Positive Scribes is HERE! (Plus, it’s my Bloggiversary!)

Oh, hey there! Long time no see! Today is a very special day in Boho Berry Land for a couple of reasons…

FIRST, today is my 2 Year Blog Anniversary (or bloggiversary as I like to call it), and it’s inducing some major feels! Every time I look back at how far this “little” blog has come, I’m overwhelmed with gratitude for all of those who have supported me along the way — that’s YOU, by the way! :)

SECOND, I’m over the moon thrilled because today is the day that I finally get to announce to the world that my signature handwriting course, Positive Scribes, is open for enrollment!

Before we get into the course info, let’s take a little trip down memory lane, shall we?

Two short years ago, I started the Boho Berry Blog as a way to share the design process behind my Boho jewelry shop on Etsy. I had been in the bar and restaurant industry for 15+ years, and I was itching to carve my own path in this world.

My first post here on the blog, And so it begins…, warms my heart every single time that I read it. Little did I know back then that I was embarking on the journey of a lifetime!

Not only did I CRUSH that goal of “owning my own business where I can let my creative side run free”, but I achieved it in a completely unexpected way.

My vision back then was to create a completely product-based business around my jewelry creations and to eventually have my own brick and mortar store. I wanted to provide an income for my family doing something that I loved. What I didn’t realize at the time was that spending hours per day making bracelets and necklaces was NOT my calling.

BUT, learning the ropes of online business did lead me to my next passion — the Bullet Journal.

In an effort to organize myself and make the most out of my blog and business, I started using the Bullet Journal® system in August of 2015. I soon found myself falling in love with both the simplicity of the system and how customizable it was to my particular needs.

The rest, as they say, is history. I began blogging about Bullet Journaling as well as my own personal development journey. As soon as I started writing about the things that I was passionate about, the Boho Berry Blog took on a life of its own.

Before I knew it, I started to gain a following online. I started my YouTube channel in November of that same year and watched in awe as more and more people subscribed to watch me talk about planning, organizing, and personal growth.

In May of the following year, I finally caved to the demand and started my sticker shop on Etsy – Boho Berry Paperie. I opened my shop on May 1st with one Silhouette Machine and a ream of sticker paper and soon found myself scrambling to order more machines and supplies as the orders came pouring in.

That same month, I invited everyone on my email list to join me in the Boho Berry Tribe Facebook Group. Now over 18,000 strong, the Tribe has become my absolute favorite place online. I feel blessed every single day to have such a caring and supportive group to call home!

When I look back on everything that I’ve achieved in the past two years, I’m honestly blown away by it! Never in my wildest dreams did I think that “little ol’ me” could have an impact on so many lives.

I’m also reminded that I could never have made it this far without the support and friendship of a few special people. Please indulge me for a minute as I express my gratitude…

Lisa Jacobs – Lisa, you have been not only my mentor but my friend as well. I have learned SO much from you when it comes to running a creative business, and I will be forever in your debt! Thank you for sharing your gifts with the world!

Hal Elrod – Hal, your book (The Miracle Morning) absolutely changed my life! Creating a morning routine that allows me to better myself each and every day has been one of the single most powerful changes I have made in my life. You can bet your last buck that I’ll be singing your praises to everyone who will listen. Thank you!

Ryder Carroll – I can’t thank you enough for sharing the Bullet Journal system with the world so freely! Your system has turned this disorganized, forgetful girl into a productivity machine! You are changing lives for the better each and every day. Thank you for letting me be a part of that!

Brian Goulet – I can’t remember how I discovered you on YouTube a couple of years ago, but I’m grateful every day that I did! The education and support that you and your team provide to the Fountain Pen community are unmatched. You inspire me daily with your commitment to leadership, education, and to your family. Thank you for not only your support but your friendship as well!

KimJessica, and Dee – You ladies have been an inspiration to me since the very first page of my very first Bullet Journal! I’m honored to call all three of you friends. Thank you for putting your ideas, love, and art out into the world! The Universe is a better place because you are in it!

I could go on and on about all of the lovely people who have supported me on this journey, but I don’t want this blog post to be TOO long ;) Just know that I appreciate each and every one of you for the role that you have played in my life and in my heart — no matter how big or small!


Now that I’m done being sappy (I think), I’m SO excited to announce that Positive Scribes is open for enrollment! I have been pouring my heart and soul into this course for the past three months. I’ve been working more hours than I care to admit in order to make this course the best handwriting course online!

Last week, I opened up Positive Scribes to an amazing group of Beta Testers. They’ve been providing valuable feedback and constructive criticism all week long, and I’ve been working overtime to tweak and improve the course before it goes live on Friday.

Here’s what you’ll get as a part of the course:

* Five course modules chock full of step-by-step videos, downloadable practice sheets, and more!

* Lifetime Access – This means that you’ll be able to access the course at any time in the future, AND get all of the updates and improvements for FREE each time I update and relaunch the course… yay!

* Weekly LIVE Q&A’s during each and every open enrollment of the course.

* A Slack community to connect with others going through the course, share your progress, and cheer each other on.

How it works:

Each Friday (starting April 14th), you’ll gain access to a new module of the course. You’ll be guided through letter formations, practice quotes, and share your progress with the rest of the class in our Slack community.

Throughout the course, you’ll be learning three styles of handwriting – print, cursive, and my own style of slanted cursive.

You’ll also be encouraged to branch out and try different styles on your journey to craft your very own unique handwriting style.

Enrollment is open from FRIDAY, APRIL 11th – FRIDAY, MAY 5th!

Enroll Today

Of course, since it’s my 2-Year Bloggiversary, I want to celebrate BIG! So…

I’m giving away TEN course packages valued at $279 a piece!

In addition to the entire Positive Scribes course, you’ll also get a one-on-one Skype call with me to talk about all things handwriting. I’ll be offering you personalized advice, tips, and encouragement along the way as well!

Please note that each entry option below will give you ONE entry. It is not mandatory to do both. I’ll be  drawing winners at 12:00 PM ET on Monday, April 17th! Good luck!

PS – If you have already purchased the course and are drawn as a winner, you’ll be refunded the full amount :)

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  • Admission into the Tribe Facebook Group, where we support and encourage each other daily.
  • An invite to my monthly Live Q&A exclusive to Tribe Members!
  • A 10% off coupon for Boho Berry Paperie for each month that you remain a Tribe Member.

You will also receive the Boho Berry Newsletter every Friday -- chock full of motivation, inspiration, updates and more!

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