Bullet Journal: One Month Update

Hi. My name is Kara and I am a Bullet Journal addict. As of today, I have been bullet journaling for the past 40 days and I don’t see myself stopping anytime soon. If you’ve been following along on Instagram, then you have no doubt seen my feed explode with pretty planner pictures over the past month.

Today, I’m here to walk you through my bullet journal page by page. I’m going to show you how I use it, what works for me, and what changes I have made along the way. Are you ready? Let’s do it!

>Psst! If you missed my first Bullet Journal post, go check it out and get caught up to speed ;)

>> Want to see a video flip through of my entire journal? Check out the video here! :)



Before I dive into pictures, I thought I’d address some supply questions I have been getting. I put together a list of my favorite journal supplies for you bellow.


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Alright, now let’s get on to the fun part… all of the pictures!


Ok, I promised that I would go page by page so here we go! Get ready… It’s about to be a pinner’s paradise up in here! (FYI, there are a few spreads missing from these pics due to their personal nature)

P.S. – I didn’t reduce the original size of any of these images. That means you can click each one for a nice close-up :)

It's been just over 1 month with my Bullet Journal... Time for an update! I'm walking you through my bullet journal page by page...


It's been just over 1 month with my Bullet Journal... Time for an update! I'm walking you through my bullet journal page by page...

One of the things I love about the Leuchtturm notebooks is the built-in index pages. As you can see, I filled up the first one pretty quickly. I don’t expect this trend to continue, as I have already added most of the collections that I plan on including. We’ll see though. ;)

It's been just over 1 month with my Bullet Journal... Time for an update! I'm walking you through my bullet journal page by page...

My key is pretty simple. I love the simplicity of the original Bullet Journal for rapid logging my entries. This also makes it really easy for me to see all of my daily tasks at a glance and know what needs action.

It's been just over 1 month with my Bullet Journal... Time for an update! I'm walking you through my bullet journal page by page...

Besides my doodles and quotes, I’m a traditionalist when it comes to the monthly spread. I love the simplicity of listing out the days and writing in events as they come up. I keep a shared iCal calendar with my husband so that he can keep track of everything that’s going on, but everything still gets logged here in the monthly view.

I’ve split my monthly goals/tasks into business and personal so that I can see them more clearly.

It's been just over 1 month with my Bullet Journal... Time for an update! I'm walking you through my bullet journal page by page...

Here’s my first spread. I’m a lover of quotes as you can see, and I have a few lists like this one sprinkled throughout my bullet journal. On the right is my very first Miracle Morning tracker. Don’t judge me too harshly for not coloring it all in… I started tracking this separately and honestly just forgot to go back and fill it in… oops!

It's been just over 1 month with my Bullet Journal... Time for an update! I'm walking you through my bullet journal page by page...

It's been just over 1 month with my Bullet Journal... Time for an update! I'm walking you through my bullet journal page by page...

Here’s a couple of examples of how I lay out my daily pages. In the beginning, I found myself logging the same tasks repeatedly day after day. I rectified that in September by creating a tracker page which you will see in a bit.

I’m also keeping a running lists of books that I would like to read. Any recommendations for books that I should add to this list?

It's been just over 1 month with my Bullet Journal... Time for an update! I'm walking you through my bullet journal page by page...

It's been just over 1 month with my Bullet Journal... Time for an update! I'm walking you through my bullet journal page by page...

One of my favorite collections is this list of 100 goals I would like to accomplish in the next 10 years. I got this idea from THE Maya Elious and absolutely love it! Check out her list here :)

It's been just over 1 month with my Bullet Journal... Time for an update! I'm walking you through my bullet journal page by page...

It's been just over 1 month with my Bullet Journal... Time for an update! I'm walking you through my bullet journal page by page...

It's been just over 1 month with my Bullet Journal... Time for an update! I'm walking you through my bullet journal page by page...

I love to sprinkle my daily pages with quotes, doodles, and notes. Sometimes I’ll add in a little journal entry. That is the beauty of the bullet journal system. You can really make it your own and you are never limited by space.

You can see that I switched from my Prismacolor colored pencils to those awesome Staedtler Fineliners for color on the 13th.

It's been just over 1 month with my Bullet Journal... Time for an update! I'm walking you through my bullet journal page by page...

This is one of my favorite exercises that came in the Miracle Morning Fast Start Kit. Completing this exercise inspired me to write the post Level 10 Life – 100 Goals in 10 Areas of Focus.

It's been just over 1 month with my Bullet Journal... Time for an update! I'm walking you through my bullet journal page by page...

It's been just over 1 month with my Bullet Journal... Time for an update! I'm walking you through my bullet journal page by page...

More and more dailies, followed by my first collection of blog post ideas. This is one of those lists that I keep referencing back to time and time again. (Isn’t that lightbulb just the cutest?)

It's been just over 1 month with my Bullet Journal... Time for an update! I'm walking you through my bullet journal page by page...

It's been just over 1 month with my Bullet Journal... Time for an update! I'm walking you through my bullet journal page by page...

More collection pages. I’ve gotta say… that Improve My Blog / Improve My Business spread is one of my least favorites in my entire bullet journal so far. I didn’t really think about how I wanted it to look when I started. Oh well, you live and learn, right?

It's been just over 1 month with my Bullet Journal... Time for an update! I'm walking you through my bullet journal page by page...

It's been just over 1 month with my Bullet Journal... Time for an update! I'm walking you through my bullet journal page by page...

That entry on August 24th is one of my favorite in my whole bullet journal so far. The night before, I discovered an amazing group on Facebook called Bullet Journal Junkies. As part of my intro, I posted a link to my original bullet journal post and that thing literally blew up overnight.

Since then I have been super active in the group and I have learned SO much. (Shout-out to all you amazing BuJo Junkies! Love you all!)

It's been just over 1 month with my Bullet Journal... Time for an update! I'm walking you through my bullet journal page by page...

September begins! I”m sticking with the same monthly spread since I loved it so much in August.

It's been just over 1 month with my Bullet Journal... Time for an update! I'm walking you through my bullet journal page by page...

It's been just over 1 month with my Bullet Journal... Time for an update! I'm walking you through my bullet journal page by page...

I took the time to write out some of my long term goals for the blog. Oh, and there’s my super-awesome September Tracker I was telling you about earlier. The colors don’t mean anything, I just happen to thing they are pretty.

You’ll notice that not all of the items are necessarily “habits”, rather things that I want to keep track of during the month. Oh, and that yoga class line? Well, I thought that I would join a yoga studio this month so I added that in there. Hasn’t happened yet.

It's been just over 1 month with my Bullet Journal... Time for an update! I'm walking you through my bullet journal page by page...

I soon realized that I wanted to have a method for future planning besides just using iCal. Here, I drew out the next 6 months to keep track of birthdays, holidays and the like.

It's been just over 1 month with my Bullet Journal... Time for an update! I'm walking you through my bullet journal page by page...

It's been just over 1 month with my Bullet Journal... Time for an update! I'm walking you through my bullet journal page by page...

Here’s my first “big” mistake page. I planned on writing out the prompts for the #planwithmechallenge. I realized a little too late that I wouldn’t be able to fit them all on the page. Against my perfectionist nature, I just let it ride and made a little notation to myself that that list now lives on page 53.

This is where I also started keeping track of the temperature in addition to my weather doodles. Further on, you’ll see that I start tracking the highs and lows instead of just the high temps.

It's been just over 1 month with my Bullet Journal... Time for an update! I'm walking you through my bullet journal page by page...

My savings goals tracker has been one of the most popular pages that I have posted on social media so far. Those numbers in the bottom square are the increments for each graph. Once I have that amount in checking free, I transfer it over to savings and color in the square.

It's been just over 1 month with my Bullet Journal... Time for an update! I'm walking you through my bullet journal page by page...

It's been just over 1 month with my Bullet Journal... Time for an update! I'm walking you through my bullet journal page by page...

This cleaning tracker is a fun little spread. I can’t take full credit though. Check out @fourdotspaper on Instagram for the original :)

It's been just over 1 month with my Bullet Journal... Time for an update! I'm walking you through my bullet journal page by page...

It's been just over 1 month with my Bullet Journal... Time for an update! I'm walking you through my bullet journal page by page...

Can we talk for a minute about how much my cursive is improving? If you look back at those first entries, you can tell that I had not written in cursive for a very long time! I’ve still got a long way to go, but I’m happy with my progress so far.

It's been just over 1 month with my Bullet Journal... Time for an update! I'm walking you through my bullet journal page by page...

Oh, the infamous Whole30 Action Plan. This simple spread got re-grammed by THE @Whole30 Instagram account earlier today and literally exploded my feed. My Instagram following grew by 800 and counting at the time I sit here writing this. Can we say “achieving goals”?

It's been just over 1 month with my Bullet Journal... Time for an update! I'm walking you through my bullet journal page by page...

Those planner inspirations were a prompt from the #planwithmechallenge on Instagram. If you’re loving this post, then you should definitely go check out the accounts listed above. There are some AWESOME ladies out there doing amazing things with their planners!

It's been just over 1 month with my Bullet Journal... Time for an update! I'm walking you through my bullet journal page by page...

It's been just over 1 month with my Bullet Journal... Time for an update! I'm walking you through my bullet journal page by page...

I got the idea for this food log from Kim (@tinyrayofsunshine) on Instagram. This girl is a wealth of bullet journal knowledge and inspiration. Go check her out now. Thank me later.

It's been just over 1 month with my Bullet Journal... Time for an update! I'm walking you through my bullet journal page by page...

And this brings us to the end… Phew! What a ride, am I right? The quote above is one of my favorites and I think that it ties in perfectly with the idea of the bullet journal.

Seek progress, not perfection.

I’ve heard of so many people afraid to start writing in their bullet journal because they don’t want to “ruin it” or they just don’t know where to start. This makes me so sad!

If there is one thing that I want you to take from this post, it’s that you’ll never grow if you don’t start. Which reminds me of one more quote:

“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.” ~ Zig Ziglar

Thank you SO much for taking the time to read through this post! I’d love to hear back from you. Are you a Bullet Journal Junkie? If so, why don’t you join us in the Bullet Journal Junkies Facebook group?

If you loved this post, I’d seriously appreciate you pinning any of the images to your favorite Pinterest boards. I’m all about spreading the Bullet Journal love! :)



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  • I found you on Instagram and then realized you were in bullet journal junkies too. Can I be your blogging BFF? :) I am still working on my bullet journal post but love all the ideas and creativity on Instagram and the group. Bullet journaling has really helped me get stuff done this past couple weeks since youngest started Kindergarten. Not everything gets done that I plan to but at least it’s clear what I worked on and what needs to migrate to next week. I host Small Victories Sunday linkup and hope you will add this and 2 other great posts. Our linkup is to inspire our readers to read, eat, create, live and blog well. I love promoting planner posts since I’m a planner addict too so hope you will link up with us!

  • Okay, I admit it: I am obsessed with you planner! Your handwriting is so beautiful and your words seem so honest and authentic! Thank you so much for sharing the inside of you planner journal with us. I definitely went a little Pinterest crazy, but what can I say, I don’t want to forget about it all. And I just started my own bullet journal last week and loved getting some inspiration – there is a lit to learn from you!
    You defiantly hooked me up on purchasing Hal Elrod’s book, I still haven’t done that even though I’ve been meaning to for weeks.
    Have a beautiful start into the new week!
    xx, Ronja

    • Aw, thanks Ronja! Comments like this one truly make me grateful that I started this blog. Your words mean the world to me :)

      P.S. There is nothing wrong with going a little Pinterest crazy! At least that’s what I tell myself ;)

  • Wow, what an incredible diary! I’m super impressed. My brother tried to get me into bullet journalling a while back, but I found it too overwhelming just looking at the blank pages and trying to get a good process going. This is so helpful! I will definitely give it another go. PS love your affirmations page! Always strive for progress, not perfection – perfect! x

    • Thank you so much, Phoebe! Affirmations are a huge part of my morning routine, so pages like that really help me to get motivated for the day :) You should definitely give bullet journaling a try… I finally feel organized after years of trying out different planners :)

  • That is gorgeous. YOU did all of those pages? I’m stunned, amazed …. I want a planner that looks like that!!! That means I need to learn bullet journalling?

    • Thanks Marie! Bullet journaling is just the method that worked for me… Find what works for you and go for it! :)

  • Moongirl Art

    Wow!!! I have been using my BuJo for over a year and love it when I still find inspiration from others. You are on the ball and this is so impressive. It’s taken me a while to get my BuJo into a place I like it but you seem to have had it all figured out from the get-go – so awesome! Yes, I pinned a lot! :)

    • Nothing wrong with pinning a bunch ;) Thanks for the compliment, that means a lot! :)

  • Your journal is absolutely amazing, Kara! Jealous of your organization and cute handwriting. Thanks for mentioning me!

    • Aw, thanks Maya! And you’re very welcome! :-D

  • Kara, this is so inspiring! Maybe I’m ready for my own bullet journal and Whole30! You make them seem like such beautiful, creative, and healthy commitments to yourself. :)

    • Thank you, Julie! This is definitely my year of healthy commitments! :)

  • Leslie Halstrom

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful and inspiring BuJo pages. And you are so generous to share your thought processes along the way. I learned about Miracle Morning from you . . . and am on Day 4 – loving it. Thank you sweet lady!

    • Aw, you’re welcome Leslie! I’m so stoked that you’re giving the Miracle Morning a try! I hope you’re loving it as much as I do :)

  • Amanda Moser

    This is INCREDIBLE. I found this because I’m doing Whole 30, but I also JUST started Bullet Journaling. Spirit sisters! Girl- you have so much talent. I love what you’ve created. Thanks for being brave and sharing!

    • That is awesome, Amanda! Love the idea of spirit sisters BTW! :)

  • I got super frustrated with my Bullet Journal… but reading this post has inspired me to start again! I love it! <3

    • So glad you loved it, Zoe! I think the key is to just treat everything you do in your BuJo as practice for the next day, week, month, etc. It’s a constantly evolving thing that just keeps getting better and better :)

  • I tried Bullet Journaling in a traditional planner once and it didn’t work for me. I like the simple format of this and you really make it BEAUTIFUL! Thank you for the inspiration.

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  • Emily

    This might be my favorite bullet journal blog entry yet. I got so many good ideas! Thank you so much for sharing what you know :) I started Bullet Journaling in January of this year, and just started my 2nd journal at the beginning of this month. I’m pretty basic, but layouts like yours have inspired me to fancify just a little bit ;) I’m definitely looking into the Miracle Morning, and Level 10 life; Heck, you honestly inspire me to work harder at building a blog as well (a dream I’ve never quite moved forward with). I just can’t say enough about how much I love your posts. THANK YOU.

    • Aw, thank you SO much Emily! Bullet journaling has definitely become one of my passions, and I appreciate your words so much. I’m so happy that my posts inspired you :)

  • Laura Bastien

    I came across your blog from Pinterest. And all I can say is where have you been all my planner/bullet journal/midori obsession life?I love your planner pages and am so inspired to actually add a bit of LIFE to my planner (currently a Midori Travelers Journal). THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! And here’s a thumb up from me to you for doing Whole 30! I started in March and got through 17 days before the three different meal plans (we are a family of 7 with various food/meal/dietary issues) before my Whole 30 just became too much for me to keep up with. BUT I have never felt better..tons of energy and no fatigue!

    • Hi Laura! I can’t even imaging trying to balance 3 different meal plans! I can only imagine the organizational skills it must take to wrangle a family of 7… As far as bringing more life to your planner goes, my favorite thing to do is just use little pops of color and doodles wherever I can. It makes a world of difference :)

  • Wow your planner/journal is so pretty and impressive! Thanks for sharing so much detail! This is certainly inspirational for me to start doing more. Of course I’m a sucker for quotes too.

  • Erin Giebler Hill

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. Not only have you kicked my butt in to
    gear using my bullet journal to its fullest potential (I was getting
    bored), you have decided for me that I must do the Whole30 (I’ve been on
    the fence…eating chocolate covered pretzels). LOVE this post,
    subscribing to your blog, and following you everywhere (not literally.
    It’s ok.)

    • I love it, Erin! I hope you give Whole30 a shot, it’s really a life-changing experience so far. Thank you SO much for stopping by :)

  • Nicki

    I found your blog via Pinterest, I have no idea what I was even looking for as I was drawn in by pictures of your beautiful journal and ended up here finding more and more goodness!

    • That’s awesome, Nicki! I hope you enjoy your time here in my little corner of the internet! ;)

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  • HittinTheSlopes

    Wow this is amazing! Thanks for all of the time you put into writing this and your journal. And now I’m going to check out some of your planner inspirations on Instagram.

    • Thank you so much! I love hearing about others getting inspired by my journal. Thanks for stopping by :)

  • Angie

    I can’t tell you how much I love your illustrations and your pages. I have been bouncing around between my bullet journal and a regular calendar and…well…nothing… for about two years now. I really want to love my bullet journal, though, and I don’t really know what’s stopping me. Your pages are an inspiration, though, because there’s SO MUCH you’re including…but it looks PRETTY! :D Keep up the awesome work!

    • Thank you, Angie! I always aim for functionality first, but I don’t stay inspired long without some prettiness too :)

  • I’ve been snooping into planners for the last several months. Can’t find what I want. Almost bought the EC but ended up being ridiculous in price. Then I thought I would make my own but they have not turned out the way I wanted either. I looked at the bullet journal but it looked so boring and drab! Thanks for your post…it helped me to realize that I think the Bullet Journal might have the flexibility that I’m craving! I want to make my OWN journal and be able to add pages here/there whenever I want to! The only thing is what about index and page tabs? I guess you can’t do that with this so I guess you just flip pages until you find the entry page you’re looking for? I’ve sent a request to join the FB page…hope to learn some things there too. Thank you!

    • Hi Melissa! You can actually bullet journal in any notebook of your choosing. Just designate the first few pages as an index and number each page as you go. I highly recommend you check out the original bullet journal video at http://www.bulletjournal.com to get familiar with the basics :)

      Thank you so much for stopping by, and I’ll see you in the FB group soon :)

      • Thanks Kara! The FB group actually has some info on tabbing and customizing…ordering my journal today! :-)

  • Your Bullet Journal is beautiful, inspirational, and simply AWESOME! I also bullet journal, but I just write things down, but you inspired me to make it more personal with drawings and such! You have a new fan :)

    • Aw, thank you so much Victoriae! I think the key is to just do what works for you… :)

  • Juliette

    Amazing ! I follow you from France (sorry for my bad english glups !) and I-ve just began the 30 days miracle morning. I have a question (I hope it is not personal) : what does “distrito” mean ??

    • Hi Juliette! I love that you are doing the miracle morning as well… such a life changer :)

      Distrito is just the place I work… on the index it is referring to the pages where I track my income from the shifts I work there as a server & bartender. :)

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  • Nichelle Nickie Bondz Collins

    Boho Berry , where has your blog post been all my life… LOL!!!! But seriously, I’ve fallen deeply in love with not only the beauty i found with in this particular post, but your WHOLE BLOG…. and pinterest…. I haven’t found you on youtube yet, but when I do I will definitely subscribe. Thank you for inspiring me to start bullet journaling and helping me reconnect with my creativity! Peace & Blessings!!!!

    • Hi Nichelle! Thanks so much for such a great comment! I do have ideas for a YouTube channel soon, so stay tuned :) If you’re just getting into bullet journaling definitely check out the amazing Bullet Journal community on Instagram… search the hashtags #BulletJournal & #planwithmechallenge to hook up with all of us there :)

  • Rosanna

    Kara, love your blog. Why did you switch from pencils to pens for your colour?

  • I am in absolute love with your bullet journal entries!

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  • Stephanie Correia

    Oh my god, I have no words for how PERFECT your planner is!!!! #inlove #perfection #congrats

  • Teresa Davis

    Hi Kara, I’m new to the world of bullet journaling and must say that your site is so full of wonderful inspiration. Thank you so much for sharing your time and creativity. I’m going to check out the Bullet Journal Junkies on FB.

    • Thanks Teresa! You will find a treasure trove of inspiration in Bullet Journal Junkies for sure… I look forward to seeing you there :)

  • Esther_HV

    Love your lettering and page layouts. Am a bullet journal fan as well and also use a Leuchtturm1917 (but with squares, think will go for dotted pages next time). I love writing and find handlettering very inspiring, but haven’t dared to do it yet. Seeing all your beautiful pages is a great inspiration and I think I will just let go of my own judgement and go for it.

    • Thank you, Esther! We are most definitely our own worst critics sometimes… I was so hard on myself in the beginning but I love flipping through my journal and watching as my handwriting and lettering has improved over the past few months. I’m sure you’ll feel the same soon :)

  • Denise Robinson

    Kara, I love your bullet journal. I am so intrigued with the bullet journal, but I am so overwhelmed by it too. Your pages are gorgeous but how long do you spend the bullet journal vs how much do you actually get done?
    Could you give me a bullet journal class, private lessons? LOL

    • Thank you so much, Denise! The bullet journal is such a personal thing, I doubt I could ever seriously consider doing lessons on it lol.

      As far as the time involved, it’s totally dependent on what my day looks like. If it’s a busy day or week, not much decorating and doodling happens. I always make sure to get my tasks done first and focus on action, then if I have time left I will make it pretty. I treat the decorating aspect as more of a hobby but the functionality is priority #1 for me… hope that helps! :)

      • Denise Robinson

        Kara, I thinks the biggest questions I am wondering about is how many pages do you set aside for each subject. Calendar, Yearly, Monthly, daily planning, Goals, Monthly tasks, book lists, shopping lists etc?

        • I don’t really set aside pages for anything. I just start my list/collection on the next available spread. When I start a new collection, I just index the page numbers in the front of my notebook. Does that make sense?

          • Denise Robinson

            Kara, Sorry to be a bug, I’m just so intrigued with this process, yet I can’t wrap my head around it.
            So do you do your yearly plan, months, and then do one month at a time with a weekly planner section?
            I don’t think I am explaining this very well, but I would assume you would keep the calendars together, but maybe not.
            Oh, I feel stupid :-(

          • No worries, Denise! I’m here to help :) I highly suggest you check out Ryder’s Bullet Journal video (http://www.bulletjournal.com). He does a MUCH better job of explaining it than I do. If it helps at all, the order of the images in this post are the exact order they are in my journal.

            The basic order is as follows: Index, Future Log, Monthly Spread, Daily Pages, Collections mixed in with the dailies, Monthly Spread, Daily Pages, Collections mixed in, and so on and so forth until the notebook is filled up. Hope that helps!

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  • Dawn Paoletta

    I LOVE your oh, so simple, yet beautiful (exceedingly NEAT) and inspiring pages. Thanks for sharing ALL of these pages. I started implementing BUJO in maybe late September…but committed to it for November as somewhere in mid- October I realized it was brilliant and perfect for my adhd, non-stop mind. I think I am following you on Instagram…I have a hard time connecting who is who with all the multi names. lol. Challenges of growing old!

    • Thank you so much Dawn! It can all be pretty overwhelming, for sure. The key is to keep making tweaks to your system and it will eventually morph into something that works perfectly for you :)

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  • James Brooks

    Amazing post as always, thanks so much for sharing!

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  • Jean B.

    I am so glad I found you blog on Pinterest. I have been looking for about 2 weeks for a planner / journal / goal tracker. Nothing has been quite what I wanted. I found another blog on creating your own but it still didn’t convince me to create my own.Not to mention it wasn’t the bullet journal method. I tried a few printable ones but still missing the durability aspect. OMG! This system is exactly what I needed. Something I can customize at a moments notice and to my liking. Your post inspired me so much I ordered the same journal (in orange) and I should have it in two days. Thanks for this very detailed and inspiring post. It was exactly what I needed to see… Sorry to tell you but I will probably be following you all around social media now LOL! Thanks again definitely a new and continued subbie!

    • Super glad to have you here, Jean! Comments like yours truly make my day :) Thank you so much for your kind words and I’m sure I’ll be seeing you around the community! :)

  • Sauny

    Thank you for sharing!! I just purchased an ARC planner from staples and I was in love with the ability to doodle in the back and make lists on notebook paper as well as have defined calendars and to do lists. Until I saw this……I thought wow!! I can’t do that with juggling a family and being a teacher I do not have time to sit down and make grids and calendars. However, it sure takes time to find them online and print them. I think I am going to give this a try, use my new arc notebook and I can still rearrange the pages and have tab dividers, but I can doodle and make grids. I have graph paper in my filing cabinet and this weekend I will be trimming it for my arc notebook and putting it to work for me. I have seen many posts on bullet journaling but you have shown all aspects of yours, I feel people leave their more personal things out, but that’s what people want to know. WHAT DO YOU PUT IN THAT NOTEBOOK?? haha. Thanks again for sharing, beautiful drawings. I’m so glad you specified your reasons for a grid noteboook, it will make charts and calendars much easier. THANKS!!!!

    • There are quite a few bulletjournalists out there using an ARC system! I think you can definitely make it work for your Bullet Journal :) Thank you so much for stopping by, Sauny!

  • Stefanie Kitchner

    I love how you’ve set up your Bullet Journal, and I’ve stolen a ton of your ideas! :-) Even down to the Staedtler pens! But I’m struggling in how to organize future events. It’s November now, but for instance we are seeing a show in February – where do I put that? I created a yearly calendar like you, for birthdays & holidays, and the daily blocks, but I’m not creating those months in advance as I may need more or less space. So how do you keep track of future events? Do you create the Monthly Spread (the original Bullet Journal Monthly Spread for a few months in advance?). Thanks!

    • Hi Stefanie! I actually keep a shared calendar on iCal for future events. If it falls next month (or further), it goes into my iCal calendar. When it comes time to set up a new month, I simply reference my shared calendar to see what I need to add. Perfect combination of analog and digital :)

      P.S. I never write out spreads in advance (monthly, weekly, or daily). That would defeat the whole purpose :)

  • I’m new to this. I don’t see where you changed your daily tasks or routines into a different sheet.

    • Hi Brenda! I’m not quite sure what you mean? Maybe you’re talking about how I moved some of my daily tasks to my monthly tracker so that I didn’t have to write them down over and over again each day?

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  • Rachel Ramey

    Oh. my. gosh. You rock! This has to be just about my favorite post I’ve ever Pinned in all the years I’ve been on Pinterest. (I have like 200+ boards, so that’s saying something!) I’ve been wanting to try bullet journaling, but had some practical hurdles I couldn’t sort out, until they started popping up again and I’m seeing solutions from people…and meanwhile your post came across my feed. I think we think a lot alike, because I’m making a list of half your spreads to integrate into my journal. :) And you are such a wealth of doable doodling options, too! Your pages look so fun and colorful and polished, but your doodles are all things I can actually break down to steps I might be able to accomplish. (Art is not my strong suit.)

    Anyway, thank you, thank you, thank you for taking the time to share!

    (Also, totally random side note: I’m now super-curious about who in Leesburg bought your jewelry. lol That’s just outside of where my husband works, so now I’m wondering what other BB fan is local to me. :) )

    • Hi Rachel! If you had asked me a year ago I would have said that art was not my strong suit either! It’s all about the practice and breaking things down into simple steps really helps too!

      Thanks for the awesome comment! XD

  • Love this post, Kara! I am so inspired :) Thanks a lot :)

    • Awesome! Thanks for stopping by :)

  • sagolia

    Hey Kara! I hope you don’t mind – I referenced a picture from this post in a post of my own. Don’t worry, I gave credit!
    Love your bujo and often find inspiration for setting my own up from yours.

    • I don’t mind at all! Thanks for sharing and especially for giving credit back here :)

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  • This may be the most gorgeous planner I’ve ever seen. The colors, the doodles, the handlettering… so beautiful. Thank you for sharing it with the world! You are a planner inspiration (planspiration??) :)

    • Haha, thanks Jess! LOVE “planspiration” Can we pleeeease make that a new trending hashtag on Insta? :D

  • Dixieland Crafts

    Amazing!!!! That is all I can say. I’m hooked. Ty Pinterest for leading me here. I just picked up my empty journal today. I knew I wanted to start keeping track and organizing my days better. Now thanks to Boho Berry I’m inspired and so looking forward to starting as soon as I wake up. Thank you thank you thank you

    • Aw, thanks girl! I just love it when I can inspire others into action! Thanks for making my day! :)

      • Dixieland Crafts

        You’re most welcome. I’ve been creating my journal for past two days and I showed my hubby and he was even impressed. Trust me that is something!! He doesn’t impress easily. LOL

  • Amanda Shea

    Hello Kara! I want to be a blogger when I grow up. I recently started a bullet journal. I’m still getting the hang of it. Part of me wants to put so much stuff in that I wonder if one notebook is enough. Any advice or suggestions? Thank you.

    P.S. I hope I can make my pages just as beautiful so I will remember to keep checking on the important pages.

    • Hi Amanda! Have you considered a system of notebooks? One popular way is with a Midori-style notebook that houses multiple inserts, that way you can keep things divided but all under the same roof. A good example of someone doing this is Kacheri over at Passion Themed Life. Here’s a link to her post about it: http://passionthemedlife.com/2015/11/09/travelers-notebook-am-i-mad-or-genius/

      • Amanda Shea

        Thank you Kara! I have heard of it, just haven’t really looked into it. I like the idea. I will still use my bullet journal planner. :)

  • Ilika Trivedi

    Your bullet journal is beautiful!!! I came here from Pinterest and ended up subscribing to your amazing blog. You have some excellent ideas here and I’ll be sure to implement a few. I have been thinking of making a bullet journal for myself and you’ve been of immense help. Thank you and keep up the awesome work!

    • Aw, you’re SO welcome! Thanks for stopping by, and if you ever have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask! :)

  • Leisel Clayton

    I love that you have all the colors under your Things I Love page. Having all the colors is my theory of how to win at life that I picked up from Monopoly (if you have all the colors of money, you aren’t too poor to buy what you need, and if you have all the colors of properties you can’t lose the game). It doesn’t matter what medium I’m playing with, I always want all the colors available.

  • Angela Ashley-Chiew

    Started my BuJo today! I’m doing a test run this month and may get a nice one to beautify for my bday :)

    Random q – what is all the “distrito” references?

    • That’s awesome Angela! A “practice bujo” is a great thing! You’ll have the hang of it before diving into your new notebook :) Oh, and Distrito is the name of the restaurant that I work at :)

  • JaMee

    Hi! As I was looking in wonderment at all your photos, I began to wonder what you are planning to do with all your great lists and tracking goals, etc. when you get to the end of this book. THANKS!

    • That’s such a great question! I’ll be diving deep into this when I do my January “Plan With Me” video on YouTube, but to satisfy your curiosity right now:

      I have a “Mega-Planning-Day” scheduled at the end of each month. This month I’ll be going through my entire BuJo, and flagging the pages/collections that are still relevant and that I want to transfer to my new notebook. I’ll also be scanning my entire notebook into Evernote, indexing and organizing along the way. That way, even if a collection doesn’t make the cut into my new journal, I’ll still be able to reference it online from wherever I am.

      I hope that helps, and like I said I’ll be going into MUCH more detail for everyone soon :)

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  • Alison Stephens

    I love this idea! I was thinking the whole time how beautiful your journal is and how much I want to start one, but I get stressed out thinking about making a mess in pen and not being able to fix it! I’m glad you added that last bit about people like me, haha! I will definitely try this out, even though it gives me a substantial amount of anxiety! Haha :)

    • It never hurts to try, Alison! You’ve gotta start somewhere :)

  • Marina Jacoby

    My best friend introduced me to bullet journaling last week. I googled it for more info and your website popped up. I am now reading all your posts kind of obsessively. I’ve asked for a Leuchtturm notebook for Christmas and I’m so excited to inspire my creative side! Thank you for the inspiration!

  • Marina J

    My best friend talked all about bullet journaling last weekend. That night I googled “bullet journal” and your website came up…I’ve been hooked daily and am excited to be a part of your “tribe.” I work full time and take care of my family (a husband/toddler/dog). Motherhood has been quite the experience and adjustment for me, and 20 months in I’ve started to think about how I can incorporate more mindfulness as well as “me time” in my life. Your blog posts have inspired me greatly! I’m starting with a bullet journal for planning/imagining and trying a modified version of the Miracle Mornings. Tell me please that with all you do, you still have time to sleep and chill out!

  • Jordan Marie

    This is the greatest bullet journal I have ever seen, I agree that you are a “planspiration”! New Goal: Bullet Journal like Kara.

    • Haha thanks Jordan! Loving that term! I have a few “planspirations” of my own :)

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  • Elizabeth (Plant Based Bride)

    Your bullet journal is absolutely STUNNING! I’m getting so excited to start my 2016 journal now that I’m super inspired :) Do you write out ideas for spreads/lists and such before you start? I would need to write in pencil to not have a million cross outs and changes but I hate the look of pencil. Woah is me, right? Haha

    • Thank you SO much Elizabeth! There are a lot of people out there that write things out in pencil before fully committing and there is nothing at all wrong with that :) I just kind of dive in… I do make mistakes but I try not to let them get to me :)

  • Lpius

    Your planner is really beautiful. Its must be so inspiring and motivating to work from a notebook like that. Thing is, I’m not very artistic so I would never be able to draw all those cute little doodles and diagrams. Do you think you would ever consider publishing a planner or notebook with your drawings? I really like those, because at least where I can’t draw things there is someone else’s creative artwork. However, since finding out about bullet journals, I’ve been looking for printables that would be appropriate to stick in my notebook, just to add some inspiration.

    • Thank you so much for the compliment! I have been asked a lot about publishing my own planner and it is something that I am putting some serious thought into. I am, however, a huge proponent of the Bullet Journal system, and creating your own spreads that work for you personally is a huge part of that.

      I love the idea of creating printables though! Thanks for the suggestion :)

  • HMaybe

    Did you set aside room for other monthly calendars at the beginning of your journal? You put a lot of work into your sections and index. What will happen when you run out of room?

    • Hi there! The idea behind the Bullet Journal system is to fill in everything as you go. I don’t set aside pages for anything as I don’t know how much or how little space each month will take up. When my notebook is full, I will simply migrate the important collections over to a new notebook and continue on from there.

      This notebook is actually almost full, and I’ve started the migration process into a new notebook. I wrote a post about the migration process here: bohoberry.wpengine.com/new-year-new-bullet-journal/

      • HMaybe

        Thank you!

  • Thanks for all the inspiration in this post! I’m doing modified bullet journal in a planner this year and this gives me plenty of good ideas. I especially love the section on Whole30 because I’m currently planning hard for a January 1 start!

  • Sandra Hamlett

    Thanks so much for sharing your journal. I’m just starting my bullet journal and you have given me so many inspiring ideas for how to customize it to fit my needs.

  • Elena Astolfi

    I just discovered your youtube channel and your blog. I love your planner, I think I’m going to try to do something like it.

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  • Brigid

    Hi! I just discovered what bullet journaling is. At the same time I found your blog! Since then, I haven’t been able to stop exploring! I immediately decided this was something for me. Thanks so much for sharing this with us. My journal just arrived today and I am so excited to get started. Definitely subscribing to your blog for continued inspiration :) thanks again!

    • Thanks Brigid! I hope you’re LOVING your new Bullet Journal so far! :)

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  • Ruby Naz

    This is one of the best posts I’ve read!!!!

  • Aimée Cook

    I have struggled for well over a year now to find a planer for me. I first saw there creator’s video and didn’t think it was for me. Then I saw your posts, and video and I am HOOKED! Finally something that covers all of my needs and evolves as I use it! Thanks for sharing your take!

    • Yes! I love it’s flexibility to be whatever I need it to be for the day. I’m sure you’ll find the same :)

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  • Donna Mendoza

    This is so abso-freakin-lutely amazing! I am so inspired again to write my random thoughts. I’ve been a notebook-blank-page lover. I used to doodle, write my thoughts, personal tasks or everything I want to write anywhere in my notebook. Now, I’m hooked on how to organized them. This is beyond lovely! You’re an angel. Hope you don’t mind, I might do same ideas or design in my journal!

    • Thanks Donna! And you’re more than welcome to take some inspiration from my pages :)

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  • Gosh I really love the colorful and graphic layout you’ve got! I admit I pinned several images from this post as inspiration for my (brand-new, but not for long!) bullet journal. Thanks so much for the inspiration!


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  • Gissel Carolina

    You are making me want a bullet journal so much. This is absolutely beautiful and you gave me a lot of planner inspiration, thank you!

  • Jilan Alya

    Hello Kara! I think this post is my most favorite post in your blog! This post is the reason i love to do bullet journaling :)
    (i’m sorry for the bad english, xo)

  • Heloisa Da Graça Lopes

    Hi! I’m from Brazil, so sorry my awful english kkk Girl, you’re awesome! I loved everything here, and I am really inspired. I was thinking to start a BJ, but I was insecure and I don’t have any creativity kkk but after read (try read), I think I will get!!! Thank so much! And I also will use the BJ to train my english kkk You get a fan ❤

  • Kymber

    These tips are so great! I love the daily lists the most. That’s how my brain works, one day of lists at a time. Some other bullet ideas I’ve seen were for structured weekly setups, which – while functional – weren’t quite resonating with me. Thanks for the ideas, and I love how you doodle on everything and use colour! My girl!! http://www.kymberrandom.ca

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  • Valynda Kingsley

    I don’t know where you live but in the interest of helping you with your 100 goals in 10 years, there is a park on the panhandle of Maryland (http://thetreehousecamp.com/) where you can camp in a tree house. They also have hobbit houses if you want to add that to your list! I took my Girl Scout troop there years ago and they LOVED it!

    • How cool is THAT? I’m definitely looking into this when the weather is nicer. Thanks Valynda!

  • Supportivity

    Check the new graph paper with a monthly calendar (PDF) format ready for download and print here: http://www.supportivity.com/bullet-journal-pdf-templates/

  • Brittany Rose

    I have been researching and getting as much info as I can, on how to start a Bullet Journal, and I love ALL your spreads, but I especially LOVE your spreads on The Whole 30! I just finished the January Whole 30 for the very first time! (Awesome Sauce, I must say!) Once I start my Bullet Journal tonight I will definitely remember to put in some spreads for my next Whole 30 – later on! Thank you so much for posting and sharing bits and pieces of your life and knowledge too. I am hooked now :) Great Blog!

    – Continued happiness to you.

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  • Melissa L

    I have been thinking having a bullet journal. Where do you get the journal?

  • Pingback: How I used my Bullet Journal to revolutionise my health – The Delightful Planner()

  • Red

    I agree – this is likely the most beautiful planner I’ve ever seen.
    I would love to go this route – but I AM probably the most prolific user of some kind of WHITE-OUT on every document I ever touch. I should buy it by the quart.

    SOoooo… .how do you deal with mistakes!??

    • I have talked about mistakes a lot in more recent posts, but typically I just cross it out and move on :)

  • Katy Nicol Karvola

    I am OBSESSED with your journal!! Can’t wait to start mine- thanks for the inspiration and all the pretty doodles!!

  • I’ve toyed around with creating a planner, and I still might in the future. Where I get hung up is that I love the bullet journal system so much, and creating a pre-printed planner goes against that, if that makes sense? I will be creating printables that can be inserted into bullet journals and planners very soon though :)

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  • ehalber

    Hi Kara. Thanks for all the inspiration. I was wondering when you start new journal, will you copy your collections into it? I’m just curious as I noticed you have a good number. Have you developed a strategy for which collections make it over and which ones don’t?

    • I covered this in my “New Year = New Bullet Journal” post. I only moved over the collections I still was working on :)

  • Kathy Jantzen

    Wowie! You are a wealth of information! I will be going out on my lunch break to get supplies! Thank You!!!

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  • Expedition Nutrition

    Hi Kara! I have been researching Bullet Journals for a week now and your journal has inspired me to get started today. Thanks for all your inspiration and advice :)

  • Anonymous

    I love you for this post.
    Its delightful just to read this. Your creativity is just so awesome. You are great at what you do Captain Good vibes.

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  • Maya Gonzalez

    what sizs is your book? number of pages? I saw on some you added a little calendar, do you do that on all the dailys? Do you have to write really small?

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  • so inspired ^_^ thank you for this in-depth look

  • Pia Lopez

    Hi Kara! I just bumped into your blog because I’ve been trying to organize my personal/biz time and I want to first, thank you for this post…I just created my first journal and I’m excited to see how I go. Also, I couldn’t help but notice that in your 100 list you’ve listed visiting Costa Rica and I happen to be Costa Rican and I work in a rental car called Europcar, it’s actually a family business. We’d love to hook you up with a rental so you can travel around the country and tick the item off your list. And if you need any additional help with your planning, I’d be glad to help in any way! Thank you again for this wonderful site and all the inspiration info you clearly work yourself off to deliver (and quite successfully I might add). Pura vida!

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  • OMG Kara I totally love this post! I just started researching bullet journals last night and have been hooked and now your post has just totally sealed the deal for me. Only sad thing is I can’t for the life of me find a purple dotted journal right now – sad face – gonna have to settle for a different color. Love your great ideas and you’ve inspired me to start my bullet journal journey!

  • Sylwia Balawender

    Wow! I just don’t know where to start! Thank you for making it friendly! Really. I feel so inspired. I am the one with milion notebooks and post-its around and now I have realised I can try BJ!

  • Morgan Echele

    Your creativity and pages have really inspired me. I am contemplating getting my own bullet journal started finally. I was nervous at first, but seeing your journal has really encouraged me to give it a try. :)

  • Ana

    wooooow so cool!!!

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  • Katie Nash

    I love your blog! Thank you for all that you have contributed to our world (and my own personal kingdom).

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  • Eva

    Love your bullet journal, thanks for the inspiration!

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  • Amy Bloom

    You are my bullet journaling hero! I came upon this page when I googled “bullet journal cleaning tracker” and found so much more. Thanks!

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  • Camara

    Hi, This is an amazing tool. Thank you for sharing. One year after, do you still use your bullet journal ?


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  • Mara Alverson

    Do you know how long the “official” bullet journal notebook has been out of stock? Have you heard anything about when it will be in stock again? Should I wait for it to get in stock again, or should I move forward with another notebook?

  • Mara Alverson

    Do you know anything about the “out of stock” official bullet journal? I can’t find out from them when it will be in stock again and it looks like maybe they’ve been out of stock for a year. Can’t figure out whether to wait or go ahead with another notebook.

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  • Manivannan Arjunan

    Your habit tracker method is really super. I am gonna do that.

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  • Jennifer Grace Hebel

    I just decided to take the plunge and start the bujo I bought 2 months ago tonight (I’m 8mos pregnant and in the hospital till delivery day so now’s as good a time as any, right?) And your blog is just the absolute biggest help out of any I’ve stumbled on. Thank you so much. (btw, people still do p90x? Omg, my old roommate and I tried that once and it was the most exhausting exercise regime I’ve ever ever ever tried. I remember at the end of the first workout, my friend and I were just plastered to the floor, unable to move for about an hour lol). Anyways, mega sidetrack, sorry. Thank you thank you thank you

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  • Joime Ann Cabardo

    Is it okay to use watercolor in the Leuchtturm bullet journal? I wanted to try it but I’m afraid I might ruin it.

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  • This is amazing!

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  • Lisa

    I’m planning on starting a bullet journal and when I saw your savings page I thought that format could be easily adapted to paying off debt. I’m looking for a way to track my debt payments and I love filling in boxes! Love your blog, keep it up!

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  • Angie Feliz

    so nice to see how everything started!

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