Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe: How to Find “Your People”

I’ve always loved that little phrase: “Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe.” But what does it mean? Who is your tribe and how can you find them? More specifically, how can you find them online?

Your vibe attracts your tribe. This little saying has stayed with me throughout my life and I believe it to be 100% true! The only way to attract “your people” is to be yourself. If you are pretending to be someone that you’re not, you’re going to attract a tribe that has nothing in common with the real you.

So how do you find your people? It’s easier than you might think, and I’m gonna walk you through it! :)


I can’t even begin to tell you how important it is to find your tribe. Your tribe members are the people that will just ‘get’ you. They will share in your interests, they will cheer you on when you succeed, and commiserate with you in your failures.

Your tribe will accept you for who you are. They will be your support system, your cheering squad, and will provide you with a sense of community that you will be hard-pressed to find elsewhere.

Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe

In addition to your tribe being a support system for you, you’ll soon find a sense of purpose in being a part of a support system for others as well. It is SO personally rewarding to help others, and being part of a tribe will give you ample opportunity to do so.

Do you have a "tribe"? Your tribe are the people that just 'get' you. They support you, cheer you on, and commiserate with you in the bad times. Click through to learn how to find YOUR people! :)


>> 1. Be Yourself

If there is one tip that you pay attention to today, let it be this one!

What do I mean by “be yourself”? Well, I mean that you should do the things that you love to do. So, I’m reinforcing what I said at the beginning of this post: The only way to attract “your people” is to be yourself. If you are pretending to be someone that you’re not, you’re going to attract a tribe that has nothing in common with the real you.

Are you an artist? Take an art class… guess who you’ll meet there? Yup! Artists! Are you a female blogger? Join a blogger group for women on Facebook. I can guarantee you, you’ll meet other women bloggers there… You get the gist, right?

>> 2. Find Your Communities Online

Do you remember Apple’s old slogan: “There’s an app for that!”? Well, when it comes to the things that you are passionate about, there’s a community for that! Whatever it is that you are interested in, I promise you that there’s an online community out there filled with like-minded folks just waiting to meet you are

Here’s a few communities based on my interests that I have been a part of:

>> 3. Be Active, Engaging, and Supportive

I’m just going to leave this right here :) Source

Just joining a community is not enough to make you a part of your tribe. The key to feeling the love is all about actually engaging with your tribe! Being an active member is what will make it feel like a community to you.

Imagine that you have just walked into your first day of school or a new job. You wouldn’t just stand in the corner and stare at everyone would you? Nope. Like it or not (I’m looking at you, fellow introverts!), you’d introduce yourself and get to know your new classmates or office-mates, right?

The same principle applies in online communities. Sure, it’s easier to get away with just lurking in the background and watching everyone else having fun… but that’s not why you joined this community, is it? That would be defeating the purpose.

Introduce yourself with a sort of “hello, this is me” post and then get to engaging! “Like” some posts, comment on the things that interest you, provide your input where you can, and then enjoy the fun conversations that are sure to ensue!

>> 4. Don’t Be Negative

This should go without saying, but the whole point of finding your tribe is to engage and support the community. Negativity has no place in online communities, and is always frowned upon. Remember how your mom used to tell you: “If you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all.”? Yeah, that definitely applies here.

Feel free to take it a step further and instead of “not saying anything at all”, try finding something nice or supportive to say instead. You’ll be happy you did, and you’ll be adding to the sense of community within your tribe in the process :)

I hope that you found these tips helpful while trying to find your tribe online! Follow these steps and I guarantee you, you’ll be making long-lasting friendships and building relationships in no time :)

What are some of your favorite online communities? Have you found your tribe? I’d love to know! Drop me a line below and share the love :)


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