Inside a Student’s Bullet Journal with Sareena from Studyign!

Hi everyone! I couldn’t be more excited today to bring you the second guest post in the Boho Berry Guests series – Sareena from studyign!

One thing I love about this “little” community of ours is how diverse we all are. We comprise all ages, genders, and walks of life. While I love sharing my Bullet Journal system with the world, I’ve come to realize that I don’t always have all of the answers for all of you out there. 

On that note, I’ve decided to start inviting guest bloggers to come on and share how they are adapting the Bullet Journal system to meet their needs. 

My second guest blogger is the lovely Sareena from Studyign. Sareena is a student in high school who has been making waves on Instagram and YouTube with her clever study techniques and organization hacks.

Please join me in giving Sareena a super warm welcome today. Take it away, Sareena!

Inside a Student's Bullet Journal

The bullet journal has made me such a productive person! I was in 10th grade when I started my bullet journal. I found that the agenda provided by my high school did not have nearly enough writing space for each day of the week; this was simply because I had so many assignments, rehearsals, and due dates to keep track of. The agenda itself had a lot of features I didn’t use, and was pretty ugly, to be honest.

I discovered the bullet journaling system on YouTube, and immediately started one of my own. 

I loved the flexibility of being able to edit your own system. As an extremely busy student, my schedule changes all of the time (I also really love using cute stationery!). Even though I am just a high school student, I also run a tumblr blog, youtube channel, and instagram that focus on studying habits and motivation, as well as time management methods and ways to take notes.

My goal with my bullet journal was to have a way to balance all aspects of my life! Most of my productivity stems from the daily pages, where I list out all of my tasks and homework assigned each day.

In order to visually organize my tasks and events, I adopted a color-coding system that worked well for me. I color-code all of my bullets; I use boxes for tasks, dots for events, stars for priorities, and clocks for due dates.

Early Daily Pages

You can see this system in my earlier daily pages in the picture above. I used red for school, light green for band, purple for health, light blue for personal, dark blue for social media, and dark green for various projects and standardized testing.

Keeping a consistent color code allowed me to prioritize my tasks by category of my life. I continued to use this color system, as you can see in some daily entries almost six months later in the photo below.

Later Daily Pages

I started incorporating sticky notes into my journal to prioritize tasks for an entire week. I also started using a weekly layout sticky note to help with a week-at-a-glance within my daily pages. Adding these sticky notes helped me with separating out information that was most important from the rest of my daily tasks.

Although the daily pages work really well for me, I also use a monthly calendar view.

Instead of the traditional lines, I used the grid paper and simply put dots to create the boxes of the calendar. This is something that helps me plan for the near future, and I can see any upcoming tests or quizzes. I continue to use my color-code system in this monthly view, as you can see in the photo below.

Monthly Calendar

When I am on a holiday break from school, I typically don’t have as much to do everyday. Instead of my normal daily pages, I consolidate the whole week onto two pages.

I divide each page into four boxes; in the first I will write out the dates or title of the week. Each box after that is dedicated to one day. Sometimes I add in little page flags to signify important events or things to prioritize.

Weekly Spread

I am a super goal-oriented person, so when January rolled around, I immediately wrote down my New Year’s Resolutions. My bullet journal has effectively kept me responsible for following through with my goals.


Instead of just writing down my goals, I included little subtasks that I had to complete in order to achieve my resolutions! I think that putting down specific things to do has kept me accountable and is something that could work for anyone recording goals in their bullet journals.


No matter how good of a student someone is, there are always days full of stress and procrastination. On those days, I always flip to the page of my bullet journal that has some of my favorite inspirational quotes on it. I am not very good at calligraphy or lettering, so I love to use sticky notes to make pages like this decorative and cute!

As I became more comfortable using my bullet journal, I started using it for my schoolwork, instead of just planning out my days:

Project Planning

Whenever I have a big project, essay, or presentation to do, I typically map out the assignment on a two-page spread. On the left side, I always make a list of the things I have to accomplish for the assignment. Usually this aligns with the rubric given to me by the teacher, or I will just divide up the work to how I see fit. On the right side, I begin brainstorming my project with a mind map. Sorting out both my topics and my tasks for a project is extremely helpful, and so I do this quite a lot.

If you would like to see more of my bullet journal, feel free to check out the YouTube playlist of my bullet journal videos! I really hope that seeing some of my layouts has helped anyone out there looking for a different way to use the bullet journaling system!

xoxo, Sareena


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Sareena is not your typical high school student. She blogs and makes youtube videos about studying, revising, and planning! She also has a little obsession with sticky notes.
  • Very interesting to see how other people plan their studying. I have just started a Bullet Journal type thing for my studies, but I mainly use it to manage and take notes for the lectures I need to attend/review and texts I have to read. I want to use it as a replacement for my notepad and a bit of future planning / time logging. The daily thing still takes place in my other planner because I need one place where I have everything work, family and uni related.
    But I can relate to the goal-oriented stuff! :D I have checkbox tasks for texts or book chapters so I can see how much I have done for a specific goal/class already.

  • tishushu

    So cool to see someone featured here that is a bujo fanatic! I love the layouts, and the use of quotes! Keep it up and good luck in school!

  • Ivanna

    I love the way you laid out our New Year goals with the sub-tasks on the side.

  • I love this. Great job Sareena. Having this organization structure in place now will help you so much if you decide to go on to college. Love the color coded system.

  • I love how diverse her pages are <3 I also follow her on Instagram XD I love these features you do!

  • Thanks for this great guest post! I’m also a student and now I have a lot of ideas for how to use my bullet journal more effectively. :)

  • Lígia Coelho

    I wish I knew what bullet journal was during high school, graduation and mba. My life as a student would be so so so much easier.
    Now I have a bullet journal and no job. Guess I’m planning my days just to feel “motivated” and not staying in front of Netflix all day long! :)

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  • Ali

    I have a daughter who is getting ready to start middle school next year and I’ve been thinking of showing her how Bullet Journaling works for school. Thanks for sharing this!

    • Celina

      I’m in the 7th grade and I have an agenda to write down my homework and i keep my BuJo at home. When I get home from school, I reflect on my homeowrk and task for the day in my BuJo. It’s been helping me a lot recently.

      • Wow, Celina! I’m so impressed that you are bullet journaling at such a young age. I wish that I had started so young! Thanks for reading and commenting :)

  • Amanda Aguilar

    This a great post! I am mom,wife, part time student and fulltime 8-5er and i have trouble sometimes juggling it all. I really have been searching for a school system so that i can keep on track with all that has to be done . i will try some of these tips for sure!:)

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  • Angela S.

    This is so cool. Thanks for all this info. I’m going to share it with my teen!

  • Emily

    This is really helpful because I’m starting high school this year and am planning to use my bullet journal so it’s nice to see some of your tips. Thanks

  • Judy Hudgins

    I recently ‘discovered’ her on YouTube. She is so focused for a teen (or anyone for that matter). Can’t wait to see how far she goes in life!

  • Rhianna Knittel

    I accidently bought a the 1917 Bullet Journal with lines! Do you know anyone who has a blog/youtube or anything that I can visually see since I’m now nervous I just screwed myself by not having the correct journal! Help! :(

    • Kayla Mason

      I know this is late, but I have the one with lines and it still looks gorgeous. Check out my insta @planningwithkay.

  • Brandi

    As a college student, these are super helpful tips! Can’t wait to implement them into my bullet journal this semester!

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