July Book Club – Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis

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It’s time to talk about the next steamy, summery round of Boho Berry Book Club! (It’s actually just a normal month, but I feel like talking about everything in those terms from June through August really makes stuff POP.)

This past month, we read Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, and it was so interesting to see how the members of the book club responded to it.

An “a-ha!” that I noticed come up a number of times was around Elizabeth’s assertion that we can simply enjoy our creative pursuits without adding pressure to them — an idea that’s surprisingly radical, and something of a relief. She suggests only going down the road of making your creative hobby a source of income if your passion totally demands it, if you can’t NOT— and, importantly, if you have the resources to do so without upending your life.

If you can do that, fantastic! Otherwise, Elizabeth says, simply ENJOY your passion. Let its only purpose be your pleasure. It made me so happy to read a number of our book club members talking about how they were struck by that concept, and I’m glad for them to be able to let go of some self-inflicted pressure and trade it for pure satisfaction.

So let’s see what sizzling, sunshine-y nuggets we can get out of this month!

If you’d like full instructions on how to join the group and how it works, head over here.

During our monthly book selection poll, the members of the Boho Berry Book Club voted for Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis to be our pick for July!

I first heard of Rachel through Alison Faulkner and listened to Rachel’s interview on her podcast, Awesome with Alison. Rachel threw out a couple of tidbits that I was so into that I safely Siri’ed them into my notes app while I was driving — including the daily journaling she does, p.s., something I’m betting might be of interest to many of us Boho Berry Babies. I felt like her book could be a great possible selection for the book club, and apparently our members thought so, too!

Girl, Wash Your Face aims to help its readers to spot the lies we tell ourselves by copping to the lies Rachel has told herself, chapter by chapter — some chapter titles are “Lie: Something else will make me happy,” “Lie: I should be further along by now,” and “Lie: I am defined by my weight.” And chapter by chapter, she debunks those lies in a “Things that helped me” section at the end where we get to learn from her experience — an experience that, in all likelihood, we can relate to hard.

I’m just a few chapters in and I’m very into it — it’s weirdly an easy read and a profound read at the same time, which I feel like is an unusual combination to pull off. Where does the face-washing come in?? You’ll have to join us in the Boho Berry Book Club and find out!

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