Boho Berry Challenge September: Celebrate You!

Who’s ready for a new month of the #BohoBerryChallenge?!? I’m so excited to reveal the theme for the September Boho Berry Challenge… Celebrate You!

In addition to the information provided on the #BohoBerryChallenge page, I wanted to take some time to explain my thought process behind this month’s theme.

I’m also going to give you a bit more guidance when it comes to the prompts themselves.

>> PSST . . . For the full instructions on how to participate in the challenge, be sure to head over here.

Our theme for September is “Celebrate You!” and I can’t think of a better thing to celebrate this month! Think of this month as a way to celebrate your strengths and toot your own horn a bit.

I spent a long time putting together the #BohoBerryChallenge prompts for this month, and a lot of thought went into what topics that I chose to explore.

The challenge prompts (as always) are completely open to interpretation, but I’m hoping that a little bit of extra guidance might help you to get more out of the challenge.



Remember, there are many different ways to participate in this challenge.

It was created as a journaling challenge, so ideally you would journal a paragraph or two about each day’s topic.

But don’t feel like you have to. You can be as simple or as creative as you like here… the sky’s the limit!

  1. THIS IS ME – Feel free to get creative on this one! What makes you… YOU?
  2. MY FAVORITE THINGS – What are some of your favorite things in this world?
  3. I’M INSPIRED BY – What things inspire you? Are they places, events, nature?
  4. WHEN I WAS YOUNG – Take some time to reminisce today. What experiences in your childhood have shaped who you are today?
  5. MY FAMILY – Share a little bit about your family today. Why are they special to you?
  6. CELEBRATIONS – How do you like to celebrate? What was one of your most recent celebrations?
  7. MY VALUES – Your values determine how you present yourself to the world. What are some of your top values?
  8. FAVORITE MEMORY – What is one of your favorite memories (new or old)?
  9. I’M REALLY GOOD AT… – Time to brag a bit… what are you REALLY good at?
  10. WHAT I LOVE ABOUT ME – Why not brag some more? What are some things that you love about yourself and would never change?
  11. DREAM DESTINATION – What place is calling to you? Do you think you’ll ever go there? 
  12. BUCKET LIST – What are some things you’d like to do before you kick the bucket? How can you start making small strides towards these goals?
  13. MY HAPPY PLACE – Do you have a “happy place”? Describe it in detail today.
  14. ME & MY BIG GOALS- What are some of your major goals in life?
  15. PEOPLE WHO INSPIRE ME – Who inspires you in life? On a daily basis?
  16. SOMEDAY I WILL… – Name something you’d like to do someday. How can you turn this into reality?
  17. TOP 3 AFFIRMATIONS – Write down 3 of your favorite affirmations. How do they help you?
  18. ADVICE TO YOUNG ME – If you could give your younger self a piece of advice for the future, what would it be?
  19. EARLIEST MEMORY – What is your earliest childhood memory?
  20. MY LIFE MOTTO – Do you have a life motto that you live by? Why did you choose it and how does it guide you?
  21. 10 YEARS FROM NOW… – Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Where do you see the WORLD in 10 years?
  22. I FEEL HAPPY WHEN… – What brings you the most joy? How can you bring more of that into your life?
  23. BIGGEST ACCOMPLISHMENT – What accomplishment in life are you most proud of?
  24. FAMILY TRADITIONS – Are there any long-time family traditions that you adhere to? How about new ones that you’ve started?
  25. HOW I FEEL TODAY- Take today to reflect on how you’re feeling
  26. I FEEL LOVED WHEN… – What/who makes you feel loved? Why?
  27. MY DREAM JOB – What does your dream job look like? Can you take any steps to make that a reality?
  28. MY IDEA OF A PERFECT DAY – Describe your perfect day. What does it look like? Who is in it?
  29. I’M PASSIONATE ABOUT… – What are you most passionate about in life?
  30. LESSONS LEARNED – Have you learned any lessons during this month of introspection? Have you learned anything new about yourself?

I can’t WAIT to see your entries this month!

Remember, one of the best parts of this challenge is engaging with the community and learning from one another.

PS – You can find the full challenge graphic, printable, and instructions on how to join the community right here.


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