Moleskine vs. Leuchtturm – The Great Debate

Moleskine vs. Leuchtturm. The great debate that inevitably makes its way into the daily threads of every Bullet Journal group in existence. Who will emerge victorious? Read on, my friends… read on.

OK, so maybe it’s not quite as dramatic as I’m making it sound. But seriously… if you’re into Bullet Journaling then I’m sure you’ve asked yourself the Moleskine vs. Leuchtturm question at least once. And you’ve almost certainly asked it in one of the Bullet Journal communities online.

Sure, the Bullet Journal system can be adapted to any notebook. That’s the beauty of the system, after all. It has a low entry cost compared to the higher-end Erin Condrens and Midori Traveler’s Notebooks of the planner world. All you need to get started is a blank notebook and a pen or pencil.

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Are you wondering which notebook to use for your new Bullet Journal? Here's my review of the two most popular notebooks among Bullet Journalists. Moleskine vs. Leuchtturm

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moleskine vs. leuchtturm

Welcome to my very first YouTube companion post!

I’m excited to be sharing this YouTube video with you all today! I’ve been asked over and over again… which is better? Moleskin vs. Leuchtturm?

To answer this age-old question, I knew there was only one thing to do. So, I headed out to my local Target in search of a dotted Moleskine to compare to my beloved Leuchtturm1917. Alas, my Target only had lined Moleskins so the search was still on! Luckily, I found one at my next stop: Barnes & Noble.

Armed with the two notebooks and my handy dandy iPhone, I embarked on a mission to answer ALL of your questions regarding the two most popular notebooks among Bullet Journalists. Check it out below!

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For those of you that don’t have time to watch the whole video, or would just like a quick snapshot, I threw together this little table for you outlining the main differences:

Moleskine vs. Leuchtturm

Dimensions5" x 8.25"5.71" x 8.27"
Price (Amazon)$16.05+$18.25+
Number of Pages192249
Paper Weight70 gsm80 gsm
Cover StyleSoft CoverHard Cover
Number of Bookmarks
Elastic ClosureYesYes
Back Storage PocketYesYes
Numbered PagesNoYes
Archival Stickers/LabelsNoYes


Both the Moleskine and the Leuchtturm held up very well to my pen test. There was a good amount of ghosting in both notebooks, but that is to be expected with both. I was surprised by how little bleed-through there was in the Moleskine even thought that is usually one of the top complaints about Moleskine notebooks.

Are you wondering which notebook to use for your new Bullet Journal? Here's my review of the two most popular notebooks among Bullet Journalists. Moleskine vs. Leuchtturm

The one area where Moleskine fell behind Leuchtturm was in the fountain pen test. The Moleskine pages showed quite a bit of feathering with my wetter fountain pens. The Leuchtturm on the other hand, handled them quite nicely!


So which notebook wins the Moleskine vs. Leuchtturm debate?

In my opinion, the Leuchtturm1917 wins hands down! While the paper quality was not different enough to sway me one way or the other, the added features of the Leuchtturm really set it apart in my eyes. The additional bookmark, numbered pages, archival stickers/labels, and extra width of the pages make this one a no-brainer for me.

Hopefully I’ve provided you with enough information today to come to your own conclusions as well.


Have I mentioned lately how much I love the Bullet Journal Community? Every single day, I’m blown away by the support and camaraderie of our awesome little community. I’ve been wanting to give back for a while now and well… today is the day!

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  4. Artist’s Loft Stencil/Ruler
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So what do you have to do to enter?

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Running through December 14th, 2015... I'm giving away my absolute favorite Bullet Journal Supplies! Head on over to the blog to enter!

This giveaway will run today (December 4th, 2015) through December 14th, 2015. The winner will be notified via email on or before December 16th, 2015. I can’t wait to see who wins! :)

Well kids, that’s all I have for you today. Hopefully I’ve settled some Moleskine vs. Leuchtturm debates you’ve had raging in your own mind, and I look forward to reading the comments that I know will ensue shortly! Talk to you soon! :)


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  • quiltbabe8

    I have to admit, I’ve been a Moleskine girl for years, using their hard cover daily agenda to journal on my daily Bible reading. But I’d love the chance to try the other!

  • Wow, amazing!

    I used to know only Moleskines but year ago I bought a Leuchtturm calendar and I’m a huge fan since then! I love the paper, I think it’s a lot better than in Moleskines. I was shocked by the price – in Poland Leuchtturms are cheaper than Moleskines! Dotted notebook costs about 12$! So the difference is huge.

    I first met Bullet Journal at reddit and I fall in-love! This is simple but fun and you can do whatever you want with it, that’s so awesome! I love the way you do that, it’s just BEAUTIFUL!

  • Glenneth Reed

    just getting started with my bullet journal but already loving the freedom and flexibility!

  • Rosa

    I’ve been using the Moleskine squared notebooks for years now, but lately I’ve had my eye on the Leuchtturm ones, just to shake things up and to see if there’s really a big difference. So thank you for this blog post, now I know I have to check the Leuchtturm notebook out!

  • Héloïse

    That’s very interesting to have a comparison between the two journals ! I think there are different kind of moleskine though. For now, i’ve only been using plain gridded notebooks found at my local supermarket. I just started my 3rd notebook. That last one is a bit larger than the two firsts (still smaller than both moleskine and leuchtturm) but is a spiral one. I’m quite positive i wont go for a spiral again though… About the size. I’ve only been using small notebooks so that they can fit my pockets. That may change in the future, though. Main argument for the change is your monthly tracker that fits only very tightly on my pages….

  • Denise

    Terrific comparison. For me it’s a no-brainer since I’m now completely stuck on fountain pens and because I also like the wider pages.

  • Kimberly Abell

    I want that stencil!

  • Bec

    Before I learned about bullet journaling, I was terrible at keeping one, now it’s awesome!!!

  • Melissa Wandelt

    Awesome blog!! Thank you for bringing light to my day!!

  • drw1027

    Love the bullet journal community!

  • Michelle Turner Bright

    As a faithul Moleskine user, I’m very curious to try the Leuchtturn now after this post. And…I want that stencil. :)

  • Cristina C. Gómez H.

    I’m just starting with my Bullet Journal and it’s all thanks to you! I fell in love with your journal and so far, the system works wonderfully for me, buuut… I don’t have an spectacular notebbok to go with it, just a very chunky and heavy old notebook from school *hint, hint* :)

  • Chiara Ferrari

    Love the bullet journal! Discovered few months ago…and now cannot live without

  • chris

    I desperately need that journal!! My bullet journal has made me a 10000x more organized and just better at everything!!

  • Kyra Belen

    Awesome blog!! I want the stencil!! Can’t weigh in on the debate as I’ve never tried a moleskin. I might try after my current Leuchtturm is done but the paper is lighter so that has me hesitant

  • Becca

    Awesome blog! Love all of your tips!!

  • Lala De Leon

    This is so timely, today is my day 1 in Bullet journalling :)

  • Kay Schenkel

    I love your bullet journal information. After I saw a picture you posted with that stencil in it, I knew I had to have it. I love to look at your hand lettering and all your bullet journal tips.

  • Roseanne V. Sabol

    OMGoodness….it would be wonderful to try a Leuchtturm journal. I also love reading your blog. It’s so inspiring to me. Thanks so much.

  • Josephine

    Great showdown! I am also definitely a Leuchtturm girl. They feel great and are really easy to get where I live.
    Thanks to you I quite recently got into bullet journaling again and I am feeling so much balanced already! I get more stuff done and actually want to make more plans and use my time meaningful! I just love my bullet journal. :)

  • Bullet journaling has not only helped me get more organized in the lists I make on a daily basis, it has also given me the opportunity to be a bit creative everyday. I am a hard worker and because of that, I forget to be creative now and then in order to feed my inspiration. Now I can work more efficiently and be creative all at one. <3

  • I’m not a bullet journal user YET, but I’d love to see how it will change my life!

  • Kiyla Davis

    the leuchtturm is definitely the nicest notebook i’ve owned. thank you for the giveaway!

  • Lora Robinson

    Thanks. After spending time in the community I had decided on a Leuchtturm because of the number of people that are using it and happy with it. I currently use a Midori with pages I make myself. I love my ‘leather’ but not the pages. I ordered a May Book to give a try in my Midori (because mine’s wide) also, waiting on it to come in. I love all the help you give. THX

  • Rochelle Ruth

    I’m fairly new to the whole Bullet Journal thing. But from what I’m seeing, how I’ve started using it, the versatility, I think it will be a great life change that I am very excited to get started with. Just looking over all of your ideas, page layouts, uses (habit trackers, Miracle Mornings, lists galore, etc), it seems like the best thing that has ever come into my life. I very much so look forward to when a month has gone by and I can look back at the progress I’ve made with this new adventure!

  • I love bullet journaling because I can adapt it for my needs — sometimes I just want to make simple grocery lists or lists of movies I want to see, and sometimes I want to journal about my day every day for a week. I can’t think of another system that would let me do both without leaving a bunch of empty pages.

  • grayeyedgirl

    I’m totally sold on the Leuchtturm now. I just bought that same Moleskine (down to the color!) and I’m a bit disappointed! The band to keep the book closed is already stretched out. I’ve only been using the book since Tuesday! Four days and it’s stretched out. I’m also unhappy that it is not as wide as I had hoped. The pen test is great. I’m glad I started doing it too. It has helped me decide what to use and not to use in my moleskine. Great post! Thank you!

  • kort

    Love the collections…and indexing. Game changers

  • ellis

    Hmm– I’m a faithful Moleskiner, but I’m starting to reconsider. I like just plain pages too (no lines or bullets), but maybe I’m missing out. It’s great making a blank journal whatever I want it to be.

  • Fun video. I have used Moleskine for years but love the numbered pages and dual bookmark options for the Leuchtruum

  • Lorna Wheaton

    Thanks for the side by side comparison!

  • Felica Bouchard

    I have just started Bullet Journaling about 2 weeks ago with a binder and grid paper that i whole punched, and I LOVE it. I think it’s a great idea and it’s super cute! I got started by search through pinterest and seen your blog post! Thank you for this comparison, it’s helped me decide on a future notebook for my bullet journal experience!

  • Elaine Shanks

    Excellent side by side evaluation. Thanks.

  • blog irrational

    I have just started bullet journaling. I’ve been using a Molang diary to plan and schedule events. I use a midori TN to write my thought. But by accident I visited this page and I’ve been doing a bullet journal in my Molang. Your page has inspired me to try something new, easy and fun. I like be bullet journalists as it is easy. Your ideas are so attract and efficient. Since visiting your page a week ago, I’ve been tracking my “water intake” and “a $1 a day”. I think I will continue bullet journaling. So I thank you for your great page, advise and ideas. I’m a bullet journal junkie forever.

  • Melanie

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway! I just started in December. And am looving trying to find my way! You have been berry berry inspiring! ;-)

  • Autum

    Using the Bullet Journal system has changed my life because it’s helped me become more positive and more organized all at once even in a short amount of time!

  • stacia4him

    I have only recently started my Bullet Journal and yet I love how organized I feel so far and I love how easy it is to customize it to fit my needs.

  • BonnieBrown

    I just picked up my first Moleskine. Unfortunately I can’t easily get a L1917 in my area. Some day!
    Thanks for the comparison :)

  • Melissa Haley

    Just bought my first Leuchtturm. Loving it.

  • MrsTempered Sunshine

    Bullet journaling has made me so much more productive! I love the BuJo community and I’m adding other things to my journal, including a habits tracker and Gratitute list!

  • Christi Nation

    I have been using the bullet journal system for about 2 months and I COULD.NOT.BE.HAPPIER! After never finding happiness with the EC, Plum Paper, or Happy Planner.. I have finally reached planner peace. Love this system and how flexible it is!

  • Jacqlyn Lowe

    I love following you Kara… you really inspire me and I find we share a lot of the same interest. Bullet Journal has changed my life by freeing me of expensive pre-made planners, allowing me to journal as I wish, and it keeps me focused on making my life greater for myself and those I love.

  • Bullet journaling has been such a much needed thing for me. I make so many lists and being able to compile them into an organized beautiful system is fantastic. I’ve been drooling over your site, videos, and instagram for weeks now and I have my first Leuchtturm on my Christmas list but THIS giveaway is fantastic! Wow!

  • Stephanie Kapadia

    I have been going from planner to planner trying to figure out the best way for me to keep organized and I think the bullet journal has finally done it! It’s neat, easy to personalize and I actually enjoy it! Your posts have been super inspiring!!

  • Danni Wallace Jones

    I just recently started following you via Pinterest. I’ve always kept a journal (currently in moleskin) and kept various planners/lists/scrapbooks. Bullet Journaling has tempted me numerous times as a way an extension of the hobbies/arts I love and also as a simpler way to organize when need be. For some reason, though, I keep hesitating. I think I’m ready to take the plunge. The Leuchtturm is a gorgeous pice of stationary that I’ve been wanting to get my hands on, but I can never seem to find my “color,” lol.

    Thanks for your amazing generosity in hosting this giveaway and giving people a chance to try it themselves. Have a Happy Holiday season and God bless! ♡

  • Pamela Vizdos

    Kara has actually changed my life through her love of bullet journaling. She inspired me to start a bullet journal and work creatively every day. I think she’s brilliant – and incredibly supportive of her fans.

  • Will Karrde

    Hey Kara, what are the dimensions of both books?

    • Hi Will, I covered it in the video but apparently neglected to put it in the comparison chart… oops! I’ll fix that now… The Moleskine is 5″ x 8.25″ – The Leuchtturm is 5.71″ x 8.27″ :)

  • Bea.

    Thanks so much for the giveaway :) *crossing fingers* jeje

    Bullet journal system hashelped a lot since I’ve started using it, I think I’m not so stressed and I’m more productive too. I use it too to track fitness, healthy food and water, movies, tv series (tv sere addict here :p), books, whatever come to my mind… But I don’t have a pretty handwritting as yours…

    Sincerely I haven’t used a Leuchtturn yet, but I would love to do it one day. Moleskine are my favourite ones but at the moment, since I have to save some money, I’m using a pretty squared notebook A5 as a planner for 2016, it has not very quality papes, but it’s okay, and I’m happy right now with it ;)

  • Dani Beckman

    What an AWESOME giveaway! I want to start bullet journalling so much and this would be the perfect “starter” kit to get me on the road to go! I have so many things I am trying to keep straight and I think seeing all the wonderful ways people are using bullet journalling would be a great way to keep track! thank you for the opportunity to allow me a chance to win this amazing prize!!!

  • Sonia d’Ambra

    I just discovered this world and I already love it! This kit would be amazing to start and thank you for being such an inspiration *_*

  • Melanie

    Such a sweet giveaway! I only recently discovered the bullet journal and have been trying it out in my mini moleskine until the end of the year. I’m hoping to start my “official” journal for 2016 — I plan to switch to a Leuchtturn, get some fancy pens & colors and have a super productive new year! Thanks for all of your amazing ideas and inspiration!

  • Lauren

    Okay so let’s do this. I started college at a big public state school and it went great… for two weeks. Suddenly, I was completely overwhelmed by everything and sort of had a complete breakdown. I dropped out of school and quit the really great job I had found and then I moved back to my home town to live with my parents. And it sucks, kinda. I mean, being unproductive and stuck feels terrible, but I do start school soon at a smaller private college which I am very excited for.

    And in preparation for this college, I discovered bullet journals. They AMAZE me because I’ve spent 10+ years trying to journal/plan out my life and I could never stick to it, but its so versatile with the bujo that its like no pressure to commit. It completely relaxes me and its sooooo cathartic and it majorly tones down my anxiety. ANYWAY, the point of this is, I love bullet journaling and I love the community!

    Thank you so much for the giveaway?!!!?? Its so generous and wonderful, what the heck?? <3

  • Anna

    Using BJ doesn’t change my life, but made it simplier)

  • Kelly Peacock Dwyer

    Just getting started with Bullet Journal – I love it so far! So easy!

  • Christa Savickas

    Actually December is my very first month using a bullet journal, but your blog posts are what really inspired me to start one. I LOVE it so far! It’s been great to keep my mind in order. Thanks for all the great information you share!

  • Holly

    I’m new to bullet journaling, and absolutly LOVE it so far! I would love, love, love to win this set!!!

  • Kecia

    The Leuchtturm is my favorite notebook for Bullet Journaling, and I have tried several.

  • Gerry O’Neill

    I’ve only been bullet journaling for three months (although I’ve used a planner for years). But this system is so much more effective and efficient that I think it will be my final method – no more experiments! And yes, having used both Leuchtturm and Moleskine, the former is my go-to also.

  • Colleen Dougherty

    I’ve been bullet journaling for almost 2 months and have to say, it works to keep me organized and productive! It’s the most customizable planning system I’ve encountered. I have one notebook for home and one for work. Both are great for the purpose they serve.

  • Judy Hudgins

    I just started following you and have been doing a modified bullet journal for some time now. Can’t wait to get my own 1917 journal.

  • Heather Fox

    I’ve used a planner for years but just started with the Bullet Journal and I’m really enjoying it so far! Lots of inspiration online too :)

  • Nicky

    I own that very same set of staedtler pens but I haven’t had the courage to use them yet, they just look so pretty and new…
    Maybe starting a bullet journal adventure might just pull me over the line :-D

  • Laura Bowman

    I love the smaller Moleskins, but for Bullet Journal, I prefer the Leuchtturm (even though I have trouble saying it..).

  • Anna P.

    I have the colored markers and the journal already! I love them. Should I luck out and win someone is getting converted to bullet journaling for Christmas! (I’m keeping the stencil and the black pens !)

  • Vero Holmes

    I’m so excited! I just started doing bullet journaling in my moleskine and in only a week I’ve felt so much better about what I have to do.

  • BlushnBlue

    I absolutely loved your review and want to thank you for helping me make an informed decision. I would say that that my creativity has expanded since using my modified bullet journaling. Your YouTube video on how you bullet journal has helped with that as well. Thank you for sharing your creativity.

  • Lauren

    Kara! I discovered bullet journalling before I discovered you but I love the ideas you have for it! Mine is much simpler but it keeps all those thoughts that’ll pop into my head all organized!

  • Lindsey H.

    Bullet Journaling has been so great for me. It’s something I look forward to doing each day and I love that it can act as a “brain dump”, so I can clear my head with random thoughts running through it. The past couple of months I have upped my “creativeness” in it, by participating in a doodle a day and just drawing things in it when I feel like it and I feel like a new side of me is starting to appear. I’ve never been super creative through art/drawing, but just trying new things in my Bullet Journal has opened me to the fact that I can be creative in that aspect. Love it! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Kara Sjoblom-Bay

    Bullet journaling has finally given me a way to track everything in my life all in one place. I used to always say “I’ll remember that”, with predictable results. Now I’ve trained myself to write it down!

  • I’ve been bullet journaling for about three months now and I’m so happy. I used to do kind of a similar method… but with random scraps of paper that I’d tuck away and inevitably lose. The notebook + organization system has been so helpful!

  • Emily

    Bullet journaling has reminded me of my love for pen and paper! I managed my life electronically for many years, but several changes to our lifestyle made that impractical and inefficient. I’m still discovering how much I love bullet journaling, and it has led me to brush lettering, calligraphy, doodling, and even painting!

    • Bullet journaling has lead me into calligraphy and doodling as well! Isn’t it great? :D

  • Victoria

    I discovered your blog just yesterday because of Pinterest and have been OBSESSED already with the Bullet journal and all of your posts have been sooooo helpful. especially at a time where I have been reevaluating all of my habits- especially my habit of journaling. You have reignited my desire to write everyday again and I’m so excited to start. BUT Amazon says the berry Leuchttrum wouldn’t get here until mid-January -____- so i am SOOO dying to win your giveaway! thank you, truly thank you for sharing your creativity.

  • Marissa M.

    I love your posts. Congratulations on getting the YouTube channel up and running! Thanks so much for a wonderful giveaway!

    • Thanks Marissa! It’s been a labor of love for sure! :)

  • Laura Ash Benjamin

    I agree with your findings! Some day I will own one!

  • Sacha Clement

    Thanks so much for the comparison! I’ve just started bullet journaling in the last month, in a tiny pocket-sized Moleskine, when the semester at university just got totally overwhelming. It’s such an amazing way to cut down on extra nonsense in your planner, and the flexibility to change your layout whenever you please is helpful as well. I think I’ll be hunting for a Leuchtturm1917, for more space, and will have to keep my little pocket moleskine as a training log for my dog and I :)

    • You’re welcome, Sacha! I love the idea of a training log in a pocket-sized notebook… maybe that’s what I’ll do with all of the field notes notebooks I’ve got laying around lol

  • Olivia

    Your YouTube videos were the first thing I had ever seen about bullet journaling. I am starting in a small spiral bound notebook I got at my local grocery store to see if I like it. I’ve always loved improving my hand writing, and writing with pen and paper in general. I have a Happy Planner, but I wanted to be able to journal in my planner as well. So far I really like this style of planning and journaling. I’m excited to get more confident in my handwriting, and hopefully I will resist the urge to get upset when I mess up. Winning your giveaway would really get me started, and I would be so grateful :-)

    • I’m excited that you’re diving in and practicing! It’s a process for sure! Thanks for the comment, Olivia :)

  • makalah

    I’m not a journaller, YET, but I enjoyed the review and drooling over the prize pack a bit. :p

    • It’s a doozie for sure! Great supplies :)

  • Talli Miller

    I’m just getting into bujo, more sort of working in conjunction with my filo, but your stuff is amazing and so inspirational!

  • Heather Keeney

    I’m just starting with bullet journaling, and your posts and YouTube videos are such an inspiration to me! That prize pack is AMAZING, thanks for hosting such a sweet giveaway!

    • You’re very welcome, Heather! Thanks for commenting :)

  • Mycah

    I’ve recently begun bullet journaling and so appreciate your blog! Thanks

    • You’re super-welcome, Mycah! :)

  • Krista Ferndelli

    You’re the reason I tried bullet journaling, and after only 4 days, it’s already changed my life! I feel like I finally found a system that works for me, and believe me: I’ve been searching for YEARS.

    • Isn’t it funny how sometimes things just “click” like that? Glad you’ve found a system that will work for you! Thanks for stopping by, Krista :)

  • Sarah Johnson

    This is such a great post!! I absolutely love all of your knowledge, thank you so much for sharing!

    • Thanks Sarah! And you’re welcome! :)

  • Monica Easley-Cate

    I have tried journaling several times over the past few years and nothing has ever “stuck;” it just wasn’t a habit that I could develop. Until I stumbled across your blog via Pinterest and discovered the Bullet Journal. This is a system that was created for people like me and I am a natural at it! Love your posts and tutorials!!!

    • Thanks Monica! It’s amazing how many people comment along those same lines. The Bullet Journal system is just SO adaptable and I love it :)

  • Steven Von Gerlachter

    I used Evernote Moleskines for a little while but recently switched to the Leuchtturm1917 and won’t ever go back. I’ve been using Field Notes as a holdover until Jan 1 when I’ll switch to a set of Week Dominators that I have. Great post, hopefully it saves a lot of people from buying Moleskines!

    • Truth! I actually have a few field notes laying around that I want to find a purpose for soon. What are Week Dominators? I’m so intrigued…

  • Marjorie

    I discover your blog thanks to your Youtube channel. I really love how you use your bullet journal. I also use one since july and I really love it !! Your blog is really super to find new tips ! Your prize pack is really fantastic !! Thanks for hosting this giveaway.

    • You’re welcome Marjorie! I’m so glad you’re finding inspiration here :)

  • Nicole Trott

    I am hoping my first Leuchtturm 1917 for Christmas this year from my husband. I have reminded him several times that it is on the top of my Christmas list. I am not sure he understands how much I really want it, though.

    • Haha that is me with my husband regarding fountain pens. I have outlined a very specific list and he looks at me like I’m a bit nutty ;)

      • Nicole Trott

        I think after 13 years of marriage he is starting to understand my addiction, though. He bought me a Marvel comics journal for my birthday when he knew I already had about 4 empty journals on my shelf. :p

  • Empzk

    I’m so inspired by your blog/instagram/youtube! I’m just finishing my first Bullet Journal and would love to start with a Leuchtturm for 2016 :) Bullet Journaling has changed my everyday life from procrastination and stress to productivity and a free mind that is not trying to remember all the things I need to do. Now they are neatly tucked away in my BuJo <3

    • Love it! You’ll love your Leuchtturm if that’s what you decide to go with :)

  • Andi

    Excellent comparison – thank you! I’ve been using a Hobonichi for the last two years but recently stumbled across bullet journaling and I really like the free-form format. I’ve been doing some brainstorming to work out how to fit my work appts. and meetings into the bullet journal (most of them are future-planned) and I think I’ve got it :). I’ve started with a Moleskine (which I already had) and will do both the Hobo as I’ve been doing and Moleskine as bullet journal going forward for a few months to work out the kinks. I’m having a little trouble with bleed-through in the Moleskine and my (very wet) fountain pen is totally useless so the comparison you did for us was very helpful. Love your blog!

    • Glad you found this helpful, Andi! How does the Hobonichi hold up to fountain pens? I’ve heard great things about their paper!

      • Andi

        The fountain pen is fine in the Hobo. My pen is pretty wet with black ink and I don’t have any more ghosting than with the Pitt. The paper really is nice.

  • Love the comparison! For me, the soft cover Moleskine wins, for one simple reason – I travel and work abroad, and luggage restrictions as well as my back when I carry my backpack limit me to choosing everything that weighs less. On my trip to Guatemala, I took a softcover Moleskine (dotted) and it’s saved my life so far! I use it for notes for work meetings and as a bullet journal, and it’s seriously the best system on the go. I feel like that way, I never forget anything even though I’m in different places every week!

    • That is a very solid reason for preferring the soft cover. I’ll be traveling abroad for 2 months next year and am trying to decide what type of notebook I will take with me. Thanks for the tips! :)

  • Kimberly Klostermayer

    This was so helpful! I wanted to ask for either one or the other for Christmas and now I have all the information I wanted! Those pens are amazing too….I never really considered what pen to use before! Your journals are always so beautiful!

    • Thanks Kimberly! Finding the right pens to go with the right paper can be a tricky combo sometimes. Glad you found the post useful :)

  • Kaci Campbell

    I am so organized since I switched to the bullet journal system.

    • It really does make a world of difference! Thanks for commenting, Kaci :)

  • Marcie Barnhart

    Loved this post, thanks for sharing your insights. Bullet Journaling has finally given me the planner I couldn’t find in stores, and I love it!

    • So true, Marcie! I can’t tell you how many different planners I have gone through trying to find the “right one” Silly me all those years, all I needed was a notebook and a pen ;)

  • Mia Moore

    I love bullet journaling! It’s helped me finally find a system that works for me.

  • Sangra Nette

    I’m brand new to bullet journaling and these posts help me SO much in trying to decide where to begin and how to proceed — thank you!

    • You’re very welcome! Thanks for the compliment :)

  • Glenda Rosa

    Girl I just love your videos! Keep on doing them! I would love to see a comparison one with the Leuchtturm and the Bullet Journal Notebook.

    • Thanks, Glenda! I’ve got a BuJo Notebook coming to me soon, so I may just do that :)

  • Bonnie bleser

    I’ve always been a daily journaler, but after discovering the Bullet Journal system through your blog I can now express my thoughts, tasks, goals, doodles, lists, and everything else in an organised manner. No more rifling aimlessly through pages to find that meal plan I scribbled down months
    ago! Thank you so much, it’s been life-changing.

    Also, Leuchtterm 1917 is the greatest notebook I’ve ever used. You can just tell whoever designed it put so much love and thought into all the little details. :)

    • What a testimonial, Bonnie! Love it :)

  • Robbie

    I haven’t started bullet journaling yet. While looking for more info on starting, I came across your Instagram :-). Thanks for hosting this giveaway and for the informative post!

  • Chews&Brews Canada

    Great post!!!

  • Hi Kara! I’m a new member as well as a newbie to bullet journaling altogether. I’m very inspired by you specifically and I’m learning so much already about everything from pens to paper to blog traffic etc . But in my own Bujo journey of only 2 days so far… I’ve already figured a way to get quiet and in touch with myself to see and create in my own way. Thank you for all your dedication and your generosity!!!

    • Aw, you’re welcome Diana! Glad to have you as a part of the community! :)

  • Meghan Maclellan

    I am just getting into bullet journaling officially, after doing something similar unwittingly for ages- can’t wait to see how it goes!

    • Yay! You’re gonna fall in love with it ;)

  • Karin H

    I’m so curious about bullet-journaling and definitely want to try it :)

  • I used bullet journalling a lot in the past year, especially for help with school assignments and just as a journal/diary! I love it and always recommend it to my friends :D

    • Love it! Such a great system to share with others :)

  • Ayla Smith

    I love your bullet journal layouts! They’re so beautiful and inspirational! I love that you are doing a giveaway. I’ve actually been using a moleskine for a few months, trying out the bullet journal system. I remember thinking it was such a cool organization system for planning, but it seemed complicated. Then I found your post about it and thought about giving it a go. It’s actually been the only system that’s really worked for me! I look forward to seeing what else you have to show us in the future!

    • I can definitely see where newcomers might get overwhelmed with all of the info out there and think that it’s too complicated. I aim to make it simple and non-confusing as much as possible :D It really is a simple system. Thanks for stopping by, Ayla!

  • Kelsey L C

    Awesome post and awesome giveaway! :)

  • Regina Renee

    I have been using a bullet journal for just over a year. I like to use it in conjunction with the Eisenhower matrix.

    • Oooh, tell me more about this Eisenhower matrix… you’ve peaked my interest :)

      • Regina Renee

        While the bullet journal makes sure that I have all of my tasks, events, and appointments recorded, the Eisenhower Matrix helps me prioritize the tasks. Using the Eisenhower Matrix in conjunction with my daily page ensures that I complete the urgent and important tasks first.

        • Sounds awesome, Regina! I’m off to google and learn more now :) Thanks for sharing!

  • FLYNN Shelley K

    I have not started my journal yet but have all your recommended supplies on my wishlist for the Holidays and plan to have this be my new year routine. I have been reading so much about the process and really have enjoyed your site! Thanks for sharing!

    • Glad you’ve found so much inspiration! Have you considered starting a “practice notebook”, just a cheapy notebook to practice different layouts in while you wait to start in your Leuchtturm?

      • FLYNN Shelley K

        Now that just makes too much sense! :)

  • Rachel Bruner

    I’m not entering the giveaway as I actually just bought and received the exact “Berry” notebook you’re giving away, and already have everything but the Faber pens. So I feel someone else should win. However, I just wanted to say what a great benefit you are to the BuJo community with everything you are doing and sharing! It’s awesome of you to do this giveaway. Good luck to all those who enter!

    • Aw, thanks Rachel! I really just wanted to “give back” some of the love that y’all have been dishing out lately. Hugs to you, friend! :)

      • Rachel Bruner

        You’re welcome!! :)

  • Ashley Briggs

    I’m so glad I found this!! I actually have a moleskine coming today in the mail! An early Christmas gift from my hubby!

    • Yay! I’m sure you will get months of glorious use out of it, Ashley :)

  • Cindy Ochoa

    This is awesome! I’m setting up my planner for next year and all of this would be so awesome to have

    • They’re definitely great supplies, but keep in mind that all you need to start is a plain old notebook and a pen ;) Thanks for commenting, Cindy!

  • Emily Wolfe

    Ooh, I just got my first bullet journal – I bought the one from their website – and I would LOVE these pens. I have a pen obsession and these looked awesome. Want!

    • I’ve got one on order, Emily! Such a great way to show support to Ryder and his awesome creation :)

  • Cassidy Bowen

    To be honest, I never have used a Bullet Journal but I really want to start using one! i think it will help me get organized in such a fun way as I start a new journey of my life! ~•:-) Hope to win xx Goodluck everyone

  • JustAnotherVoice

    I love that color! What a great giveaway bundle :D

    • Isn’t it gorgeous? I’m normally not a fan of pink-ish notebooks but this one is a beauty for sure! :)

      • JustAnotherVoice

        I’m not a fan of pink, myself, but that looks like it has enough red to make me happy :)

  • Kristy N

    I am on my first bullet journal this year and all your posts/videos/IG’s have been so helpful! Thanks for sharing all your supplies, would love to win some of them.

    • You are SO welcome, Kristy! Thanks for stopping by :)

  • Mia Sorcinelli

    Bullet journal just makes my day seem more manageable, and I feel like less of a flake about remembering emails, and other stuff to do. I’m expanding my use daily!

    • Love it! It’s great how it’s so adaptable to each individual! Thanks for commenting, Mia! :)

  • Amy

    Thank you … this was really helpful in making my decision!!

    • I’m so glad you found it helpful, Amy :)

  • I really love seeing your bullet journals entries. They are so inspiring! I would love to try one out.

    • Thanks Jackie! Give it a go! You’ll love it :)

  • Lynda Smith

    I have just started bullet journaling. I hope to keep it simple and effective. Love your inspiration!

  • After getting your email talking about your first YouTube Video I immediately had to check it out. That was last Friday & I now have my first journal on it’s way to me! I got the moleskin 3 pack of 80 page journals. I didn’t want to go too crazy just yet but I think it’s inevitable, haha! <3 xoxo

  • Jeanna Hoffman

    I came across your blog by chance and first heard about Bullet Journaling. I started my bullet journal in November this year with a composition notebook. This type of calendar / journaling has been what I have been looking for to keep everything together in one place – I Love It ! Thanks for sharing your passion. Would love to try the book and pens you are using to explore this further. Thank you. Jeanna

  • Zoë Kira

    I just recently started using the bullet journal system. I used to write things down on all different pieces of paper, and lose those each and every time so I would forget the things I had to do. Which in turn caused me a lot of stress. So since using this system I have a lot more oversight of all things needing to be done. – Stress level! I love how it is so adaptable to anyone using it, you can really make it your own! Also I absolutely love the berry color! I am normally not a pink-kind of person but this one has something really appealing. :)

  • Amy Jones Steele

    I cannot begin to describe how Bullet Journaling has changed my life. I’m sonics more organized, and my productivity at work has improved. :)

    Thank you so much for the giveaway. :)

  • _Lissie__

    I am absolutely obsessed w/ all stationary stuff and pens, and notebooks. Bujo is the perfect way to live with my obsession :) – Actually your blog, instagram and youtube chanel are great insipration for me. Thank you :)

  • It’s given me a place to keep my life together! Instead of a zillion different post its and notes everywhere. If I need to find something it’s in there!

  • MommaChristi319

    I am new to bullet journaling! I love reading your blog to get inspiration! It is helping me get my life organized because it has been… Well a chaotic mess!! Thank you for sharing your life with us!

  • Jennilee

    This was awesome! Thanks Kara!

  • Robyn Warner Lott

    I’ve been so interested to try this new way to plan with bullet journaling. I have been using Moleskine’s for quite some time and have been disappointed over and over again by the inconsistent paper quality. Your review speaks volumes to me and my search for a quality notebook. I would love the opportunity to try out the Leuchtturm brand and the bullet journal style. Thank you for hosting such a generous giveaway! Good vibes your way!

    • Thanks Robyn! Good vibes right back at ya, girl! :)

  • Jessica

    I really want to try bullet journaling after reading your blog!! This was very helpful for the newbie :)

  • Aubrey M.

    I’ve been wanting to try bullet journaling and this would be a great way to start!

    • It’s a great way to get and stay organized for sure! You should give it a go :)

  • Lisa Scibetta Flaherty

    Bullet Journaling has simplified my agonizing organizing to one simple notebook! I get more done, I don’t lose bits and scraps of paper notes, and I feel more on top of everything. Love it! <3

    • SO great, isn’t it? I love just having everything under one “roof” so to speak :)

  • Rachel Celius

    Kara thanks so much for your post! I have been using a moleskine for years, and just finally decided to purchase my first leuchtturm, and I am anxiously awaiting its arrival! I sure hope it gets here by the first of the year so that I can start off next year in a new book, besides I am almost out of pages. Keep making your videos, I love your style (doodles, quotes, positive vibes and amazing handwriting) you have inspired me to get way more creative with everything I post!

  • I’ve been wanting to try it, but I’m nervous! This would be a great push!

    • Give it a shot! Even if it’s on some blank paper for practice. See how you feel after dipping your toe in… check out for a great introduction :)

  • Crotha

    Bujo are my reminders and “external brain”. While I could do all of that digital, nothing is as versatile or flexible as paper.
    Why the BuJo system? Because of the freedom. You start and it evolves with your needs, no strict rules. Perfect!

    Very nice video comparing those two!
    And yay, give away :D

    • Thanks! The freedom of the BuJo is definitely a key factor… love it!

  • Josefin Skogman

    I try, maybe I get surprised! Nice post about the moleskin vs leuchtturm. I have used moleskin pretty much, but only with certain pens. Now I need to try use some fountain pens inmy leuchtturm (bullet journal). :) Would be great if I can use FP there too! :D

  • Jessica Francene

    I love the freedom and headspace that bulleting has provided me since I began in May of this year. I can’t wait to see where it evolves for me as I continue to find new ways to include/track my business and personal blog tasks.

  • debbie

    I’m trying to get my journal set up for a january start–so nervous and trying to figure out where to start!!!

  • Carly Salloway

    I have yet to start my bullet journal and I am getting so excited reading through your blog, watching your videos, and seeing all your posts on Instagram to finally start my own! Everything you are giving away in your generous raffle is exactly what I wanted to get myself started so I can finally begin my bullet journal journey! Super excited for your future posts and videos! ♡

  • Kay Peterson

    I use a dotted Moleskine and love it.

  • Joanna Desormeaux

    Ahhh notebooks. I have carried one with me since I was a child. My mother still jokes about how I could not leave the house without paper and pencil. I’ve always had a collection, but they were all blank, or only filled half or less of the way. Through many various events, my relationship with paper has grown exponentially. When I discovered all the stationery sales on eBay, a new world opened up to me. I discovered Filofax, Kikki. K, Erin Condren, Molang, Cool Pencil Case… My Instagram feed doubled as I found all these other women just as passionate as I was for this art form. I researched, I read, I drooled, I watched videos, I HAD TO KNOW EVERYTHING. I had come across the bullet journal and found it interesting, but the allure of pretty fancy binders and stickers caught my eyes like a giant diamond ring. I tried so many things. I even created my own custom traveler’s notebook inserts. I thought I had found planner peace, but something was still lacking. I wanted more. In mid November I gave the bullet journal a try. It felt good. It was warm and cozy and comfortable. I have always preferred bound books over ring binders, especially since I’m a lefty. I’m still working out some kinks, since I love the tracking that I do daily in my custom insert, and I already have a Moleskine Volant book on the go with journal entries. I’m wondering if I stay with the three books, incorporate them all into one now, or wait until I fill the three and then incorporate. The reason I tried the bujo is specifically due to your wonderful post of your top 12 bujo hacks. I began my research again, videos, instagram… Anyways! LOL look at me pouring my heart out! I used to live in a big city with easy access to Leucttrum books. I own four but they are lined (two are in use too! – class notes and sewing ideas) I’d love to win, but if not, I will be travelling for Christmas and my boyfriend promised me we’d stop at my old craft store along our way.

  • Karen Harris

    I LOVE comparisons so I can make an informed purchase decision as a newbie to BUJO. I’m just starting, so BUJO hasn’t changed my life, yet, but I think the tracking and collections, and the indexing so I can easily find lists and collections, are going to make a huge difference in planning my up-coming year! I also love the helpful BUJO community! ~ Karen H

  • Fatima Mendes

    amaazing giveaway! now i’m just going to get lost on your pinterest board.

  • Kristin Cortright

    Hi, I’m new to the BuJo community. I am currently using a very inexpensive journal (from Big Lots) I love how the bullet journal process keeps me on track even after only using it for a 2 weeks. After reading your review I really want the Leuchtturm! Thanks for introducing me to this awesome group!

  • The bullet journal method is brilliant. I home school two kiddos and manage our families traveling funds and saving accounts. I would still be struggling had I not come across the BuJo method. I’ve yet to try the Leuchtturm – I didn’t know there was a notebook that came numbered! How brilliant! I’m loving your blog, YT channel, & your FB posts. Great inspiration and I’ve already picked up a few pointers from your BuJo flip through. Thanks for sharing your methods!

  • Natasha

    Hi Kara,
    Very inspiring and beautiful website! Thank you for all the wonderful ideas…

  • Lisette van Duivenbooden

    I love how the Bullet Journal combines my love for planning, creativity and personal development. I can’t stop talking about it to all my friends. It’s hard to find the pretty Leuchtturm in the Netherlands, so would love a back-up! Thank you for all your inspiration.

  • Hallie

    I fell in love with BuJo mid September after finding a post about it on Pinterest… Actually, I’m pretty sure it was a Boho post that I initially found that I absolutely loved! I was able to start a bullet journal after winning a lined journal from a giveaway on Instagram by passionthemedlife and it has changed my life! I love being able to have everything in one place with a system that works for me. I have a 10 week old, and being able to have a planner that I can skip days in without feeling bad is the best thing in the world since I don’t always have time to open it up with her keeping me super busy. I can’t afford any other type of journal, so I would be soo honored to win so I can try BuJo in a dotted journal! Once I’m done with my current journal, I’ll only be able to use leftover notebooks that I have which isn’t so fun. Anyway… Thanks so much for hosting the giveaway and posting about your beautiful BuJo!!! :D

  • Erin Senecal

    I attempted to start planning with an Erin Condren planner, and after a couple weeks I fell off the wagon. I found your BuJo breakdown and I am obsessed with trying out this method to keep things in order! I’ve always been a huge fan of handwriting and hand lettering, and have always kept hand-written to-do lists in my day to day life, but never in one cohesive place! I ordered my own journal and pens based on your recommendations, but I’d love to win another set in this raffle to keep things moving! Thank you so much for your lovely and inspiring posts!

  • Aaaah amazing! I really love Leuchtturm notebooks. Got to add a new one for 2016 though… :)

  • Jamie Horning

    Thank you so much Kara! I truly appreciate the time and attention you take in creating these Boho Berry Blog posts. The ritual of creative and mindful journaling has created unexpected happiness in my life. Cheers!

  • Denise

    I love the idea of the BuJo but I struggle with how to best set it up for my needs. Thanks for all your great ideas.

  • Wiebke

    Hi Kara,
    Thanks for giving me so much inspiration in the past few weeks since I discovered your blog. I love your new videos and can’t wait for the next one!


  • Malissa Renno

    I started a bullet journal back in the spring of 2014, but didn’t really get into it, and quit using it after a few weeks. I found your blog a few months ago just after you posted about your one month update, and you totally opened my eyes to other elements that I could include in my journal! I started back up with a Leuchtturm at the beginning of October, and haven’t looked back. It’s been a serious brain-saver this semester with all of my assignments and my crazy work schedule. Thanks for being my inspiration to take up bullet journaling again!

  • Poppy Arakelian

    I really love the Leuchtturm the most, though I’m finishing out the year with a moleskine at the moment. I’m saving my Bullet Journal Leuchtturm (from the kickstarter a while back) for the new year!

  • I always wondered what were the differences and you perfectly covered it with this post, thank you!!

  • Annie Savidge

    Hi! I just found your blog a few weeks ago and started bullet journaling. Already my life is changed. I have been using a Franklin Planner since the mid-90s at least. While I liked them, I was always frustrated with them because there wasn’t enough room to hold everything, or the ring size was too big/too small, the book was too big to carry around easily or too small to hold my huge handwriting. I gave them up, I thought forever, when I got my iPad. After two years, I was noticing some similar frustrations, mostly because I couldn’t keep everything in the same place and had information stored in a dozen or more apps. Then my iPad was stolen. Since I can’t afford another one right now, I had to go back to paper planners and, of course, the same frustrations as before.

    Then I found your bullet journal post on Pinterest. I have been using the method in an inexpensive composition notebook that I had laying around. As I said, my life has changed and I will never use another planner. When i do get another iPad, I will still probably use the bullet journal with the iPad as a supplement. Finally everything is together. I can look at a single page and see everything I need to do today, make notes,, whatever. I LOVE bullet journalling!

  • Crystal

    Great comparison Kara!! I have looked at tons of planners and such for the coming year, but I think this might really be the best option for me. It seems so flexible and I can add my own cute details. Love it!

  • Thanks for a great post, Kara! I’m new on the Bullet Journal bandwagon as of August of this year, and I LOVE it! It’s the first planning/task management system that naturally mirrors how my brain works. Using a planner sort of used to feel like a task in and of itself, but integrating Bullet Journal into my daily routine happened so organically. Love love love.

  • Being slightly OCD, I did this test before I started my first journal. I liked everything about the Leuchttrum1917 better than the Moleskine, and the fact that I found the Leuchttrum1917 on the Bullet Journal site helped me make my decision. Thanks for doing this test. I totally agree!

  • Marla Gallagher

    I have been using/creating/searching for planners/journals for the last 40 years and have FINALLY found the one for me ! It doubles as both planner and journal and I also use it in my “Project Life” scrapbook as the foundation for my week’s entries ! Having the best time ever !

  • I kept my bullet journal in Moleskine Cahiers until a friend gave me a Midori this fall. Mmm, I love the Midori paper. But I still use Moleskines for certain dedicated topic notebooks–family medical notes & numbers, for example. I thoroughly enjoyed this post!

  • Brenda Gummeson

    When I use my Bullet Journal, I have an easy access way to evaluate whether my day to day activities are consistent with my values and long term goals.

  • Kelly C.

    Have been debating on whether to buy a planner or design my own bullet-style one with a moleskin for a while now in preparations for 2016, but I’m glad I hadn’t actually bought anything yet! The Leuchtturm definitely has way more to offer for such a slight price difference, thank you for showing me so! :)

  • Bullet journaling really keeps me on task and gives me a clear outlook on my work ahead!

  • Tammi Paolilli

    I just discovered bullet journaling. I think it’s great because you can incorporate a planner and journal into one.

  • Michella Coles Byron

    Looking at your bullet journal post solidified my decision to try a bullet journal, and I have been loving it! It has kept me way more organized, and I am able to track habits and tasks I do daily or multiple times a week and it is so great to see progress being made! I also love to stop back by your pages to get some more inspiration if I decide I want to add something new to my journal :)

  • Maegan Oldham

    I only just recently heard about bullet journaling…but it is definitely something I look forward to starting in the near future. It definitely seems like the perfect tool to help get/keep me organized and positive! Plus, they’re all so colorful, pretty, and unique to each creator! I love that! Great comparison…very helpful for someone who doesn’t really know where to start!

  • Elizabeth

    I like bullet journalling for keeping my to-do lists short and sweet, because I can use a particular symbol instead of writing “Go to”, “look up”, etc all the time! Also it makes them look more tidy and organized.

  • Michelle Hill

    Yes! Yes! Yes! Thank you so much for the opportunity to win this giveaway. So happy to have connected with you via Creative Entrepreneurs FB Group! :)

  • Betsy Cutler

    I hope I win! I can’t wait to begin, I love your style, Kara!

  • Tiahna Junakovic

    I love that bullet journalling is so flexible! I’m able to still plan my life away with my kikki-k planner but for the smaller to dos and reminders my bujo has my back!

  • Cathy Claussen Reiman

    I love the flexibility of using a Bullet Journal – unlike regular planners, bullet journals are let me decide what I want to track and how I want to track it – I can color and draw and still be organized! I’ve used both Leuchtturm and Moleskine and like them both –

  • Angela

    When I finish my current bullet journal, I will definetly try the Leuchtturm next.

  • Anna Breon

    I had a bullet journal post suggested to me by YouTube just today, so I advent started yet. It look similar to the method we used in college for our pocket notebooks though, so I’m pretty excited to try it.

  • Ashley Ford

    I’m pretty terrible at follow-through and there has never been a system that works for me. I also tend to be pretty scattered with lists EVERYwhere. Bullet Journaling has helped me to succeed in overcoming both of these issues. I’m a believer!

  • Kathryn Anastasia Owens

    I’ve only been using a bujo for about 2 months now and I’ve gotten so much more productive. I’ve always used a journal but more like a diary rather than a task list. I primarily use a moleskin squared notebook for my tasks but aiming to get another book just for regular journaling and doodles. Will definitely try the leuchtturm!

  • Susi Wignand

    I haven’t started yet! I am waiting on a book to appear in the mail :) I hope journalling will help me slow my roll, and exercise my penmanship since I type most of the time, so when I actually write, it hurts.

  • Nicanelle

    I started a bullet journal at the beginning of the year, and I have finally found a system that is flexible enough to fit my life! I love that I can write more some days (or weeks) and less others, and I can collect the random lists and to-do’s that multiply around me. I’m still tweaking the system and appreciate all the inspiration you give in your blog!

  • Christine

    I first heard of the system a few months ago, and I fell in love with it and never went back. What I love most about it is how flexible it is, so you can add or take away features as you see fit, or tweak something like the index or keys to your liking. It’s made me more conscious of the things I have to do each day, not just in the bug responsibilities but also in the small ones you used to think were inconsequential. I also get to seriously practice my creativity in various ways now, from calligraphy to hand lettering and more! <3

  • Sharilynn Morse

    I’m excited to start bullet journalling in the future! I found your blog through a friend of a friend and it was love at first sight <3

  • Kanisi

    I love the freedom to get things out of my brain, and still know where they have gone to when I need them. That is the best thing I’ve found about bullet journaling.

  • Kirstin

    I can’t believe how much I love my bullet journal, it’s changed my life :)

  • Kendall

    I think you were the first blogger I found that uses a bullet journal, and you totally sold me on the idea. I’m so excited to start my own bullet journal before the new year!

  • Krysta

    Love your blog. It’s valuable to see what others track and how they do it. Keep up the great posts!

  • Julie Angeli

    I can’t wait to try this!

  • Diana Mejia de Quaintance

    Nice comparison and giveaway. If only it were a different color notebook.

  • Penny0_o

    Wow that berry colour is gorgeous! Thanks for doing a review :) I think I’m going to have to add some of those giveaway goodies to my Christmas wishlist hehe

  • Erin Shirley

    I would love to have a 1917 (as I call them) I love my BUJO! It has changed my life!!! It is my brain, and when I fall behind, I’m totallty lost!

  • Tracey Robinson

    I am using a simple blank book I had on hand to see how I liked the Bullet Journal. I love it so far, 3 months in though I am not good about indexing!

  • Gillian Olson

    I stumbled across Bullet Journaling on Pinterest, I am very excited to start this journey. Hopefully, this will end the endless scraps of papers and post-its all over the place with my to-do-lists. Thank you for your videos and blog!

  • Anna

    So exciting!

  • I love seeing a direct comparison of the different journal types! It’s so helpful! I’m less familiar with the Leuchtturm as the Moleskine is the artists best friend ;) So I was happy to hear about another, similar option, it sounds really great for journalling.

  • Sandy

    I think I have tried every planner known to man. The bullet journal is the only planner that has worked for me without fail. I love the flexibility and creative outlets it provides me with at any given moment for and for whatever my current whim may be. Thank you for all the inspiration you provide. Finding you on instagram has been a gold mine for me!

  • Rebecca Havens

    I love how I am able to use my Bullet Journal to keep myself organized, as well as teach my students how to make this process more meaningful and so fun! My students are using journals we made to create multimedia works of art that include scheduling, journaling, and drawing. Thanks for getting me and my classes started!

  • Stacy R

    I LOVE Staedtler Triplus Fineliners. I have been meaning to try Leuchtturm1917 and bullet journaling and this giveaway is amazing. Thanks for doing it!

  • S. Pipes

    This is exciting. I’m so new to the idea of Bullet Journaling. While ready that blog I found your Share post & came here. Your walk through on YouTube helped me understand the process so well.

  • Emily

    I’m in highschool and it wasn’t until I saw one of my friends pin your “One Month” layout on their College board. It really hit me how helpful a bujo would be. You make it look so effortless and I love seeing the different spins you put on your pages.

  • Awesome post. I am currently using both (L1917 for work, Moleskin for personal and dog (almost at the end of my personal), and will be switching to an L1917 for personal in January. Sticking with the Moleskin for the dog, because it’s smaller and takes up less room on the counter where I leave it. Loving your YouTube videos, and still being inspired daily by your BUJO posts and IG’s. <3 Thanks for a chance to win the giveaway.

  • kaylata04

    I kind of had my own version of a bullet journal workout even knowing it. After coming across your blog and finding out just what a bullet journal really is I’ve modified mine to be SO MUCH MORE ORGANIZED and more beautiful. Seriously all you’ve shared about your bullet journal has been so helpful to me. I feel like I accomplish so much more in the day. I’ve been using a 3 ring binder because it’s what I have on hand but I’m hoping to eventually make the switch to the Leuchtturm. Thank you for all you do!

  • i have been trying to decide which notebook to buy, and you’ve convinced me. i have used a small notebook for the past six months for bullet journaling, and it has completely changed my life! i feel more organized. i jot down reminders, tasks, etc. most of all, i love how customizable the system is!

  • k8seren

    Bullet journaling is the system that has everything I need in my personal log and journal. the community is awesome, sharing their ideas and spreads, and so encouraging! Bullet journalers want each other to succeed, and encourage me to try to make my plain jane journal pretty and fun. (Even though I’m not as talented as many BuJo-ers out there!) I’d love the giveaway to keep me on track and keeping my bujo up for 2016. Whoever wins, I hope they enjoy it and it helps them improve their life :)

  • Sallie

    I’ve been toying with the idea of swithing from a traditional planner to a dot grid bullet journaling system for 2016 – your site is so inspiring and is the main reason I’m even considering the change! After watching the debate video, I have decided to go with the Leuchtturm – thank you so much for taking the time, picking the right journal was my biggest concern – thanks a million!

  • Deborah

    I love bullet journaling! And I really love all the ideas in your You Tube videos … I’ve already implemented some of them, and am even more in love! Thank you so much for sharing your creativity with all of us :-)

  • Hailey Jordan Stephenson

    I read somewhere that journaling allows you to “encounter life twice.” Bullet journaling has enabled me to bring so much more purpose into my life. I live an experience, then I re-live it when I document it and use what I have learned to plan the future. This is what journaling is to me- living my extremely blessed life twice & I love it!!

  • Linda Marie Walsh

    I am a newbie to bullet Journaling. I am a huge planner fan though, so I am excited to try this out.

  • Maxine Zhao

    i’ve been bullet journaling for a few months now but am still fine-tuning my system – it’s great to see yours and draw inspiration from your pages and layouts! it’s really helped me be more mindful about the way i’m spending my time, and what i’m investing my life in

  • Rah

    I really loved the pen test, I thought that was really helpful because I always use gel pens so I like to know how the bleeding is and if there is ghosting, so that was really helpful thanks!

  • Sephra

    Thanks for your awesome comparison of these two journals. I’ve been using Moleskine for a few years now, but you’ve made me want to give Leuchtturm a shot. I’m really excited about bullet journaling. I just stumbled upon it a couple months ago and it is so perfect for me. I always have such a hard time picking out planners because I’m so specific in what I want. I even made my own custom homeschool planner this year because nothing I found was just right. I can’t wait to see more from you on your blog!

  • Caitlin

    I’ve been on both sides of the Moleskine/Leuchtturm face off and they each have their place in my notebook arsenal, but I agree that the Leuchtturm is superior for bullet journaling. I use Sharpie pens in mine, but I’ve been lusting after those Staedtler pens for ages – those colors are incredible.

    Also, you really have a gift for blending order, functionality, and productivity with art. The bullet journal hacks you’ve posted have blown my mind, especially the ones from your own journals. I always loved this system for its minimalist beauty, but after reading your one-month update post I’m stoked to play around with it a little more and let my creativity run wild.

  • Jen

    I love that bullet journaling allows me to have everything in one place. I’m just getting started – I’ve actually been using one of my son’s old composition books before committing to a “fancier” book, but have loved the system. I also enjoy reading about other people’s journals, which inspire me to be a little more creative!

  • SuzJoz

    I agree the Leuchtturm 917 is better and use it as my primary journal. However, I do use Moleskin as secondary records and carry a small version in my bag or backpack.

  • Ann Hazel

    I just started bullet journaling and love it. The felixability to put everything in one place is awesome. You are such an inspiration for me.

  • El G

    I discovered bullet journaling almost two years ago and being using it ever since. My way to do it changed quite a lot, I like experimenting different approaches, but in the I always go back to the original. What I like most is that it works for everything, I can use it for planning, jotting notes, reflect on life, or simply for letting my kids drawing when we’re waiting at the post office or restaurants.
    Your blog is awesome, by the way!! :-)

  • Megan Farris

    Great post! I really appreciate the insight on both journals, it’s really helped with narrowing down my future purchases, thanks!

  • Tran Thai

    With Bullet Journal and prioritizing my top 3 to-do items, I have been able to enjoy my weekends because of how productive I can be during the week! I am so glad I stumbled upon this blog :)!

  • Gretchen

    Thank you for sharing. So much inspiration!

  • nicole bugueño

    i am bullet journaling since agoust this year, but when i found your insta i fell in love with your journal!

  • Amy Morris Lee

    I have not tried either of these notebooks or pens. I currently use an Arc notebook from Staples and Pilot G2 pens. Not really happy with the pens, but I like the flexibility of the notebook.

  • Sharanya

    I absolutely love the simplicity of the bullet journal! It honestly helps keep my life together. I write everything down as soon as I can, and it feels so great to physically cross something off instead of just tapping on my phone. Over the past year of using bullet journal, it really has help my life get more organized, and I feel so much more in control (which I absolutely love!).

  • Genevieve

    This is a great giveaway!! I’m having a hard time finding the notebooks in Canada :) I’ve been bullet journaling for about a month. Fantastic way for me to keep track of everything, instead of repeating stuff to myself all the time but forgetting anyways! Also love it for the creative outlet it provides. Thanks!

  • Megan

    You are so inspiring! I love how bullet journaling allows me to be creative AND organized.

  • Shya

    I recently found out about BuJo and love it. However it’s hard to find these notebooks in Malaysia, be it moleskin or leuchtturm! So I have to improvise with printouts. Can’t wait to get them for my BuJo journey!

  • amanda

    You are so creative!! I’m new to bullet journaling, and would love to win!!

  • Kara, I appreciate you taking the time to make this video! I asked about this on IG and you and @tinyrayofsunshine are so incredibly generous with your insight about bullet journaling. Thank you so much!

    In spirit I’m a Leuchtturm girl, but in reality I’m a Moleskin user. I really like the squared cahier Moleskin notebooks for bullet journaling.

  • Leah Moore

    I’ve had a bullet journal for work and home, and it’s kept me more on-task and taken pressure from having to remember little things. I’m constantly finding new ways to use it.

  • Nadia Sabeh

    This is an awesome giveaway. I don’t usually enter them because because i never think ill win but maybe my luck will change!! Definitely love the bujo system, and you’re awesome for doing this giveaway.

  • Analisa Erhan

    I love how I feel less pressure with bullet journaling, it helps keep me on track without feeling overwhelmed and though I love looking at decorated planners, I don’t feel like I have to do anything special if I don’t have time.

  • Cassandra Mauricio

    You got me started on the bullet journals on instagram and I’m forever hooked! Thank you! Ps. Leuchtturm is by far my fav as well ♡

  • valofthesouth

    I love how it’s helping me finally get organized and keep track of my life!

  • Christine Abbott

    I am so excited to have found your blog!! I was mildly interested in bullet journaling last month and so I did some Pinteresting. I found one of your posts on there and have been reading your blog and following you on Instagram. Now I am definitely doing a bullet journal for 2016 and cannot wait to start!!!!

  • Sandrine Jouve

    I’ve never found planner peace before i have used this méthod. It helps me to organize my days, my tasks, keeping all together my notes, my appoitments and allowed me to to small décoration. I love this method

  • Rebecca Reeder

    Thanks for being so willing to share your talent and expertise.

  • jay

    I’ve never stayed committed to a journal, but I’ve always had some sort of journal in my life. You’ve inspired me to try out bullet journaling, might start this from January.

  • Charlotte

    Thank you so much for this giveaway!

  • Marta Cyran

    I love how I can combine life, school, and everything inside my busy and creative mind with a simple and easy format that keeps me organized and on track. It’s life changing. And bohoberry showa us how to spruce things up every once in a while!

  • Lisa Lane

    I love your detailed descriptions and especially the pen tips you share! I LOVEEEEE all the organization and it truly helps with accomplishing my tasks every day!!

  • zeroone

    I started my bujo about a month before I started my bachelor’s thesis. It’s helped me so much to be in control of what needed to be done! Since then, it’s become practically indispensable for my day to day life!

  • Karine

    I am going to try out the bullet journal system for the first time next year. 2016 is rapidly approaching, and I’m really excited to try this system! Seeing your posts is giving me masses of inspiration, so thank you very much, both for the excellent content and the giveaway (I’ve always been a huge sucker for colourful pens, fancy notebooks, and the like!)

  • Michelle

    BuJo keeps me on track and let’s me be creative. It’s turned out to be an invaluable tool for helping my son manage Aspergers and ocd. I’m teaching as many people as are willing to learn. Spread the joy!

  • Grecca Volpe

    I love how a bullet journal makes your life more organized and easier… and with time you improve your writing and it gets more beautiful with time. <3

  • Kelsey Noll

    I love how bullet Journaling can be used in combination with my planner that I already love to organize my lists and my thoughts with blank pages that my planner doesn’t give me!

  • Katzah Rizzle

    I recently discovered this bujo community through your INstagram account. I’ve been preparing for my transition from ring/bound planners and lining out what and how I want to record the information on my BuJo. I’ve been testing layouts on regular printer paper and since my 2016 mantra is simplicity BuJo is my solution!

  • Heather May

    Bullet journaling has really helped me to focus on my current tasks. I can make my pages and calendars and schedules as I go, and never have to worry about wasting pages. It’s made my life more simple, and I like that! Thanks for doing this giveaway!

  • Sarah Sy

    The bullet journal system helps me a lot with anxiety and helps me feel accomplished at the end of the day. Thank you for doing this giveaway. You are such an inspiration!

  • Rosie L

    I love bullet journaling and the leuchtturm. It is hands down my favorite notebook and that berry color is gorgeous. Thanks for an amazing giveaway.

  • Elizabeth

    Im seriously obsessed with your bullet journal! You make it look so much fun and Im ocd and I have to make list all the time and my bullet journal helps me feel normal!

  • Rachel Norris

    I’ve always been a list maker. But as of late-bullet journaling has transformed my life. I am currently 8 months pregnant and on bedrest! It’s tough to not get frustrated and depressed! But, by journaling and planning things I CAN do, it makes me feel more accomplished and human :)

  • O.SaraMaria.O

    Lovely Kara! And Thank you!!

  • khady

    Bullet Journaling has allowed me to have more fun with planning my days. There is structure and flexibility at the same time. Thank you for your help in making this journey even better! You are such an inspiration.

  • Ali Henry

    Bullet Journaling has become a way for me to relax while still being productive. There’s no pressure for my bullet journal to be perfect, so it just evolves each day to fit my needs even better. I love how my bullet journal let’s me keep track of everything in one place, and I’ve even inspired doe of my friends to start a bullet journal!

  • Ariel

    Thank you so much for a fantastic giveaway! I’ve always had a planner of some sort but, at this time in my life, a bullet journal fits my needs perfectly. It helps me stay organized and on top of everything while also giving me the space to keep it unique to me and my life and add a spice of creativity when inspiration hits. :)

  • I’ve started using Bullet Journaling to keep track of all my work projects and tasks! My next experiment is to see how I can adapt it for food journaling and meal planning!

  • Kim Rintoul

    Thank you for being such a great inspiration! I love seeing your Instagram posts and reading the blog :)

  • Kelly Smith

    I’ve just started bullet journaling but I can totally see how this system is just going to fit me and help me stay organized and inspired!

  • Nocturnal Girlie

    Just discovered bullet journaling thanks to your IG account! Can’t wait to get started in 2016!

  • Jeauxdi

    Great give away! Thank you for the chance to win these great items! I have been wanting to try a bullet journal!
    Hope you have been enjoying the holidays!

  • Dide

    I always wanted to live an organised life, but I usually forget things that I should be doing, even though I write it on a piece of paper. Now that I use a bullet journal, it helps me keep things all in one place without forgetting anything. Also your blog keeps me inspired all the time! Thank you for your effort kara♡

  • Claire Collett

    2016 here I come! Soooo excited to get started!

  • Shanise Jones

    YAY!! I was so unfair what I wanted to get, now I know that it’ll be a leuchtturm. I just wish they were sold in American stores.
    I’m still debating the Traveler’s Notebook too! I just love bullet journaling!!!

  • siti

    I love how flexible the bullet journal system is!!! I can customize it however I want. It doesn’t make me feel bad for wasting pages when I go hiatus on my journal and don’t utilise it. I really want the leuchtturm. It’s not readily available here where I come from :(

  • tawnya

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  • Holly McLane

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  • Alison Lake

    I love how the bullet journal has everything in my life organised in one place that is flexible and easy to carry – I absolutely love the quality of the Leuchtturm notebooks and would never go back – to me it’s all about the paper quality, page numbers and index ❤️. Thank you for your inspiration! Xx

  • Graziella Griffin

    It is probably hard to imagine that someone would start journaling in her mid-fifties. But I am and I am learning so much!

    • Lucia Taboada

      It is not! Journaling is really for everybody :D

    • Me too, finally getting my life in order at 56. Big thanks to Kara for her inspiring posts.

  • Siencja .

    I love bullet journal because it gives me my perfect planner that I was looking for a long long time. :) I can plan, write a diary, plan my craft projects (
    Sewing, crocheting ) , make sketches and doodles, track habbits, bills etc. A lot things that I wasn’t able to do with normal planner. :) It really released my creativity. :)

  • Lizbeth Ortega

    I use the bullet journal to remember everything I have to do at school and at home. I use it together with my planner. I love the flexibility of using it. I can add anything I want. It has changed my life in helping me be more organized.

  • squeezedmind

    As I already told you (I’m the Italian girl that commented on YouTube), bullet journaling helped me to bring my creativity back, since it’s something that in some ways I’ve always done since I was a child but I had lost this part of me who likes to experiments with paper while growing up. It also helps me to stay focused just on a small amount of tasks, and this is good for a person who suffers from anxiety like me :)

  • Ana Martin

    I just wanted you to know that thanks to you I’ve decided to start bullet journaling :) and I feel so happy to be organized and keeping my tasks up to date. You are such an encouragement! Don’t stop posting and bringing joy to so many through your beautiful journal ♡

  • Allie Nicole

    I have started sharing your bujo flip through video with all my friends and referring to it as journal porn. Love it! Thanks for sharing your stuff! — A fellow Jersey girl =)

  • Elizabeth

    Great comparison! I think I’m going to be an LT1917 bullet journaler!

  • Camille Ba

    Thank you for the giveway… From France !

  • Jessica

    I’m still waiting for my new notebook to really start bullet journalling. I have started to use the ‘key’ from bujo with my current agenda. I most look forward to reflecting on things daily to keep me focused. Thanks ks so much for the giveaway!

  • asix andco

    I guess Leuchtturms make a bit more sense for bullet journalling, mostly thanks to page numbering. But to tell the truth, to me the differences are minimal and irrelevant. It’s more about the size and shape… Love both brands.

  • veronica p

    I am new to bullet journaling but i am excited to get started.

  • Katelynn Hale

    I haven’t started bullet journaling yet because I just stumbled upon your blog a couple days ago, but I’m SO INTRIGUED! Your blog is the first I’ve read about bullet journaling. It blew my mind! I am an avid list writer, so I’m constantly buried in lists and note pads, so I think bullet journaling would be a great way to organize my life and my thoughts. You’ve given me so many ideas and I plan on starting my own very soon. Thank you! :)

  • Eliza Low Sin Wyin

    I haven’t started bullet journal till I found you on this community been following you on the social media… I really want to try out starting on 2016. It really difficult to find a leuchttrum in Malaysia. Thank you for your inspiration and ideas . Will definitely start planning with bullet journal when I get one :)

  • Alisha Corinne

    I love how bullet journaling ebbs and flows with my world. When I was super busy at one time, and now I’m not and my BuJo has followed me every step of the way. Also, my BuJo is so flexible and has allowed me to pick fun notebooks, use for many purposes, and meet my needs. This allowed me to get out of the planner cycle trap!

  • Heatherface

    I’ve been itching to try a Leuchtturm but there’s no bookstore in my city, it’s pretty awful. I love the notebook I use for my BuJo but of course it’s good to try other options in case you find something better. I’m not a fan of Moleskines anymore, the paper quality went downhill.

  • mandijayne

    I love how versitile bullet journaling is! I used to write constantly when I was younger and I had almost stopped. Bullet journaling gave me an easy way to record things and encouraged me to start writing again!

  • Erin Smith

    The bullet journal has changed my life by giving me a system of planning that is versatile yet structured. It helps me stay on track and record the information that is important :) Right now I’m using a graph paper pad and some regular Bic pens so winning this would be amazing!!!

  • Sarra Leeman

    Bulletjournaling completely turned my life around, I was feeling unmotivated and overwhelmed with extensive digital to do lists that I’d add to whenever I thought of something, but end up doing a dozen tasks before my important ones because even the apps, I didn’t check often enough. Physically sitting down and writing my plan, then needing to log it throughout the day and summarize at the end anything I missed? That’s been almost magical for me. It’s also become something dedicated to being shared across my currently long distance relationship so that he feels involved and knows what’s going on for me in the day, and I can note reminders for him or things that we did together as well. I’ve reached over 43 goals in the 3 months I’ve bullet journaled that I was attempting for over 2 years.

  • Raylene Debattista

    I’m not good at keeping a diary..I think the best diary I had was when I was at school and needed to write my homework down! Now, with bullet journalling it’s so much easier, and serves as a kind-of memoir of what happened and when! I’m still getting used to trackers, but I’ve found them to be such a motivation to keep going with something I’ve set my mind to!

  • Karen Wills

    I just found a link to your blog via Pinterest and I’m 100% hooked. I’ve been reading and reading post after post and am looking forward to starting my very own bullet journal in the morning. Thank you for inspiring me!!! You have no idea how perfect the timing is. Hugs

  • 血振るい -kaisha-

    Bullet journaling has made me more productive, increased my creativity, and helped me get on track to going back to school! I was in a total rut for nearly a year, and now I’m prepping to move to a new city to start a goldsmithing certification. I honestly feel like if I hadn’t started journaling I would still be my old self!

  • Jantien Schotman

    Love the way you explain the bullet journal in you blog and now also in tour YouTube video’s
    Love the wat you spice-up the pages. Love al the ideas. I just started bullet journaling and already am in love with the way, it helps me, getting things done. Also this way I started making in december happend what I want for 2016.
    Keep up all tour fun info. I’ll keep reading up on you. Even from The Netherlands.
    I love the fact that your give away is Internationally… This way I van still have a chance on winning… (I’ll keep my fingers crossed)

  • Ludivine

    Nice information a bout those notebooks. I use a dot printed book film muji, light and with some places To store tickets. Your leuchtturm sounds Nice, except that its name is unwritable!!!;)

  • Jacqueline McSparran Tipton

    Your bullet journal is so good inspiring! I the Leuchtturm journal on my Christmas wish list and I am so looking forward to starting the new year off with a bullet journal! Thank you for being so inspirational!

  • Denny Crea

    I always used the moleskin. Now I have a Leuchtturm, I love both! Love your blog!!!

  • Cynthia E. A.

    I so want this! And the berry color is just beautiful, never would have considered, I’m more of a blue person. I was planning on starting bullet journaling in 2016 inspired by you, you’ve given me quite a few ideas, thank you!

  • I am on the edge to start. I am trying to decide if I can do without a fixed layout and to do lists for dates further away.
    I already started to implement some of the bujo rules with my midori weekly calendar, but I am far from bujo only.

  • Anna Fracchiolla

    Bullet journaling has made me way more organised! I started after seeing some of your pins on Pinterest and was inspired to create my own bullet journal. I have also found some penpals from the bullet journal community because of your Instagram post re. Penpals! Thanks Kara!

  • Jo-Anne P

    I haven’t made the leap yet but am sourcing out where I can buy the Leuchturrm notebooks locally. Thanks for the comparison and the very generous giveaway!

  • Wendy Caudillo

    Thanks so much for the giveaway! I am just starting to do bullet journaling and this would be an incredible starter set!!

  • Laura

    I never thought that what I had been doing for years by instic was actually a way of journaling until I found bullet journal communities. It is easy, doesn´t require lots of money and you create the days and months as you go without feeling annoyed for spending money in planners with sections that I never used or missing others that normal planners never bring. By the way, love your entries and enthusiasm! hope to be lucky in the giveaway :)

  • Grace Peters

    Girl!! This is everything I’ve been looking for. Honestly, I am 99% there on making my next bullet journal a Lechtturm1917. Definitely if I win it ;) but seriously, THANK YOU FOR THIS GOODNESS!!

  • treenaaa

    Can’t wait to start bullet journalling in the new year, new year, new start, new way to try keep more organised and plan better, while testing out my creativtiy!

  • L. Williams

    How cool! Thanks <3

  • Liza Dubrovskaya

    Bullet Journaling helps me with planning, it keeps me motivated, I reach my goals faster because they say “a goal without a plan is just a wish”, so I make plans and it helps me a lot. Finding your website and instagram also inspired me a lot, for what I am very thankful to you. Much love xx

  • Keepsmeoutofmischief

    I’ve been wondering which to ask Santa for… along with other stationery bits and bobs. If only my bujo pages looked as beautiful as yours!

  • Fantastic. I am new to the bullet journal method and your giveaway is encouraging me :) Thanks Kara!

  • AHuxtable

    I love bullet journal – it’s the first thing I’ve found that’s lasted for more than half a week!

  • First of all: I’ve always loved stationery and writing journals (I still have my old ones from my teen years/twenties)…Lately I decided to use something to help me sort my “to do” list and tried a (couple) Filofax organizers, but felt I was “missing” something, the daily/weekly planning was too strict for me. Then I found out the Bullet Journal system and fell in love with it. I’m still experimenting on my first journal and I think your posts are really inspiring, I love the way you organize your pages!

  • angelchrys

    I love my moleskine notebooks, but you’ve definitely got me intrigued by the leuchtturm notebooks.

  • Sarah

    Awesome giveaway! Thank you for the opportunity!

    I am a recovering alcoholic and have recently been diagnosed with depression and BuJo has really helped to give me an outlet that I can really focus on making myself better and centering and organising my chaotic thoughts!

  • Lauren

    I love having a place to organize my thoughts all in one place, and I’ve always enjoyed having something tangible to cross off when I’ve finished something on my to-do list. I’ve used a moleskin in the past, but I’m not going to lie, having the numbered pages of the Leuchtturm would be a definite advantage in my mind. I rarely use the index feature because I always forget to number my pages as I go.

  • Anne Marie Frerichs

    Love you, girl!

  • Amanda Gardner

    I can’t believe what a wonderful giveaway this is! Currently in a Midori style notebook, but looking to expand to a BIGGER leuchturm to have more space! Yay!

  • Vicky

    I’ve been using bullet journal for just over a month now, and it’s made such a huge difference to my day to day organization. Best thing I did for my work in a long time. Thanks for sharing all your ideas with us!

  • Totally new to the bullet journal but super interested in trying it. Your blog is a great resource — thanks for the inspiration!

  • Whitney

    We use bullet journals as promo products all of the time with my company and we love them!

  • sherri crawford

    my daughter is loving bullet journaling and your blog, so if she loves you i do 2!

  • Heyitsren

    I did everything and bullet journal rocks. Hope I win. I’m a journal junkie

  • Nicole Look-Christensen

    I haven’t started using the Bullet Journal system yet, I have been waiting for the right time to begin as it seems like it might be pretty intimidating, however a new year is coming and this giveaway is at the exact right time for me to get started! I’m also not at all arty, so the stencils would help me make my Bullet Journal not just a black and white list.

  • Suzie Q

    Thanks for making it easier for me to choose a notebook

  • bogopogo

    This is the first I’ve heard of bullet journaling – but I’m curious to find out more about it.

  • Amelia

    Do you ship to the US, too? I have never used a dotted grid, but I think it would be fun, and I love Staedtler pens.

  • Gasenadi

    I especially appreciate how my bullet journal keeps me accountable to myself. Thanks to all the generous members of this community for sharing their ideas. And to you, Kara, for making those ideas so gorgeous.

  • Niyanta Shah

    Thanks Kara! To me, Bullet Journals are a way of life: They can be made into anything you want, just like our own lives. That’s my philosophy. Love Niyanta

  • Anick Globensky-Bromow

    I am so happy that you started a youtube channel! I can’t wait to see what you come up with :)

  • Sheri Carneal

    Thank you for sharing. This is all inspiring as a newbie. I am excited to get started in this journey.

  • Karli Kuharik

    I haven’t started bullet journaling yet, but I can’t WAIT to dig in. I’ve been talking about it nonstop at work and to my sister, and I’m still trying to figure out which notebook I want! This review was super helpful!! Thank you so much for this <3 hopefully I'll find myself part of the bullet journaling community soon!!

  • Robyn Nielsen

    I’ve just been turned on to Bullet Journaling and am very excited to start! I love your style, and can’t wait to see what mine looks like. Probably a great deal messier, ha :)

  • A. Narset

    I just discovered BuJo some weeks ago, and I’m already a junkie!! I love it!!!
    And I have to say, your posts about it where so straight forward and inspiring, it made it really easy to understand the whole concept, for me.
    Thanks and lots of love from Catalonia.

  • Kacheri Bodily

    OK Kara bullet journaling has changed everything about my life from organizing and planning to writing on my blog! I had to enter! These pens ‹3

  • I’ve never used a bulled journal, but the more I see your posts, the more I’m considering one.

  • Lori L

    I’ve just started Bullet Journaling and I’m really liking it. It is really basic right now and not pretty like yours, but it’s a start.

  • Katy K.

    I have always had a real notebook fetish, but I’m just getting started with the bullet journaling techniques. I am still shuffling pieces in and out, figuring out how to make it all work best for me. January 1 is my “start date” for the next iteration!

  • Julie

    I always wrote things down but when I had my twins last year I realized I needed a better system. I don’t do daily task lists I do weekly and it’s been working out great!

  • RhymesWithElena

    very helpful, thank you so much :) pilot metropolitans are such wonderful pens!

  • Kristin Delaney

    I love the opportunity to be creative alongside my notes and tasks. I find that creativity bolsters and inspires all kinds of other creative thoughts. Love it!

  • Niki

    Great post! And thanks for the giveaway! :)

  • TheLoonieOne

    I looove Bullet Journaling ❤️

  • I loved the video. I’m a die-hard Moleskine fan for traditional note-taking, but I’ve asked for the leuchtturm for Christmas so I can start bullet journaling.

  • Diane

    I’ve been a Moleskine user for years and years but always wondered about Leuchtturm… and based on your review I think I’m going to give L a whirl :) I bullet journal and sketch all in the same notebook because I like having a ‘train of thought’ type of record of my life and what I’m working on. It took me years to actually stop abandoning notebooks part way through (for many reasons, heck, just finding the ‘perfect’ notebook to start with was hard enough!) so now I don’t feel so bad about the cost for any book – if I like it and it keeps me going back day after day, I’m in. I didn’t know about the labels Leuchtturm provides (thank you!) and your comments about bleed were helpful too. I can’t stand scratchy paper, which is why Moleskin has been a fave but I’m absolutely going to try L and see. Thank you for taking the time to do this!!

  • Elizabeth Logan

    I’m only a week in to my Bullet Journal adventure. I’ve always doodled in the margins of any piece of paper I can get my hands on. And I’ve always been a fan of a pretty looking planner (used an Eric Condren in 2015). I came across Boho Berry on Pinterest and discovered the Bullet Journal world. That day, I started my Bullet Journal. I’ve loved how I’m able to spend time everyday expanding my creative skills and intentionally setting goals (big and small!) each day. Thank you for getting me started on this journey!

  • Mandy Sutton

    Awesome giveaway! I’m trying to get healthy and lose weight, and bullet journal helps me so much with those goals!

  • Estrella Camargo

    I always was a stationary freak and when I met the bullet journal it was like all the things I’ve been doing all these years and love were together in one place! I haven’t start my bullet journal yet, but I’m searching everyday for inspiration (that’s how I found your blog) for when I start using it. I’m from Brazil and the Leuchtturm is so hard to find here and when you do is so expensive! Thank you for the giveaway and for all the posts who inspires me so much!

  • DoingItAllWrong

    I’ve purchased a few Moleskine notebooks, including a Lord of the Rings special edition that is too cool. Unfortunately the paper is absolutely horrible for fountain pens. I do expect some ghosting on the opposite side of the page, but there is way too much bleed through and feathering to make them enjoyable to use. Fortunately there are many other notebooks that are a joy to use, including the Leuchtturm ones.

  • Katherine

    I haven’t started yet, but 2016 is my year!

  • Stephanie Olson

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    I’m very new to Bullet Journaling and looking forward to jumping into it, so this was very helpful! I’ve never been able to stick to planning, but your blog and videos have really inspired me to give it another try now that I’ve seen how creative and fun it can be!

  • Allen Brillantes

    I found your blog when I came across your bullet journal post. Since then I have read your article on Miracle Mornings and the Konmari method. I was inspired to go back to bullet journaling and to practice my handwriting because of your creative bullet journal pages. Hope to win here! :)

  • Vallery

    Yay! I have been trying to choose between the two for my first Bullet Journal. I’m pretty sure I like Leuchtturm1917 more (though Moleskine We’re All Mad Here stole my heart).

  • I love how the Bullet Journal encourages creativity and I love how you can practice handwriting again. It’s nice to go back to basics sometimes, especially in this digital world! I love how you can make it your own! It’s inspiring to see other’s Bullet Journals!

  • Warribell

    I started Bujo a few months ago after researching various ways to get myself on track with organization. I love it. I use it at work, too. I get more done and I miss forget to do fewer things. It’s great.

  • Morgan Stillo

    I just stumbled across your blog and learned about the bullet journal! I’m definitely going to look into this.

  • Nathália Grams Teixeira

    Omg, I’m really into bullet journal after I watched your post about a month with it. I was too lazy to organize my life or something, but its easier now with just simple steps.

  • Jennie Day

    I’ve only used a Moleskine, and it didn’t bother me at all to create my own index and hand number the pages, but I’m really curious to try a Leuchtturm notebook!

  • Audrey Cloutier-Lord

    Bullet journaling fullfills two of my needs: Creativity and organization. When I sit down with my journal, it is quality me time where my heart sings and I feel relaxed and happy!

  • Nalea

    I have just started bullet journaling last month and could only get my hands on a moleskine quick enough to start – but i plan to invest in a leuchtturm. From all the reading i’ve done between your blog and deethirty I think it will suite me better. I am really enjoying the flexibility of this system :)

  • Areli Orozco Ibarra

    i just started using the bullet journal system, and have already convinced several of my friends to start too! i love how flexible the system is and can fit to my needs without being exactly like others.

  • kokeynz

    To be honest, I only just came upon bullet journaling 2 days ago!!! I cant believe it hasn’t been part of my life before now. I try to keep a planner, I have lists all over the place, I try to journal/draw/create/control my life and its been a big ole bust till now… Supplies to start would be awesome (especially as Christmas is on hold, whilst we save for our honeymoon to Thailand next year).
    That and apparently its darn near impossible to get dot grid journals in NZ!!!

  • I am just starting billet journaling and asked for the Leuchterm for Christmas! Excited to start!

  • rose

    newbie here! I visit your blog page everyday looking for updates! Keep up the good work!

  • Janet Good

    I’m brand spanking new to bullet journaling and am barely started. Already, I’ve found several ideas to keep and can’t wait to give the daily pages a try!

  • Cycle Thru

    my only caveat with the lechturn is the carbon footprint of having it shipped from germany to my house

  • Timothea Ford

    I just started Bullet Journaling. Love your blog! Thanks for all the inspiration. What a great giveaway!

  • jenifleur

    Love your blog and what you do with your Bullet Journal! I’ve kept a regular journal my entire life and am going to give this style a try. I love how versatile it is. Thanks for sharing your creativity with us all & love your giveaway too!

  • Andrea

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  • Ramona

    I can’t say that Bullet Journal has changed my life yet. I just started looking at the process. I’m a journal addict, so I can see this being right up my alley. Just not sure I’m as organized as a lot of you. Which probably means I REALLY need the bullet journal process. :-)

  • theletters

    I haven’t started a bullet journal yet, was just reading about it today and it sounds so awesome! I have been wanting to get better at my daily routine and being productive. I can’t wait to get started with all your amazing tips! Hopefully work some daily drawings in too :)

  • Thilde Svendstrup-Bjerre

    You are such an inspiration for me to start (well, restart) bullet journalling.

  • Milica

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  • Linda

    Ive been using envelopes, post its, scraps of paper I find, for my lists and then I learned about bullet journaling recently. I have resolved to start in the new year with inspiration from your utube videos!!

  • tcbusby1

    I have been BJ since last nov. I absolute love it.. and I feel like I will actuially use it from now on. Ilove not having to shop for a planner each year!!!

  • IreneBS

    Hello Kara! I found your blog by chance through Instagram and fell in love instantly! I love everything you do and you give perspective to life and things. Thank you for sharing that!
    I ‘m looking forward to my own journal bullet , but I am novice so here I will follow closely!

  • Andrea Carina

    Bullet journaling is helping me organize my work. I have more responsabilities now and I need to keep focused. Thank you for your kidness and generosity. Regards from Argentina.

  • Robyn Rosencutter Droddy

    I just started bullet journaling a week ago, but can already see how it’s making me more productive. I have been using my MiquelRius notebook (I’m a one book person – I like everything in the same book), but I’m concerned that it won’t hold up. It seems a little flimsy. I’m absolutely drooling over the items in the photo! I like that the Leuchtturm has so many pages. I don’t have pretty handwriting but I have another cheap I notebook I’m practicing in every day. I’m unable to order a leuchtturm at this time due to graduate school payments are due for next semester! Library school :-)

  • Kristen Doyle

    Such a great comparison! I’m currently using a Midori travelers notebook but have been look at alternatives as well! I appreciate the break down :)

  • Jia Yu

    I just discovered the existence of bullet journalling and I really love with the idea of it! I’ve been trying so many ways of journalling, but haven’t found a way that really worked for me but I have a good feeling about this one! I really love how pretty your journal looks, and am excited to start journalling:)

  • Evylyn Brown

    I tried to leave a comment through the contest thing, but it would let me. Even if I don’t win, this is an epic giveaway. All of these things are on my must get list.

  • Renese E King

    I am very intrigued by bullet journaling, but am just getting my feet wet, watching many many YouTube journal flip throughs, online posts and checking out resources (of which BohoBerry is my current favorite, by the way), and trying to craft a hybrid method that will successfully combine my love of paper/journals and the creativity and inspiration they add to the planning, reflection, prioritizing and journaling process, and my present use of GTD/Omnifocus/iCal as a failsafe, efficient, mobile, and instantly searchable task and project manager. The nirvana of such balance between an organic/digital system yet eludes me. Sigh. But I will find it! Thank you for this lovely giveaway, and the inspiration of your blog!

  • Jay Seth

    I’m new to the world of notebooks/journals and I must say from what I have heard, I am still undecided between Moleskine and Leuchtturm1917. I decided to start with the Leuchtturm1917 first. I will see how it goes.

  • Sean Gowden

    Just started a bullet journal after seeing your video. Interested in seeing how/if it helps.

  • Jessica George

    thanks for sharing the comparison. I love the colors and design of the Leuchtturm planners, but I’ve yet to take the plunge to buy one. I currently use a composition notebook grid notebook for my bullet journal. I also love the pens in the giveaway.

  • I love that bullet journaling gets all my random ideas in one place and indexed so I can find the idea when I need it. Thanks for the chance to win this great giveaway!

  • Gemma

    Stalking you back now Kara :-p
    I’ve only been using the BuJo system for about a month and I love it!! I find it motivational to have something ticked off the list. It also seems to be helping me manage a lot of my health issues. Onwards to finding a way to monitor and improve my studying!

  • Andi

    I just started a bullet journal last week in a $1 grid notebook from Walmart. I absolutely love it. I can be creative in so many different ways. I am hooked. I would love to have a more durable journal. I also love all the ideas I get from this community. Thanx. -Andi.

  • Malinovka

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  • Kristin

    Just found your blog last night and I got sucked in the bullet journal rabbit hole! Started last night. Thanks for the nudge.

  • Amy Ivey

    Bullet Journaling is helping me track my daily to-do’s and clear my brain. SO important to not only my sanity, but also my productivity! :-) Thanks for taking the time to do the review. I use a Moleskine, but really like what you showed in the Leuchtturm.THANKS!

  • Mallory Williams

    Only started following the bullet journal community a few weeks ago but I’m so happy with this new habitat. Bullet journaling has allowed me time each day to myself to reflect on how I can be better than I was the day before.

  • Looks awesome! I hope I win :) Haven’t started this type of journaling yet but should be fun

  • Tabby G.

    Thank you so much for this! I am just starting to get into bullet journaling. Have been using just a regular notebook to “practice” and find a system that works for me and am buying my first actual journal for the new year! This was very helpful, as is your whole blog!

  • Allison Thomas

    I am actually just about to start bullet journaling for the new year! After buying a house i feel like I have so many new things to keep track of and I can’t wait to have this help me with my mindfulness and organization!

  • Bullet journaling has made my life easier the past year after becoming a new mom. I obviously tweaked the system to work for me but I love how everyone does. I’m so glad someone find did a post like this. Makes it easier to chose my journal for next year.

  • Char Stackle

    I just started bullet journaling for work. It has been 2 weeks now and it has been working like a dream. Thank you Kara for getting me interested in bullet journaling. I am among other things a Professional Organizer and Manager and this has been a game changer for me. Kara’s blog posts are where I got most of my information on how to make it work!
    Thank you!

  • I am excited to win. My daughter are BUJO beginners and this would be great. I would share with her. Thanks for having this giveaway. I follow you on Instagram and love all that you share. It is very inspiring. Happy Holidays.

  • Michelle Huang

    I just recently discovered your videos on youtube and I love the way you design your bullet journal. It inspires me to use one too! I don’t really have the money to buy the journal since it can be on the pricey side, but I do plan on getting one in the future! :D I’ve did some research on which journal to buy and after watching your Moleskin vs. Leuchtturm1917 Notebook, I got a sense on which one would fit my preference. I was wondering on how you get things done on time. You could make a inspiration video or a motivation on what keeps doing what you’re doing.

  • Cyna_27

    I am new to the BuJo concept, but I think it may solve many of my organizational issues…which stem from compartmentalizing my life.

  • I just started BuJoing this month and I am loving it. Started just using an old notebook, and cannot wait to start for real in January. I wished for a dotted Moleskin for christmas (since thats what it most common here). But I loooooove this berry colour and it would be a perfect christmas present for me :)

    Bullet Journaling is making me so much more organised! Since september I have been doing a daily to do list on my notebook, but this is just taking it one step further. You are a great inspiration for me and I love your BuJo posts and I have seen your YouTube videos … more than once LOL!

  • Catherine Rodriguez

    I started in November to see if i would actually use it and I loooveeee it. I recently bought a Leuchttrum 1917 in grey and i’m currently setting it up for 2016. I love the hacks that everyone puts up and how they set up thier week or month.

  • Igorterroso

    I have been using the Leuchturm (lighthouse) journals for a while now and I never went back to Moleskine because as they say it’s all in the details and the quality is superior with a lower price. As for the Bullet Journal I follow part of it mixed with the PigPog PDA method using GTD to unite everything.

  • chelseydagger1

    I just switched over to the Leuchtturm for starting my 2016 journal. I’ve been using a bullet journal system for a couple years now and I’m excited to see how this new notebook will be streamlining things.

  • Emu

    I just started using a bullet journal and so far, it helped me to get things done more efficiently. I’m still figuring out what the best way is for me and it’s quite exciting :-)

  • Georgia

    I have never bullet journaled before, just looking to get started! :)

  • Kathleen Brune

    I LOVE how easy it is to customize a bullet journal, depending on your needs at any given moment! Thank you so much for offering this giveaway :)

  • Tori

    I am looking to being my Bullet Journal to help me write my phD dissertation!

  • Crystal D.

    I’m an incredibly disorganized person by my very nature, but first heard about bullet journaling only a month ago. I’m only a few weeks in, but I’m finding myself being more prepared, actually getting to events/appointments on time (or even early – that’s unheard of for me!), and so much less stressed than I’ve been for years.

  • Denise A

    Your blog is so helpful! I have been thinking about starting a bullet journal and I love how fun yours looks!

  • Audrey Drury

    I just started bullet journaling VERY recently, and already it has changed my life so much. I have always been a crazily disorganized person with a lot of things going on in my head, and I’ve never had a good way to get everything in my brain out on paper and organized in a way that I can actually do something with it. But now I do! I didn’t even realize how much I was missing out on until I started! Now I can finally keep track of all of my wonderfully random thoughts throughout the day along with keeping track of all of the things that I need to get done. When I was doing research on the bullet journal system I saw someone refer to it as their brain, and I can already see that I’m going to be able to relate very soon! ;) I’m so excited to continue on this amazing journey and get to really make it my own as I fine tune my own system. I’m not very adept with the whole “pretty planning” thing, and I think part of that has been because I don’t have enough freedom in other planning systems. With the bullet journal, I could try and make something pretty, completely fail, and just turn the page and try it again! There’s no such thing as bullet journaling the wrong way, which is something that I really love as a perfectionist and a creative spirit. I look forward to continuing with bullet journaling, and if I don’t win this giveaway I’m going to be picking up a Leuchtturm anyway, and maybe some of those Faber Castell pens. Thank you for inspiring me!

  • Catnamedbuffy

    Thanks for all the info on the two notebooks. I’ve been using a Moleskine Cahier but thinking about trying the Leuchtturm. The index especially looks nice. How many lines does the index have? Enough for each page in the notebook?

  • Hannah Wilson

    I used to journal regularly as well as writing poetry, painting, and making music. After losing myself in a relationship that lasted too long, I felt like I needed to rediscover myself and the things I love to do. It has felt like rubbing my eyes and blinking after a fog clears. I was looking for a starting point and inspiration on Pinterest and found your article on Bullet Journaling and it was the perfect way to dive back into my creative side. Thank you!

  • I’m excited to enter the giveaway. I have been using a bujo for almost two months. To be honest, it was your blog and your creativity that made me put aside my newly purchased Erin Condren planner that I loved to give the bujo a try. I’ve been officially hooked. Thx for sharing and inspiring! :-)

  • Amy

    I’ve been wanting to start a journal for a very long time, but had no idea how to start. I honestly didn’t know a thing about bullet journaling until I watched your YouTube video. WOW! It is exactly what I need in my life! Thank you!!

  • Ashley Y

    I just learned about bullet journaling yesterday, and found your site after a quick search. I love your approach to it! Definitely looking forward to starting my own soon.

  • Lori Lynn Gagnon

    I am a bullet journal user and I loved this review, Thank you.

  • Samantha Rindfield

    I just started with the bullet journal community and would love to get this set to start off strong. Prayers and good luck to everyone.

  • Ethel Ignacio

    The Bullet Journal really helped me get organized especially for my first semester as a high school senior.. I really needed it! It helped prioritize tasks and was a good source for venting when things became too stressful. Hopefully it will help me out throughout college/university as well!

  • Amy

    I enjoyed your comparison. I originally bought a Moleskin, but I was crushed when I saw how much ghosting there was. So I immediately ordered a Leuchtturm. However, when I watched your YouTube videos, you commented that it didn’t bother you once you wrote on the next page. I went back to my discarded Moleskin and found you were absolutely right. I will now have to journal/draw a lot to fill it quickly so I can start my Leuchtturm! I also want to thank you for sharing so many pictures/videos of your BuJo; they are so inspiring. My goal today is to draw a mandala in mine after watching your tutorial!

  • Tracy

    I’ve been reading so much about bullet journaling — can’t wait to get started!

  • Liza Viera

    I love this post. Value information for me, just that I need. I am new in your community and I love!

  • Marina Jacoby

    I’m so excited to have discovered your blog! I have added your giveaway items to my holiday wish list. Here’s to being set up to start my bullet journal endeavor soon!

  • Fehma

    I am new to bullet journal, I started only a couple of weeks ago. So far, it has worked out pretty well. It helps me to organize my sports and activities, as well as my daily life. I love how I can customize each page and make it my own. I even based a couple of mine off of yours! I find it very easy to use and can be done flexibly. I really would appreciate it if I could win the giveaway because I LOVE notebooks and pens and it would my first time ever to win one. :)

  • Brittany Austin

    I found your blog two weeks ago when I was doing the big planner search for 2016. I hated how expensive (and sold out) everything was. When I stumbled on your page it was like a light went off in my head, I already do this! So my husband and I have been practicing this month; me in an old journal and him on his clipboard at work. Our productivity has increased and our stress decreased, it’s amazing! We got our journals for January and some decorative supplies and we can’t wait to start in our new books soon!!

  • Jennifer Choi

    Thanks for the post! I’m just discovering bullet journaling, and I’m excited to start making mine!

  • Hannah Cook

    I discovered you yesterday while searching pinterest recovering from surgery… I am a creative single mummy with two amazing boys who keep me very busy and I was looking for a way to organise my many and varied lists, tasks and interests… This is It! I’m so excited to get started – for so many reasons 2016 is going to be a new start for me and my little ones and this is going to holds us all together – thank you for sharing :)

  • Olivia Everitt

    Bullet Journaling has meant that I have become the organised person I have always dreamed of being. Now I am at University, it means I can track a variety of things I need to do, and this method seems to be the only one that works for me!

  • Chris2365

    I’m a pen/notebook addict – this looks marvelous!

  • I had no idea I was a Bullet journaler, it was just the way I worked through my lists, love having discovered this community!

  • Noémie M

    My bullet journal allowed me to keep my lists. I love lists. A lot. But I could never find them when I needed to, until I started my bullet journal. Also, it helped me start new habits, and I reread my first months of bu-jo-ing and realize I kept most of them. I should start a new tracker to add some more. I think the beauty of it is I can be fancy and decorate it if I want to, but I also can write a quick to-do list. Everything’s possible, just turn the page and you start something new. That’s what I love about this !

  • Hi! I love bullet journal because it is easy and simple and really really productive. For the first time in my students life I’ve finished all I have to do for my next exam! Sorry for my English.

  • Alisha Jaybird

    I started bullet journaling back in January just to make myself more accountable and productive. My layouts have changed multiple times over the year, but I really love how I have the freedom to do what I want with every day. I watched your video this morning and I didn’t realize the differences between the Moleskine and the Leuchtturm. Thank you so much for such a great review!!

  • Brianna K. Maxwell

    Still trying to figure out if bullet journaling is right for me, but i love your blog and tips!

  • Claire Galvin

    I use a no-frills notebook with no decorations. It helps me stay organized, and not waste my time!

  • Ella Hart

    My planning system is the envy of all of my college friends. I call my notebook “my brain” because I wouldn’t be able to get along without it. I’m also crazy about the online community around bullet journaling –so many great ideas and personalities!

  • Lindsey H.

    I love the Bullet Journal concept and how anyone can tailor it to meet their specific needs. I like how it works as a brain dump and a to-do list. I also like how it has inspired my creativity over the past year. Love Bullet Journaling!

  • Jenylynn Keil

    I loved this blog post!!! I fell in love with bullet journaling once I realized that it actually worked!

  • Danielle Cook

    I am leuchtturm girl by heart! I havent yet tried a moleskine, but I thoroughly enjoued your blog post! Very informative and gives you an insight into a product before buying! Excellent article!

    I started bullet journalling only a few months ago – i am a mum of 2, a nurse educator, wife and household manager (lol!). Having the freedom to bujo how you feel has been empowering! I can keep everything in check and do it my way!

    Thanks :)

  • J Eknur

    Thank you for this article. I’ve only used a Moleskin so I was very interested in this comparison. I’m just starting my bujo journey.

  • Tania Dewing

    I’m looking forward to start Bullet Journalling after Xmas, with the hope that it makes me more productive x

  • Anna-Marie Johnson Hawthorne

    So much awesome! I love both of these notebooks and I am set with two Leuchtturm 1917 this year. BuJo has made me more productive. It has also made me more reflective and intentional. Best system ever!

  • sonshineheights

    Bullet Journalling is great for those of us who need to be organized, plus love the ability to tailor that organization to our own use.

  • Ilaria Ritucci

    I’m using a strange system that incorporate bullet journal and weekly planner, so I can have all my tasks under control, this is the beginning of course. And watching your videos get me inspired to decorate better my journal! Thank you so much!

  • Holly

    What a great giveaway! I’ve been using my $3 journal I got at walmart, I’ve been dying to use a Leuchtturm to bullet journal!

  • Amy

    Lovely giveaway! I have never stuck with any planner as long as I’ve stuck with bullet journaling. I did, however, break from it long enough to try approx. 724 new planners, and learn that I needed to go back. :)

  • Glennen

    Bullet journaling helps me stay organized & get more done. Without it I often feel overwhelmed.

  • Anne-Marie

    I’ve only just started but inspiring me lots :-)

  • Laura Coleman

    Thank you for the comparison and your giveaway is very generous ☺

  • Emma Ruth Ritter

    You inspired me to start my own bullet journal. I love it so much!!

  • Judy Hudgins

    Be my Santa and let me win! I am just starting on my notebook for the 1st quarter of 2016. I do a modified bujo.

  • I love the ease of bullet journaling… But I also do art journaling too. I just use two different journals. Thanks so much for this great review!

  • dana

    Hey Kara, you have been such an inspiration on my bullet journal journey. I’m so happy I’ve found your blog :)

  • Rebecca Perry

    You have inspired me to start my bujo again! I love how you can make the system entirely your own, no two bujo’s are the same :) Thanks for the chance to win this amazing prize, the berry colour is my favourite Leuchtturm colour!

  • Marija Lelas

    i finally started doing all the things I have to do trought the day and when I write something down I even remember it. and my coleage is grateful too haha

  • Michelle Butts

    Thank for being so thoughtful and sharing your knowledge and favorite tools with us!

  • Teresa Rudolph

    Love the post. I use a Levenger Circa notebook, but your post has made me think that a “traditional” journal may be better.

  • Ada

    hey kara :) i dont know how i even found this whole bujo thing but im so glad i got to find your pinterest account, and your blog afterwards!! i havent started journaling yet but im looking forward to it :) love you -ada

  • Jessie Moore

    The Bullet Journal perfectly embodies everything I love, especially since I can make it my own! I am really looking forward to finding new ways to be creative and stay organized. I have enjoyed how mindful I have become about everything I am doing and have really become thankful for the everything I am blessed with! Thank you so much for all of your inspiration and for answering my questions so quickly and perfectly! I’ve just started and could really use some supplies so I would LOVE to win! Thank you so much again!

  • geomom

    Thanks for the comparison. I’ve been trying to decide which one to get!

  • Becky Thompson

    I love how bullet journaling has helped me to get organised!! I have used a Filofax for years but bullet journaling has truly changed my life! I can only think it will continue as I start to train to be a teacher when I’ll need to be more organised than ever!

  • Thanks for the amazing giveaway! One of my goals for the next year is to start a bullet journal! Thanks for all your inspiration. I love following you on Instagram.

  • Stephanie

    I havent used the bullet journal system but since discovering your blog through pinterest i plan to start 2016 with my own!

  • Rachel Nicole Wilson

    I’ve been trying to plan for years, but I’ve always been inherently a list maker so nothing before bullet journaling has stuck. I can’t imagine using any other system now!

  • Andrea C.

    I’m new to bullet journaling and would love to win!

  • Katie Harris

    I don’t have either of these notebooks, just using a graph paper spiral bound notebook. I am having fun, and bullet journaling has really helped me manage my stress level, having everything I need to remember in one place. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  • Süreya Güney

    I have become much more organized and calm by using the bullet journal. Since I always have it with me, I always know what to do, where to be, etc. Moreover, it calms me to write down all the tasks I need to do at the beginning of the week.

  • Shelly

    I am loving your YouTube videos! I can’t wait to see more!

  • Ryann

    I love love love your awesome layouts! I’ve used the plain bullet journal system since grad school (so, for about 3 years now) and I’ve loved it but felt that I could do more with it to achieve my goals. Your layouts have absolutely helped me!

  • retreadingmypath

    I think I’m in love with the color of that notebook!

  • Kate Salazar

    the bullet journal allows me to be organized AND get my creative juices flowing. love it!

  • Laura Broder

    Haven’t tried anything but Moleksine…. Want to!

  • Kristina

    I love that you compared the two. I’ve been wanting to try leuchtturm journal for a while now because it’s all numbered out.

    I love bullet journaling because it keeps me organized and I can make it fit my needs instead of trying to have my life fit the system’s needs if that makes sense. Plus if things don’t work out, I can try something else out without buying a new book.

  • Prachi

    I feel a lot more organized, especially with the fact that anything I want to jot down, I can turn the page and do so, unlike traditional planners. Love this aspect of the BuJo.

  • Shannon Diane Stevens

    I agree that the Leuchtturm is awesome. I’m just getting into bullet journaling, and love it.

  • Kristin T.

    I’m still relatively new to the whole Bullet Journal system, but I love the whole idea of it. I’ve always been a fan of to-do lists, and so combining that with a planner just seems to work for me. Thank you for this giveaway – I’ve just been using an old notebook as I find what works best for me, but would love to win this prize pack!!!

  • Giovanna Tursi Catapani

    I’ve trying to decide which one to get, specially when I’m in Brazil and I can’t seem to find them in atores, now I think I’ll order the Leuchtturm, for sure. Thank you.

  • Julia

    Your layouts have been a huge help in starting my bullet journal. I just started a few weeks ago, and it is a blessing for a college student. I’ll be sure to give Leuchtturm a try when I finish my first journal. :)

  • Mary Anne Shew

    I’ve been into planning for many years. The bullet journal is a recent discovery. When I discovered the Facebook Bullet Journal group it gave me the motivation to finally try it. And your blog is awesome for ideas.

  • Sandra Love

    I love your blog! It was you who introduced me to bullet journaling and I can’t wait to start in January!

  • Ashley Bilodeau

    I just started my bujo a week ago after going to work when I wasn’t scheduled for the second time. Working 2 full time jobs and being a student has become overwhelming. The bujo is relaxing and definitely helping me get in better study habits and getting life organized

  • Alicia Calvet-Fuller

    Bullet journaling is my favorite system to organize my thoughts, my projects and my goals. I find it offers the perfect balance between structured planning and creativity

  • Rhonda Lomazow

    Helped calm me down the more organized the happier.

  • Katie Quilts

    Thanks for the giveaway. I’ve always used Moleskines inserts for my wide travelers journal…they are easy to come by locally. I’d be very interested in trying a notebook that handled my fountain pens better! Thanks for the review!

  • Kamala Lance

    Bullet Journaling has changed my life because I get to combine two passions….the ever evolving organization of my life and my creative side. It’s therapeutic!

  • Michele

    I love how customizable Bullet Journaling is. I can do things exactly how I personally need, and if that changes next week, my BuJo can too.

  • Helen Wang

    How has the bullet journal changed my life? It has challenged me to go beyond my comfort zone in planning, layouts, doodles, etc. It has made me 1000X more organized and best of all, I have met so many wonderful people in the community :)

  • Elaine

    I’m completely new to bullet journaling, but it’s easily become my favorite way of organization! I’ve loved planning and drawing/doodling for years, and this is great way to combine both!

  • Stephanie Jones

    Thank you for taking the time to do this. I do love the look of each and I have a moleskin on hand. Would be able to love to try the Leuchtturm!

  • Janee’ Smith Booth

    I’d L.O.V.E. to win this to help track my very busy 2016…it will give me a place to pause and take a moment in between a (hopefully) pregnancy, photography business, work, and (hopefully) law school. Plus, I love red and pens.

  • barbara gordon

    This was super helpful! I was about to get the Moleskine too.

  • Victoria Horak

    I’ve only been bullet Journaling for a few months but already I’ve begun to drink more water, exercise more, be more productive and my novel is flourishing just because I’ve been tracking and planning ahead more! I can’t even begin to thank Ryder for creating this system or this amazing community for inspiring me everyday!

  • Caroline Lee Webster

    What a fabulous giveaway! I’m new to the bujo world and have so enjoyed your work and posts!

  • I absolutely love that I found this system right before the new year. I’ve tried several different journals but always end up giving up because no matter what everything is set too rigidly. This journal will give me the freedom and space I want. Can’t wait to start!

  • Sonia

    I’m trying to really get my life together and organized and started using a planner with a week on 2 pages format but I noticed I couldnt “plan” the way my mind works, I need more space and room for creativity. I feel like the bullet journal would work much better for me. I am planning on going back to school in January and I feel the bullet journal system would be very helpful for staying on track.

  • Becky

    I love the flexibility of the Bullet Journal. It becomes what I need and if I don’t like what I did, I turn the page and try something new, until I get it right! It can be fancy, it can be simple, it is whatever works for ME.

  • Sarah Doolittle

    Love the ability I have to make bullet journaling my own, especially as I plan and try to incorporate more writing into my days.

  • chaunna

    Just found your blog through the bujo group on facebook. Definitely glad someone shared ;) lots of goodies here. ..

  • Jen

    Love, love, love your blog. Thank you for turning me onto Bullet Journaling, it has made such a difference in keeping me organized. Can’t wait to learn even more in 2016!

  • Cherry Niddrie

    Firstly Kara I love your work. Bullet Journaling is the one system I keep coming back to. I think its the simplicity of having everything in one place, one book. I can be as simple or as creative as I like, depending on time mood and motivation. I also like not having a diary with marked pages as if I miss a few days I don’t feel compelled to fill the blank pages.
    I am keen to try the Leuchtturm as I stopped using moleskine because of paper quality when I found water colours and have been struggling to find a notebook that meets my needs ever since.

  • maddyd51

    I am so much more productive!

  • Sharon

    Your pages are always gorgeous. I’ve got to try a Leuchtturm.

  • Alice

    At the end of every year, I do a heavy research to find a planner to use for the upcoming year. The search is intense because I know from experience that a planner not perfectly suited for my needs will be disregarded after a couple months of use. This is why I’m going to start on a bullet journal this year, since it offers the flexibility and freedom of making adjustments to the layout as I want. I hope it helps with my creativity and overall personal development. Thank you for sharing your wonderful ideas and inspirations!

  • Carly Lynn Bergman

    I have never heard of bullet journaling until I came across your YouTube videos! I’m so inspired and itching to get my own supplies rounded up and start my own! Im now a new faithful follower of yours! I love everything you have done!

  • Paige Garrison Kullman

    I agree with you. Would love to see it made in an a6 size…

  • m bee

    What a great post! This has been something on my mind and the Leuchtturm has a lot to offer that I’m looking for! Bullet journaling has helped me organized my very chaotic mind. This process will help me greatly when I start my grad school for education! Organization and habit are two things I really have to get into.

  • Kristen

    Your blog is what got me interested in bullet journaling! I’m trying to get started, but I’m still doing some research. This giveaway would be a great nudge to get me to start!

  • Donna Lopez

    I am just starting out and I really loved your videos and posts. It really has helped. I am so excited to start on this journey and I really did not know which to buy so thanks!

  • taotuc

    Bullet journaling allows me to keep track of what I need to do and keeps me on task.

  • Amanda Sears Starcevich

    You are amazingly creative! I can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

  • Janie Hickok Siess

    I haven’t tried the Bullet Journal system yet. Still considering it but I really am curious about Leuchtturn, given I’ve been a Moleskin user for years.

  • Lucia Taboada

    I usually don’t pay much attention to this Moleskine/Leuchturm thing because they don’t sell them where I live, and order them from internet is quite expensive for me… buuut, if it’s free… =P

  • he11ebore

    Bullet journaling ended my ceaseless search for the Perfect Planner by letting me make it myself!

  • Pedro Eduardo Foelker Pires

    my GF loves stationary stuff. Trying to win the giveaway to surprise her

  • Tara Wicker Virginia

    I’m new to bullet journaling but I am so excited to learn! I need a new way to be organized!

  • Rebekah McKenzie

    I just learned about Bullet Journaling a few months ago, but it’s already drastically streamlined my life. I looove having a home for my incessant note-taking, list-jotting, and idea-hashing. Plus, I’m notoriously picky about “planners”…I just want what I want. And it’s something a little different every month, haha.

  • Laura Torres

    Oh how awesome! I’ve been dying to try a Leuchtturm, but I initially went BIG with Moleskine and feel this *need* to finish them. But they really don’t handle my fountain pens well, though, so I’d LOVE to try these now that you say they work on the Leuchtturm! And the extra goodies are so cute! Thank you so much for the chance to win these awesome things! Thanks for the great video…confirming my bad Moleskine investment lol.

  • Laura Seydlitz Eckmann

    I am just now learning about the Bullet Journal and I’m so excited to get started on making one.

  • laceew45

    I have a bullet journal to start in January and already I feel like it’s going to make my life so much simpler because I always am making lists! I’m so excited to start it!

  • Caitlin Le

    I recently started bullet journaling and I can honestly say that I’m in love and obsessed!! I’m on top of all my tasks, and I hardly ever forget when I had something that I needed to do for the day. I even introduced my older sister and her boyfriend to bullet journaling and they love it too!I have a moleskine now, but hopefully I’ll switch over to Leuchtturm soon!

  • blackfire149

    Would love to try the Leuchtturm, so far I’ve been working on a markings grid but you know gotta try a few different types to know what really works for you.

  • planetzortex

    Looove LT journals (just wish it was easier to spell)

  • gmstep

    So glad that I found your site and your Bullet Journal tips!

  • Thanks for all of the Bullet Journalling inspiration!

  • Lynn Thompson

    Many thanks to you I ordered my first Leuchtturm. I was only able to get it in black. Hopefully nxt year I can get one in color

  • Tami Philbert

    Bullet journaling is making me more productive. Thank you for all your creative inspiration!

  • Hannah Greene

    I’ve only just learned about bullet journaling, and already think that it will prove very helpful for me to feel less overwhelmed and more in control, particularly when life becomes chaotic–as it has a habit of doing!

  • Cadie

    I really loved the comparison chart. All I’ve ever had are Moleskines but I really like all the features the Leuchtturms offer!

  • Anna Meyers

    Very pleased with how my BuJo process is going so far (I’m only about two weeks in). It helps me slow down and really think about what I need to do and why I need to do it.

  • Boni Grabusky

    love this

  • Chris and LeAnn Slater

    I’m so glad I found your site- great inspiration!

  • Kayla

    I love bullet Journaling, allows me to maintain clarity of mind. I love all types great tips too and I really found this post helpful

  • Robin Batsel Sherman

    I have to say that I prefer the Moleskine, but primarily because it has a soft cover and is lighter than the Leuchtturm. I use the Leuchtturm for my private journaling, not in my BUJO, but when I complete this one (my first) I will go back to the Moleskine. The paper doesn’t make that much difference to me and I can number the pages. Thank you for all your creative inspiration!

  • Bradley Hopkins

    I just found your YouTube channel and I LOVE it and your blog!! I was about to buy that journal but then I saw your giveaway so I figured why not hold off for another day!

  • Kim Carr

    I’m new to bullet journaling, and am thrilled to find your inspiring blog!

  • Missy Willingham

    I have always been a list maker, but just having them all in one place and having the ability to add to them whenever something pops in my head has really been beneficial! I don’t feel like i am frazzled or forgetful anymore. Instead i feel productive, creative, and have been working toward a clean slate of a new year. Can’t even imagine what that will feel like, but looking forward to it!

  • クリストン☪

    I love Bullet Journaling!

  • Laura Cooper Gaither

    My brain feels much less cluttered since I began Bullet Journaling. I have four small kids and a hectic life and I typically go all day in a mild state of panic (or worse) with a constant feeling that I’m forgetting something important. I won’t say Bullet Journaling has taken that away completely, but it has helped tremendously.

  • Victoria Graves

    I have been using a quad comp book but really want something thicker… the bleed through is really a lot.. your comparison was very helpful.

  • T Knowles

    I’m just getting started and am still playing around with it, but i think (and have high hopes for this coming year) it is helping me get more organized.

  • krystalweiss

    As a new bullet journaler I have enjoyed your posts, all over social media, and have gotten a lot of inspiration. I’m in the process of looking for a new journal for the new year, and appreciate your comments. Thanks!

  • Kathleen RosePrairieQuilts

    I’ve been a lister for decade but just started bujo and loving it. You have a great blog.

  • Kendra Miller

    Getting Organized!!!

  • rogue3

    Really appreciate all your great ideas and suggestions!

  • Dee Guyer

    I first saw a bullet journal on your instagram page. I researched the bullet journal concept and became hooked! I buy a standard planner every year; and every year it does not work for me. I can customize my bujo to my preferences and needs. Bullet Journaling has changed my life by making it easier to keep up with my 12 year old’s multiple activities and events for sports, school and music! :)

  • Deron-Teresa Warman

    I am very interested in Bullet journaling and would love to win this giveaway to get me started the right way! I love seeing your posts and absolutely covet your penmanship!

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  • Jacqui

    I did one of my own comparisons after hearing about the Leuchtturm 1917 and found that while they had a lot of great features (already numbered pages! An Index page!) I finally went with Moleskin. Why? They have a bigger size (7.5 x 10.) I like having the bigger pages. Also, I have an Evernote account and you can get Moleskin for Evernote that includes “Smart Stickers” that EN will recognize when you scan them. It’s not a deal breaker, but it helped tip the balance for me.

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  • Kaitlyn Eves

    Hello Kara, I’m so happy that you posted a picture on Instagram. I 57 years young and so excited to be learning this new way of organizing my life. I thought I tried everything throughout my tenure and somehow missed this. It’s ok, it’s never too late to learn a new way of doing things. I absolutely am intrigued to start 2016!! I can’t remember the last time I was this excited :-) I went from the Instagram pic you posted, over to youTube, and now to FB.. almost feel like a media stalker :-) Here nor there, I love your style and everything that you’ve shared and I’m so inspired to do this along with you starting Jan 2016. Even bought a Moleskin but not happy with it.. so am on the hunt for a Leuchttrum. You’ve inspired me.. ty for that, Hugs from Canada, Happy New Year!!

    • Thanks for that, Kaitlyn! It warms my heart to receive comments like yours :) Here’s to a great 2016 for us both! :)

  • Selene Spelts

    I really want the berry dotted Leuchtturm but I can’t seem to find it anywhere that I would get it within the month. Where do you order your Leuchtturms from?

    • I love to order through Amazon, but my favorite place to get a Leuchtturm lately has been through Super fast shipping and just an all-around great company! :)

  • Beth Pinky Jenkinson

    My leuchtturm only has 1 bookmark?????

    • The older versions only have one bookmark. My Lemon Yellow one actually only has one as well, which I mentioned in the video.

  • MissPiplup

    I’m currently trying Bullet Journalling with my Midori Travellers Notebook, but now I want a Leuchtturm as well!

  • Shanmuga priyaa Madhukaran

    I am new to Bullet journaling.I just fell in love after seeing your posts and Video.Have loads to learn from you.

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  • bernardomedeiros

    The answer isn’t so hard for a fountain pen user. Leuchtturm is better because is fountain pen friendly whilst Moleskine isn’t.

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  • Jennifer

    Hi, just wanted to let you know that your link is broken here (near the top): “Psst! Did you just get here from YouTube? Head down to the bottom of this post to find what you’re looking for ;)”. You get this message ”
    Something’s wrong here…

    © 2016 Bitly TMContact UsHomeBlog Most Bitlinks are 4-6 characters, and only include letters and numbers (and are case sensitive).Uh oh, Bitly couldn’t find a link for the bitly URL you clicked.”
    Love the blog, btw. Just found you recently :)

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  • Nihil Treize

    First of all I have both of them, I write, draw and paint on them a lot and they both have qualities, the debate will never be over *poker face* I just (kind of need) to say this :
    I watched the video and what i notice is that your moleskine is a soft cover one, lame quality while the original ones are great for artists, rigid cover, different kinds of papers, shapes, sizes… undestructible, and believe me they follow me everywhere. And they give special stickers too in all the special editions (like the alice in wonderland editions for example) plus there’s a bunch of illustrations here and there… Well. I just mean the test was not done with equal items. Of course they are not the same product, but a hard cover model exists @ moleskine. I still like them both, but to be true, Leuchtturm did definitely copycat the thing : storybook, pocket in the end and all (btw, sorry for my grammar, i am french). Just needed to tell this because it’s factual
    Happy creativity everyone :)

    • Thanks for that! I compared the dotted versions because that is what most Bullet Journalists use. I haven’t been able to find a hard cover dotted Moleskine anywhere either in store or online.

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  • This was very useful! Thank you!!

  • Lena Landmine

    I just discovered bullet journaling and your wonderful blog! I tried starting it with my current supplies and was disappointed, so I used this article to decide which journal to get next, and went with your decision of the Lechtturm. I used your Amazon link and found the only one that seemed to fit these exact specs is currently $82.54!?!. …..Wow. Do you happen to know of another place to acquire these sought after journals? I’d greatly appreciate it!

  • Cathy Robertson

    Thank you so much! I follow you on IG! I just moved out of my Erin Condren last night because it’s just too big and I had planned on buying a Leuchtturm calendar today to go with my L1917 journal. This post sealed my commitment to the L over Moleskine. Thanks again!

  • Michelle Sorrentino

    i’ve been trying to “bullet” for a few months now; i dont know if it’s the moleskin, or the pens, but i am having such a hard time with the ink smearing! i’ve used staedtler triplus fineliner, knock off versions, pentel RSVP roller balls… everything smears. its making me so disappointed because i dont want to look at the pages. have you had this issue? is Lechturn any better?

    • Devon Smith

      try the sharpie pens! If you can give it about 5 seconds, the ink is dry and it won’t smear. I had that problem until I switched to those.

  • Anon68

    Moleskine also has hard cover…. in fact that’s their classic, original product.

  • CometJo

    Neither. Go with Rhodiarama. Moleskine and Leuchtturm both suck!

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  • Thanks for this post. I’ve been using a mini Moleskine for my blogging stuff and I love it. I was tempted to get a bigger one for everything else but then heard a lot of complaints about bleeding. I use the Steadtler Fineliners and haven’t had too much of a problem with them in the mini Moleskine. I may give the Leuchtturm a shot! x

  • Jeni Paper Tiger

    Hello! I’m also a new devotee of the bullet journal and have pondered this question on my blog just yesterday. I currently have a linked Moleskine but am unsatisfied with the ink bleed and think I’d be better with dots or a grid, so was contemplating changing to Leuchtturm which I’ve used for work before. I think you might have just persuaded me to buy one. Great blog, will be back for more tips!

  • EHans

    Great post, and I appreciate the data.

    Though some may consider it a disadvantage, I personally prefer the blankness of the Moleskine – no index, no page numbers, etc. There is something for me in the deliberateness as I create the index and do the page numbers that gives me more of a sense of ownership and flexibility. I am just converting from a good system I’ve been using for about a year called “The Productivity Planner” which was a pre-printed journal that you filled in. In the past month or so I felt I was going through the motiions of filling out pages because they were there to be filled out.

    After a couple of weeks with the Bullet Journal (in a Moleskine I had to try without any new purchases) I find I like the total manualness of it. Everyone will have a different opinion on that of course, and some will prefer to have the pages pre-numbered.

    For me though, that is an advantage of the Moleskine.

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  • MikaelShort

    … … Must. Tear. Myself. Away. I’ve been positively pouring through almost all of your bullet journal posts; I don’t have a bullet journal; I’m not sure I WANT one; my creative skills are not with my hands; and yet, HOURRRRRRRRS over the last couple days reading/watching more about it. Reading about productivity when I should be being productive myself… Procrastination at its very best. You’re obviously doing something very, very right. And you’re charming as hell. UGH. I can’t afford another notebook right now, I already have two journals that I need help consistently using, and the only blank notebook I have is completely BLANK–no lines, no dots, nothing, and I know that would drive me nuts with something like this…

    Why must you make me want to do this? WHY? Because I totally want a Leuchtturm right now…

    (I hope you got that this was all said in the most playfully exasperated way… hehe. LOVE YOUR WORK.)

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  • Thanks Kara for a lovely well-balanced article on a hot topic :-)

    I tend to agree with you on favoring the Leuchtturm, just feel they said it on overall quality, usability and features.

    Moleskins core products are still as good as ever, however I feel some of their other ranges are a little sub-par quality and riding the brand name perhaps.

    Keep up the great work!

  • Great post – thanks for the info! I just bought the Leuchtturm while I was out today and before opening it I wanted to make sure it was actually what I wanted to use (since $25 is not an insignificant amount of money). I’m happy with my choice :)

  • Janice Carruthers

    Late to the post, but I am unable to find anywhere a measurement for the thickness of the LT. Would be extremely helpful to me in making a decision. Thank you.

  • Johan Thole

    Better than both are the Sighel Conceptum books. I don’t know if you can get those outside of Europe though.

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