Saying goodbye to #PlanWithMeChallenge & #RockYourHandwriting

I’ve been on a mission to simplify my life and business this year. Through that process, I’ve had to take a long hard look at all of the projects on my plate — both personally and professionally.

I have big dreams for Boho Berry, but those big dreams and goals take a lot of preparation and hard work to bring to a reality. When planning out the remainder of my year and the beginning of 2018, I quickly realized that something had to give. If I wanted to continue to grow my business and still maintain a good work-life balance, I needed to let go of some things.  And let me tell you — letting go of projects that I love is hard!

It’s with a sad heart today that I’m announcing my retirement from co-hosting both the #PlanWithMeChallenge and the #RockYourHandwriting Challenge.

Making the decision to leave these challenges was not one that I came to lightly. Unfortunately, I can no longer dedicate the amount of time they require and still look forward to the future of Boho Berry. You could say that I’m taking a step back in order to step towards the future that I envision.

It has been SUCH a privilege to work alongside Kim (Tiny Ray of Sunshine), Jessica (Pretty Prints & Paper), and Dee (Decade Thirty) throughout the course of these challenges! I joined the #PlanWithMeChallenge in December of 2015, and we created #RockYourHandwriting the following February.

Working with these fabulous ladies has been such a joy each month, and I will forever treasure the friendships we have formed with one another along the way.

And to answer the questions that I’m sure are on all of your minds…


The honest answer is that I’m not 100% sure. Kim, Jess, and Dee should be making an announcement soon, so be sure to check their blogs over the next few days.

Their blogs, again, are:

Tiny Ray of Sunshine –

Pretty Prints & Paper –

Decade Thirty –


Absolutely! The #BohoBerryChallenge will continue each and every month right here.

In addition to thanking my fellow co-hosts, I want to thank YOU as well. You are what has made these monthly challenges SO fun and so fulfilling. Watching your progress in different areas has been one of the highlights of each month for me. Thank you for welcoming me into your social media feeds for so long :)



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Kara Benz
Kara Benz is the artist and author behind Boho Berry, where she inspires her readers to lead a more centered, fulfilled, and inspired life. Kara also runs a successful sticker shop on Etsy - Boho Berry Paperie.
  • Jessica Elizabeth

    Congratulations on coming to this decision, Kara. It can be so hard sometimes to make decisions like this. In life one always has to take care of themselves and that can be so hard, especially in our modern American society. Kudos on taking care of you!!

  • I’m kinda sad as I’m just getting into this- but I totally understand. In fact- you made me think that I’m adding to my schedule when I need to be subtracting. But it’s not really subtracting. It’s really focusing on what is important to you right now. Life is a constant change- how does the saying go – “the only constant is change” ? Well- everyday is different and we all need to take the time and reflect, consider what is working and helping us move forward and letting go of what is not. I’ll still be here :)

  • David Roth

    I only just joined #RockYourHandwriting on Facebook this month, but it’s been a wonderful and enriching experience. I don’t mean that casually; this really is inspiring my creativity and help me work harder. I appreciate what you’ve done. Thank you.

  • Lisa Jacobs

    Bittersweet news, and I’m incredibly PROUD of you for making this decision for yourself and Boho Berry. SO many good things to come <3

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