New Year for a New You: Day 4

I'm participating in Lisa Jacobs' "New Year for a New You" series for the next seven days. I'm excited to review my progress from 2016 and plan forward to have my best year yet! Won't you join me?

Welcome to Day 4 of Lisa Jacobs’ New Year for a New You series! There’s just something about this review that has me jumping out of bed each morning to see what the new prompts are. It’s THAT good! I hope you’ve had fun following along, and that you’re getting as much out of this process as I am.

If you’re just tuning in, check out Wednesday’s post where I explain a bit about the seven-day review, why it means so much to me, and offer a peek at my responses so far.

Day 1 was all about appreciating all of the good in 2016 — accomplishments, favorite memories, and more!

Day 2 was a continuation of that review, reflecting on some of the tougher questions, and analyzing what could have been better in 2016.

Day 3 was all about intention setting in five areas — financial, spiritual, mental, relational, and physical.

Day 4 was filled with prompts to help you set clear goals for the new year and stretching your comfort zone a bit.

I'm participating in Lisa Jacobs' "New Year for a New You" series for the next seven days. I'm excited to review my progress from 2016 and plan forward to have my best year yet! Won't you join me?

Here are my answers from Day 4:

>> What would you do in 2017 if you knew you could not fail?

* Note: I didn’t write down some of the things that I’m already working towards in my Bullet Journal (pictured at the end of this post), but after seeing Lisa’s replies on her blog this morning, I’m adding them here to see a clearer overall picture of what I want :)

  • Full website re-design
  • Hire a local employee to help me with the shop
  • Launch my handwriting course
  • Teach in-person workshops
  • Expand my shop to include stationery, art prints, and more
  • Start a podcast

>> What are some things you could be doing that you’ve been too afraid to try? How can you stretch your comfort zone?

  • I’d love to start a podcast, but I’ve been afraid the learning curve will be too steep or that I won’t have the time to dedicate to it to make it great
  • I could dip my toe in the water by doing some audio/video interviews on the blog first

>> What have you been struggling with for entirely too long?

Feeling like I’m not good enough, not an expert, “who am I to teach _____?”

Seriously, this is something that I struggle with every single day. Fortunately, I’ve trained myself to be very mindful of this in the past year, so I recognize it when this negative self-talk happens. I try very hard not to let this limiting belief stop me or slow me down!

>> What could you outsource, delegate, automate, and/or stop doing in 2017?

  • Video editing — this takes up a LOT of my time and is definitely something I can delegate to the right person.
  • Sticker production — definitely something I want to delegate. This is where I spend 50% of my working hours. Can you imagine how much more content I could be putting out into the world with that kind of time?
  • Packing & shipping — I’ve already been delegating this one a bit when my husband is home to help, but this is another area where that local employee will be a great investment!
  • Social media posts — I already delegate a lot of this to my assistant, Candace. But I’d like to set up a good automation flow for social media in 2017 as well.
  • Technical stuff & site maintenance — Up until now, I have been a complete DIY-er when it comes to my website and all of the technical back-end stuff that comes with it. While I am capable of learning/doing it all, I feel like outsourcing this to a more trained individual might be a better use of my time.

>> In what ways and which areas will you “upgrade” your life in 2017?

  • Expand my circle of influence.
    I started to surround myself with more and more people that I admire in 2016 and I want to keep that trend going in the new year. Having like-minded people to talk to about all things business and personal development is such a game-changer!
  • Find my local tribe.
    Kind of along the same lines as above, but more specifically, I’d like to have a local group of friends that are on my same wavelength. I tend to get lost in my work and home lives and I need someone to pry me out of my house for lunch or drinks every once in a while :)
  • Fly first class.
    This is the year that I’m trusting my business to provide. Flying first class when I travel is just one manifestation of that, but I want to “fly first class” in everything that I do :)

I'm participating in Lisa Jacobs' "New Year for a New You" series for the next seven days. I'm excited to review my progress from 2016 and plan forward to have my best year yet! Won't you join me?

That’s it for day 4!

Thank you for joining me for this seven-day review!

Be sure to check out Lisa’s post right here to get the prompts for day 5 :)

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DAY 4 – you’re here!

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