5 Steps to Craft a Better To-Do List

Ah, the daily To-Do List… the heart and soul of any planning system, but especially the Bullet Journal. I often get emails asking me how I decide what goes on my to-do list each day, how I prioritize it, and how I decide what to tackle first each day.

A lot of you are struggling with this bit every day, trying (like I have) to find the perfect balance of “Oh my goodness, I have so much to do!” and “Ok, this is what really needs to get done today.”

A well-crafted to-do list acts as a guiding light for your day. It helps you overcome that feeling of overwhelm and the anxiety of wether or not you’re being productive throughout the day.

Before I dive in to explaining how I craft my to-do list each day, I’d like to point out that to-do lists come in all shapes and sizes. It’s all about what works for you as an individual. The method that I explain in detail is what works for me personally. It’s up to you to decide what you can take and implement into your own planning system. I encourage you to try these techniques, but if you find that only some of it applies to your life/needs, then by all means take what works for you and leave the rest.

To-Do List


1. Have a “Master” List

My “master” list is what I often refer to as my “brain dump”. It is a list of non-urgent tasks that are not immediately time-sensitive. Earlier this month, I decided to house my entire “Brain Dump” in its own notebook pictured below.

This is my "Brain Dump" notebook. It serves as my perpetual master task list.
Once I tackle a task, I put an “X” through the bullet and make a little note (in parenthesis) to remind myself when I accomplished it or where the results can be found. I use the notebook threading technique described by Kim (Tiny Ray of Sunshine) right here.

Every time I think of something that needs to be done (but not necessarily today), it gets added to this master list. When I sit down in the evening to craft my to-do list for the next day, I reference my Brain Dump to see what has become a time-sensitive task.

I will also pull tasks from this list if I have a particularly light load the next day and will have time to tackle something that is not necessarily pressing; but rather would be nice to get done and out of the way.

2. Have a “Top 3”

Once I have carefully crafted my to-do list for the following day, I look it over and decide which tasks will be my “top 3” for the day. Some experts call this a HIT (that’s high-impact tasks) list.

To determine my top 3 tasks for the day, I ask myself the following questions:

  • What task(s) will have the most impact on my day?
  • What task(s) needs to get done today?
  • If I get nothing else done today, what task(s) will make me feel the most accomplished?

Once I have figured out which tasks are the most important, I number them 1, 2, and 3. It’s important to note that I do not necessarily tackle them in that order. I may start with #3 because it’s quick and easy. This gets the momentum going in my day and energizes me to tackle the bigger/longer tasks on my list.

Every day, I select my "top 3" to-do list items for the day. Theses are the 3 items that as long as they get done, I'll feel accomplished for the day!

Why does this work?

Think of your energy level like the gas tank in your car. You fill up first thing in the morning, and start driving all around town running errand after errand. Sooner or later, you will run out of gas and not be able to go anywhere else until you refill (go to bed and get some rest).

You want to hit the important destinations first so that you can make the most of your trip before your gas tank runs dry, right? It’s the same with your energy levels.

Getting those important and time-sensitive tasks out of the way first — while you have a full tank of energy — will free you up to do the smaller, easier tasks later when your energy starts to run low. (Hellooooo, mid-afternoon slump anyone?)

3. Break it Down & Be Specific

To-do’s should be actionable tasks. In addition to being actionable, they should be specific. Tasks such as “work on research paper” — while actionable — are much to vague. Instead,  specific and manageable tasks that you can do in one sitting like “write first paragraph of research paper”.

Breaking larger projects down into more manageable snippets will help you to get more done. Even if each task individually seems tiny and insignificant; when you add them up over the course of the week or month, they compound in effect.

4. Be Intentional With Unfinished Tasks

Every master (or even daily) to-do list has a few tasks on it that we’ve been meaning to do for days, weeks, maybe even years — but just haven’t gotten around to yet. Instead of stressing over these unfinished tasks, try to figure out why they haven’t gotten done.

See all those arrows? Don't let them get you down! Here's how to craft a better to-do list:

Is it because the task is too broad/daunting? Try breaking it down into more manageable sub-tasks and tackling just those little bits each day.

Is it because the task is just not important to you? Take a minute to analyze wether that task still holds value. If it doesn’t, there’s nothing wrong with crossing that bad boy out and relieving the stress of it staring you in the face every single day.

Is it because you just don’t want to do it? Some tasks are just a drag. Period. They may be important, but you keep putting them off because you simply don’t feel like it. If this is the case, consider making that task one of your “top 3” for the next day. Just get it over with and save yourself the grief.

5. Plan to Plan

I often preach the importance of routine, and brace yourself — I’m about to do it again!

Scheduling time to plan out your to-do list is the single most important thing you can do to increase your productivity.

Every night before bed, I sit down with my Bullet Journal and plan out my to-do list for the following day. I analyze what I accomplished that day, move tasks forward, and add in tasks from my Brain Dump list as needed.

I'm breaking down my daily planning routine for you step by step today!

This is akin to setting out your outfit the night before a big morning meeting. You are setting yourself up for success.

Waking up each morning and already having a clear vision of what you need to accomplish that day is invaluable. It initiates a forward momentum in your day. Rather than scrambling in the morning to figure out what you need to do, you can hit the ground running on your most important tasks right away.

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BONUS TIP: Create an “If/Then” List

This is one that I am experimenting with in my Bullet Journal at the moment. Remember how I was talking about energy levels earlier? Well, I have come to realize that energy ebbs and flows for me throughout the week.

Some days, I inexplicably have an over-abundance of energy and get everything on my to-do list accomplished before noon, leaving me with the afternoon free to work ahead.

Other days, I find myself drained from the moment I wake up. After slugging through my “Top 3”, I end up procrastinating the rest of the day away.

Here’s a peek at my “If/Then” Lists:
(you can click on these to view them larger if you wish)

If/Then List If/Then List

As you can see, I’ve taken some of my repetitive daily, weekly, and monthly tasks and categorized them into two lists. The first is my “If I have lots of energy then I will…” list, and the second is “If I’m feeling sluggish then I will…” list.

The concept here is that no matter how I am feeling each day, I can grab an item from the appropriate list and tackle it that day. This way, no matter what I am being productive and can feel good about my day.

It is my sincerest hope that you’ve found some helpful advice here when tackling your daily to-do list. As I said before, I hope you’ll experiment with these techniques and determine what could be applied to your own to-do list each day in order to make it more efficient.

What are some ways that you prioritize your day? I’d love to know, so drop me a line below :)


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