Bullet Journal: Daily Planning

Happy Friday! Boy do I have a special treat for you over on YouTube today! Last month, I walked you through my Bullet Journal planning routine here on the blog, but I thought you might like to see the process in action.

Besides the new video, I have a few scheduling changes that I couldn’t wait to tell you about!

I’ll be adding a second video each week (to be released on Mondays). This new series will be called “Mini-Tips”. As the name implies, these will be short how-to type videos. In this series, you will see a lot of short-and-sweet breakdowns of some of my most requested tips and tricks!

Here are just a few ideas that I have so far:

  • How to Use a Wax Seal
  • How to Create Faux Calligraphy
  • Fountain Pen Tips for Beginners
  • To-Do List Tips
  • How to Draw Banners
  • Planner Doodles

In addition to these “Mini-Tips” videos, I’ll also be hopping on Periscope more often to chat with you all and get to know you better!

If you haven’t yet, be sure to follow me over on Periscope at @BohoBerry to be notified when I go live! I won’t have a set schedule for my “scopes”, but I’m hoping to do them 1-2 times per week :)

What would YOU like to see more of on YouTube? Let me know in the comments below! 


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Kara Benz
Kara Benz is the artist and author behind Boho Berry, where she inspires her readers to lead a more centered, fulfilled, and inspired life. Kara also runs a successful sticker shop on Etsy - Boho Berry Paperie.
  • Glorymar Figueroa Reyes

    Awesome!!! Thanks for sharing!!! Love your videos and helpul tips.

  • Lauren

    Hi Kara,
    I love your videos. I was wondering how you edit them together with your intros and how you get such good audio on your phone.
    I’ve adapted a lot of your ideas for my bujo and love all your organization ideas.

    • Thanks Lauren! I use iMovie on my Mac to edit all of my videos… those titles, etc. are all a part of the software. There’s a learning curve to figuring it all out for sure, but it’s such a joy to learn :)

      • Lauren

        Thanks! I’ll definitely look into it! …and if you ever feel like doing a video on how you do it, I’d eagerly watch that too ;)

  • Melissa Holden Wilhoite

    Hey Kara! Great video. Would love to hear more about your calendex. Also, what colored pens are you using in that wonderful hard case?

  • Andrea Jane

    I live the mini tips idea – when you do the fountain pens for beginners one can you touch on getting your fountain pen to actually write – I bought two and it’s like pulling teeth to get the ink to flow. There must be some tip or trick!

  • YAY! Can’t wait. Today was crazy though, so I am going to have to wait until tomorrow to get my “Friday Fix”. Which just makes it all the more sweeter, because I’m going to use it as a reward to get my school work done. <3

  • Also, (hit send too soon), I LOVE the idea of Monday Mini-tips. <3

  • Karin Drechsler

    I really love watching your videos, they are so inspiring! Thanks for all of this precious time you share with us :D
    Looking Forward to MiniTips :)
    One question about your IG Coursework: Are you planning a kind of a course for IG beginners? I really would be interested in because I wanted to start. Usually I get used to new stuff (also technical) quite rapidly but this time… maybe I’m not patient enough :D
    Have a nice day!

  • Debra

    Thanks for this Kara. I’m still new to this Bujo thing and have always struggled with planning because I never had a system that worked. Your demonstrations have given me so much inspiration in how I can make my Bujo work for me. As you’ve also shown, it takes time to see what works and what doesn’t for each person.

  • Heather Alexander

    VERY helpful!!! Thank you so much!!!

  • I don’t take down notes very often, but I would mark those in my daily list with a dash (-) to signify that it’s a note. If it’s a future task that I dream up, I’ll throw it into my “Brain Dump” notebook that I talked about in my last post here: http://bohoberry.wpengine.com/craft-a-better-to-do-list/

    Hope that helps you :)

  • jilan

    Hey Kara! Gosh you are the coolest, there’s something just so therapeutic about watching you bullet journal.

    I actually purchased those Spencerian pennmenship copy books because of your recommendation, but I feel like I’m not getting a ton out of them. I actually really like my handwriting, but thought it would be cool to be able to write in a much more uniform way when I needed too. I don’t know if I’m writing too quickly, or not focusing enough or what, but I can’t get the darn letters to look exactly alike!

    Maybe for a Mini-Tips video you could show us how you actually practice using those books, and talk us through your process and what you try to accomplish with each letter.

    Thanks for the wonderful blog!

    • I think that sounds like a wonderful mini-tip video! My method basically boils down to slowing waaaaaay down until I can achieve a uniform look, then I gradually start to speed up.

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  • Hi Kara, I love all the details your video shares. I’ve just started my first bullet journal and I intend to keep it as simple as possible but I like many things you do and feel inspired by watching them. I use a ruler for drawing long lines across the page but otherwise I also like the imperfect shapes and lines that add certain charm to the journalling. Enjoy the day! :)

    • Thanks Petra! I’m with you on those longer lines… I can only manage to stay straight for about 4 inches or so before I start to curve off haha!

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  • HappyFace313

    Hi Kara,

    this is so interesting and looks like so much fun to do!
    I think I need to take some time off for these kind of pretty things!

    Have a wonderful week :-)

  • Callie N.

    Hi Kara!!
    I love your blog! (please excuse the amount of exclamation points that may ensue). I recently discovered Bullet Journaling and the beautiful artistry of fountain pens! (I just got my first pen and it is marvelous) I am so excited for the how-to videos! How to use wax seals and how to draw banners in particular! I am so excited to really dive into my journey into bullet journaling and writing more. Happy to have joined the Boho Berry tribe!

    • Happy to have you, Callie! I’ll be doing the wax seal video this coming Monday so get ready :)

      PS, I’m an exclamation point lover too! :)

  • Jessica Tippett

    First time commenter, long time reader….

    Love your blog! Your bujo ideas are so great and inspiring! This post made me feel so good because you set your bujo up so simply yet it looks so polished and elegant. I’ve also got the calendex post bookmarked for when I move into my next notebook. Thank you for the great tips!

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  • Annie Tzvetanova

    Hi Kara! I’m normally not really a blog reader, but I had to make an exception because yours is so fantastic!!

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  • Lisa Michel Steele

    I just found your blog while I was researching about bullet journals. This video has been so helpful! I like your plan with your daily pages the most of what I have found. Thank you for making it!

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