InCoWriMo – Let’s Write Some Letters in February!

I am totally and completely obsessed with handwriting. There. I said it. Over the weekend, you may have seen a lot on social media about National Handwriting Day. While I loved seeing all of the handwriting-related posts fill up my newsfeeds, I’m particularly excited about another little event coming up that takes place every February: InCoWriMo!

InCoWriMo is short for International Correspondence Writing Month. I first heard of this magical celebration of handwritten letters over on the Goulet Pens Blog last week, and I haven’t been able to contain my excitement ever since!

InCoWriMo – How to Participate:

Are you participating in InCoWriMo this February? Here's the run-down for you + how to find someone to write to :)
For a breakdown + list of the supplies pictured, click here :)

>> Step 1

According to Eric over at, you should first recite this pledge:

“I, [insert your name], clearly see the benefits of InCoWriMo participation, not only to me personally, but also to those who will receive my correspondence. InCoWriMo is a beneficial endeavor and worthy of my full attention. I hereby pledge to hand-write and mail/deliver one letter, card, note or postcard every day during the month of February.”

>> Step 2

Hand-write and mail/deliver one card or letter each day throughout the month of February. That’s 29 letters this year, since it’s a leap year. :)

>> Extra Credit

Snap some photos of the letters you send and receive and share them on social media. Consider using the hashtags #InCoWriMo and #InCoWriMo2016 so that we can all follow along!

Not sure who to write to?

Are you participating in InCoWriMo this February? Here's the run-down for you + how to find someone to write to :)

Maybe you’d even like to gain a pen pal or two throughout the month?
Here are my go-to sites to find new pen pals:

PostCrossing – Send and receive post cards from all over the world.

Fountain Pen Pals – A pen pal group for fountain pen enthusiasts on Reddit.

Letter Writers Alliance – A paid membership but oh-so-cool!

Bullet Journal Pen Pals – A pen pal group on Facebook for all of us BuJo lovers! :)

You can make your letters as simple or as decorated as you like.

If you’re looking to go all-out with your letters, I’ve created an InCoWriMo board on Printerest filled with lovely letter-writing and envelope decorating ideas:

Follow Boho Berry | Boho Life |’s board | InCoWriMo | on Pinterest.

PO BoxOf course, I’d love it if you’d write to me too!

(Depending on how many letters I receive, I can’t promise that I’ll be able to respond to each and every one, but I’ll sure try!)

Kara Benz
Boho Berry
P.O. Box 780
Cookstown, NJ 08511


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