Reader Survey Results

It’s time to reveal the results of my 2nd Annual Reader Survey! I’ve been carefully combing through over 1,000 replies and taking diligent notes on what you loved — and what you didn’t love — about Boho Berry in 2016.

Before we dive in, I want to say a HUGE thank you to each and every one of you who took the time to complete this survey. My first annual survey back in 2015 helped to guide my path in 2016, and I can already tell that it is going to do the same for me in 2017.

Just like last year, I was both excited and terrified to launch this survey. I knew that I’d get a TON of positive feedback (which I did), but I also knew that the anonymous nature of this survey would lend itself to some criticism. In fact, I invited the criticism with one particular question… but more on that later.

Let’s check out some stats first, shall we?

It's time to reveal the results of the 2016 Boho Berry Reader Survey!

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It was SO cool to get the big picture of who my readers are — who you are! I loved seeing how international this community is, how varied in age (even if most of you are around my age), the topics that you are enjoying, and the ones that you could give or take.

I included 4 separate prompts for you to fill in the blank. Here are some of my favorite responses:
(I wish that I could include all of your answers here, but that would be a 20,000+ word blog post!)


  • “I started out reading for the information regarding Bullet Journaling. Now I read for both that and Kara’s zest for life and the continuing journey through self-betterment. Her voice is both inspirational and motivational and she’s just fun to hear from!”
  • “It’s somehow calming and soothing. The tone is lovely and warm and friendly and don’t we all need a bit more of that in this world! I love that you are honest and positive about mental health, and not overtly religious like soooo many bullet journal/planning blogs.”
  • “I love the breakdown of the posts – the macro-level description of the subject of the post at the top, then the content grouped into easy to follow chunks with subheadings, then the brief summary of what the post was trying to teach the reader at the end. The visual aids (images and videos) that accompany posts are super helpful. The layout of the site is user-friendly and easy to follow, the colors and layout aren’t “busy” or distracting from the content, and links within the posts to other related posts are super relevant. When I feel stuck with my bullet journal and I’m trying to figure out what to do, I come here first and can easily find inspiration with the post’s thumbnails, and even if I don’t use what Kara does EXACTLY, I know I can find the inspiration to embrace my own creativity to meet my own planning needs.”
  • “Your spreads and your style are so beautiful and calming that I always want to see more. I also enjoy watching how you try new ideas, tweak them and sometimes reject them. I can be so afraid to experiment so I enjoy watching you do just that.”
  • “I love Kara’s personality! Her quirkiness reminds me of myself quite a bit, I feel like we would be great friends. She is such a down to earth, positive person. I don’t think there’s a person who’s day she couldn’t brighten. I also absolutely love her content. Whenever I need bullet journal inspiration, goal setting help, or anything else along those lines I always turn to her blog and the Tribe first. I have started my own personal development journey and have received a ton of help from the blog and YouTube channel!”
  • “I am relatively new to following blogs in general and don’t have a huge amount of time to do so. I like several things about the BohoBerry blog. the articles are well written, informative and fun. You don’t just blog for the sake of blogging, you wait until you have something to say. I am not being overwhelmed with something new every single day. Same with YouTube I love the mini Mondays and the longer videos on Fridays. The video content is brilliant and I never regret taking time out to watch them. I always come away feeling inspired and enthused about my BuJo. It’s quality, not quantity which I much prefer.”


  • “Ways to cope with being a military spouse. Sometimes I feel so alone in what we go through and I know that’s not the case but it can feel that way sometimes.”
  • “It was mentioned in an above question, but more content about blogging and business would be VERY WELCOME. I want to get more serious about my blog and my Etsy shop this coming year, and I want to learn it from you.”
  • “Split on this one – I’d love to see more of both the business of blogging and of you exploring your goals like water coloring and yoga.”
  • “I find out about you in youtube looking for ways of decorating my bullet journal. I enjoy your videos about BuJo, pens, types of notebooks and how to make a mandala. But reading your posts, I also loved your planning routine (awesome) and the Kon Mari method and the 10 level life. Things that I didn’t realize I was looking for. Keep what you are doing!!”
  • “The things you do for your health: like food and diet, supplements, and any detox stuff you might do etc. (I know it’s not really the focus of your blog but my striving for health is such a huge focus of my life I wondered about yours).”
  • “I have no idea whether this can be done, but I’d love to know whether there’s a way to condense the Miracle Morning practice. I work full-time, have a two-hour commute each way, AND have a business on the side, which doesn’t leave time for an hour or two in the morning to do the MM things. That said, I know they’re helpful and would enrich my life. I’d appreciate any ideas you had. I also want to acknowledge that I really appreciate the WAY you discuss things. So even though I may not have ever gone looking for MM or GTD or Level-10-Life, your presentation is engaging and honest, and I wind up considering new things, which I appreciate!”
  • “Tips and advice on what you do and have done as a successful creative business owner. Who inspires you? Webinar recommendations, articles that have taught you something, how to use Pinterest/Instagram/etc. How you stay motivated. Maybe a day in the life vlog to see some behind the scenes? I appreciate everything you do. You inspire me Kara!”


This is the question that terrified me, by the way. While most of your comments were supportive and wonderful, I decided to share the harsher ones here today. Some were spot on with user experience issues and the like… while others definitely stung a bit.

I’ll admit that (just like last year) I was tempted to not even share some of these answers with you, but if there’s one thing I always strive for, it’s complete openness and honesty so here we go… brace yourselves!

  • “I’m not a fan of the business posts. But I get that others are, and it’s no problem to only read what is applicable to me.”
  • “Update your header more often and add more pictures. I enjoy seeing your designs. It would be fun to see your blog look like your journal.”
  • “You apologize a lot for not posting – like recently when you took some time away to spend with your family. I think this is really important and even with a business you need balance and family time. I don’t think you need to apologize for that :) self-care and family time is hugely important.”
  • “I don’t like seeing your hands flop around as much as they do in your YouTube post. You can still easily talk and explain what you are showing without flopping your hands around in the video.”
  • “Some of the posts are very specific and thus not that useful (although beautiful to look at) if one does not own a business, participate in NaNoWriMo, has a blog etc. I would appreciate if they would contain tips about what you still can take from them and apply to different areas (like “this spread could be also used to…” or “this you can adapt to…”)”
  • “I know you’re busy, but I love you and your content so much, I wish you would post more often! Specifically about personal development stuff and bullet journaling! But I liked when you did book reviews/summaries and of other personal development methods.”

Annnnddddd…. probably my favorite response:

  • “I’m not sure! I could plaster “#goals” on every post/video/Instagram you ever make. On the flip side – I’ve been able to take my bujo envy and turn it into a positive goal stretch for me! My personal development has SKYROCKETED in just the past year alone! Critique, though, hmm? Okay. So you share a LOT about your life, your personal life is very intertwined with your business. This is NOT a bad thing! (lol, that’s not much of a critique, though..but follow me here.) I really enjoyed your vlogs from NaNoRiMo – not because I was doing the NaNoWriMo, but because I feel more like it was a little “sneak peek” into the realness of you. The ups and downs of a whole month… A whole month of a person who is tackling a new hobby and the biggest and best outcome is more self-development. Some people might have been a little put off by it because it wasn’t centered around bullet journaling — but I look at it as inspiring to the max. To be honest- depression kicks my butt. PTSD sometimes royally kicks my butt. Seeing short clips or Instagram pics or blogs from you remind me that 1: I can always find room for improvement. 2: I know that there are people all around the world, including you, that are real and developing their best selves. 3: I’m never alone as long as I have my goal to keep moving forward. Ok so..maybe.. as far as critiques go – I don’t think I really have anything to say other than keep it up – your off-days, your on-days, all of it is amazing and appreciated by me. Lol, and those potential nay-sayers are…full of garbanzo beans.”


Here’s one that I added almost as an afterthought last year, thinking that not many people would answer. But as always, you surprise and amaze me at every turn and I love you for it!

  • “I’ve always wanted to write you an email since I joined the tribe, but I never did, mostly because I imagine how full your email must be already. I’ll take this chance just to tell you I’m really grateful for the great tips you give us, and I’m not only referring to planning and handwriting and paper. You’re able to use those things to help people in more important topics, to give them a new perspective and help them think and reflect on how to be a better person. Thank you for that :)”
  • “I appreciate your vulnerability in what you share about the contents of your Bujo & how your business is going.”
  • “I am so glad I found your blog this year, it made me love my BuJo again, but it’s not just about stationery: planning and setting goals have an impact in my life, it’s empowering (I hope I use this word correctly !). You give inspiration for BuJo, but also for being as much happy as possible in life, and this is priceless :) I am thrilled to see what you have in mind for 2017! Lots of positive vibes from France Kara :)”
  • “I love your voice. You’re a fantastic encourager”
  • “Thank you for all the work you do here at Boho Berry. You started a major shift in my life that has continued throughout this year and I’m incredibly grateful that you’ve helped me live a more fulfilling life. <3”
  • “I like the respect you show for other bloggers and their ideas, the way you make explicitly where your ideas come from. Like the mood mandala ;)”
  • “Please keep being your down to earth self. Thanks for your hard work!”
  • “No matter how critical some of these critiques are, just remember you are you and you are fabulous! An inspiration. And cute as a button. :)”


Although I’ve only shared a small sampling of the survey results with you today, I want you to know that I read through every single one. Some made me laugh and some made me cry (not always in a bad way, I promise), but ultimately I came away feeling like I know you better — and for that, I am more grateful than you will ever know!

So thank you. Thank you to every single one of you who took the time out of your day to share your thoughts and opinions with me. I’m even more excited now about the year to come, and I feel honored to have you by my side on this journey.


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