Leuchtturm1917 Master Slim Review + Giveaway!

A couple of weeks ago, the lovely folks over at Goulet Pens sent a couple of Leuchtturm1917 Master Slim notebooks my way for review. I instantly fell in love with the large pages, thin profile, and gorgeous cover colors.

You may remember back in January, that I started a Blog & Business Bullet Journal using a black Master Leuchtturm1917. While I loved the concept, I found myself using it less and less because it was so big and bulky. I’ve just started transitioning my B&B BuJo into a new Master Slim, and I’m loving it!

Check out the video below for a detailed review, plus a short flip-through of how I’m using my new Master Slim notebook. I’ll have a detailed blog post about my updated Blog & Business Bullet Journal very soon as well :)


Goulet Pens and I are teaming up again to bring you yet another giveaway! I have two lovely Master Slim dot-grid notebooks in my possession (one Orange, and one Azure Blue) ready to make their way into the homes of two lucky winners :)

There are several entry methods in the widget below. Simply complete as many (or as few) as you like, and you’ll be good to go!

>> Open Internationally <<

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Kara Benz
Kara Benz is the artist and author behind Boho Berry, where she inspires her readers to lead a more centered, fulfilled, and inspired life. Kara also runs a successful sticker shop on Etsy - Boho Berry Paperie.
  • Anastasia Voll

    I would use it for practicing different lettering techniques and styles! You could easily fit a whole alphabet on a page with this. <3

  • Kathy Fuierer

    I would use the journal as a place to put my thoughts to paper. I have learned a LOT through you blog I just need to take action!

  • Catie Bell

    I would love to win this – I am starting a new job and think this would be fantastic!

  • Randi Schmechel

    I would use it as a personal journal. I love new journals!

  • Samantha

    I hope to continue practicing my lettering, or to use it to start up a bullet journal!

  • evie

    I’d like a dedicated notebook to just journaling. oh my!

  • Josefin Skogman

    Would love to win this! :)

  • What a great giveaway. I’d love to win as I’m just getting started bullet journaling.

  • Gwendolyn

    Found you a month ago via YT and now I have so many things I want to learn! Found a few of the things you use, but a decent notebook is hard to find here in NL. Thank you for giving me so much inspiration and after many many years of frustration and pain, the penmanship books you use made it clear to me that I did everything wrong from the moment I started writing: I hold my pen wrong and I write not with my fingers, but with a stiff hand. This will improve, with a lot of practice, my handwriting big time! Maybe I’ll even have a grown up signature ;)

  • Kathy B

    I would use this to track my fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue symptoms as well as my food intake.

  • Lindsay Wood

    I think it would be great to use for a reference book for notes about my job

  • Sara

    Great giveaway! I would definitely use the notebook for my bullet journal, I love the color *-* fingers crossed!

  • Aryn Lane Lawson

    I’m currently in a filo fax and I find myself very overwhelmed every day. I’ve been tooling with the idea of switching. I just need the push! So I would be using my as an everyday planner, which i’s also where I put my etsy things.

  • Sara Twohey Brown

    Looks perfect for collating notes for sewing projects/designs

  • Samantha

    Love the color! Would love to use to start a seperate bullet journal for work

  • wandren

    This looks like a great addition to my fave notebooks.

  • Jessica Ozburn

    Love this! I would probably use it just for a journal. It’s a little too big for me for bullet journaling but I think it would be perfect for just journaling! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Keilan Casey

    I’m loving all of these giveaways ! (: I definitely would use this book as either a practice book for my handwriting by using it as a journal. I might even use it to document the animals that I take care of and some of my rescue stories.

  • Erika Wilson Dulmaine

    I’ll probably save it and use it when my moleskine runs out. Or maybe some journalling, or practice my writing….So many options. :)

  • Spiky clouds

    I currently have no planner and have been wanting to start bullet journalling to organise myself. I’d use it for everyday organisation, to do, cleaning routine, sewing ideas, fitness routine, healthy eating.. And the list goes on. (:

  • Ashley Wickline

    I love the blue one! I would use it for an art/handwriting journal

  • VerbNg

    I would use it to scribble my thoughts on it :)

  • MsJax304

    Thank you for the opportunity to win this. I really enjoy your blog.

  • Carina Sanchez

    I really enjoy your blog! Hoping for a win!

  • Tracy Halliday

    Thanks for another giveaway! I would make this notebook into a teacher planner and create my own spreads. It would definitely hold the information I would need to place my entire year worth of plans and info about my students!

  • Karine

    Thank you for yet another lovely giveaway! I think one of those master slims would be a perfect place to collect my general handwriting practice, as well as ideas for headers, borders, and other little bullet journal decorations

  • Kelsey Noll

    I love the blue one! I would use it for my home planning pages (recipes, meal plans, project planning, etc)! Thanks for another great giveaway!

  • Raylene Debattista

    I’m going abroad for my (supposedly) last *big* holiday before continuing to save up to buy my own place, so I’d use the Leuchtturm1917 for my finance and savings goals (I carry my regular Leuchtturm1917 everywhere!), home inspiration, and finance planning for the splurges I DO need ;)

  • Bethany Gott Oliver


  • Pamela Vizdos

    I’m so excited for your paperie shop to open! PLUS a giveaway! Awesomeness!

  • Shelly Blake

    Thanks for another giveaway! I’m pretty new to BuJo but getting a proper book would probably make me an addict!

  • LaoOcean

    Looks great! Crossing my fingers.

  • Pam Schremp Proctor

    Awesome giveaway. I have never owned one of these or any notebook with the dots. Love how you put the ink index in the back! Not a fan of the orange, but do like the idea of a slimline.

  • Daisy Gorup

    Hi! I really want to start using bullet journals, i think is a great idea for planning and inspiring ideas, i`m currently studing at university and I really need to get organize, there are so many things to do! :D

  • Marina Perez McConnell

    thanks for the chance at winning some really cool stuff. I think I may use this journal for my finances.

  • Donna S

    I plan to use it for a Bullet Journal!!

  • Papp Zoltán Andor

    These notebooks look so beautiful! Thanks for the chance to winning one of these, I plan on using mine as a drawing/sketch notebook for my anatomy class! :)

  • Irina Vereș

    Thanks for the giveaway. I really hope to win because I want this Leuchtturm 1917 enormous. I want to start a bullet journal but in Romania we can’t find this notebook.

  • Knotmel

    I love your walkthroughs so much, because you’re so thoughtful in explaining why you do what you do.

    If I won the Master Slim notebook, I would use it for business dreaming (the first step of business planning). I have a lot more ideas right now than I can handle, and I should start putting them in one place. The large size of the notebook would leave plenty of room for doodling and mind-mapping, and the slimness of it would ensure I actually take it with me for dreaming & business coaching sessions.

  • Talitha Jane White

    I’d use it for notes on my online course starting in a few weeks – means I could keep it all in one big book, nice and organised!

  • Claire

    Those are lovely notebooks–maybe a little too big to carry around, but looks great for journaling or even just handwriting practice. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Mieke

    I entered the giveaway and I’d love to use the notebook for writing down my own blog inspiration. I run a bookblog but don’t have a decent notebook for my ideas. ~ Boekenvlinder

  • Shayna B.

    Great review! I’m salivating over these. I’d use mine to brainstorm/plan/organize my writing projects and track my writing submissions.

  • Kiala Givehand

    As soon as I get my hands on a master slim notebook I’ll be using it as my business project planner. I have several major projects this year and I imagine that the larger space will come in handy during the brainstorming and idea generation phase. Always exciting to see you and the Goulet’s joining forces!!!

  • Amanda Rivera

    Whoa another giveaway ^^ I’m very new at Boho Berry. The first time I saw you was in the collaboration with Goulet Pens and after that I was hooked on Bullet journaling. I loved how you and a lot of other people used their bullet journals so I made one myself ^^ it’s not as pretty as yours but I just love how organized I feel and I can keep track of everything that has been going on in my life. Now with the big notebook, the way I would use it is basically like a sketchbook of ideas that I might have. For example I really love drawing but sometimes my drawings won’t be officially made so maybe I can use it as a reminder of the projects I want to do and of course have some notes on the side.

  • Dreya Biddle

    Another great video! If I had a master slim notebook, I would use it as a master of everything. It would have layouts that have worked, layouts that don’t work, and my master cleaning and inventory lists as well as a master future log. It would be my hope that the master slim notebook would last all year and help make the process of setting up a new journal easier.

  • Jacqueline Braaksma

    Thank you for this next givaway. I will use it at my new bulletjournal as I could win it.

  • Kelly Guerin

    If I win one of these beauties, I would be managing my 4 kids schedules, my health/wellness, my work schedule, meal planning, and my husbands schedule. Did I get it all?! LOL!! Oh yeah… to do lists, budgets, sports, summer programs,etc….. I’m always looking for a better way to manage it all.

  • Amanda Fogelman

    Great inspiration to Bullet Journal. I love your ideas and reviews on the notebook. Thanks for hosting the giveaways.

  • Zianadra

    I’m not positive what I’d use it for but maybe a bigger bullet journal after the one I have is used. Maybe just as a brain dump.

  • Nicole Look-Christensen

    I can think of a bunch of ways to use this! And I love both of the colors.

  • Eve Bolt

    I love these for bullet journaling, even if it means going through more books than a bigger one. It’s also much easier to carry :)

  • JenniferGrayeb

    I’m having a baby on Monday, so I’ll likely use it as a baby book bujo!! :)

  • Christina Starrick

    This giveaway probably has me more excited than the A5! I will be the new director for our homeschool community so I know I want to use the Leuchturrm for it BUT I’m almost positive the Master Slim will be a PERFECT fit! Oh I hope hope hope I win this one!!

  • I have been wanting a new notebook for my new blog to keep track of projects and progress. This would be awesome!

  • Heather Keeney

    I’ve read some great reviews about this notebook, and I am super excited to have to opportunity to try one out for myself! Thanks for the chance! I bullet jounal in a traveler’s notebook currently, and I’d love to give the Leuchtturm a try!

  • Heather Keeney

    I’ve read some great reviews about this notebook, and I am super excited to have to opportunity to try one out for myself! Thanks for the chance! I bullet jounal in a traveler’s notebook currently, and I’d love to give the Leuchtturm a try!

  • Isabel M

    Another great giveaway, thanks for the chance!

  • tishushu

    Wow! If anyone is making sure everyone gets a Leuchturmm, it’s you! ☺️ Thanks for hosting another giveaway!

    I would love to use this as my work bujo! I’m more than halfway through my XL Moleskine and I’m already scouting new notebooks!

  • Marianne Dyremyhr Tyvand

    This is such a lovely giveaway! I just set up my A5 leuchtturm yesterday and instantly started dreaming of having a separate writing journal for academic and creative writing! Xx

  • Lori Aitken

    I really like my A5 Medium Leuchtturm because it fits in my purse but I could see myself using the larger size for project planning with all of my crafty endeavours…and what better way to test drive a notebook than a FREE notebook! Thank you for the chance to win. <3

  • Laura García

    I’ve never been able to buy any kind of Leuchtturm, and I really want to try these notebooks. I want to use it for bullet journaling, or maybe just a big notebook for sketches (sincee I have started to learn how to draw recently) and ideas that I have daily!

  • Samantha

    Another great giveaway. I would use this for consulting project notes. The larger size would work great.

  • Christine

    This giveaway is amazing! I’ve been torn between the full size master and the master slim. I’ve just started my own blog and the smaller journals just aren’t to my liking with to set up my own blog bullet journal.

  • Marina Bukchin

    I will use it for my next bullet journal, thanks for giveaway!

  • Dani Beckman

    My sister is having her first baby in 6 weeks and I would give it to her for a baby journal. Thanks for another opportunity for winning a fabulous BuJo Kara!!!!

  • Lisa M

    You are inspiring to me in so many ways! We should all look for our own authenticity and celebrate it, not conform to it! Your creativity is amazing and I learn something new every time I see your site. Thank you!

  • Mikyla Goodlet

    I’ve known about bullet journaling for a long time but now that I’ve just recently started University I’ve made it a part of my everyday routine. I currently have a regular, run-of-the-mill planner, but a proper journal (especially with the grid paper) would make my planner so customizable to my needs!
    Great post, so glad I found your blog! :D

  • Carol W.

    For work list and projects – to stay on task and complete work goals. Love bullet journal for this function. Thank you!

  • Carrie Chady Rundhaug

    Thank you so much for the giveaway! I would use my new journal for keeping my life on task, using it for projects and ideas.

  • Lyndsey Eshelman

    I can’t wait to get organized with a new bullet journal!

  • Chaand

    I would love to use this as my daily planner for university, work, my sorority, and my other organizations!

  • I think I would use it for a journal. :) Thanks for all the awesomeness!

  • Celadori

    I’m almost ready to move into a new Bujo, this would be an awesome replacement for my faithful blueline notebook.

  • MizzThurzday Adamz

    I came for your Bullet Journalling, and stayed ’cause you are so awesome in so many ways. Keep up the great work. Thank you!

  • Rebecca Betit

    Kara, if I win the give away I will use the notebook to help me set up a business BuJo for the professional organizing business I am in the planning stages of opening! :)

  • Nicole Trott

    I want to use a separate notebook for more permanent goals/lists, such as my Bucket List, Birthdays, etc.

  • Liat Rostoker

    Love! This blog post and YouTube video. I’ll have my birthday this week, so hope to get this smazing present. Thank you for the chance…

  • Vu Esse

    I’m so glad you are hosting this giveway, I was just thinking I need a Master Leuchtturm for my business Bullet Journal…Timing couldn’t be better! Thank you!

  • Liat Rostoker

    Ooooh, I forgot to say what I’m gonna use this beauty for. Well: I have a HUGE project (life project), that if it’ll manifest to life- that will be my first choice to use for.

  • I love these notebooks. If I win, the blue one hopefully, I will use it for my blog and videocasts.

  • Sandra Turner

    I can’t wait to set up my first bullet journal. .. I want mine specific for business… it’s time to get organized.

  • Nicole Lionne

    I just got my first Leuchtturm1917 to start a bullet journal and it has been a major help for organising all my university to do’s, appointments etc. (I found your blog two weeks ago, and I’ve been obsessed ever since! <3 ) I would love the large Leuchtturm1917 for my thesis. Right now I've got little notes scattered everywhere and using my bullet journal also didn't do the trick. So winning would be a true lifesaver! :)

  • Pippin Schupbach

    I love these notebooks, and have to buy one. If I win this giveaway it will motivate me to start my first bullet journal. I can practice when I serve jury duty in a couple of weeks, as there is a lot of waiting around. Thanks for the giveaway! Pippin

  • Kristina Castagnola

    Oooh! Paper/notebook goodies! I’ve been eyeing these larger Leuchtturm’s and was very glad to see your review. I had been leaning towards the “master master” (as the Goulets have put it), but after your review, I think the slim will make me just as happy … maybe even more so. Plus, a color cover is … well, more colorful than black. Your point that the size is pretty much twice that of the A5 makes up for the fact that there are fewer pages. Plus, having more room to write and doodle is exciting. As for what I’d actually do with one? I’d first probably admire it’s clean blankness. I’d like to plan a little on scratch paper first for some of the basic layouts … calendars, list types, etc. I want to keep big mistakes to a minimum. Plus, the graphic designer in me appreciates good text and image placement. I’m still figuring out exactly “what I want to do” though I know it will involve art, creating it, observing things, living (and sometimes just getting through) life, and somehow using all that to help others … with a bit of humor thrown in. Thanks so much for being online and sharing your ideas and insights! -Kristina Castagnola :-)

  • Moon

    I just recently found you. Now I’m hooked.. Love your style. I’ve been trying to bullet journal for far too long. Got hung up on getting ready to be ready!!! I understand your system is a mix of many, but you have chosen wisely. I will use this new ” lovely” to get it done this time. Thanks Kara for all your hard work and passion in what you do. Now I get up, have my coffee, send my husband off to work then get on my I pad and start watching Bohoberry videos. Life is good. Moon

  • Tari Huffaker

    I am following the bujo GURU…because I love your style…and I want to create a business tracker/brain file (can’t bring myself to call it a dump)…I have a desire to help Papillon Pots (that’s me) operate in the black…but I will only use black ink to make my layouts…all other marking will be in living, lovely, inspiring color.

  • Debbie Graf

    I can’t believe how generous you and Goulet Pens are. I love reading your posts and shopping at Goulet Pens (I think I’ll go broke if I visit Goulet Pens too often). Thank you so much for all of the information and the generosity.

  • Flor

    This is great! I study graphic design and I’m going to work on my graduation project this year and this would be perfect for it :) Thanks for the giveaways!

  • Patty Baird

    awesome!! This would be perfect for my bible study notes!

  • Elizabeth Hanapole

    I’m a newbie to BuJo. I started by adding graph paper to my planner and I already know I have to step up my BuJo game. This notebook would help me be more productive and efficiently manage my business and personal life. One thing I’ve noticed is that since getting married and having a baby I don’t spend much time on my art. But since I started bullet journaling I’ve been more inspired to be creative :-)

  • rxabyee

    Great quality notebook; the colors are vibrant too! Would use this to separate work projects from personal bujo. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Erika Gioachin

    Love this giveaway! If i win i will use this Leuchtturm1917 as my first Leuchtturm for work! Now I use an agenda and a notebook but i don’t like so much this organisation. Thank you so much!

  • Tran Thai

    I’ve been playing around with my Tombow Dual Brush Pens alot lately and this could be the perfect space to practice my brush lettering. I love how much space there is in the style of my favorite notebook!

  • Terri Hamilton

    I’m not sure yet what I’d use it for, but I’m sure I’d think of something! :-D

  • Bianca Boucher

    I would use it for my every day bullet journaling because for now, I’m using a no name bujo with ligne. I WANT DOT SO BAD!!! :) Thank you for this great giveaway!!

  • Patricia van Steensel

    This giveaway is so pretty. I will be using it to set up my idea’s for a new company I’m thinking about. I’m just new at the hole bullet journal adventure so I use your website and social media for inspiration.

  • Michelle September

    Thank you for your amazing tips and all the reviews. Love your work.

  • Glenneth Reed

    if i win it will be my work notebook for all my meetings and ideas!

  • Dawn Baker

    I’d graduate from my spiral bound lined journal to a much more streamlined dotted one!

  • Kelly Sebzda

    I love your blog posts! Particularly the one about the calendex! If I win a Master Slim, I’ll be able to make one SO BIG! :D

  • roxana

    I’d love to try it for my Bujo! or to keep track of my kids! :)

  • zoelenabarkerr

    This giveaway is amazing! I’m from Germany and I would love to have an original Leuchtturm1917! This would be perfect for my everyday planning routine :)

  • Dora

    Totally hyped for this giveaway! :) I believe that using this master slim would be perfect for tracking my work details and design, art related projects. I would be so happy to have one of these! <3 Thank you Kara for doing this for our bujo/planner society! c:

  • Virginia

    If I win I would use it for my work planning routine. Thank you for this amazing giveaway!!

  • Virginia

    If I win I would use it for my work planning routine. Thank you for this amazing giveaway!!

  • Lindsey H.

    I recently started a blog and have been wanting to start a bullet journal just for blogging purposes. This sounds like it would be perfect to use for this! Thanks for offering the giveaway!

  • Julia

    I would use the master slim as my summer bullet journal since I’ll be finishing my current bullet journal by the end of this semester. Thank you for all of the bullet journal inspiration! <3

  • Mammu

    I’m just discovered bullet journaling (that’s how I found your blog), so I’d use it for that :)

  • Pallavi Abhiyanth

    Wow!! I can;t wait to win one of these.. Would be great to keep track of my art projects!!

  • cindy

    soooo excited! I’ll be using this notebook for my bullet journal if i win! Thank you for showing me the world of bujos!!

  • Agata

    As I start two new blogs soon and am working on my first book, I’ll use it for this purpose:)

  • Andria Sprott

    I would use this lovely journal to actually start a BuJo…I use different components in different journals, but would make it official with one lovely Leuchtturm1917 notebook! :-)

  • Bex Bricker

    Yay! I’ve been on the fence about purchasing this notebook! Thanks Kara & Goulet Pens for the chance. You guys rock!

  • Shelby Abrahamsen

    I’m not completely sure what I would use this beauty for, but I’m thinking a sketch note book or some kind of business log. I’ll probably browse through the bujo community for inspiration. Thanks for hosting such an amazing giveaway!

  • Mandie Drummond

    Thanks for always doing cool giveaways like this! You are super sweet! I have yet to try out any LT joirnal, I made a goal to use all my journals I have laying around the house before I get anything new! This will be used to try it out and see if I like it!

  • Sarah Elliott

    This is so exciting! I would use it as my perennial/landscaping business journal.

  • Brandy Jarvis

    I would use this strictly for the novel I am writing, I think the bullet journal system would work amazingly well for outlining and writing my novel.

  • Yu Qi Wong

    I am so in love with bullet journalism ever since i came across your blog!! Really wanted to start with Leuchtturm1917, but it is not found in my country and im unable to do online purchases :( (student life without a credit card :(( ) so i really hope to be able to win this !!! But either ways, LOVING your updates Kara :))

  • bri fox

    Ive been dying for one of the larger books. I have so many complicated art projects that I want to be able to sketch out with the notes, steps, and supply lists neatly around everything! It’s already becoming a necessity in my head and I dont have one yet!

  • thecuckoo

    I would use the journal for either a bullet journal or just a daily journal. I’m new to the whole bullet journal concept and really need to figure out my personal style. i think this would help. :)

  • Skylar Lamke

    I am really excited about this giveaway!!

  • Rebecca Morales

    I would use the slim to add color to all of my nursing program notes !

  • chupkar

    I want a separate bujo for recipes. That’s what I would use this for! I try so many that I like but then forget about and never make again. I think a recipe bujo would be a great idea.

  • Anna Daloisio

    Love the giveaway. Thank you! I haven’t tired Leuchtturms yet and would love to give it a go!!!

  • Denise

    i’ve filled several of the A5 Leuchtturm dot grid notebooks but after watching your YouTube review I really want to try the bigger size!

  • Rachel

    My 25th birthday is coming up soon (april 3rd!) and I will also soon graduate from grad school! (May 19th)!
    I currently use a $1 composition notebook for my bullet journal because that’s all I can afford as a student living on loans -_-
    I would use the beautiful notebook to help start a new quarter century, and organize and track my job applications! <3

  • Elizabeth Leatrice

    I work as an administrator in a nonprofit working with the homeless community. We are BIG on visualizing our system processes….this will be perfect for working out the larger system projects we have to create and implement.

  • Rachel Neben

    This giveaway is awesome! I would use this as my new bullet journal. I’ve been using random notebooks for my bullet journal but I am ready to upgrade!

  • Victoria Fernandez Gonzalez

    Wow!! Two giveawais in the same week!! I’m already a fan of the leuchtturm A5, and I’m sure I will love this size too:)

  • Stephanie

    I really love the Master slim! I’ve been filling up my first one for a couple of weeks now and I love the paper quality!
    It is actually slightly bigger than A4, a bit confusing to me because here in Germany we’re normally such stickers to exact sizes. But it makes sense because you can keep actual A4 pages comfortable between the pages or in the back pocket, and that’s the important thing, isn’t it?

  • Tiffany

    Super excited about this giveaway. Those are such pretty colors. :)

  • Dana

    I really hope I win! This is an awesome giveaway!

  • Glorymar Figueroa Reyes

    Thanks for this amazing opportunity! After reading your blog, I’ve been using the BuJo principles in my job, college and personal life. I think this will help me to focus myself in college and and organize the new business I want to open as a side hustle.

  • Amy

    I would use it for bullet journaling. I have one and I love it, so when it’s full I’ll need a new one. ;)

  • Yevgeniya Monisova

    Beautiful. I will use this notebook for project notes for an upcoming consulting project that I am managing.

  • haak en pen

    This is a great give-away.Thank you.
    I am a huge fan of Leuchtturm and use it daily as a drawing journal.
    I think the orange one is a lovely clour.

  • heatherburnside

    Love this review and what you’ve done with the notebook. Excellent point too about the size being doubled so it’s really about the same as the A5!!!

  • Michael

    Awesome Giveaway. I plan on using this for my work Bullet Journal, as my current one is just about done. Love your blog, YouTube Videos, Some very nice work, and I appreciate you sharing your knowledge with us. Thanks!

  • Witch of the Meadow

    I’m a writer, so I’d like to use this notebook for character mapping and to plan out stories. The blue one is so pretty! – Kaitlin S

  • Chris Chambers

    I’ve been contemplating separating my work and personal journals. This Master Slim could be a perfect fit for a more stationary desk journal for work. Watching the review with interest.

  • Alexis Barton

    I’ve just started bullet journalling and I would love to graduate from my $0.50 composition book to a nice notebook.

  • Kristie

    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity! I just started a personal bullet journal because of your YouTube videos but would love a secondary larger journal to manage all my quilting and sewing. With all the fabrics, tools, projects, deadlines, etc, this larger size slim journal would be ideal.

  • I will use my notebook for my blog!

  • Pia

    Awesome giveaway! I plan on using this to plan out my blog posts, social media and keep track of my designs. :)

  • yasmin azizan

    With what you have reviewed, i would love to try this book following your method of writing the spreadsheet on my own. Would be lovely to do a write along with you while watching you prepare your the pages of the week ;) no more problems on getting the journal to fix my needs as this 1, I’m the 1 who created it.

  • Kait

    I’ve just started my own bullet journal a few weeks ago after watching one of your videos. I’ve not watched all of them…more than once! Thank you so much for showing and explaining a great way to stay so organized and sharing a system that is already helping me reflect on my life, and work towards my goals. I’m looking forward to getting my very own “nicer” notebook. I’m currently living in South Korea, and there aren’t any dot grid notebooks to be found in the shops here. Once I fill up my cheap 2dollar notebook I found, I’ll be giving the dot grid notebook a go. :)

  • Agnieszka D

    I recently started to follow you. I love your blogg and FB. Thanks to you I renew my Twitter account and check more on IG. Thinking off starting my own blog but it is a slow process. Just ordered my first Leuchtturm1917 for my first BuJo. Master Slim seems like a perfect tool for blog planning.

    Thanks for all of your inspirations

    Love from Sweden!

  • Agnieszka D

    I recently started to follow you. I love your blogg and FB. Thanks to you I renew my Twitter account and check more on IG. Thinking off starting my own blog but it is a slow process. Just ordered my first Leuchtturm1917 for my first BuJo. Master Slim seems like a perfect tool for blog planning.

    Thanks for all of your inspirations

    Love from Sweden!

  • Zaneta Sykes

    If I had a Master Slim Leuchttrum, I would use it to organize my creative project ideas. Just got into Daniel Wessel’s book Organizing Creativity and I need a place to store core, central, and peripheral ideas. Also excited by the thinner profile for a more specific long term notebook.

  • Barbara v

    I am starting a blog and I homeschool my children so I would use the journals to help me organize for that.

  • Marta dcp

    wow… these are gorgeous! If I win, I’ll use it at work, where I seriously need more clarity in my to-do planning… thanks for your inspiration, Kara!

  • Glenda Rosa

    I just love your videos! True inspiration!

  • Alexa

    For the last 2 years I’ve made it a point to document my life and this past year I completely fell in love with using Leuchtturms to do so. I’ve only ever used the a5 size, but the a4 with its larger writing space just seems to be that much better.

  • Anna

    Kara, thank you for this opportunity)) I’d like to use it for my drawing projects and ideas planner

  • Katy Buder

    Thank you so much for this giveaway!! I’ve been wanting to treat myself to a Leuchtturm notebook for a while now, but have not had the opportunity just yet. If I won this giveaway, I would love to use this notebook as a travel journal!

  • Savanh

    I already have a regular bullet journal(which by the way thank you to the heavens for introducing me too) and I have a blog too and I would definitely use the journal for that. Also check out the Signo .28 or .38 pens if you want a really amazing pen for cursive, I use them everywhere but they are great for writing smaller in the bullet journal!

  • Chelsea Celeste

    I already have a bullet journal of my own (started because of your videos, thanks!), and I only really need one right now. But I’ve always wanted to try out journaling; I’d love to use this notebook to explore the past, present, and future aspects/goals of my life. I miss writing short stories like I used to, I might take aspects of my creative writing into my own everyday journaling. (:

  • Grace Inman

    Oh my goodness, the possibilities are endless! I’d probably use the notebook to track my progress as a freelancer – blog post ideas, information, and ways to improve my writing. (By the way, you have beautiful nail polish in all your YouTube videos!)

  • Andi

    What a GREAT giveaway! Thank you Goulet Pens and Boho Berry!

  • I will use the journal to keep my on track with my future visualizations!

  • Angela Steinkamp

    I have a book to use for my business, but I would definitely use a new one for personal development. Really need to work on that. :)

  • Melissa Knowles

    I started a bujo in a spiral notebook my partner gave me and can’t wait to start one in a leuchtturm 1917!

  • Jeremy George

    I would love to keep a separate brainstorming / idea journal in a notebook like this.

  • reni

    I love your giveaways, Kara! I would love this book in order to use it as a bullet journal that will host the beginning of my career as a writer. I finally decided to pursue a dream of a lifetime and would love to have this beautiful book to walk by my side in this strange journey.

  • Avonlea

    There are so many great things I could use this for! Currently my day job is in higher education, but I am really wanting to start a homemade craft business on etsy and would LOVE this to be able to track my progress! I also have been trying to help my husband figure out ways to journal and keep track of things as he is somewhat forgetful and I feel like this creative way would help the artist inside of him!

  • Catherine Hunt

    If I win one if these notebooks then I will use it to plan my book

  • Yvonne

    Love, love everything about the Leuchtturm. Thanks for all the awesome videos. You inspired me to buy one and try it out.

  • Amanda

    I am almost done with my current bullet journal. The Leuchtturm brand is so well respected, I’d love the opportunity to try one.

  • KindaGirlie7832

    Girl, you are on fire these days! It’s clear that you put everything into your life, and it’s so inspiring! I would love to have a Family Bullet Journal, or Household Bullet Journal. A place where we can all go to see what needs to be done, what can be done, and inspiration for everyone in my house.

  • Brenda Mayorga

    I love this journal! I am going to start working on receiving my real estate agent license and I would use this for my classes & after wards to keep all my business stuff organized. Thank you Kara for yet another amazing giveaway!!

  • excited because i love bullet journaling so much, i used a small muji one i purchased on amazon but would love to try the leuchtturm since you speak so highly of it!

    thanks for always sharing your amazing ideas.

  • Ani

    Hoping to win! I will use it to organize my homeschool and keep track with our home based business. Thank you!!

  • Jennifer S

    I’ve been too overwhelmed with trying to get the right stuff together for bullet journaling, and I think this just might be the thing to push me headlong into it!

  • Amy Perry

    I would love to use this for notes at work. Looks amazing!

  • Becky Diehl

    I’m getting married in September and would love, love, love a new notebook in which I can practice and then utilize my handwriting for my invitations and thank yous. This would be an absolutely amazing set to win!

  • paulatina_vh

    I would like to take to start organizing my new life path. Although already find a bullet journal Leuchturm to schedule my current days, it would be great to know their new products, but I’m sure each one is better than the other. Boho Berry changed my world! thank for that :)

  • Linda Hope Cox Mitchner

    I am just getting ready to start a blog and am taking some classes in preparation. I would use this journal for my note taking in addition to my main bu jo.

  • Rechelle Louis

    I would use this book for my finance, budget and savings tracker. Thank you for the opportunity

  • Tracey Raymond

    I am sort of new to Bullet journaling (2 months) and so far I just love it! This blog has definitely turned it into a new obsession that is actually beneficial to my life. If I were to win, I would use it to further my fitness goals, spirituality, & relationships. So pretty much I would use it to handle life! Thanks and good luck to everyone!

  • Calvina Walsh

    Would love this notebook! Thanks

  • Dawn Warnock-Thompson

    I love your blog! You’ve got me addicted!
    If I win the slim journal I will be using it for my gardening log! I cannot wait to get garden planning!

  • For planning my blog!

  • Gabi P.

    Thank you for 2nd giveaway this week! I am still thinking about start with bj..but I used some of your tips in my regular planner.. Have a nice weekend :) Gábi

  • Wangũi

    I’d use it for a new bujo because my notebook right now is running out, and I can’t get Leuchturms here!!

  • Ashley N. Shillinger

    I would LOVE a full A4 to write with <3

  • Jolanda Bolt

    I so often read things that create a lightbulb moment in my head. It can be a quote or a how to. I am looking for a journal to log them.

  • Helen Elwood

    I would definitely use this as my next Bullet Journal, my first one is nearly filled up!

  • This large notebook would be great for my design work! I’ve been looking for a dotted notebook for my User Flows!

  • Karin Stiffler

    Hi Kara
    Your blog is so inspiring and I always love to read your posts and watch your videos! Thank you so much!
    You really motivated me to start an own bullet journal. With the master slim notebook I would start an extra notebook related to my jobg. I’m going to be a primary school teacher this year and so I have to organize many things now and in the next months.
    Greetings from switzerland,

  • Jessica Covert

    I’ve recently joined the bullet journal community (Dec. 2015), and have been hooked since. I’m wanting to start doing more handwriting practice and doodling (with fountain pens and Stabilos, etc.), and would love to use the master slim as a sketching/handwriting bujo! As a side note – I love Boho Berry, subscribe to your videos and just keep coming back! Sending you good vibes!

  • Eric Ortega

    Thanks so much for the giveaway!!

  • Jeannie M

    I always need a nice new notebook for school or “warm thoughts” and this one looks particularly nice!

  • Meg

    So hard to know or decide what I would use it for, I have a bit of a notebook/journal problem. I may use it for my writing practice when my current notebook gets full. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  • Sam Bell

    please. please. control your fingers during a video. You constantly moving and tapping as you talk is very distracting. I want to see the product you’re reviewing, not your fingers constantly tap tap tapping.

  • Jasmine Poon

    Really looking forward for the giveaway!
    I’m glad that it’s open internationally!
    A greeting from Hong Kong ;)

  • Ariana

    If I win, I’d use it to organize art/craft/business ideas to get my etsy shop going again. :)

  • Tam

    Luv this giveaway! I just may be inspired to start journaling more.

  • diephotographin

    An amazing giveaway. i would use it as a Bullet Journal/To Do List.

  • Rachel Greenberg

    I love the Leuchtturm 1917 notebooks already. I am a teacher and use them to plan out all my lessons. I’ve recently combined all my teaching information with all my family schedules, so a larger paged notebook would help immensely.

  • Mylene Scott

    I want it so bad!

  • Burgess Taylor

    The giveaway is awesome. I love Goulet Pens, and your amazing pages. I’ve just gotten into BuJo’ing, and am working on my webpage and blog, so winning a Master Slim, I’ve been torn between the Master and the Master Slim, would be wonderful. Thank you and Goulet Pens for the opportunity.

  • Thank you for showing us the differences between the Leuchtturm Master and the Master Slim in the video. :) I’m starting a new job at the end of this month and think that the Master Slim will make a great BuJo for work – plenty of room to take notes and jot down daily tasks. :) Thank you for the opportunity (and Goulet Pens as well!).

  • Teresa

    I’m dying to try bullet journaling in a Leuchtturm so I can hardly wait too see who wins this.

  • Kari B

    I will finally create a work Bujo! This will be nice and portable to take with me :) Thanks for the great review and being so generous with giveaways!

  • Goulet Pens is the best. Fabulous video. Loved your modifications. I love that you share why you make them, instead of just saying that you changed something. It helps me think about what I’m doing and why, and sometimes helps me see why things aren’t working. :) B

  • Cheri Mino

    I love your blog!!! Your such an inspiration!!!

  • Patti D’Ambrosca Ward

    My job in audio drama is keeping everybody else organized. I would use a journal like this to help make order from their chaos. :-)

  • Brittany Pohl

    Oooh, those look amazing! What a cool giveaway!

  • Nicole M Jones

    I love all the opportunities that everyone in this community gives to their followers, especially new comers like myself. Keep up the amazing inspiration!

  • Kelly Dunton

    I would use the Master Slim book to reorganise my study and Psych notes!

  • Debbie Binnersley

    I’m almost at the end of my current Leuchtturm 1917 notebook so this would be perfect timing. I would use it as a standard bullet journal I think x

  • Sophie Hoy

    I’m loving this giveaway and your official bullet journal one as well. I initially found your posts on tumblr whilst looking at studyblrs. I love your videos and blog, started my own bullet journal and it has really helped me to plan out my revision for my exams coming up. Also I’ve not missed/forgotten an event since starting which is a massive thing for me because I can be a little forgetful at times so thank you so much. If I won one of those beautiful notebooks I would use it to start planning my dissertation for the final year of my degree, I start my research next month. I would also like to thank you for introducing me to the miracle morning and the other books on your blog post about personal development books. I’ve been out and bought the miracle morning and Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. Loving them both!!

  • Summer

    I’m ready to abandon my Erin Condren and start over fresh with my Bullet Journal. Winning a Leuchtturm1917 is the perfect way to do that!

  • Sarah Joyce Bryant

    I would use it as my teaching notebook. I’ve been using a spiral notebook to log my task list and class planning, but it would be amazing to have one of these notebooks!

  • Kelsea O’Brien

    I think I would definitely use it for handwriting practice. The A5 journal sizes just don’t work out for me when practicing my writing, but this would be perfect!

  • lilly claire

    Thank you so much for this giveaway!!! If I won, I’d use it as my business/Instagram planning notebook :)))

  • Debbie Silverman

    I would use it to keep track of my kitty’s medical treatment. He has seizures, and gets three different meds everyday.

  • I am new to bullet journalling, started with #rockyourhandwriting just get start slow. Thank you for the experience.

  • Donna Wooten

    Thank you so much for sharing your inspirations and hosting this fantastic giveaway. I have been involved with a local nonprofit for twelve years and I would use the master slim to organize something new we’re working on.

  • Kim

    This would be a wonderful tool to use when planning lessons! Teacher here :)

  • Anna

    Great giveaway! Thank you))

  • Stephanie B

    I would use the master slim notebook to keep track of everyone in my household. No one ever knows each other’s schedules and it would be nice to have one place to keep it all together.

  • Millie Nicole

    I would probably use it as a bullet journal for my blog. Or possibly for tracking my health and medical issues.

  • Tabtiha

    These look amazing for mind mappping and perfect for studying!

  • Actually, inspired by your B&B BuJo, I think about setting one for myself – I’ve just started with my blog and I log everything in my regular BuJo, but I might need a separate one. I think you understand why (;

  • Nagy Noémi

    Love this giveaway! Thank you!

  • Lexi Zuel

    I’m just starting journaling and so far I love it! I would more than likely use this journal for keeping a larger calendar in and to keep inspiring things I find!

  • Heather Sweet

    Love your blog! Thank you for the giveaway! It would be great to try out the popular Leuchtturm notebook.

  • Brittany Austin

    Wow, this is an incredible notebook. I’ve been running through the idea of starting a SAHM blog to help document our lives and share different aspects of my day such as recipes, kids projects etc. A notebook like this would be a great way to organize all of that and have it be separate from my current journal set up.

  • Alecia

    I think this would be a great work bullet journal/task list.

  • Amy Sampson

    I’ve been trying to get into the Bullet journal life for a while. the size of the books i’ve picked are frustrating and I’d love to try this one :)

  • This is an awesome giveaway! I’ve been trying to make my way through my Moleskin so I can justify getting a Leuchtturm!! Haha

  • Debbi Downs

    I plan to use the master slim for a bullet journal for my job. I work from home and a bullet journal will help keep me focused an on track!

  • madhavighare

    I’m so in love with these Leuchtturm books — and their paper is super awesome! Yes, I totally love the idea of using them for brainstorming and mind-mapping.

  • Yulisa

    I would love to use a master slim for a research journal– it would definitely help me incorporate my analog tools (fountain pens and stationary) into research projects I do as part of my coursework! Thanks for the opportunity and the wonderful videos!

  • Susie Caianiello

    I will use it for starting a bullet journal !!! thank you

  • Andrea

    It’s pretty simple – I’d use it for sorting out my life! Keeping all the things that swirl around in my head in one place – clearing my mind and being more productive :)

  • Jeremy Garcia

    I recently came upon your blog and became so drawn into Bullet Journaling. Once I read a little more into it, I knew that I had to buy one and use it in my daily life. Fast forward a week later, I am writing in my Bullet Journal and have not looked back =).

    If I were to ever get a Master Slim Notebook, I would probably use it for graduate school, which I start this upcoming Fall; I can’t wait!

  • Emily

    That notebook would be good for so many things — I think I’d probably use it for designing and sketching for my art. Lots of space + pre-drawn dot grid = win.

    You and Goulet Pens are the best!

  • Joyce

    This would be a great addition to my Bullet Journal family — thanks, Kara!

  • Ann Martin

    Great giveaway, Kara, thank you and thank you to Goulet Pens. I’m a newbie to Bullet Journaling and I’m just using a small notebook before I progress to the big time of Leuchtturm Journaling and I would really love to use the Master Slim. I will definitely be using it for my business’s and personal life as they definitely need to be monitored.

  • Amber B.

    I’d use the journals as bullet journals. I have a regular size Leuttchurm 1917, but it’s a little too heavy to carry in my purse all the time. These would be perfect for it!!

  • Angie

    One of my goals this year is to start a blog of my very own. Currently I have my mind dump ideas in a regular spiral notebook. It works but sort of hard to get creative juices flowing looking at something so bland and boring. I would use this to help get my dream into my reality. Now if you could only have a “find the courage to be a blogger” giveaway- I would be 100% set!
    I have the Leuchtturm1917 for my everyday bullet journal. And yes I ordered mine from The Goulet Pen Co! I was very happy with the service I received from them. But I must admit my favorite part had to be the personalized note and lollipop that came with it! :)

  • Sandy van Buren

    Greetings from The Netherlands. I’m so glad I found your blog a little while ago!! Great giveaway!!

  • Nico Elizabeth

    I would personally use it for school. I use my current bullet journal for school but 5 classes takes up s much space :3

  • maria o.

    This is awesome! I’ve been interested in Leuchhturm notebooks, but alas, can’t find them near me to look at them. (Yes, I’m a nerd who likes to test the feel of the notebook in person!) PS love your blog :)

  • Shanise Jones

    I didn’t much care for the “original bullet journal” I like the mulitple colors of the other leuchtturm’s, and the variety with them. But THIS!! I WANT!! I LOVE the idea of a huge one for blogging. Or whatever. So cool! You never disappoint, Kara!

  • jamiah

    I would use this journal to start my bullet journal! I’m so interested in starting. It will motivate me to be more time oriented, organized, and try to stay on task ;)

  • Liz Rotundo

    Great post! Love the video of your review and use of the Master Slim. If I win the notebook, I will use it to plan my blog. Thank you!

  • Kareana Smith

    I have recently been looking for a larger notebook to use for my new blog and website that I have started. I also have started my etsy shop and I need another book to stay focused and organized with. This would be a great giveaway to win.

  • Brandi B.

    Oh my goodness, what wouldnt I use my new notebook for!?? The possibilities are endless! Am SO excited for this awesome giveaway!

  • Sally Gilmour-Smith

    I’d love to use this for keeping track of my TBR and read book lists. I’ve been pondering ways to intergrate the bullet journal system into my readng list and this would be perfect for doing that.

  • Ray Janikowski

    If I were to win, I would use it as the keeper of my master to dos!

  • Rebecca Epperson

    I would love to try a large Leuchtturm1917; I’ve been so happy with my first notebook of that brand. Thank you for doing this, Kara!

  • Charis Anderson

    Oh these are gorgeous! I would LOVE to have one of these. I would use these for project planning – I have lots of sketching that I want to do to eventually start a line of clothing :) I think this would be more than perfect! LOVE the colors!!!

  • Barbara Eisenzimmer Star

    Thanks for the giveaway! If I got one I would use it to keep up with my Etsy shop

  • IrishMarti

    You are such an inspiration, I truly love your blog and the positive vibe you send to people :)

  • Sephra

    Thank you for another awesome giveaway! If I win, I’d use mine for a gardening sketchbook/journal :)

  • StudioWaite

    Thank you once again for this! This is really awesome of you. I absolutely love the bullet journal and you’ve been a great inspiration for many. Just watched the video – that size is cute! Keep up the reviews!

  • Heather Hunt

    Awesome giveaway! I’ve just started bullet journaling in the past month and have started using it for my business too. This book would be the perfect size for that!
    Thank you to both of you for the generous giveaway.

  • Abby S

    Thanks for the giveaway! If i got one I would use it to keep up with my nursing school work and my etsy shop.

  • Meghan Dailey-Faulhaber

    I was REALLY excited to see this in my IG feed! I have been using a really cheap graphing notebook for my first bullet journal and am researching a quality notebook for my next bujo. I have pretty much settled on this one because of the size and the color availability. I hope I win, but if I don’t, I’ll likely be buying one anyway! Thanks for this :)

  • Marisa Lobo

    So excited about this giveaway! I’d love to get my hands in one of these beauties and star experimentig with them. Thanks!

  • Amanda Dawn

    The Slim is beautiful! I adore your layout for you blog and business. My husband and I are starting a blog (and our own business in the next year) so I will totally keep this post in mind! :D

  • Kelley Regan O’Brien

    Love these giveaways! So generous. I’m new to bullet journaliing – and I think it’s the best thing ever. Wish I’d started this years ago!

  • Vicky Buckley

    these are so book. i love your videos and may have to get myself my first Leuchtturm1917

  • Lisa McNeil Meyer

    I am so excited about this giveaway! I’ve been eyeing both the Master and the Master slim for some time now, but haven’t had the ability to purchase one. I am currently on short term disability because of surgery on a ruptured disc on my neck. My bullet journal is the only thing that keeps me sane! Since I work as an ER/trauma nurse in a level 1 trauma center, being away from work has been a serious struggle for me mentally and emotionally. If I were to win one of these beauties, I would most certainly be using it to help chronicle my progress in healing and how it will help me be a better nurse – because a good nurse is one who has the ability to empathize with their patients…. and boy do I ever! I rarely get sick, much less have surgery and stay in the hospital! And of course that all ties into my progression as a nurse. Where I work, we have a clinical advancement ladder, as they call it. Each step requires a various number of goals to accomplish, including time as charge nurse, training new nurses in the department, and writing stories of interesting patients and their disease processes, or how I was able to relate to them in a time of need and make their journey through the health care system that much easier. I have plans for all of these spreads/collections for my current bullet journal, but the master slim would give me so much more room to really make it personal and professional (after all, it will have to be shown to my boss, my boss’s boss, etc etc, and the whole review panel will decide if what I’ve accomplished thus far is enough to promote me up the ladder.

    Thank you SO much for this opportunity!

  • Kim West

    This is awesome! I was just looking at these yesterday. I really want to get one to help organize my non-profit chapter!

  • Mariagabriela V.

    I want to use this wonderful master slim for continuing my bullet journal, because I can’t afford this beautiful master slim and right now I used a regular notebook for my bullet journal. Thanks for this giveaway!!

  • Una O’Sullivan

    Oh wow – I was about to purchase a hobonichi for my work Bullet Journal where I work in a corporate environment. Would love the orange one to bring in a much needed pop of colour to the windowless office we work in. I’ve been bullet journalling for my personal life with enormous success which has made me so happy and everyone at work has noticed so I’d like to continue the positive influence. xx

  • Deanna

    I’m so excited to see another giveaway! I seem to be entering everything, and never win. LOL If I were to win I’d use this for bullet journaling of course! I’m currently using a cheapo notebook I had laying around with my EF Preppy and Metropolitan. I’d love some good paper for my fountain pens! :-) I love all your work Kara! Keep it up!

  • Regina Renee

    Thanks for offering the giveaway. I keep a separate business bullet journal that has worked well for me for over a year. I look forward to reading your blog post about your business and blog bullet journal.

  • Jenni

    Beautiful books!! I’ve been looking at buying one of these and couldn’t decide between an a5 or a matter slim!

  • Thank you! I’d use a journal like this for a prayer journal, or taking notes on books. I wouldn’t feel constricted at all!

  • Bernadette Astwood

    Thank you for being so generious!

  • Stephanie Olson

    I love the size of the master slim to do goal setting and career planning. This would be the perfect notebook to keep my larger career goals, mentoring sessions, and long-term plans. I love the bright colors and the full sizes for the long term application.

  • Lucía Alberino

    First I want to say I’m amazed at how amazing everything yo do is! Huge fan of your blog.
    I follow the BuJo community since last year, but only last month I finally decided to start my own. It would be amazing to be able to use a notebook like this one. It is really difficult (if not impossible) to get them in my country.

  • Katie B

    This notebook is beautiful. I’d use it for school. I always take better notes and do better work when I’m writing in a good-looking sturdy notebook.

  • Danielle Chan

    OOO! I’m loving this size. I definitely am a brain dump type of person. This notebook would be a great place for me to dump my ideas, organize them, and make them actually happen! =)

  • Isabel Brown

    Currently, my bullet journal is a repurposed sketch book and i love it but its so small! I adore large notebooks and fully support Kara and everything she does because she is adorable and a gift.

  • Tracey Tazz O’shea

    This is an amazing giveaway! I’m loving bullet journaling in the notebook I already had as a trial run. I’ve just about outgrown the poor thing and leaning towards the Master slim for my blog bujo. Good luck to all!

  • Dawne Mowbray

    I will use it for my next bulletjournal! I really appreciate your example of being relaxed enough to let your journal evolve according to how you use it. You are shaping it, not being controlled by a set pattern. :-)

  • Jennifer Fox

    I really like the idea of being able to use it to have an outlet for my creativity. I have kind of lost my way on what to do to keep my anxiety at bay as old ideas aren’t working and every time I watch your videos I get more and more inspired. Bullet journaling is such a great outlet on having control and being organized and creative.

  • Maria Diniz

    If I win I would use it to organize my life and start a journal. I am on my first year of collegue and would be a great start! It would also be an amazing birthday gift! I’m turning 21 and it would be great to have an organized start to adulthood.

  • What a lovely journal! Would love to win this one.

  • Christine

    I love writing fiction, but I don’t always follow through when I say I’ll work on something. I’d use the notebook to keep track of my writing projects, as well as motivate myself to continue writing.

  • Deanna Lazarus

    I’ve just started my 1st Bullet Journal. I am also planning on starting my own blog and maybe even an Etsy shop selling postcards/stationary of my own designs. So winning the Leuchtturm1917 Master Slim could help my get organized, keep my thoughts and ideas in one place. Since my mind bounces all over the place.

  • Julia van der Wyk

    I would use it for a bullet journal or a stream of consciousness journal, or a place to collect business notes

  • Tammy

    I love this size! Also, that it’s so trim. I think that I need one for an idea I am cooking up. One big project. Good luck everyone!

  • p hl

    I’ve been wanting to try a Leuchtturm notebook out, they look very nice.

  • Naomi Quinlan

    Thank you ! Found you on Pinterest and just started bullet journaling in a lined journal I have would love to use this book for my BuJo

  • Dorey Duncan

    I have not yet tried the Master size Leuchtturm and I am dying to get my hands on one! I have the smaller size for my BuJo, one for my Commonplace Book and one for keeping track of my enormous library and reading habit! I desparately need something to keep track of my educational path, my son that I homeschool’s educational path, and the 12 plus students that I mentor! I have yet to successfully figure out how to keep it all straight! Watching your tutorial opened my eyes to the fact that I am not being successful in the smaller size because I need the bigger one!!!

  • Natalie Tremblay

    I’m so stinking excited about this giveaway! I have two “side businesses” for income, besides my actual job, and I would love a larger notebook to keep all the ideas, events and everything in between for both. Plus, I LOVE the blue!

  • Paloma Tapia

    I’d use as my psicopatology notebook! I’ll be great to studay and have pretty notes

  • Bonnie Curtis

    I would use the journal to get my life in control :)

  • angelchrys

    I can definitely see the appeal of the slim!

  • Amanda Hayes

    I would use it to organize my craft supplies! I’ve realized that when I go into any store and see stickers, stamps, ink, scrapbook paper, pens, markers, washi tape, etc. That I like and I don’t know if I have it… I’ll get it because of course it’s on sale! And I’ve started buying duplicate items! If I had a slim book to carry around in my purse I would have more one of everything and less doubles!

  • Nora Bear

    I’d used the Master Slim for lettering. I’m going to be starting learning soon and I’d like to have a record of my progress.

  • Vanessa Savage

    Now i need a slim! love your blog and message!

  • Mandy Thompson

    I am super excited about this giveaway! I’ve been wanting to try the master notebook for quite some time but I was worried about the size. This slim would be perfect! I’m curious to try a Leuchtterm in general because it’s fountain pen friendly. If I win this giveaway it will definitely be my new bullet journal!

  • Megan

    I would love to hopefully start my own Blog Bullet Journal!

  • Barbara Ellen Talisman

    It worked!!!! Thank you. I’ll share the journal anew ies in Australia – not as big a following here. I keep talking about it at paper shops and friends. :)

  • michelle.

    This is such a great giveaway :D the journal I currently use has been very useful for my everyday tasks, but I feel I still need things to improve (and space for all my lists), and the master slim notebook would be perfect for that!

  • natsora

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • AmandaLeonor

    What a lovely giveaway! I was referred to your blog from Lily Pebbles and I’ve been soaking up so much since! I’d love to win a notebook to help me organize my life as I try to start my own business! Thank you Kara!

  • Olive

    I really enjoyed the review you made as well as all of your other videos :)

  • Lin Andrews

    In all honesty, I will most likely give it to my 8 year old daughter. She is very interested in my journaling and asks to look at mine all the time. I feel this would be a good size for her to start her own since she writes much bigger than me. I want her to begin to realize keeping up with due dates and assignments is important for school and it might help her ADHD riddled mine to stop a think a bit more.

    Since I’ve been journaling, I’ve found a peace I was definitely missing. I follow your page and Themodernmissdarcy religiously and eagerly await new posts. Thanks for bringing bullet journaling into my life!

  • Janice

    Another great giveaway! I am so grateful to the bullet journal community, and the planner community in general, for showing me that I am not alone in my love for all things pen and paper related. I have kept journals forever, but since finding the groups, blogs and channels dedicated to scribbling, drawing and planning, it has been quite a journey of discovery. There are so many beautiful expressions of creativity that I’m never bored and always surprised at a new spread, page or layout. I find that I love the simple black and white, bare-boned designs as much as the artistic and colorful. It is my happy place :) All I can say is THANK YOU!

  • Milky Way Blogger

    Awesome giveaway, thanks for organising Kara! I’d use it as a year 12 study planner to help me stay organised and motivated. Good luck everyone

  • Sherry N Jacob Vasquez

    This is so cool. would love to get one for my sister!

  • Awesome giveaway! I’d be using that notebook to finally move my work bujo from a lined spiral notebook.

  • Jenn Cliftn

    I’m just starting my Etsy business & this would be perfect for that!!

  • Audra Richards

    Just got the A5 sized dot, it wasn’t quite what I wanted, I accidentally got the Whitelines dotted (bought it through Amazon, second mistake). I love the two colours, I’m planning to use journals like them to archive my family tree work.

  • Sandra M.

    Thank you so much for hosting giveaways like these. You’ve been such an inspiration. Your bullet journals are like works of art. Too bad I don’t have as much of an eye for that. But I love looking at the way you add your own flair. I would use this as my work bullet journal to keep track of the things I need to do for my part-time job as a tap dance teacher. It will help me to streamline my current bullet journal as a personal/school organizational tool so it won’t be as overwhelming to see all those tasks that pertain to all three things.

  • Laney Portelance

    Awesome giveaway! Your videos inspire me to be more organized. If I won the Master Slim, I’d use it to plan all of my video and film projects for my YouTube channel and my film internship! :D

  • Noa Joy

    I love this giveaway! I started using an A5 Leuchtturm1917 for my daily life, but I think a seperate notebook would be great to have, so that I won’t be distracted and I won’t start doodling when I should be doing my homework, haha! Your blog is amazing, I love how enthusiastic you are!

  • Awesome giveaway! I will use it for my bujo-blog planner

  • CeciMami

    I will probably let my son (age 10) use it for his very own Bujo…he wants one so bad since I started!!! :)

  • Mag

    Thank you so much for all your tops, vidéos and giveaways! I just started à bullet journal for my personal use but if I win I would like to use this one to start my own YouTube channel…. Or perhaps for work as I’m a teacher

  • freya

    OMG, the organisation that would take place in this master slim Leuchtturm!

  • Andrea Grof

    For the bullet journal,of course. :)

  • Ali-Beth Griffin

    Fab giveaway. I’d use this to start bullet journaling I love the concept love you videos. Xx

  • Noahh Bravo

    Thanks for the giveaway! I just start with my bullet journal, so this help me a lot :D

  • Poppy Noir

    Thank you for this giveaway. I just found your youtube channel and blog so I’m a new journal addict. I want to use a journal for my first track/list journal. The big size is perfect for this.

  • Shona wardrop

    Just emerging from a dark and dreary winter here in Scotland, the sight of a bright and vibrant notebook is an inspiration. Look forward to spring and sun and clear skies and using the notebook to journal in the park and on the beach.

  • Farah’s Wonderland

    I am a new follower since January’16 and honestly because of you I’m planning to start journaling. And if I did win (most probably not but if I did) I would use it to management my studies and my newly University life as I’m a spring freshman.
    Thank you so much for being as amazing as you are.

  • Caryn

    I currently use grid notebooks for journaling and for drawing Celtic knot work and medieval ornamentation. I’ve been wanting to try a dot-grid paper since it would be much less visually intrusive. I hadn’t seen notebooks with this paper before. These journals are beautiful in their simplicity.

  • Jessies

    I will use it for my business bujo!

  • Julie Mitton

    Thank you for yet another opportunity to enjoy a Leuchtturm! I really enjoyed your video review. I would not have considered the slim notebook before but I can definitely see the potential now! I would use it for the many projects I have going on- to dream, plan and organize it all in one place. It would be perfect to sketch in (pencil) layouts and designs having the dot grid. The index would make it easy to find the project note quickly. Thank you and Goulet Pen Co.

  • Pam

    The possibilities are endless! I think I’ll use for a work planning journal.

  • Kathy Wendt Bihn

    Another great giveaway, thanks, I am trying to implement this into my daily life, I picked up a moleskin dotted journal on clearance, but am not sure how I want to use it. I think this smaller version would be handier to take with me on a daily basis, so while some individuals keep everything I. One journal, I am thinking I need to separate work/life from bible study, verse memorization, journaling art, etc.

  • IEV

    Suelo usar métodos digitales para organizar mi trabajo, pero estoy pensando remitirme a métodos analógicos, para reducir el volumen de actividades e ir un poco más despacio. Lo usaría para intentar seguir un “bullet journal”. (I tend to use digital methods to organize my work, but I am thinking about using “analogic” methods instead to reduce the volume of activities, to slow down a bit. I would use the notebook to try out the bullet journal method to structure my work).

  • There is a whole world of discovery out there… Bullet Journal is a new idea to me, but I can see it resolving many of my lifelong organizational problems. After years as a journalist, I have become a sole proprietor, launching a hyperlocal news site for the city of Manchester, NH. If anyone needs to have a system for assessing the past, getting a handle on the present and plotting a future, it’s me. I’d love to “win” – wouldn’t we all – but am happy to know there are tangible tools out there. Thanks for your inspiration.

  • Bill

    I’m enjoying your site. I found you Through Guolet Pens

  • Fida Islaih

    I really want to try out bullet journaling but if it doesn’t work out I still love journaling and I want a place to leave all my thoughts, ideas and doodles. Thanks for sharing!

  • squeezedmind

    I’m a graphic designer so I’d use it as a mix between a business BuJo and a sketchbook for my projects :) (also orange is my favorite color, so I hope to be extra lucky and win that one xD)

  • Bianca

    This giveaway is amazing! I have been using a bujo for almost 10 months now and I finally decided I wanted to make a separate bujo for university work, assignments etc. This would be perfect for that! I’d love to win one

  • Charisse Lynn Reeves

    I want to use the notebooks to start a bullet journal.

  • Jasmine

    thanks for hosting such a great give away!! ^_^ I would use the notebook for my blogging and business ideas, I’ve been wanting to separate them from my personal bullet journal.

  • Thanks to your videos I am starting bullet journaling! I just got my notebook yesterday and am anxious to get started today! I would love one to use just for tracking my moods and eating patterns since I’m going through something right now that is requiring me to keep up with that info :)

  • Julia ONeill

    Thank You so much for your videos and your hard work. Thank You too for the chance to win one of these beautiful notebooks! I would use it to work on my handwriting practice, since there is so much more space!

  • Megan Webb

    You are doing some amazing things here lady! I would love to get my hands on a master slim for mind mapping and using it as a positive thoughts sketchbook/journal. There’s plenty of space to really go to town! =)

  • Emma Drosdek

    :O The Notebooks are beautiful! I would defenitly use it to organize my year, the months and my School stuff. By the way I wanted to say thank you of course for such cool giveway but mostly that you showed me bullet journaling! :)
    PS: I’m sorry for my bad english ^-^”

  • Jessica

    I really enjoy participating in your giveaways! Goulet Pens is an awesome business and I love your relationship with their company! I would love to use a Master Slim Leuchtturm 1917 to plan for my classes and the lab that I will be teaching in August. As a PhD student and archaeologist I am always on the lookout for a good-quality notebook. A Master Slim will be a great addition to my A5 Leuchtturm 1917 Bullet Journal! I look forward to your next blog post!

  • Patti

    I’m new to bujo and am using it for work to organize contact and client interactions, meetings, and ideas. This would be the 1st master size and 2nd journal I’ve used since I just started.

  • hadeel

    Love your videos!! I would love to get my hands on one of these, fingers crossed!

  • Tara

    Thank you for this giveaway! I would definitely use the master slim notebook to have a separate notebook to keep track of my business. It would be great to keep track of my design ideas, YouTube videos, etc.

  • Camilla Sanver

    I’ve been curious about the slim notebooks for some time, especially how they compare with the thicker ones. This review has really helped me make up my mind. :)

  • Mar Jar

    Hi. I’m new to the bullet journal group, but I would love to start using this for home organizing. Hope to win!

  • Susi Gilbert

    Loved your video about the A4 journal. Love it’s bigger size. Not sure yet how I’d use it, (lots of ADD and many projects), perhaps for my (future) blog(s), as you do. My first Bullet Journal is a “learning experience” with a generic journal. Have learned lots from you, and love your blog and videos.

  • John

    I’m still new to bullet journaling and current;y using my TN for that purpose, I think I’d use this notebook for sketching, pen and ink drawing. Great give away and I love all your content!

  • azRieL

    I just got started to bullet journaling and I think this would be a good one as a separate bullet journal for my finances. I’m self employed and I recently opened a secondary business. Accounting for both can become quite confusing. Add to that, the deadlines of bills are spread everywhere in the month.

  • Lindsey Murphy

    What an awesome giveaway! I’d love to use this journal for master lists that I want to carry on for years to come. Thanks so much for this opportunity! And thank you to Goulet Pens as well!

  • Tânia Januário

    Tks soo much for this giveaway Kara, I want this very much, because here in Brazil we didn´t found to buy.

  • Vanessa DeBroeck

    I am excited about the giveaway. Whether I win or not, I love your blog and videos. It’s really helped me become more organized and feel more productive.

  • Jen Auschwitz

    I would use it for recipes! Planning, shopping, logging, and rating for all the new recipes I try. :)

  • elkidee

    I have just started getting into journaling. I am older and I love your journaling style and I am learning so much from you. I really want to leave a bit of a memoir and memory book for my daughter and granddaughter and would love to do that using your style of journaling and planning.

  • Ashley Crowe

    Yay! Been wanting one of these!!

  • Anick Globensky-Bromow

    Wow! another giveway from Goulet, they rock!! Thanks Kara for the opportunity!

  • e frowning

    I would use the notebook for drawing out huge weekly schedules and meal planning. :)

  • Lucinda

    Would love to compare as I’m a Moleskine lover through-and-through!

  • Peony Au

    Thank you for the chance! Leuchtturms are only available online where I live so it would be great if I could get the chance to try one out. I’ve just started bullet journaling so I would definitely use it for that!

  • Thanks for the giveaways and all the information and creativity you share with us.

  • This is so exciting! I’d love to have a master slim for lesson planning and other teacherly things! I love my medium Leuchtturm1917 a TON!

  • Ashley


  • MK

    Kara I’m hooked on your blog!! :) Really enjoy your work! Keep it up! :) So, I’ve just started bullet journaling and am enjoying it a lot so far! Have been using my old notebook but am looking for my next journal – and these seem to be really nice – especially because you use and recommend them! ;)

  • Bella L

    If I were to win your giveaway, I’d use the notebook as a Gratitude journal and to practice my handwriting. I love your videos and blog, Kara!!! You’re Awesome!!! :)

  • Petra

    I’m mothers on maternity and I would like you writing down plans around households and work. You can not buy it, because Slovakia is very expensive

  • selyemakac

    I had my first BuJo now! I have a relatively cheap notebook, it’s the best, for the learning process. But this would be just perfect after I know what’s my style!

  • Karin Shaim

    I want to use the notebooks to start a bullet journal.

  • radu radulescu

    nice giveaway

  • Susana Martin

    I would love to win a master slim! I would use this notebook to takes notes since I am going to start college this May! With the table of contents i will be able to find my notes quickly!

  • Anika

    Thank you so much for the giveaway! I would take notes in this journal!

  • Demetrius Martin

    So I was sitting outside, yesterday actually, chatting with my mom as
    she worked in the yard, and we ended up coming up with, what we believe,
    would be an entreprenurial endeavor of quite some promise during that
    discussion. Consequently, were I to win one of the master slim
    notebooks, it would be dedicated to notes on researching what it would
    take to pursue this endeavor further, as I am presently without any
    unused notebooks because of my classes.

  • Allison Bloom

    I love the Leuchtturm for bullet journaling. I used to use a Moleskine, but it’s so convenient to have the pages already numbered AND the dot grid.

  • Wendy Swank

    Would love to win! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Kathy Downing

    I would love be to use the pretty Azure Master Slim for Cjallenges! Like Rock Your Handwriting and Listers Gotta List!

  • I’d use this for my bullet journal. I love that it already has page numbers.

  • Andrea S. Brown

    The master slim looks like a great size for business. I would love to use this for my financial wellness coaching/training business and social media. You are such an inspiration and I really appreciate all you share! Thank you very much. Also, I have used YNAB for years! Love it!!! @AndreaTalking

  • Oh no……… and so it begins. Today I looked these lovely notebooks on line, made a wishlist for myself and my teen daughter, and promised her that this year she would have her first fountain pen! Not only have you been enticing me to go in that direction, but even my little one as well .!!! :)

  • Skylar Earnhart

    I love Bullet Journaling but ive never owned a Leutchtturm!! Would love to win one!!! :)

  • Susan Gray

    I’m really intrigued by these. For now, with one preschooler to homeschool I can keep my records in a standard Leuchtterm or Rhodia, but once both of my girls are into serious schooling I don’t think it will fit anymore. I think then I will need to turn to the master size notebooks.

  • Briana

    I’m new to the Leuchtturm world (Moleskine lover here!) but, man do you make them sound like I need another notebook in my life! I was only aware they did the A4 size but this size and with less pages would be ideal for various things (a stationary addict rationalizing why I need another notebook)!

  • Jessuh

    Oh wow, it’s A4 and comes in orange (best color ever)! How awesome! I would absolutely use it for my freelancing and the business I’m working on starting this year :)
    Thank you for hosting the giveaway and all of the inspiring bullet journaling information! I would never had heard about that journaling method had I not found you on YouTube, so double thank you!

  • Jennifer Candelaria

    I’ve wanted a Leuchtturm1917 for awhile now. I would use it for my bullet journaling!

  • Sarly

    I would use it to house all my literature review notes for my thesis! I’ve been struggling to find somewhere that kind of makes sense, as I want dots but I feel like as a student I can’t spend the $40-$50 (NZ) to buy thesis scribbles their own leuchtturm…

  • Mandy Zani

    I am trying to get my photography business off the ground… I have been worked hard for so many years for it and I think this would be a perfect addition to helping me keep track of all the things I need for my business. I love the bullet journal I have for my everyday life, so this I know this will be a perfect fit!

  • I would love to use this as a my daily planner and journal.

  • Milo Rune

    Oooooh I love this! Can’t decide if I would use one for class notes (new semester starting in two weeks!) or as a blog tracker.

  • Katie Weiss

    A perfect. Wonderful. Huge. All encompassing. Beautiful. Personalized. Efficient. TOTALLY RAD BULLET JOURNAL! :D Thanks Kara and Goulets! <3

  • Julia Andreano

    Yay…. Another giveaway :) I’m a stay-at-home mom working on my master’s degree and trying to write my first book. I would use the A4 LT1917 Master Slim to collect the ideas for my thesis and my story.

  • Such an awesome giveaway. And it’s even international!! Thank you so much for making it possible.
    If I win this BUJO, it’s going to be my very first one. I love planners and I’m getting more and more into starting with bullet journals because of the freedom they offer.
    I want to use it to track my projects and accountability. Standard planners aren’t as flexible as BUJOs. As a Holistic Life Coach, I’d cannot wait to expand my mind through it.

  • Anastasia

    Thanks for the chance! I will use this one to start my planning system, for which i actually need three Leuchtturms. One is for 5-year diary for global plans and achievemnt’s tracking, one is for day-to-day bullet journalig and Master Slim is for business-tasks and plans.

  • Kelly Herndon

    Such a joy to watch you work! Inspiring! I would love to create my daily to-do list (baby steps) following some of your ideas then seeing where that takes me!

  • Jody

    I’m not exactly sure yet what I’d do with the notebook. I’ve been just following your advice with my bullet journaling of just jump in and I will find my own groove and it’s been working out perfectly so far. I’m sure what ever I end up using this particular notebook for, it will be exactly what I needed for the job. Thank you Kara.

  • Liza Zagrebelna

    I really love the azure blue colour! I’d use it for starting my own blog and youtube chanel, so lie brainstorming and tracking everything :)

  • Ben Milstein

    Good luck everyone, everyday, everyplace!

  • Maggie

    I love this giveaway, thanks for let us have a chance to win one of those. If I win it i’ll use it for my creative writing ideas, it has the perfect size!

  • Julie Keesee

    I love the Master Slim for use at work. I have a tendency to work on top of an open journal for easy access at all times and have found that this is the best size to do that. The Master is just too thick, the A5 is too small, but the Master Slim is just right. Lol. .. I just had a Goldilocks flashback. Thank you so much for sharing all you do with the BuJo community. I actually keep 3 journals (personal, work and a health journal ). Unfortunately, some of the meds that I am on rob me of my memory and my journals are a lifesaver. I just started using them about a month ago and I feel as if I am getting my former level of productivity back again. I get a ton of inspiration from you, so again, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

  • Lychee Chu

    Hope I can have the chance to win a Master Slim from you~ I’ve always been tuned of your blog/youtube/Instagram~ Thank you a lot~ I like you so much and I’m so proud to represent your Chinese fans to say this~

  • Click B

    My husband steadfastly refuses to Bullet Journal but he keeps on asking me to make a note of household stuff in mine. I’m thinking that a Leuchtturm Master Slim might make a good household journal for all those things around the house that he’d like to refer to without actually having a BuJo of his own. ;-)

  • Casey M

    I’m graduating in May and am entering a residency program for physical therapy in August. I would love to have the Master Slim to help me set up a study plan to pass my board exam, create a packing list for my big move down south, and as an area for reflection as I enter this new stage.

  • Alex Ferraro

    I just bought my first fountain pen with a nice spread of inks. I’d like to use this for my first ink and pen journal. Keep track off all the inks and pens and nibs I’ll use.

  • Midori

    The Bujo I started after seeing your page has helped me find my identity again. I telecommute full time while trying to be a mom to my 2 preschool age daughters, needless to say, I have zero time for myself… and I forgot how much I needed the creative outlet. This notebook would be a great addition.

  • Another giveaway?! You’re almost too much!! I think this would have to be my blog and biz journal… Too fabulous! Thank you!

  • Boggie TheGoodWitch

    This giveaway is soo cool. I would use it as a Bullet Journal.

  • Niki

    Amazing giveaway! This beauty could be my blog and business bullet journal. Thank you!

  • Geneviève Doth

    I would love to bullet journal in it! Right now I use a line spiral notebook from the dollar store, the paper is not great, I see my writing trought the paper a lot.

  • I’ve been going back and forth on starting a bullet journal and I would use this one to start a bullet journal for my blog if I won!

  • Candace Raphael

    I’ve been wanting a Leuchtturm Master so badly to use as a creativity journal. I need more space to work in and want to work at increasing my expressiveness and creativity each day.

  • Debra

    Thanks for showing us how you are using this newest slim Leuchtturm 1917.. Love the colors! Thanks for the giveaway too.

  • Angela Hogan

    Thank you for this giveaway! I have been wanting to try this notebook for my bullet journal.

  • Melisha Forbes

    If I were to win I would use it as a bullet journal because I like the larger size. I have big handwriting so the width would give me more options for layouts.

  • Brittany Jenkins

    I have been wanting to purchase a Master for my genealogy research, but I’m curious about the way I can get it all laid out page-by-page. I would love to have a Master Slim to play with while I attempt to come up with a format that works for what I need.

  • anitx

    I was looking into buying the Master for my sorority ideas, notes, contact information, and anything else related to it. I wanted the blue because that’s one of the sorority colors and I loooved the idea of a larger page. I was hesitant about getting it because it did look rather bulky, but the Master Slim is PERFECT!!!

  • Αγγελική Ηλιοπούλου

    I will use it to write down ideas about my stories!!! :D

  • Mindy Jenkins

    I would love to start a journal and get my creative juices flowing again….they have been asleep for a long while…..

  • I just started my first bujo and I’m hooked! I showed my husband all of your videos and we binged on the bullet journal blog, too, and I think he’s sold on the idea, too! If I won the giveaway, one of these babies would totally be his!

  • Naomi Golden

    I would love to see you interview other professionals who use the bullet journal system!

  • Mimi Fan

    I’d love to try this out! My bujo is in its first iteration and I’d love the structure and incentive to get it more sophisticated.

  • Cerise Canzius

    I love your layouts so much, they’re actually what inspired me to give bullet journaling a second chance. If I win the Master Slim I’d use it as a bullet journal for my teaching. It’d be perfect to hold student records, a calendar, semester and daily plans, and meeting notes.

  • Didi Felida

    Loving this giveaway! I started blogging last year and would love to use this notebook as my Blog Bullet Journal, my current bullet journal is for home&school. Also if I win, this will be my very first Leuchtturm notebook, which is super exciting! Love your blog and youtube video’s.

  • Lorena

    I love the colors. I would love to win this journal. I use a plain notebook, I love your blog it inspires me.

  • Breanna Lee Schnetter

    What an awesome giveaway =] If I were to win this, I would probably use it to help me with organizing my life in regards to graduate school, and getting a better handle on my mental health stuff

  • Ronnie Sara Sanders

    So many giveaways! This is awesome!

  • Krystal McAllister

    I would love to win this, I just started bullet journeling, but I wish I started sooner as I’m an extreme planner and this would have helped me so much years ago

  • How exciting! Thanks for getting me into Bullet Journaling Kara!


  • Monika

    The slim notebook looks amazing! Awsome colour too. I d use the notebook either for notes for me online distance study … or maybe as a notebook … little “baby bujo” for my baby due to be born in May… to record his start of his life story, routines, devepment milestones, precious moments etc… Im not decided yet, but leaning closer to the second option :-)

  • Nicole Hall

    Thanks for the opportunity! I would use this for starting a homeschooling notebook in the fall. :)

  • Kaylyn Jones (Kassy)

    I’m thinking I just might use it as a tarot journal to keep track of my spreads and such.

  • nickhaddady

    I’m psyched to try out the new notebook and will definitely use it if I win.

  • Kim Williams Wenman

    You have been a great inspiration for a newbie like me!

  • I’m constantly trying new formats and spreads. Would love to see what I could do with this. Thanks.

  • Zoa Schescke

    I love your giveaways! If I win, I will use to track my challenges, I like keeping them separate, so I will put them in here! :)

  • Beth

    Another giveaway! Yay Goulet & Kara!

  • Bettina McIntosh

    I would love love love to win this, I have loved learning to Bullet Journal from you Kara, you are amazing!

  • Vielka

    This is an awesome giveaway! Thanks BB & Goulet Pens! I love my soft-cover Leuchtturm1917, I’ve never tried one of their hard-cover books…maybe this will be my chance!

  • Hazirah Mohamad Nopiah

    I really want to win this giveaway as Im trying my best to do bullet journal. By winning this bullet journal, it will help me a lot on organizing my bullet journal. I am happily found the right journal to help me on organizing my life, career, health and lots more. :)

  • Reinaldo Sandoval

    I would really love to win this Journaler because i would like to make a youtube channel dedicated for men´s programming and business lifestyle journaling!

  • Mo Morgan

    The give away is great – I’d use the slimline when Im travelling on business to keep the bulk down

  • Galinette

    There is always something to do with a Leuchtturm notebook!! ;-) Maybe using it for the different handwriting and doodles chalenges!!

  • Nessa Buckley Suzzoni

    Thank you for this review :) This size would be perfect for my Health journal. I had several problems since last October, and I’m on a long journey to get better. This would help me to stay on track in the long term, and have a way to follow how everything evolve. All in one place :)

  • Blanka

    I would like to use a MasterSlim Notebook for all my marketing ideas for the companies I am working for, planning a full year :)

  • Lee C

    I have been loving your you tube videos and would love to start a bullet journal, This might be the right time if I win so have to be in it to win it right! Thanks for the opportunity to try :-)

  • Janell Anderson

    Start a bullet journal of course!

  • Katarina

    I’ve only recently started dabbling in bullet journaling, but I am amazed by the creativity and productivity it offered me so far. I would love to try out Master Slim simply because I wasn’t able to find any type of Leuchtturm here in Serbia. I would probably turn in into some kind of planning & studying, all-around, personal assistant notebook :) Greetings from Europe and keep up the good work! ^^

  • Giulia Natalini

    I will use the notebook to improve my organisation skills. I always wanted a journal <3

  • Samantha Evans

    I would love to win the Master Slim, I have been debating on keeping a family Bullet Journal for a while now to get the three of us organized. My husband and I are expecting our first child next month and we could not be more excited. Amazing and happy coincidence that her name will be Kara as well.

  • Jakkofclubs

    Thank you so much for the giveaways. I would use this notebook to do daily creative writing in.

  • Roxanne Suzette Lorilla

    I just started bullet journaling and you are an inspiration… Your videos and blog posts have really helped me to evolve in this whole bullet journal world.

  • Kara Jorgensen

    Currently, I’m using a tiny moleskin notebook for my bullet journal. I’d love to have a big/normal sized notebook.

  • Aye Aye On The Run

    I will use my Master Slim to organize my upcoming big career change!

  • ShoeholicP

    This giveaway is amazing! I would love to win a master slim!!!!

  • Liz Murphy

    I love your blog and I’ve been trying to get a Leuchtturm so bad, but hardly anyone sends them to Canada. Grr! lol Maybe this’ll be my lucky day

  • Katie

    Thank you for the review and giveaway! I’ve really been wanting to try a Leuchtturm!

  • Milozzy


  • Almerissa Barduzzi

    If I win I am going to organize stuff that I want to track, create a gratitude log and a 300 days gratitude chalange as well. This notebook doesnt seel in my country so I am pretty excited to win. Thank you

  • Elizabeth Provost

    You’re amazing. I’m using your blog for inspiration as I am creating my own planner.

  • Ju Liette

    Hello Boho ! Well, I’ll use it to discover Leuchtturm, since I never use one of those !

  • Angie Guerrero

    Hi, I wish win for use it to organizing my life like a student. I am from Argentina and I love watch your videos

  • Marybeth Hancher

    Thank you so much for the entries… I’ve been in quite a funk lately with planning, and I have no idea how or why I haven’t picked up on bullet journaling before. It’s perfect for my list-style methods of keeping track of things. :) So I’d be delighted to use this for planning & bullet journaling for my personal life and business. Glad I found you, your blog, and youtube channel. :D

  • Anne Freitas

    I love the Leuchtturm giveaway! I plan on using them for my own BuJo!

  • readsusieread

    I’ve been wanting to get back into drawing and painting. This notebook would serve as the sketchbook that gets me back into art-ing. *fingers and toes crossed*

  • Emily Burney

    I absolutely love reading your blog posts and watching your vlogs! You are a creative inspiration to me!

  • thedart88

    If I won the master slim I would most likely use it to keep up with a budget for my husband and myself. :)

  • thedart88

    If I won the master slim I would most likely use it to keep up with a budget for my husband and myself. :)

  • tayajay

    book related information I need on hand.

  • Nadine Beyersbergen Weiting

    thank you for the chance…

  • Melissa Davis

    You are so kind to share these goodies with us! Thanks a bunch!

  • SL

    I would definitely use the notebook for project planning. Thank you for your videos. They are so informative.

  • Janelle

    I currently am using a moleskin for my bullet journal and I’m not overly thrilled with it. I have been dying to try a Leuchtturm journal to organize my life!

  • Great giveaway! I would use the notebook as my next BuJo or possibly a separate blog organisation BuJo….

  • Love your reviews

  • Anna Tikhonova

    I really need something special to write down my math classes :) it will be amazing :)

    • Octavia

      Cool! I’m a math teacher and I think this would be ideal for scheduling and note taking! Good luck!

      • Anna Tikhonova

        Thanks! :)

  • Dasha Egorova

    Great giveaway!
    I’d like to use it like my “table” notebook for noting all my everyday tasks, thoughts, maybe recipes)
    this notebook will make me happier just because of its color!

  • Rianne Klein Geltink

    Amazing giveway. Big fan of Leichturm1917. Have been using their A5 for years now! Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  • Silvia Lohmann

    I just started bullet journaling a few weeks ago and I am totally in love. My significant other decided on a master slim version and I was pretty envious… so much space to be filled in! Thanks for this amazing give-away :) Trying my luck <3

  • Fiona L. Kneeshaw

    I’d use this note book as a recipe book as I’m starting a new job as a chef soon!

  • Leslie C.S. Teardo

    So exciting! I would use it to plan wonderful travel :-)

  • Joanna Fraley

    I’d LOVE to try out this Leuchtturm! I am transitioning to a new career as a Nail Tech which happens to be my dream job and I already use my BuJo for EVERYTHING but I will need one specifically for appointments and I think this would be perfect!! Ps. I am ashamed to admit, I initially rolled my eyes at the Calendex, but now I have used it and I am never going back!!

  • labmonkie

    My life’s turned into an explosion of scribbled-up stickie notes, half-finished notebooks and doodles scattering into the deep, dark forest between Hither-and-Yon. (Don’t go in there, Doodles! Beware!) This gives me true hope to house it all. P.S. Send help! :^)

  • Maggie

    What would I do? I’d finally get my homeschool into a bullet journal! All my kiddos 6 to 16 have one! They will grow up way more organized than mommy!! Ok, he’s 6 but, ya know, it’s a start. Right? LOL!

  • Katherine Lemasters

    I Am So Excited About This Giveaway!!! I Haven’t Been Able To Find The Right Bullet Journal And This Would Be The One And I Would Get My Homeschool Togteher And My Life.

  • Ms. Utterly Normal

    I would love to win. I would get my self on track after leaving college because of depression. Bullet journaling has made me inspired.

  • Sheilah Buell Passegger

    I don’t have a Twitter account…. But I did everything else! Thank you for the giveaway!

  • Fishtank Kid

    I cannot for the life of me, find a nice dot grid notebook in my town. I would love to have a leuchtturm but i cannot afford one anytime soon.

  • Octavia

    I have been altering my EC Teacher Planner for 2 years now and have been looking for an alternative. This would be perfect! It is more professional for my high school classes and I could customize it with fresh pages waiting for my personal touches! I’m looking forward to next school year just so I can use this planner!

  • Samantha Welch

    Exciting!! I’m new to Leuchtturm so this would be an awesome win for me!!

  • Heidi Basore

    I just began bullet journaling and you were my first inspiration and instructor! I would use this as an upgrade to my cheap notebook I bought to try out. I love the bullet journal to keep my life organized…… Homeschool Mom, Mom of many, Caretaker to my own Mom. Life is full and good!!

  • Meghan

    This giveaway is rad! I’m a huge notebook junkie and I am looking for a new writing notebook. I keep a notebook for eat writing project I undertake and I’d like to apply bullet journey principles to my planning

  • I’ve just started my first bullet journal and I’m really enthusiastic on it! Thank you for this opportunity

  • Shibahn Landry

    If I were to win one of these, I can see it being used to help me plan small groups for my classroom. I am a first grade teacher and need a space to write out my groups of students based on need. I am finding that not only do I need to list their names, I also need to list what makes them be in that group- what is similar in terms of strengths and weaknesses. That will then help me think out and plan what those groups need to be able to move forward in their learning. I see this as also a space to record observations of those groups and how my plans are working or not working. This will be a great place for planning and reflection, as well as a record of all of that. Thank you for this great opportunity!

  • Brettni

    Thank you for the giveaway! I would use the notebook for my first Bullet Journal!

  • disqus_xUZiffPrqH

    I would love to win this masternotebook to use it for study at university. Thanks for this opportunity.

  • kathygramann

    Just stumbled upon your blog and am very interested in learning more about this style of journaling/organizing.

  • Jenna Meyers

    I’m so appreciative of you and all of your inspiration! Then to top it off you have these amazingly generous giveaways! I will use this giveaway to continue my bullet journal
    Journey!! Thank you!

  • Allison Bell

    I would love to have this notebook to use as my travel journal. I am headed to Peru in May and it would be perfect to take with me to journal about the trip in!

  • Barbara Pisciotto

    I will use it for my bullet journaling or I may use it to organize my stamping business. Not sure yet if I want to do a separate bujo for business yet.

  • Megan Hinman Thai

    Thank you for this giveaway! I’d like to try the larger size; this would be good for when I start grad school in the fall.

  • Veronica

    I would use the journal to practice my lettering and keep myself organized as I start grad school in the fall!

  • Tamara

    I will use my journal to get organized and be the best mom of 4 that I can be.

  • Nicci

    Thanks for this giveaway! I’ve actually been looking at those notebooks. I’ve been needing a planner for work. So that is what I would use it for.

  • Ooohhh…how lovely!! Would be great to win.

  • virginia rojas

    Hi Kara, I normally use a master slim as a lab book (I’m kind of a scientist ;) )

  • Rania Kaur

    I would probably use this beautiful notebook for future planning or for the Rock Your Handwriting challenge. To be honest, I haven’t decided yet :)

  • Jackie Fu

    i’d definitely use this for future planning like finances and job opportunities since i’m about to graduate!

  • Hi! I’ve just discovered what a bullet journal is and your blog. It’s really a day full of good things! :) I love your blog and I think I would go down the road to the bullet journal, because I really need to organize my things and this seems the right way! And thank you for your give away!

  • Roseann

    I would use this as a work bullet journal. The smaller size is harder to use at work because I normally have paper printouts and stuff that I need to carry with me to different meetings, so I have my large moleskine, a file folder, laptop and pen. With the larger notebook, I can put the papers I need into the notebook, stick a pen loop on the side and be good to go.

  • Caroline Niziol

    I’d love to start a Bullet Journal!

  • Forest of Colours

    Awesome :) ..if I win, I will use it as a sort of a master journal – good to use at home for different ideas, sketches. And more room to add doodles and quotes as well :)

  • Amy O

    Great opportunity! I just discovered your blog and bullet journaling whilst looking for a better way to organize my life as well as a place to journal. This is a perfect combination and I’m looking forward to getting started :)

  • Florent Taborda

    I would love to try this brand of notebook for my cooking recipes

  • Maritza Aviles-Santos

    Amazingness… I would use it to start journaling… I currently “plan” my days with no room to journal my days. I think this would be an awesome way to incorporate both. However, because I spent soo much on my “planner” spending more to change my ways is not efficient… hence, entries.

  • Igorterroso

    I am an avid user of Leuchtturm1917 notebooks since a long time and I use them for daily task tracking (not in a spectacular fashion like you of course). I have gotten into sketchnoting recently and I would like to have some bigger size but more portable notebooks to sketchnote meetings and interesting events I go to so this would be perfect!

  • Planning on starting a blog for my NY City trips, it would be perfect to plan and slim enough to carry in my smaller bag that I haul around the city.

  • Taylor

    I love your ideas and your artistic ability! I am just now starting with my bullet journal and have loved watching your videos for all the helpful info you provided! I am excited about the give away!

  • stacia4him

    I would use mine to plan my lessons for my homeschool; I need to be more organized!

  • Silver

    I love your reviews and i think your bullet journal looks really awesome! ^^

  • Jayne Ryan

    just starting to fall in love with bullet journalling so this would be a great upgrade from the tiny notebook i started with.

  • Christy

    Do I need to do all six in order to get in the giveaway

  • Mary Spencer

    awesome give away! i would use it for my crafting journal <3

  • Juliana Mockdece

    i would use it for my lettering journal! Awesame!

  • Naomi A

    Awesome giveaway again! If I win I’ll use it for my photography projects or for my bujo.
    Hugs from Spain ☺️

  • Jill Kane

    I just learned about the bullet journal system today and am OBSESSED. it is the answer to my scheduling needs as a mom, blogger and creative!

  • Shannanigans Startitis

    I would love to get the master slim size. My current bullet journal isn’t holding up to my abuse so I’m looking for a new one and the A4 size is appealing. I would be able to put more days in a spread on larger paper and my journal entries will have more space on bigger pages.

  • Hey you two! I would absolutely L – O – V – E one of these books :) I recently started doodling and lettering classes, and ah well… being organized wouldn’t hurt either. So here it is. This is why having this would be awesome: having my tries together while organizing my chaotic life – yes, please! :D

  • Virginia Delgado

    I’m just getting started on bullet journaling and I can’t love it more! I’ve always have loads of empty notebooks and never knew what to do with them! Now I know, yet my notebooks didn’t make it through my last house move… Thanks for the inspiration and best of the luck to everyone!! :D

  • Andres C Jarit

    Amazing for scale my draw in to big pictures. :)

  • Lisa M. Collins

    I have been looking at these…I think I might like it.

  • Katia Moffatt

    Great opportunity to try out the larger size! Perfect size for my graphic design freelancing jobs – bigger space to plan and test ideas – would end up being a crossbreed of a bullet journal and sketchbook!

  • Kasey D

    Would love to win this giveaway. I am new to the concept to bullet journaling and would love to try it using the best tools. Thanks Boho Berry and Goulet Pens!

  • Kara Sjoblom-Bay

    I just finished my planner, so I would use the notebook to start my new bullet journal.

  • Kassandra

    Apologies if this is the lamest thing ever, but I want a Master Slim to use for my biochemistry lab notebook next semester.

  • Stephanie @ My Frecked Life

    I love your idea of a blog and business journal. Currently I have life, school, and blog stuff all in one journal!

  • jenny

    Great giveaway, I’ve been watching and reading a lot about bullet journaling but had not started one. This would be a great way to start. Cheers!

  • Jill Shirley

    I would use mine to plan my life/ day and keep organized while using it to be creative!

  • Fernanda Alves

    I would use it as a bullet journal for my blog so that I didn’t have to crowd the index of my main bullet journal

  • Paula

    Wow, thank you for the giveaway. And I would use it to plan my life; I want to achieve several goals, and I’m half way through but what I lack is consistence, I want to be able to put all my thoughts in order and then complete every task, goal, duty I put myself so I can feel better with myself. I also am starting a bookstagram account, and I’m going to be on my last year of high school so I want to be prepared for all the journey that I got ahead of me

  • JustThatGirl J

    I just started my own blog and this would be the perfect help to get me started and keep me organised. I came here looking for inspiration and I totally found it :)

  • OurFamilyHomeLife

    Great Giveaway! I’d love to win one of these, been wanting to try them out!

  • Carlos Iván Fuentes

    I have been curious about the Leuchtturm1917 as many reviewers rave about how good it is for fountain pens. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Thank you for this great giveaway! There are so many options for what I could use this journal for. It’s been on my wish list and would love to use it as my bullet journal. :)

  • CJ Takeda

    I’d like to use it when I’m planning my awesome English communication lessons for my Japanese students in Junior High School. In addition I’d also like to use it as a schedule for my daily English teaching job.

  • Steph

    Thanks for the giveaway! I’m dying to try one of these dot notebooks! I can’t bring myself to buy one since I already have so many notebooks around my house. Making it work for now with regular lined notebooks and maybe someday I’ll reward myself with one :o)

  • R. King

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway, Kara, and for all the great bullet journal inspiration. If I won, I’d likely use it to house collections for Miracle Morning/Reflection/Goalsetting and Level 10 assessments. I’m going through the MM, quick start and just starting to explore ideas for putting MM into it’s own bullet journal. Thank you for the MM tip off as well!

  • Erin

    Since my boyfriend broke up with me after 4 years in January, I’ve been half-heartedly working on a book, with notes and blurbs in too many places. This would be perfect for keeping it all in one place and motivating me to get serious about it!

  • Jewel

    I’ve been thinking about starting a bullet journal for ages and would love a leuchtturm to start.

  • mia lagaisse

    this is a great giveaway! I have been struggling with a burnout the last 14 months. But I came to the point that I can look back and say that this has been the best thing that happened to me – in order to change my life!
    And I started meditating also! bit by bit, sometimes 1 minutes, sometimes 20. And I always see that there is chaos in my head, thousand of thoughts going back and forth! So what better way to organise my head than to write it all down! :-)

  • Josh

    I would plan my many upcoming photoshoots in this awesome journal!

  • Jessica Reynolds

    I just found out about bullet journals and your wonderful youtube channel! I’d be delighted to have one of these journals so I can begin my planning this year. I am a tarot reader so I plan to incorporate this into my planning. I’ve been pinning layouts like crazy! <3 Thank you for this giveaway. Someone will be a very happy artist.

  • Tiffany Benoit

    I’ve just starting journaling last month and I’m hooked! The stress relief it has given me is amazing. I no longer wake up in the middle of the night and compile “to do” lists for the next day. I’d use the new journal for my next journal since I’m filling up my first one very quickly

  • Amy Warnes

    So i’m not a massive fan of bigger notebooks, but having watched the review the master slim, I am tempted to buy one! I would be using mine as a blog bullet journal, as my father and I have just started our own art blog so this would be great to brainstorm ideas in! :D

  • LC

    i’ve been looking for a Leuchtturm Planner forever! Can’t find one that ships to Canada. =(

  • Rachel Haemmerle

    I am just learning about bullet journaling as I am looking for a good way to organize school, work and wedding planning. I would definitely get started with this method using this notebook.

  • Halenka

    I would love the azure blue! makes me think of Greece! I ordered a few notebooks from Amazon in January and three months later they are still “in the mail”. would love to get my hands on one of these sooner than later!!

  • Kristine Brown

    I would love to try out the master slim for my business bujo log.

  • The O.G. Organized Girl

    I love the colors!

  • Heather Petersen

    All of your videos are so helpful! I would use the Master Slim for business tracking and brainstorming. Thank you for an awesome giveaway!

  • Wendy

    If I win, I am going to start my very first bullet journal. I am totally in love with the idea, and I think it will help me stay on top of things. I like that it’s totally open ended, and I am not committing to anything specific as in a regular planner. I also really love to write and doodle, so I think it will be a great opportunity for me to exercise my creative muscles as well.

  • Amber Brasier

    I would use my notebook for Bullet Journaling! I am really just now getting into it, and have found your posts to be so helpful!

  • bcolmer

    I am intrigued about the business and blog bullet journal concept. I read your other post on that, and watched both videos. Do you still use the separate journal for all your business planning? I really liked the content calendar spread and the writing tracker. I am just setting up my new regular bujo, and want to start a habit of writing especially. I might not be ready for a separate business bujo yet…but I am really interested in hearing more about yours. Maybe an update? I think I would definitely be drawn to the master slim over the fatter one. Thanks for all you do!

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