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It's been just over 1 month with my Bullet Journal... Time for an update! I'm walking you through my bullet journal page by page...
It’s been just over 1 month with my Bullet Journal… Time for an update! I’m walking you through my bullet journal page by page…
Thoughts on Prosperity: Create an Abundance Mentality @
We crave abundance & prosperity, but most of us normal people haven’t learned to achieve it. Abundance = there is more than enough to go around for all of us!
What's up with this Whole30 "fad" anyway? Follow along on my journey to a healthier life through mindful eating.
You know that mindless eating that happens when you’re stressed or distracted? That’s emotional appetite, and it’s junky.
The Art of Slowing Down: Less Really IS More @
Do we really gain anything from rushing around? The art of slowing down is a great way to reduce stress and gain serenity back in our lives.

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