Moleskine vs. Leuchtturm – The Great Debate

Moleskine vs. Leuchtturm. The great debate that inevitably makes its way into the daily threads of every Bullet Journal group in existence. Who will emerge victorious? Read on, my friends… read on.

OK, so maybe it’s not quite as dramatic as I’m making it sound. But seriously… if you’re into Bullet Journaling then I’m sure you’ve asked yourself the Moleskine vs. Leuchtturm question at least once. And you’ve almost certainly asked it in one of the Bullet Journal communities online.

Sure, the Bullet Journal system can be adapted to any notebook. That’s the beauty of the system, after all. It has a low entry cost compared to the higher-end Erin Condrens and Midori Traveler’s Notebooks of the planner world. All you need to get started is a blank notebook and a pen or pencil.

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Are you wondering which notebook to use for your new Bullet Journal? Here's my review of the two most popular notebooks among Bullet Journalists. Moleskine vs. Leuchtturm

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moleskine vs. leuchtturm

Welcome to my very first YouTube companion post!

I’m excited to be sharing this YouTube video with you all today! I’ve been asked over and over again… which is better? Moleskin vs. Leuchtturm?

To answer this age-old question, I knew there was only one thing to do. So, I headed out to my local Target in search of a dotted Moleskine to compare to my beloved Leuchtturm1917. Alas, my Target only had lined Moleskins so the search was still on! Luckily, I found one at my next stop: Barnes & Noble.

Armed with the two notebooks and my handy dandy iPhone, I embarked on a mission to answer ALL of your questions regarding the two most popular notebooks among Bullet Journalists. Check it out below!

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For those of you that don’t have time to watch the whole video, or would just like a quick snapshot, I threw together this little table for you outlining the main differences:

Moleskine vs. Leuchtturm

Dimensions5" x 8.25"5.71" x 8.27"
Price (Amazon)$16.05+$18.25+
Number of Pages192249
Paper Weight70 gsm80 gsm
Cover StyleSoft CoverHard Cover
Number of Bookmarks
Elastic ClosureYesYes
Back Storage PocketYesYes
Numbered PagesNoYes
Archival Stickers/LabelsNoYes


Both the Moleskine and the Leuchtturm held up very well to my pen test. There was a good amount of ghosting in both notebooks, but that is to be expected with both. I was surprised by how little bleed-through there was in the Moleskine even thought that is usually one of the top complaints about Moleskine notebooks.

Are you wondering which notebook to use for your new Bullet Journal? Here's my review of the two most popular notebooks among Bullet Journalists. Moleskine vs. Leuchtturm

The one area where Moleskine fell behind Leuchtturm was in the fountain pen test. The Moleskine pages showed quite a bit of feathering with my wetter fountain pens. The Leuchtturm on the other hand, handled them quite nicely!


So which notebook wins the Moleskine vs. Leuchtturm debate?

In my opinion, the Leuchtturm1917 wins hands down! While the paper quality was not different enough to sway me one way or the other, the added features of the Leuchtturm really set it apart in my eyes. The additional bookmark, numbered pages, archival stickers/labels, and extra width of the pages make this one a no-brainer for me.

Hopefully I’ve provided you with enough information today to come to your own conclusions as well.


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Running through December 14th, 2015... I'm giving away my absolute favorite Bullet Journal Supplies! Head on over to the blog to enter!

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Well kids, that’s all I have for you today. Hopefully I’ve settled some Moleskine vs. Leuchtturm debates you’ve had raging in your own mind, and I look forward to reading the comments that I know will ensue shortly! Talk to you soon! :)


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