Why Fall is a Great Time for Review + Goal Setting

Seriously, where has this year gone? With November just around the corner, it’s inevitable to start thinking about the year winding down and start planning for the new year ahead. For me, Fall is a time of reflection and goal setting.

There’s something about the change to cooler weather that causes a mindset shift for me every year. Maybe the fact that my birthday is in November also has something to do with it. My birthday is always a reminder to me to take a look back at the past year and reflect. It’s a time to sit down and analyze what went well this year, what I would still like to accomplish, and what I want next year to look like.

Have you ever done a (pre) year end review? Fall is the best time to take a look back and plan for the year ahead. Goal setting at it's finest!

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The (Pre) Year-End Review

So often we hear coaches touting the benefits of a year-end review. When it comes to goal setting I like to do what I’ve always called a (pre) year-end review as well. Around this time every year, I take stock of everything I have accomplished so far. I also take a look at my master to-do list and see what unfinished business I have. Then, I make a list of goals that I can tackle before January to finish the year off strong.

If you’ve been spending time with me here for a while, then you’ve probably heard me sing the praises of my favorite creative business coach, Lisa Jacobs. Being the goal setting nerd that I am, I was thrilled when she posted her 16 Before 2016: A Goal Setting Challenge earlier this week.

16 Before 2016: A Goal-Setting Challenge

Of course, I gladly accepted the challenge and turned to my trusty Bullet Journal to lay it all out :)

Goal Setting for the Year Ahead

Once I’ve mapped out the final months of the year, I turn my attention to the year ahead. This process hasn’t always been easy for me, and I never really had a method to my madness. I would simply brainstorm a giant list of things that I want to do and accomplish.

While I don’t recommend my “throw-it-out-there-and-hope-it-gets-done” method, it is what has (kind of) worked for me for the past several years. Let’s face it. The majority of people (a staggering 95% by most accounts) do not set goals. So, just the fact that I was writing my goals down on paper already put me in the top 5%. But I knew that I needed a more actionable way to approach my goal setting.

Enter the *Your Best Year 2016: Productivity Workbook and Creative Business Planner by Lisa Jacobs.

UPDATE: Your Best Year 2017 is here! Check out my full review right here :)

Your Best Year 2016. This workbook = results. Are you ready to make it happen already?!

Here’s what Lisa has to say about Your Best Year 2016:

Your Best Year 2016 is the only planner on the market that allows you to create a fluid, long-term plan specifically designed for creative entrepreneurs.

Your Best Year 2016: Productivity Workbook and Creative Business Planner includes …

  • A place to capture your wins each month: Creative businesses can feel slow-moving, even when you’re getting a lot done and making a lot of progress. This book is designed to help you regularly record + review the wins you’re creating.
  • A record of review: By the end of the year, what worked and what didn’t won’t end in a question mark. You’ll know exactly what you need to do to create a more successful business.
  • A focus on the five pillars: You are your business, and it’s often hard to separate personal from professional life. This book doesn’t try to. Without you, there is no business! You’ll be encouraged to focus on all aspects of your wellbeing (financial, physical, relational, spiritual and mental).
  • A record of memorable moments: Whether you’re recording personal or professional events, there’s a designated section to help you remember what matters.
  • Improved habit maker + tracker: We are creatures of habit, and I can’t tell you how many New Years I started off with the best intentions, only to find myself back in the same rut within three months. Trust me, it’s not for lack of trying! We’re wired to repeat our mistakes, but this book helps you conquer that.
  • A revolutionary goal setting system: I love this new system, and I know you will, too. I developed it in early 2015, and it’s been a game-changer for my career. I encourage you to hold the year’s vision loosely and remain open to unexpected opportunities this year. I designed this system specifically for creative entrepreneurs so that it allows your plan to unfold and evolve in the best way imaginable.
  • A revolutionary risk assessment worksheet: Should you go after that big dream? Should you make that big investment? Wonder no more! This simple worksheet will help you make the decision and get over your fear once and for all.
  • A mix of instruction and application: At 154 letter-sized pages, this book is ready to teach and help you tackle this business once and for all!
  • Planner tools for 2016: I haven’t even told you about the planners yet! Your Best Year 2016 includes an annual overview with objectives, quarterly goal setting, monthly overviews, monthly tasks and priorities, weekly overviews, weekly tasks and habit trackers.

Your Best Year 2016. This workbook = results. Are you ready to make it happen already?!

Sounds amazing, right? I thought so too, and let me tell you: When I got my hands on a copy of this amazing workbook, I was completely blown away by the depth of the exercises within.

Lisa provides great insights, thought-provoking prompts, and plenty of space to write — all while building a great picture of what 2016 will look like for you.

If you’re like me, and you want to make 2016 your best year yet, then I can’t recommend this workbook enough! I’m touting *Your Best Year 2016 as the best investment I have made both for myself and for my business all year!

UPDATE: Your Best Year 2017 is here! Check out my full review right here :)

* This post contains affiliate links. In plain English, this means that I may receive a small commission (at no cost to you) if you subscribe or purchase something through the links provided. You will never see me post a link to a product or service that I haven’t used myself and love! (Learn more here)

What are some of your goals for 2016? Are you ready to make it your best year ever?


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  • Hi Kara

    Love how organised you are! It looks like a brilliant planner, a great find


  • I feel exactly the same; this year has just flown by!!! It’s kind of scary! I go through phases of being good at planning and writing down goals, but I’d love to be better at it. This planner looks wonderful!

  • I love the idea of taking inventory and starting fresh around this time of year! What a way to get amped up for the year to come and to reflect on how far you’ve come. That planner looks like a dream. It’s on my Christmas wish list now. :) This is a super inspirational post. Thank You for sharing!

  • I was working in my planner this morning, going ahead a couple weeks, and I noticed that it’s going to be November. On Sunday. When did this happen? Lol… but I definitely want to get a head start on my 2016 goals since it’s going to be a really big year! That workbook looks really helpful, plus I’m a sucker for anything that gives some coaching for goal setting. I hope you achieve your 16 before 2016 goals!! :)

    • Thanks Zoe! I’m a sucker for goal setting too! :)

  • I absolutely love this time of year. I’m always much more motivated to get stuff done and tie up all the ‘loose ends’ before the new year starts so I can hit the ground running with my resolutions.
    Have added that book to my Amazon basket. (Not US though, so couldn’t use the affiliate link. Sorry!)

    • Yay! What matters is that you’ll have a great business planner, not wether I get a commission or not :)

      • Ah yes, but I like to support blogs I love. =) Tracking reckons it’ll be here tomorrow. Exciting! Good thing I booked a childminder for a few hours. Ha ha.

  • Such a great post! Pre planning and reviewing for the year ahead are great ideas. I love workbooks, but my ability to sit down and actually fill them out is pretty much non existent. I often get very distracted while planning things out – even for my own blog posts. I think i have 5 different planners already. I really enjoyed this post and keep up the good work!

    • I totally hear you on the multiple planners, Miriam! I’ve finally settled on just the one (my bullet journal) but found this workbook to be SO helpful :)

  • Nitta Notes

    This is so motivational!! Thanks for sharing this :) I’m starting to think about my 2016 planning as well.

  • It was good to read this post, it was very motivational. Thanks for sharing.

  • adriana nudo

    This is great!!! I’ve definitely been working on setting more goals, this time of year is definitely a great time to plan for next year!!
    xo Adriana – Daily Dose of Design

    • Thanks Adriana! It is such a great time for reflection! It really helps to get a good jump start on the year to come too :)

  • I am usually a big planner and with a birthday in late October I feel just like you about fall. As you have a child, do you have any advice on that first year after childbirth? At the moment I have one/two goals: Be present and soak it all up. But I’d really like to continue my creative work etc. I just have no idea what life will look like post baby.

    • Well I can definitely say that life with a newborn can be hectic! My biggest advice is to just squeeze in time for yourself whenever you can. Nap time is great! Forget about big chunks of time and embrace the idea of working in small increments ☺️

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  • I’m not sure how far along you are in your progress to attaining these goals, but my biggest tip would be to create a collection for each and break them down into smaller steps. That’ll take away some of the stress that happens from seeing how many of them there are and trying to figure out where to start. Pick one and create a collection for it. I find doing that helps to kickstart my mind into idea and flow mode where I can think about and focus on that one goal. That way, when you are in the collection page, for say, the giveaway, you have a collection with maybe a doodle of what the giveaway is, what the dates are, the conditions, and you’ll have a rough draft of what you’ll place in your article. Also include action steps that you can check off, though I’m sure you knew that already (;. Then, once it’s done, you can check it off in your index to indicate you’ve completed the collection – that’s a fun little hack I find helpful and satisfying :)

    This time of year is lovely. It’s a time for reflecting, learning, digesting, and appreciating. Last year I filled out a few different printables to close down the year, among them my favorite was the one by Susannah Conway with her Unraveling the Year Ahead workbook. I’m hoping she’ll do it again this year, she has some great reflection questions in there to wrap up the year. :) http://www.susannahconway.com/2014/12/lets-make-some-magic-in-2015/

    Lovely article, Kara, happy to see your enthusiasm about these things.

    • Wonderful insights as always, Kim! I love the idea of creating a collection for each goal and really breaking it down. I’ve got the evening all to myself in our hotel in New Orleans tonight, so I think I’ll dive in and really dig deep into these goals… deadlines and all :)

      Thanks for always being such a wealth of advice and suggestions! :)

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