 0:01 or -1% from December)
  • Bounce Rate: 68.87% (down 0.02% from December)
    — a low bounce rate is a good thing!
  • Highest Traffic Day: 34,678 Pageviews (January 3rd):

Highest Traffic Day

My highest traffic day was on January 3rd. Again, it’s wonderful to see the green section of that pie chart growing each and every month. I love that over 40% of my traffic is from repeat visitors! This tells me that I’m doing exactly what I want: creating content that makes you want to come back for more! :)

Let’s take a look at where all of that traffic came from, shall we?

All Traffic

  1. Social Media: Social Media accounted for 45% of Boho Berry’s overall traffic this month. I should point out here that “Social Media” does NOT include Instagram. It drives me absolutely bonkers that it works this way but alas, it does. I’ll be implementing a solution to this little problem this month, so I’m looking forward to firmer numbers in that department soon!
  2. Direct Traffic: Anyone visiting from Instagram will count as Direct Traffic. Wether it be from links in my bio or links that they copy and paste into their browsers from my posts. In addition to Instagram, Direct Traffic includes anyone visiting by typing my url into their browser, or by clicking through from having me in their bookmarks.
  3. Organic Search: I’m excited to see this number on the rise each month! (Up 121% from December!) This means that more and more people are finding me through Google searches and the like. Boho Berry is consistently ranking in the top 10 search results for my top keywords, and that is awesome!
  4. Referral: This is another increase that I LOVE to see! Referrals are all of the traffic I get from other sites linking in to my blog/blog posts. I feel so honored that so many of you have found my content useful enough to link to it within your own blog posts! You know who you are, and you freaking rock! :)
  5. Email: This is a new source of traffic for me this month. It stems from me creating a home base for all of my printable freebies right here on the blog. If you’re a Tribe Member, you gain access to the Tribe Resource Library — a top secret, password-protected page on the blog. This has allowed me to send traffic back to my blog from my email list instead of sending them off to Google Docs for the downloads.

Let’s dive deeper into Social Media next:

Social Referrals

Pinterest remains my top traffic source for the month of January, making up a whopping 30% of the total traffic to my site, and 82% of my traffic from social media!

Facebook is a distant 2nd, but not an insignificant 2nd! Facebook traffic grew by over 106% from December to January, and I expect to see that number on the rise in the next few months. The biggest contributing factor here has been the rise in shares of my blog posts throughout several planning & bullet journal groups on Facebook. HUGE thanks to all of you who are out there sharing and spreading the word… you ROCK!!!

Boho Berry Tribe:

The Boho Berry Tribe grew by over 3,000 in the month of January. That’s a 124% increase, y’all! Bringing the Tribe’s numbers up to 6,335 as of January 31st!

Email Growth

Again, I owe this growth to the popularity of the exclusive Tribe Resource Library that I implemented in January. Apparently you all like free stuff… who knew? ;)

I love welcoming new members to the Tribe every day, and it still blows me away how many emails I receive every single day thanking me for the content I’m putting out into the world!

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[ess_grid alias=”jantop3″]



Create Your Amazing Life Ebook Sales: $580.00 (+ $203.00)
2016 Color Lovers Weekly Coloring Calendar Sales: $87.92 (- $36.60)
Amazon Affiliates: $3,157.11 (+ $1,153.82)
Your Best Year 2016* Affiliate Sales: $277.80 (- $16.70)
YouTube Earnings: $308.05 (+ $19.09)

Total: $4,410.88 (+ $1,322.61)


AWeber* (Email Marketing): $69.00
DreamHost* (Web Hosting): $10.95
DPD(Digital Product Delivery): $10.00
Adobe Illustrator (Design software for my coloring pages): $23.16
Canva for Work (Online graphic design): $119.40 (annual subscription)
PayPal Fees (related to eBook sales): $31.81

Total: $264.32 (+ $51.33)

Will ya look at that! That’s a 44% increase from last month, y’all! :)



  1. Offer a new Giveaway on the Blog, YouTube, or Instagram.
    Check it out right here!
  2. Create a MEGA goal-setting worksheet for my Tribe members!
    This one is STILL in the works!
  3. Get those new Malas made and listed in my Etsy Shop.
    I’m trying SO hard to find the time for this, y’all!
  4. Stick to my posting 3x/week schedule (Mon/Wed/Fri)
    Crushed it!
  5. Upload a new video to YouTube every Friday
    Sure did!
  6. Go live with my new opt-in freebie that I’ve been working SO hard on behind the scenes ;)
    That Tribe Resource Library is just waiting for ya ;)
  7. Grow the Tribe from 2,850 to 4,000
    Can we say 6,234?!?
  8. Grow Pinterest followers from 6,226 to 10,000
  9. Grow Facebook followers from 2,648 to 4,000
  10. Grow YouTube subscribers from 6,482 to 10,000


  1. Create an Instagram Landing Page to better track my Instagram traffic.
  2. Overhaul the sidebar to make it more useful and user-friendly.
  3. Get my new printable shop ready to launch on Etsy on March 1st.
  4. Broadcast live on Periscope at least 1x per week.
  5. Grow Twitter followers from 2,526 to 5,000
  6. Grow Instagram followers from 30,000 to 50,000
  7. Grow Pinterest followers from 12,332 to 20,000
  8. Grow Facebook followers from 4,534 to 7,500
  9. Grow YouTube subscribers from 18,253 to 30,000
  10. Grow the Tribe from 6,234 to 12,000

So there you have it! I’m excited to continue these posts on a monthly basis to keep you posted on my growth. In addition, I think these traffic and income report posts will be really great to look back on when I’m trying to figure out what is working for me and what I might need to ditch.

I’d love to hear from you in the comments below! What did you like/not like about this post? Are there any other traffic and income report stats that you think would be useful for me to track?

* This post contains affiliate links. In plain English, this means that I may receive a small commission (at no cost to you) if you subscribe or purchase something through the links provided. You will never see me post a link to a product or service that I haven’t used myself and love! (Learn more here)


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