Tips & Resources for Writing Letters

With InCoWriMo just around the corner, I thought it would be fun to start a letter-writing series here on the blog this month.

In this series, I’ll be covering how to find people to write to, what to write in your first letter, how to make your letters fun, personal, and interactive, handwriting tips, and how to spruce up those envelopes.

Of course, letter-writing doesn’t have to be artsy or decorative, so I’ll have some pointers for those of you who like to keep things simple and neat as well.



First, let’s start with InCoWriMowhat is it and how do you participate?

Short for International Correspondence Writing Month, InCoWriMo (with an obvious nod to NaNoWriMo) is a writing challenge geared towards bringing back the love of the handwritten letter.

The goal of the InCoWriMo challenge is to hand-write and mail/deliver one letter, card, note, or postcard every day during the month of February.


>> Step 1

According to Eric over at, you should first recite this pledge:

“I, [insert your name], clearly see the benefits of InCoWriMo participation, not only to me personally but also to those who will receive my correspondence. InCoWriMo is a beneficial endeavor and worthy of my full attention. I hereby pledge to hand-write and mail/deliver one letter, card, note or postcard every day during the month of February.”

>> Step 2

Hand-write and mail/deliver one card or letter each day throughout the month of February. That’s 28 letters :)

>> Extra Credit

Snap some photos of the letters you send and receive and share them on social media. Consider using the hashtags #InCoWriMo and #InCoWriMo2018 so that we can all follow along!


Maybe you’d even like to gain a pen pal or two throughout the month?

Here are my go-to sites to find new pen pals:

InCoWriMo Tracker

Just as I did last year, I created a printable InCoWriMo Tracker for you!

I found this extremely useful and fun to update as the challenge progressed last year, and I hope that you will too. Normally my printables are only available to Boho Berry Tribe Members, but I’ve decided to make this one available with just one click :)

Letter Writing tips and tricks to make your pen pal letters amazing!

Need some extra letter-writing inspiration?

I’ve created an InCoWriMo board on Pinterest filled with lovely letter-writing and envelope decorating ideas:

Follow Boho Berry | Boho Life |’s board | InCoWriMo | on Pinterest.

Announcing the Boho Berry Tribe Pen Pal Exchange


Letter Writing tips and tricks to make your pen pal letters amazing!

As an added bonus this year, I’ve decided to organize a Pen Pal exchange within the Boho Berry Tribe on Facebook.

If you’re already a member, head to this link to find all of the details and get registered.

If you’re not a member yet, simply head on over to the group right here and request to join. We’ll have you approved in a jiffy!

** Registration closes January 29th at 12 PM Eastern **

Boho Berry Box Subscribers!


Boho Berry BoxFor all of those subscribed to the Boho Berry Box, I’m SO excited to announce that the theme for February’s box is… Letter Writing!

Inside your next box, you will find all sorts of goodies to help you write and mail beautiful letters during the month of February… including an exclusive item that you won’t be able to find anywhere else!

February boxes are shipping this week, and I can’t WAIT to do an unboxing for you to show you what’s inside!

PS – The box is currently sold out, but if you’d like to be in the know when new spots come available, head on over to to add your name to the waitlist!

What to write in your letter


OK, now that we’ve covered the idea behind InCoWriMo, let’s talk about your letters and how to make them awesome!

Sometimes writing a letter to someone you don’t know can be a daunting task. Here are some of my tips to make sure that first letter is amazing!

1. Include your name, sex, age, and location.

Including these details will help your recipient get to know you more easily. For your location, try telling them something about your town/state/country that is interesting.

And of course, be sure to always include your return address so that they can write back to you. I can’t tell you how many letters I’ve received without this crucial bit of information.

2. Tell them how you found their information.

It’s always a good idea to let your recipient know how you found their address. Many people register with multiple pen pal organizations, so letting them know how you found their info will be very helpful.

3. Include some of your hobbies & interests.

This is where you let your recipient into your world a little bit. Share some of your favorite pastimes/interests, and ask about theirs as well

4. Ask questions

Asking questions is a great way to make your letter feel more interactive. This also gives your recipient a starting point when they (hopefully) write back to you. Try to tailor your questions to the info you already know about them.

5. Don’t try to force them to write back.

Inevitably, you may write to someone who for some reason or another does not want to write back to you.

Try to avoid sentiments along the lines of “hoping to hear back from you soon” or “awaiting your reply”.

Instead, try ending your letter with “Thank you for your time” or “Wishing you the best”. This will help to alleviate the pressure to respond.

Fun things to add to your letters


Even if you don’t have an artistic bone in your body, adding some fun “extras” in the envelope can make for a fun experience for your recipient. Here are some of my favorite things to add to snail mail.

Tips & Resources for Letter Writing

  • Die Cuts
  • Confetti/Glitter
    (careful with this one as not everyone enjoys the mess these can make!)
  • Sticky Notes
  • Stamps
  • Stickers
  • Washi Tape Samples
  • Paper Clips
  • Extra Stationery
  • Tea Bags
  • Bookmarks

Things to know

When sending mail, it’s important to keep a few things in mind, such as:

  • Postage guidelines for weight/size, as well as different postage costs when mailing domestically or internationally.
  • Prohibited Items (here’s the USPS list)
  • How to address an envelope (I recommend putting your return address on the back flap of your envelope)


My Favorite Resources:


* This post contains affiliate links. In plain English, this means that I may receive a small commission (at no cost to you) if you subscribe or purchase something through the links provided. You will never see me post a link to a product or service that I haven’t used myself and love! (Learn more here) Thank you for supporting Boho Berry!


Letter Writers Alliance:

The Letter Writers Alliance is dedicated to preserving this art form; neither long lines, nor late deliveries, nor increasing postal rates will keep us from our mission. As a member of the Letter Writers Alliance, you will carry on the glorious cultural tradition of letter writing.”

InCoWriMo website:

The go-to resource for all things InCoWriMo 2018. They also have a great resource where you can join the public address book for the year.

Vintage Postage Stamps:

One of my favorite shops for vintage postage stamps.

**Spoiler Alert**

Boho Berry Box subscribers might be getting a little surprise from Little Postage House in February!!

The Original Lettermate: *

Lettermate Companion: *

Tips & Resources for Letter Writing

These two address templates are GREAT for those who need a little help keeping things straight on their envelopes!

Letter-Writing Giveaway!


The Goulets and I are teaming up again this year to bring you an epic letter-writing giveaway!

We’re timing this giveaway just right, so that the winner will receive their prize package just in time to start writing all of those letters in February!


That’s a grand total of over $175 in letter-writing goodies for one lucky winner!


Simply go through the steps of the Rafflecopter widget below. You do NOT have to complete every single option, just the ones you like. :)

This giveaway is open internationally.

Winner will be drawn at 8 AM EST on Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018.

Winners will be notified via email and must claim their prizes within 48 hours. See full disclosures here.

Good luck, everyone! And happy letter writing!

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  • An invite to my monthly Live Q&A exclusive to Tribe Members!
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  • Kristin Stewart

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  • Amanda

    I’m most excited about the fountain pens! I haven’t written any real letters to anyone since we did pen pal projects in junior high, but I signed up for the BohoBerry letter exchange and I could not be anymore excited. I’d love new pens to write those letter with!

  • Rebecca Schroding

    I cannot wait to Start writing!

  • Maja

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  • Sharon Pitzl Green

    Super interested in trying the parallel pens…I’m a newbie to all things fountain pen so actually, everything in the package sounds amazing! :-)

  • Rebecca Hedden

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  • Mona V.

    I think all the items are great, but I think the Pilot Metropolitan is what I want most as it’s one pen I’ve been looking to try along with my Lamy’s. :)
    Wax seals and ink samples are awesome too!

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  • Elizabeth Haugen

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    Whoever ends up winning this gorgeous package I’m sure it will be cherished, good luck to all participating!!

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  • Jasmin

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  • What a helpful post, I especially appreciate the tips for info and goodies to include in letters – I always feels so stumped sometimes, even when writing to my friends & family. (And thanks for the great giveaway! My favorite item is the gold Lamy fountain pen.)

  • Ashley

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  • SeraCloud

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    I’d love to try the wax seals–they seem ridiculously opulent and fun! :) Thanks for the giveaway.

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    I just got my first fountain pen, so Lamy LX Fountain Pen is my most favorite. My next color of Pilot was going to be turquoise so that is a bonus. I love the variety of ink as well. It’s hard to pick just one favorite!

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    Thanks for the informative tips and resources!

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  • notamirror

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  • Kelly Ryan

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  • Authentically Ash

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  • Jen Hella Ratty Lum

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  • Connected Quill

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  • Monisha

    Your such an inspiration in the BUJO community, and I learnt so many things from you. Hoping to have the opportunity to InCoWriMo next year, as Febuary is already too busy at it for me! All the best for everyone else who is taking part in it hope you all get some great letters!

  • Amy Graham

    I am so excited for InCoWriMo! I have signed up in several places and can’t wait to send out my ephemera filled letters!!!

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  • Puddytat purr

    I am so excited to join in with this! I put a post out on Twitter not long ago looking for penpals as I wanted to practise my handwriting – I got 6 responses. I wrote 3 letters and gave my address to the other 3. So far, only received one letter :(

  • Gaia Cremascoli

    This is the perfect project for February, I’m excited!
    I particularly love the parallel pen’s set, I tried only one and the set is on my bucket list for months!

  • Jessica

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  • Imke van Oorschot

    I absolutely love writing letters. It makes the whole message so much more personal, I’ve never really considered writing to a stranger though. So thanks a lot for the inspiration!
    Also I couldn’t resist joining the give away because of the fountain pens. I’ve wanted to use one for a long time now but where I am from they are either very expensive or I have to travel a long distance to get one.
    All in all I am very excited about this challenge as well as the giveaway!

  • Gary Cooper

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  • sam vds

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  • I’ve never participated in InCoWriMo before, but am looking forward to jumping in this year. Thank you for sharing the resources and tips that will help make it a fun experience. I love all the items in the giveaway, but if I had to pick one I think it would be the wax seal/sealing wax, only because I’ve never tried those before but always thought it looks cool when a letter is sealed like that.

  • Stephanie O’Rourke

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  • Tamara

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    Also, love the giveaway ;)

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  • Jeramie Lucast Branson

    I’m so excited about InCoWriMo. I didn’t even know this existed until I heard about it on your YouTube channel. I’m proud to say my kids are going to participate this year. I homeschool a Seventh Grader, a First Grader and a Preschooler, and decided they wanted to send letters to their friends and family. It’s very generous of you to also offer this give away.

  • Stephanie Bassett

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    Not to mention the colors you choose are SO pretty!!

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  • Sophie

    I have not yet ever participated in InCoWriMo, This year I signed up for the Boho-Berry Exchange. I am excited to try this out, as there are a lot of people whho should receive a letter more often.

  • Jaci Nichols

    I’ve been wanting to get a pen pal, and I think this InCoWriMo sounds awesome!

    Also, I’ve been searching for those wax colors so I could possibly do wax seals on my wedding invites this month! Thanks for finding them for me and linking to them. ;)

  • Marie Jacob

    I love the Idea with the Pen Pals inside of the Tribe

  • Madalina Preda

    Hello from Romania! First time going into Incowrimo, so I am very very excited. The lovely coincidence is that I have been dreaming of a Lamy Rose Gold fine nib for some time now…. :)

  • Kari B

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  • Samantha Crabtree

    Thank you for all the great info and resources! As for my favorite giveaway item, it would be the pilot parallels. They have been on my wishlist for awhile.

  • Katherine Sorrentino

    There is something so special about writing or receiving a hand written letter. Something that I got into over the holiday season for my holiday cards was adding wax seals to all the envelopes. It was so fun to do and really brought the letter to another level!

  • Christine Slocum

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  • Patricia Morgan

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  • deb

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  • Meggan Baxter

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  • kate_elliott

    I was an active letter writer from middle school until college. It’s been fun to start getting back into the hobby. I hadn’t planned to do any organized challenges for February but that may have just changed. :)

  • Madelaine Ufo Kukuxu

    Super cool Post. Very helpful for me as it is the first time I enter incowrimo! Thanks a lot!!! And also thanks for the Pen Pal challenge. Really cool idea. And also for the give away. I could use the Lamy Fountain Pen really good. Actually I would be glad to get any of those things. They look super cool. XD

  • Karen

    I have friends who did InCoWriMo in November, and it sounded like fun (and a lot of work!). I’m happy to hear that I don’t have to wait to do it!

  • AJ

    The Lamy LX would be the thing i’d be most excited to win. My wife has been looking at that pen for a while, and i’d love to win and split the prizes with her. <3

  • Kristi Axtell

    Never heard of InCoWriMo, though I had heard of NaNoWriMo. Looking forward to trying it! I just got a pilot parallel pen and would love to try the rest!

  • Sara

    InCoWriMo is such a good idea, although not sure I could keep up. I love how handwritten letters say “I care about you”, in a way an email doesn’t. Amazing stuff in the give away, can’t pick one favourite!

  • Thanks for all the great tips, Kara!

  • Katherine

    A couple of my friends participated last year so I’m excited to join them this year! I think I’ll mostly be writing friends and family since I recently moved out of state. For the giveaway I’m most excited about the Lamy LX Rose Gold. I have 3 Lamy’s already and absolutely love them!

  • Amy McIntyre

    Thanks for all the tips. I would love those parallel pens. They have been on my wishlist for years now.

  • CSF Photo

    The sealing wax is my favorite item! Looking forward to stamping all of February away with my sweet custom seal!

  • Jess b

    I’ve been wanting a lettermate, but I didn’t know what it was called or how to find it. I look all the time for it. Now I know what it is called and you also posted a link! I am so greatful for this post and all the resources you provide.
    I love what you are doing with Goulet pens!! If you haven’t tried the morning mist ink, you should! I love it

  • Amanda G

    Super excited about the wax seal! Would really step up my letter writing game!

  • marytudor

    I am excited about the lamy pen

  • Chelsea

    I’m so excited about this! I didn’t even know InCoWriMo existed until today, but I’ve been wanting to write more letters and this seems like a great place to start.

  • Mariah Sorensen


  • Andrea

    Coloured Inks are one of my favourite things, so I’m very excited about the prospect of getting more pens and inks to play with. I’ve never participated in InCoWriMo, but I LOVE having penpals (even though my friends say that makes me an old person!), so I’m stoked to participate this year!

  • dandjlane

    I love the parallel pens! what a cool set.

  • Jackie L

    Great post! I’d love to try the Pilot Parallels!

  • Jinxia

    I actually started writing to pen pals this last year but never participated in InCoWriMo. Very excited to give to try it out.

  • Zee

    How exciting. This is the motivation I needed to give InCoWriMo a try. That pilot rainbow set looks wonderful.

  • MP

    I’m seriously considering joining in this year. The problem is that INCOWRIMO coincides with the new semester of teaching, so that’s a little tricky.

  • Mike Delong

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  • Denise Hendrick

    Great post! There are some really fun resources in there. Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

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  • Chiara Velicogna

    I didn’t know the lettermate existed, that’s the item I’m most curious about in the giveaway! Thank you for all the resources and tips for the InCoWriMo!

  • Heidi Mills

    The Lamy Rose gold is absolutely GORGEOUS. This is such a helpful post for me since I’m participating in InCoWriMo for the first time, thank you!

  • Sean Vanderpoel

    I’m super excited to start InCoWriMo! I’ve never participated before. I’ve also been really wanting to try out wax seals!

  • Adam P

    I just found this through a Goulet Pen Co. post. I am very intrigued by InCoWriMo. The pens is this giveaway are great!

  • Nellie Burns

    I love this idea. BUT I must admit I have a hard time figuring out whether I have done what I need to do to get into the giveaway. If I’ve already joined mailing lists I feel stuck!

  • Marta Oliveira

    I’ve never done InCoWriMo, but it’s such a good idea… I wish I had my friends’ addresses to surprise them, but people nowadays share phone numbers and facebook accounts and not addresses :/
    I don’t have a favourite item – I love the look of fountain pens but never actually held one…

  • I’ve always wanted to do this but then worry that I won’t be able to fulfill the month. Thank you for the breakdown. Maybe I’ll jump in this year since life is a little calmer (at the moment, anyway!). It sounds like so much fun!

  • Fiona L. Kneeshaw

    This is awesome Kara!

  • Ryan K.

    This sounds like a wonderful idea. I write some letters as it is… But this challenge sounds like a more fun way to keep up with it!
    The most interesting thing in the set to me is the sealing wax. It really harkens back to an older age. Class and dignity and signet rings and sealed secret corresponded… Much more elegant than a text message.

  • Heather

    I’ve always wanted to seal letters with a wax seal and that Rose Gold Lamy is beautiful!

  • This is my 2nd time joining InCoWriMo. Last year, I only managed to send 10 letters. But at least I retained writing with some penpals throughout the year. My favorite in the box would be the fountain pens. I haven’t owned one and I’d like to experience how to write with one. :) Thank you very much for writing and sharing this post. You’re awesome!

  • Lisa Miller

    I really want a set of those templates! They’re so useful!

  • Jessica Nave-Blodgett

    Neat! I knew of Month of Letters (Lettermo) but had not heard of InCoWriMo. Same idea, slightly different execution. :) Out of the giveaway, it’s hard to say if I’m more excited about the LamyLX in Rose Gold, or the J. Herbin seal – I love my sealing wax and seals, and a new one would be awesome. :)

  • Rachel Naylor

    This is my first year in participating and these tips were very helpful!

  • Rebecca Winter

    Thank you for all the information you share.

  • Eirin Dahl

    This is amazing! And letter writing is one of my favourite hobbies ❤️

  • Silvia Biondi

    I’m totally in love with ink and everything related to it! Said that, it is terribly difficult to point out just one favorite…but if I have to choose, my I-can’t-live-without would be the Pilot Metropolitan Fountain Pen – Retro Pop Turquoise (1.0mm Stub Nib).
    Thanks for this give away and all your posts!

  • April Bowden

    OMG I want to win this so badly!!! I have 5 pen pals now and will get one more from the boho berry sign up! :) I also want to try a Lamy and I just haven’t bitten the bullet yet. :)

  • Amy D Dorse

    How fun! I love writing letters!

  • Katrina

    I am new to bullet journalling and never heard of InCoWriMo before.. it sounds like a ton of fun!! Thanks for everything you do! You are amazing!!

  • Stephanie

    This is an awesome giveaway! I’m getting into wax seals, so that’s what I’m most excited about.

  • David Knapp

    My favorite item would probably be the wax seal (and sealing wax and handle, of course) – I’ve never tried this and have been wanting to.

  • Joshua Peake

    Thanks for the giveaway! I think I would be most excited to try the Pilot Metropolitan with the stub nib. I haven’t tried a stub yet!

  • Tene Tsai

    The item I’m most interested in is the wax and seal set, although everything else in the giveaway is really cool too!

  • Sofia Correia

    I love fountain pens, and would love to get one from Goulet Pens, but the shipping and the customs in my country can turn it really expensive! It’s very difficult to choose just an item… But the PILOT PARALLEL RAINBOW SET seems to be a great way of playing around with different colours and sizes!

  • Sharon Wurm

    I love the rose gold fountain pen!

  • Waffleydoom

    I’ve never even heard of incowrimo before but it sounds rad! That package would be amazing. If i had to pick a favorite item it would probably be the Lamy pen. Big fan!

  • B D

    Good luck everyone!

  • Janie

    I miss letter writing! I had no idea something like this existed! I’m excited to try it this year. Thanks for doing such a cool giveaway with it too!

  • Veronica Gomes

    It is the first time that I heard about InCoWriMo… Good luck to everyone :) it is an amazing package. Because I need to pick (everything is amazing) I would pick Lamy LX Fountain Pen. Thank you Kara and Goulets.

  • Louise

    The pilot parallel set looks pretty sweet!

  • Jennifer Fluharty

    I joined InCoWriMo last year, but fell short of all 28 letters. I’m looking forward to participating again this year, and getting all 28 done! (Side note, i was shocked to see my name on the short list from the InCoWriMo site!) The Lamy LX has been on my list for a while, so I’m sure that would be my favorite!

  • Liz Hayford

    What an amazing giveaway! I am new to bullet journaling but a long time lover of all things stationary. I am not sure I am quite up to an entire month of letter writing but I think I can do one a week, so that is going to be my goal for February.

  • Helena Morgan

    What a fab giveaway. The pilot parallel pens have been on my wishlist for a little while. Fingers crossed. X

  • Andria Sprott

    Thanks so much for the wonderful information and resources. This will be my first year to participate in InCoWriMo even though I’ve heard you discuss it before. Your post will be very helpful! Thanks so much Kara!

  • Sakshi Reddy

    The Parallel Pens and the Herbin wax seal would definitely be my favourites from this list. They’re such great ways to add character to letter!

  • Angie

    This is so neat! I have never participated in anything like this, but I love the idea of it. I’m still working on my Bullet journal. I find that I don’t have alot to say.. I wish I was more interesting. :)

    thanks for sharing all your ideas here on the blog. Keep up the good work.

  • Janna White

    That prize box looks amazing! I’ve done InCoWriMo in the past and last year did it as a political effort, writing about a different issue to a different politician each day. This year I may do a combination of that and social writing.

  • Karen S

    I’m terrible about writing letters; but really going to make an effort !!! Thanks for the chance to win that awesome bundle

  • Jacki Willard

    toss up – Lamy LX Fountain Pen – Rose Gold (Fine Nib) or Set of 8 Ink Samples

  • I can’t wait to participate in the Pen Pal Exchange. I used to have many pen pals back in the day when I was learning English.
    I’m sure it’s going to be fun.
    And thanks Kara for this post. It has been a while since I last exchanged letters and I don’t want to disappoint my pen pal.
    By the way, my favorite item from the giveaway is the ink samples. I only started with fountain pen recently and all I have are a couple cartridges. I’d love to add some variation to my humble collection.

  • meekyn

    As email started taking over everything I did, my Aunt Patti always sent me these wonderful, long, hilarious letters. Every time one showed up I felt so special, knowing how much more time it takes to hand-write a letter.

  • Analicia Davis

    I think the wax and seal are the most whimsical and and eye catching to me at the moment! Such a lovely set!

  • Jenn Dee

    what a great giveaway. I really am interested to try the Pilot Parallel Rainbow set. But really who doesn’t love ink samples. I am an avid letter writer and really looking forward to February!

  • CJ Bourque

    This will be my first InCoWriMo and it sounds incredible. I’ve even managed to hook my mom and best friend into doing it as well! I think the coolest thing is the Lettermate, because yeah, I can’t write straight…and I hate that the pencil lines i draw either don’t erase well or cause the ink to smudge when I erase.

  • Meghan

    I love letter writing! Last year I committed to mailing a few letters every month. I loved it so much, I’m doing it again!

  • Jack Savory

    I’m torn between the Lamy Lx and the Paralles! I may have to go with thr LX simply for that amazing color!

  • Apel Mjausson

    Those sealing wax colors look yummy!

  • Katie

    I have always wanted to try wax seals!

  • Stephanie Rae Halter-Miller

    Awesome giveaway. I do not have a fountain pen yet. Not sure where to start.

  • Gabriela Canova

    Wonderful article! I simply can’t pick just one item from this amazing giveaway. It’s like Christmas, Easter and my birthday all coming together.

  • Cosima Kafka

    I love that you included sealing wax, I’ve been super curious about that!

  • JESS

    I’m excited for a little bit of everything! I really want to join this year, but am unsure.

  • Amanda Mitchell

    I’ve never participated in InCoWriMo. I think the prize pack is all great, but I like the idea of the sealing wax.

  • MROC

    I really wanted to do this this year. I am still thinking about it but I have been sick since Christmas day, so am way behind on other goals. SIGH.

  • Maria Katsulos

    I’m so new to all this that it’s hard to choose just one favorite, but I have to be pretty basic and say that the rose gold fountain pen caught my eye IMMEDIATELY. However…I can’t wait for my Boho Berry Box, I LOOOOVE vintage stamps!!!

  • KianahSaro

    I’ve always wanted to try using a Lamy. The only one I’ve bought was a birthday gift for a friend. ;^.^

  • Alex Arauz Daughety

    This will be my first time participating in organized letter writing. I can’t wait to step up my envelope decorating game!

  • Kelly

    What amazing goodies! I can’t wait to do InCoWriMo again. I wrote my first letter to you last year and you wrote me back! Squee!! Have been wanting to get a wax seal since then and have been eyeing the Lettermate for years lol. Thanks for doing so many awesome giveaways. And I can’t wait to see what’s in the February box!!

  • batwench

    I adore blogs like this! So glad Goulet had this on their facebook site! Thank you Joyce

  • Marisol Cardenas Torres

    This is amazing. I love your site and everything to show us. Thank yo for this giveaway. I’m still learning but love how inspiring you and the group is.

  • Tari Huffaker

    I love the fountain pens and the sealing wax and seals. I am so old school. Being over 60 can do that to you.
    I am a die-hard Boho Berry / Kara Benz fan.

  • Antonia Cader

    This is my first time doing the incorimo and I am very excited! The entire package looks amazing and I would Love love love a quality fountain pen!
    The wax and seal looks wonderful too!

  • This is the first time I’ve heard of this. I’ve been wanting more ways to use my fountain pens, so I may actually participate!

  • Melissa Wilber

    Love the blog! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity I would love the Lamy rose gold. It’s in my short list for my next pen!

  • Leila

    I have always wanted to do the wax letter sealer thing so I am really excited about that in the giveaway, but let’s be real – I am obsessed with everything you do and am excited about all of it!!

  • Nicole L Lee

    So looking forward to writing more this year!

  • Sarah Baker

    Thank you for including so many excellent resources! I am motivated to actually participate in InCoWriMo this year. All of the items in your giveaway look so wonderful, for me it would have to be the ink as I haven’t dabbled in very many yet and that is such a great way to try.

  • Sergio Nathan

    What an incredible giveaway! I wish everyone good luck, but I hope I win.

  • Christiana

    This would awesome to win. I would write some letters to family about my new daughter and also to friends and join a few of the groups.

  • vivizara

    All of the prizes look *amazing* but I’d be so excited to have a go with sealing wax. I’ve been looking at this for a while, watching videos and wondering if I should try it out, so this would be fab!

  • Brandi B.

    It’s tough to pick just one thing that’s my favorite, you have so many great products in this giveaway! If I had to pick just one though, it would be the Rose Gold Lamy! This would be my very first fountain pen!

  • Bonnie Gleason

    I’m super excited to check out the wax seals! I have one that was my grandmother’s and hoping this will inspire me to use seals more often! I have been wanting new fountain pen inks too.

  • Kristin McKee

    I would have to say the fountain pens, although I couldn’t pick my favorite of the two!

  • Tonia Hoefner

    This is wonderful! I used to be a very good letter writer, but after college I got out of the habit. Two years ago, my brother and I decided to start writing to each other on a semi-regular basis and it has been fun. This, however, will really help me get back into writing to so many more people.

  • Ambur Jansky

    It can be intimidating for a first-time InCoWriMo participant. You have laid everything out so nicely! I would say the sealing items would be a unique addition to my stash.

  • Esther

    oooh those goodies! They would certainly help motivate me to write letters again! I used to write heaps of letters as a kid a and teenager, so I would love to get back into it.

  • I’ve never heard of InCoWriMo, but it sounds like fun! I love pens, I love letters, so why not? Those address templates look cool :-)

  • Kate W

    I love the Atelier wax! Thanks for the chance to win :)

  • Noémi Kelemen

    I love everything ranbowy! :D (I know that’s not actually a word :P)

  • Alison Lemke

    The Pilot Metropolitan turquoise pen would be my favorite from the giveaway! I’ve been looking to get started with fountain pens, and turquoise is my favorite color!

  • Nicole

    This is an amazing giveaway! Thank you so much!

  • Bethann Marie Donovan

    I love all the tips and tricks that you have included in this post!!! I wanted to start this with a friend and I was kind of at a loss. Now, I feel really really prepared! Also, my favorite thing in the giveaway is the wax seal set! I’ve always wanted to take that dive!!!! Thank you for this awesome contest and content!!!

  • Bianca Trifanescu

    my favourite on is the Pilot Metropolitan Fountain Pen <3

  • Meggan Decker

    Sealing wax?!? Yay! I have been dying to try some out!

  • Katrina Trappe

    I’ve heard you mention InCoWriMo in some of your YouTube videos, but never gave it much thought to what it was. I’m glad I saw this post & I’m super excited to write some letters :) I have my first fountain pen coming later this week, so it’ll be a perfect start to use it!

  • ShelliG

    I would love to try a fountain pen!

  • Susan Maria Clark-Taylor

    This letter writing campaign is very interesting. I’m a texter and emailer, but letter writing has become a lost art form. I’m looking forward to writing in the month of February.

  • Wolfie

    I always watch your videos when I need a planning pep talk. :) Even if you’re not expressedly pepping! :)

  • Michelle Ghazarian

    My favorite item is the sealing wax in turquoise

  • April Smith

    I would love to get the Pilot Parallel Rainbow Set.

  • Shaeleigh Beaudry

    Man how I’d love to just have every colour of those Metropolitan pilot pens!! I love that you’ve introduced so many things to so many people. I feel like a crazy stalker just copying and loving everything that Kara likes but if I didn’t follow her to learn about them, I’d never know they even exist so I use that as my excuse that it’s okay to creep so much and have fun with it! <3

  • I adore my Metro pen and the Lamy that I picked up earlier this year. Wow, the rose gold is so stunning. Last year I started InCoWriMo and found it a joy to send out small pieces of ME to the world.

  • Tara Dalgleish

    Ooh so many fun things! I think the rose gold Lamy is my fav. But maybe also the wax seal set because I’ve always wanted to do that to my letters :P

  • June Miracle

    Oooooh, a Metropolitan. I would be excited about winning one of those. My sisters both love them.

  • Jennifer

    I had never heard of inconwrimo, but I do love writing by hand and calligraphy, so I think I will do it!

  • Candice

    I did it last year and it was so much fun. Excited to do it again.

  • Kate H.

    Ooh! What a fun giveaway! I’m already thinking about whom to write letters to. My list is always longer than my time. :)

  • Hilda

    I covet that Lamy Rose Gold pen and the wax – but in a good way!! I’ve never done this much letter writing but I am willing to do it and my mind is racing with ideas already!

  • Kaitlyn Starr

    Personally I really like the Pilot Metropolitan Fountain Pen – Retro Pop Turquoise (1.0mm Stub Nib)

  • CandlefordPost

    Thanks for all the ideas! You put a lot of work into this…thank you. My favorite item would be hard to say, they’re all great but I would probably pic the metropolitan because teal YEAH with a stub nib!!! Thanks to you and Goulet for the giveaway opportunity. ✒

  • Amindinmotion

    I’ve been holding off on buying the pilot parallel set for too long. Here’s hoping I can win them instead!

  • Allana Benseman

    Oh I’ve been eyeing up the lettermate for so long!!! Thanks so much for including the link to one!

  • Lucifer

    Those ink samples and sealing wax look gorgeous!

    Winning or not, thank you so much for all the links you left in this post! They’re (or will be very soon) really helpful.
    And to the winner: Congrats and enjoy this AWESOME giveaway

  • The Nickster

    Oh wow that Lettermate Companion looks SO USEFUL! and that wax sealer for letters!! One day I hope to design my own monogram to do just that

  • Suzanne LeRoi

    Either the stamp or the rose gold Lamy. . .

  • Josh B

    What a great giveaway package! I can’t decide what my favourite item is, they all look so great! I think it would be fun to test out all those ink samples though.

  • A Cowen

    Wonderful giveaway contest!

  • Oh my goodness… It’s hard to pick just one favorite item, but it I have to I choose to wax seal stamp. I don’t have one of those. I adore the pens also. :)

  • Vesta Giles

    sooo exciting! I can’t get enough pens. The addiction is real!

  • Surfing Electron

    Thank you so much for the ideas of who to write to! There’s some lovely ones in there. :)

  • Eric Aycock

    My favorite item would be the Lamy LX fountain pen. I have been really impressed with this line and it would be a great upgrade from my safari.

  • Mary H.

    It’s hard to choose, but I think that the Lamy pen and the ink samples are my favorites.

  • Jaret S

    Lettermate, fountain pen, sealing waxes… WUUUUT! How can I choose “A” favorite?!!? :D

  • Alec Cosep

    Thank you for the tips on what to write on the first letter to give out. Cant wait to send out some letters!

  • Anna

    I really want to try fountain pens. I am new at all of this, and I am inspired by all of you.

  • Melissa Haag

    I think the Lamy fountain pen would be my favorite!

  • Laura B.

    The entire package would be fun to use to send notes. My favorite is the sun seal and accessories.

  • Rebecca Adams Clayson

    So excited about this give away!!! LOVE Goulet Pens and would LOVE the mailing templates. Can’t wait to see what this month’s Boho Berry Box has

  • Carrie Baker Muir

    I am fairly new to letter writing so i would like to try the Pilot Parallel Rainbow Set. I am starting to really enjoy it all and am looking forward to expanding my collection.

  • Cynthia Miller

    What a great giveaway! Thanks!

  • Emma

    Usually, when I see prize packages, there’s at least one item that doesn’t tickle my fancy, however, this is not the case in this instance. I honestly adore it all! I sincerely can’t choose a favourite item as there’s so imuch to love in this package. Thank you for coming up with such a beautiful, useful and exciting bundle of goodies!

  • Rí Tam

    Thank you… Would love to win the wax seal… always wanted to use a wax seal on my letters :) Thank you.

  • Bethany Olsen

    Looks like fun!

  • Francine Lane

    Awesome giveaway – just in time for InCoWriMo! I love this time of year! I love the art of writing, the feel of the pen on paper! One thing I haven’t yet tried is a wax seal, so that would be my favorite part of the giveaway. Good luck to all and happy writing!

  • Taylor Joy Morefield

    It’s hard to choose just one, but I’d have to say I’m most excited for the wax sealing items

  • Heather Norton

    That Rose gold pen has been on my list for a while! So gorgeous!!

  • Victoria Graves

    I did InCoWriMo last year and LOVED it! I’m all signed up to do it again this year….cant wait!

  • Victoria Graves

    Oh…favorite prize part? Its a toss up between the pens, love me some Pilot Metros, and the sealing wax. I havent used that since high school!!

  • Nancy

    The wax seal and templates would be my favorites.

  • JiEun Lee

    I have tried InCoWriMo last year and pleasantly surprised by how many people actually wrote me! Looking forward to participate again this year!

  • Paloma Santamaría-Sanz

    :) Can’t wait for February!!! lots and lots of letters

  • Angela Wright Newhouse

    I love that Rose Gold Lamy!

  • Cath Toy

    oh my love the wax seals

  • Linh

    gorgeous wax seal colors! I would love to surprise my friends family and incowrimo buddy with this vintage accessory

  • Eugene R Coldrick

    I found some pen-pals on Fountain Pen Network. I am always happiest with a pen in my hand. This package is pretty fantastic and you people are too.

  • cdubbs

    I’ve been sealing holiday cards (mailed and delivered in person) with wax and everyone loves it. I’d love to get a change to try the parallel pens with new inks. I’ve become a Goulet junkie and I love coordinating my inks, pens, and journal!

  • Debbie Shinkle

    I neeeed the Lamy Rose Gold

  • Rebe Goebel

    I love rose gold, so I’m excited for that Lamy pen…but, I’ve also wanted to try a stub nib, so the Metro looks awesome, too! and I’m SUPER excited that I got onto the list for the Feb BohoBerry Box! Can’t wait to get my first one!

  • Belle

    I’ve been wanting to try writing more letters. :)

  • ClaireM

    I love the contents of this giveaway but I’d be especially excited about trying the sealing wax!

  • MamaKnits2Much

    What a fabulous giveaway! I have been wanting to try a stub nib, and what better excuse than joining in on InCoWriMo.

  • Cyndi Hunt

    What a great way for me to use up some of the cards I have been making lately. I love getting and sending mail and it feels great to get more than just a bill or junk in the mail.

  • Andy/amo21mn

    I’ve never heard of InCoWriMo! I’m going to do it.

  • Amanda Hayes

    This is AWESOME! So much info and it gets me excited to write letters! Definitely going to try the pen pal thing!

  • Amanda Hayes

    Also my fav thing in the giveaway is the ink samples!

  • Jeanne Groves

    I think I’d have to say my favorite item in the giveaway is the wax and seal… I have been writing to a friend that’s deployed, and placing a seal adds a nice touch. They loved it! Of course, I have been bring to try a stub nib for some time, so the Metropolitan would be my favorite item that I’ve never tried!

  • Jenny Simons

    So many good things in the giveaway! My favorite would probably be the Lamy LX in Rose Gold. So pretty!

  • Elizabeth Copeland

    Oh. My. Goodness. So much lovely stuff in this giveaway! I think I’m going to have to go with the Rose Gold Lamy! I’ve been wanting one and that color is what I’ve always dreamed of.

  • Bella Neahr Ayers

    Not sure if my original comment posted or not…if it didn’t I love the fountain pens!

  • Rachel Copeland

    I love this challenge! And this giveaway! I think my favorite are is the rose gold Lamy.

  • I write quite a few letters already! This sounds like a lot of fun. :) Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity to make letter writing even more fun. I think my favorite item in the prize package is the sealing wax.

  • BuJo Puppy

    Last year was my first InCoWriMo and I’m so excited to get started again!

  • Shivaun Oneill

    A favorite – My Lamy LXs are one of my favorite fountain pens. So love the idea of getting one in Rose Gold! But really excited about the Parallel set! I want one those so bad!

  • Casey Andrews

    Thank you for this opportunity!!

  • Pamela Sue

    I love all these items! I have never used a LetterMate but could definitely use one!

  • pat_e

    What a wonderful giveaway. A great inspiration to write a letter a day in February.

  • amandolin

    I’d love any and all of it but I’ve always loved the history and Romanticism of sealing wax. The coral color would probably be my favorite.

  • Andy B

    What a great prize package. I think my favorite is the rainbow set of Pilot Parallel pens. I have many fountain pens but have yet to try the Pilot Parallel pens. I do like wider nibs, so I think I would enjoy these pens.

  • Hannah Babbitt

    I don’t know if I can pick a favorite from the giveaway, but I’ve always wanted to try a fountain pen!

  • Stacy Young

    I’ve had my eye on the LAMY pens for awhile, and desperately need the Lettermate. I am glad to have found so many people that share my interests and are dedicated to writing more letters. This makes me so happy!

  • Josie Hormann

    I’d love the wax seal stuff!

  • Mollie Ann

    The wax seals are my favorite. It’s something I’ve always wanted to try.

  • Iris Lin

    This is the first time I’ve heard about InCoWriMo. It sounds like a really fun challenge! I think my favorite item would be the Rose Gold Lamy or the set of Pilot Parallels, which are really fun to write with!

  • Jill Diamond

    I’m so excited to be entered to win this amazing letter writing package. I would love to seal a letter with teal wax.

  • disqus_vFJgcmJYU7

    Would love to try writing with Parallel Pens :)

  • Martha B

    Oh my… who can decide. I would love the fountain pens, but everything would be a treat!

  • Maggie

    I actually never heard of InCoWriMo before, but I’ve gone on letter writing binges to troops stationed overseas before, and this seems like as good a time as any to do it again!

  • Tammy Pickerill

    I’m really liking the Lamy and all the ink samples.

  • Spyderdiva

    This is a great giveaway, and a wonderful project for February! And I love the blue pen!

  • Zoa Schescke

    This is so great!! How did I miss this last year! I can’t wait to start writing letters!!!

  • Kristy Ruiz

    Thank you so much for putting on the giveaway with goulet pens! I enjoyed incowrimo last year

  • Courtney Kintz

    Those parallel pens are where it’s at.

  • Courtney Kintz

    It’s a mighty fine selection of items for a giveaway, but I think the most exciting is the Parallel set.

  • Amylynnknits

    I learned about incowrimo through you and Goulet last year. This is my second year participating!

  • Darren Leonhardt

    You can never have too many Pilot Metropolitans, but I really like the inclusion of the wax seal. It just adds that extra little bit to a letter, and I’ve been looking at getting one for a while now.

  • Jenni

    Kara, I am so thankful for all you do for the tribe and the world! Thank you for your inspiration. I am about to host my first journaling workshop! So excited! Jenni

  • Danielle Lee

    This is one awesome giveaway. The Lamy Rose Gold pen is my favorite. If I don’t win, I’m placing that pen on my list for my birthday. Thanks, Kara and Goulet Pens!!!

  • Kathy from Albuquerque

    I’m with you in that I am drawn to the sealing wax and seal. I am lucky enough to have a simple seal with a blue carved stone that was from my father’s side of the family.

  • Anna

    I love the idea of InCoWriMo but plan to participate this year. And such a nice giveaway package, especially in love with the Lamy..

  • Maryann Mize

    My favorite item would be the sealing wax kit! I have always wanted one to add to my correspondence!

  • Emma

    I look forward to participating in the letter exchange within the Tribe to put these good tips into practice. Thank you Kara!

  • Betsy Olmstead

    There are so many amazing items in this giveaway! I’m so excited! I think the Lamy LX is my favorite, but I had a hard time trying to choose just one! Thanks for this chance!

  • Shirlina Harris

    InCoWriMo is definitely something I’d love to get into. I’ve been wanting to find a pen pal (and this send and receive mail-other-than-bills) for a while. I hope this initiative will help bring that to fruition. I think my favourite item from the prize package would have to be the wax seal gear. There’s just something so satisfying when watching the wax melt, drip, and then harden into a beautiful seal…

  • David

    I favs got to be the parallels

  • Camila Caminha

    I would love to join incowrimo. I’m still a bit lost but I’ll retead this post more carefully and join :) I loved all the items of the giveaway, but I loved the fountain pen the most, any of them.

  • Sonja C

    This post is a veritable cornucopia of resources and information. I devoured the details and found my interest piqued by all of the ideas and inspiration. The giveaway is amazing and good fortune to the winner. I do not have a favorite but I am interested in the lettermate companion and original lettermate as they are very utilitarian.

  • Tatum Donnelly

    This is amazing! I think letter writing is such a lost art. This makes me beyond excited!

  • Abby 怡妏

    I love the traditional experience and formality that comes with letter writing. So the fountain pens (Lamy Fx and the Pilot Metropolitan) definitely take the cake for me:)

  • Wendy Westby

    sounds like a great idea, though I definitely don’t have time for this one! I’d love to win the Pilot Parallel Rainbow set

  • Patt

    Thanks a lot for all the tips and guidance :)

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  • M Edvalson

    I love hand writing to my penpals. They are so interesting to learn about it’s a wonderful experience!

  • Amanda Hall

    Hi Kara, I have looked in all my folders but cannot seem to find the email for my Pen Pal assignment. Help please!

  • Crystal Enriquez


    I was wondering since this is for the month of February only and have never done this before can I start it now or I have to wait until next year?


    Crystal E

  • What great tips on what to put into your letters. I love writing handwritten letters, but often times I get stuck on what I should say! Your lists is most helpful! Thanks

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