My Positively Girly DIY Desk Makeover

Hello darlings!  I’m SO excited to finally share my DIY Desk Makeover with you all! It should come as no big surprise by now that I’m a huge fan of all things DIY… A big part of living this boho-inspired life of mine is to find ways to create and express myself every day.  I slaved lovingly labored over my most recent project all last week, and let me tell you: It has been so hard to wait until it’s done to share it with you!

DIY Desk Makeover @

I absolutely LOVE finding used furniture that people are getting rid of and turning it into a work of art for my own home! About a year ago, I stumbled on an old white-washed coffee table and turned it into a statement piece for my living room…

DIY Coffee Table Makeover @ bohoberry

Let’s just ignore all of the mess in those photos and concentrate on the glorious-ness of that table, shall we?

About a week ago I stumbled on an old desk in one of the “for sale” groups I follow on Facebook… I know it didn’t really look like much, but in my mind’s eye I saw a masterpiece in the making.  I snatched it up for $50 and had my poor husband go pick up yet another piece of furniture for me to play with :)

DIY Desk Makeover @

PS – You can find a similar desk – brand new – on Amazon right here :)

Now, you may be thinking: “Kara!  There’s NO WAY I’m going to spend hours upon hours sanding and prepping that thing for paint!”, but let me tell you about this amazing little thing called “Chalky Finish Paint”. There are a few different brands out there (some more expensive than others), but the one that I like is made by DecoArt. The amazing thing about chalky paint is that there is no sanding or prepping required! That’s right! All you have to do is dust/clean your surface and you are ready to paint. How cool is that?!? You can buy directly from DecoArt, but I like to get mine from… they usually have great prices and you can’t beat free shipping either!

Besides the paint itself, you also need a cream wax and waxing brush to seal the deal… Here’s some Amazon links for you if you’re feeling crafty anytime soon:

Now, back to the desk… Here she is after the first day.  I realized I wasn’t going to make it over the whole desk with just one 8oz container of paint, so I stopped halfway down.  Off I went to Amazon to order more paint! This is just one coat of paint.  I decided that, for this piece, I wanted the wood to show through a bit for a more rustic feel.

DIY Desk Makeover @ bohoberry.comOn Friday, my new paint arrived, and I was finally able to finish painting. I also ordered new  white hardware to make the color really pop.  After giving the whole desk a good coat of wax and letting it dry for 24 hours, I buffed the whole thing with an old white t-shirt and installed the new pull knobs…

DIY Desk Makeover @ bohoberry.comI was already in love with my new desk, but I wasn’t prepared for the absolute euphoria I was in for when I put all of my pretty things in it!

Here’s my DIY Desk in all her glory:

DIY Desk Makeover @ bohoberry.comIsn’t she beautiful? (I’m planning on sewing myself a flowery cushion to really make that chair pop)

DIY Desk Makeover @ bohoberry.comThe perfect spot for my desk calendar where I plan out my blog posts and other business-related things.

DIY Desk Makeover @ bohoberry.comI love having a place to put my filing bins up and out of the way, yet still have them look cute!

DIY Desk Makeover @ bohoberry.comMy best friend made me this gorgeous mason jar flower arrangement as a house warming gift a few years back.  I love how the orangey color of the flowers pops against the teal of the desk!

DIY Desk Makeover @ bohoberry.comYes, I have adult coloring books. Don’t judge me too hard ;)

DIY Desk Makeover @ bohoberry.comFinally!  An awesome place to display my wedding bouquet!  (there’s a tutorial coming for how to make one of your own soon) Oh, and if you haven’t noticed a trend yet… I adore mason jars!

DIY Desk Makeover @

A close-up of the hardware and beautifully distressed look I achieved on the wood.  I am just SO excited about this whole project… It’s pretty ridiculous really! Is one allowed to be so smitten with a piece of furniture? Hmm…

Please (oh please) let me know what you think in the comments below :)


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