My Favorite Bullet Journal Spreads

A few weeks ago, I was flipping through my past journals on the hunt for all of my Bullet Journal mistakes. As I was skimming through, I couldn’t help but smile as I flipped past all of those memories, to-do lists, and experiments from the past year and a half.

Today I thought I’d do a little recap of sorts for you, featuring some of my very favorite Bullet Journal spreads :)

I'm in a reminiscing mood today, so here's a little trip down memory lane of all of my past Bullet Journals :)


A lot of the spreads in my first Bullet Journal were experiments — toying around with new ideas and trying to figure out what worked best for me.

I loved looking back to see how some of my now-favorite spreads have evolved over time.

I'm in a reminiscing mood today, so here's a little trip down memory lane of all of my past Bullet Journals :)

My first monthly tracker is a perfect example. I remember how tedious it was to draw out ALL of those lines to form the grid, and that eventually led to me switching up the style of my tracker that you’ll see a bit later in this post. Also it’s pretty neat to see my cursive back then vs. what it has become today.

The following gallery is clickable so that you can scroll through and see them all in full size :)


I started my second Bullet Journal in January 2016. I was finally feeling confident in my layouts and was developing a solid planning routine as well.

One of my favorite spreads has always been my Level 10 Life & Level 10 Goals. Inspired by the book The Miracle Morning, I divided my life into ten master categories and set goals in each area to “level up.” You can learn more about my Level 10 Life here, here, and here.

I'm in a reminiscing mood today, so here's a little trip down memory lane of all of my past Bullet Journals :)

My second Bullet Journal is where I really started to feel like it was all “clicking.” My handwriting was coming along nicely, and I was not only being creative, but also getting my life more organized than ever before.


I moved into my third Bullet Journal in June 2016. One of my favorite spreads in it was this Summer Road Trip spread. I took my daughter on a two-week road trip and used my Bullet Journal to plan our route and jot down some ideas for the trip as well.

I'm in a reminiscing mood today, so here's a little trip down memory lane of all of my past Bullet Journals :)

My third Bullet Journal was where I really started to tweak and perfect my favorite spreads as well as experiment with new ways to be creative.


When Ryder Carroll added the Emerald color in the Official Bullet Journal Notebook, I just knew that it would be my very next journal!

After a brief two-week stint trying to BuJo in a Filofax, I excitedly dove back into this bound journal and commemorated the switch with this little quote:

I'm in a reminiscing mood today, so here's a little trip down memory lane of all of my past Bullet Journals :)

This is also the journal in which I switched up my color scheme. I started using an all-pastel color palette.

As I’m nearing the end of my fourth Bullet Journal, I’m really enjoying the process of looking back and seeing the evolution of not only my planning but my creativity as well.

When I first started Bullet Journaling I never imagined how far this little system would take me. I’m in love with the system, but more importantly the community that has developed around it.

Yes, I’m planning and improving my life through Bullet Journaling, but it’s also given me a front-row seat to the transformation of SO many others. I can’t even begin to express how much it warms my heart to see the support and encouragement within the BuJo community… y’all are the BEST!


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Kara Benz
Kara Benz is the artist and author behind Boho Berry, where she inspires her readers to lead a more centered, fulfilled, and inspired life. Kara also runs a successful sticker shop on Etsy - Boho Berry Paperie.
  • Bridget

    I also like looking back, seeing how I’ve evolved. I’ve been following you for a year now; I remember you talking about the changes you made in your 2nd BuJo :)

  • theshubox

    This post is amazing, and I think I just realized you work at my ABSOLUTE favorite philadephia restaurant Distrito! Is this true!? (I am from philadelphia and go there every time we go back to visit!!)

  • Angie Caldwell

    Thanks for sharing this Kara. It’s amazing to see your progression and growth. I’m in my first Bullet Journal, and I’m loving it (have journaled since teenage years, but this put the last cog into place). I love the trial, error, play, and how it can be anything I need it to be. I’m so excited that I found it through a FB friend, and I’m trying to share it with anyone who will let me show them. I know it can make a big difference in people’s lives. Thank you for all of your help and guidance. I love seeing your journey and joining in on the learning and growth.

  • Still new to Bullet Journals and BohoBerry, but I love your BuJo. It mixes the pretty and the practical well. I’m not ready to do everything by hand, and my days aren’t quite as listed as they could be, but seeing your changing spreads and books… It’s helpful.

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  • Yari

    I love this collection of spreads. I have to get back into putting some color in my bujo! Definitely want to try some of these.

  • Saraly

    Hello! I’m writing because I’m trying to finally BuJo. However, how do you get used to making and accepting mistakes? Every time I make a mistake, I want to tear the page out or get a new journal, but neither of those are good. Any suggestions?

    • Kam

      I’m not Kara and I’m definitely no expert with bujos, but when I switched to a new journal at the beginning of 2017, I tore out the pages I had left of my old one. Whenever I make big, unfixable mistakes, I cut pieces out of those torn out pages and paste it over to mess up. It has the same pattern and color, and I have a small sticker-maker so I can paste it on really well. Hope that helps!

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  • Ashley Ziegler

    May I try out some of these spreads in my bujo? I’m super new to bujo and I like some of these spreads you have done.

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  • Miranda Laine

    I just started reading the miracle morning and Im seeing it pop up everywhere now. I love your tracker for you’re level 10 life!

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