Bullet Journal 101 – Wrap-Up + Q&A Video

Although we technically wrapped up Bullet Journal 101 last week, I decided to add one final post to this series. I have been completely overwhelmed by your support and encouragement during the past few weeks. So for that, I’d like to say (yet another) heartfelt thank you!

With SO much information being covered in this series, it stands to reason that there would be some unanswered questions along the way. I knew within the first week that I’d be doing a massive Q&A session at the end of this series.

I also wanted to create a summary of the course here at the end with all of the links and resources in one place, as well as some additional links to help you as you dive into your first or next Bullet Journal.

Bullet Journal 101: Series Wrap-Up


  1. Introduction
  2. What is a Bullet Journal?
  3. Pre-Planning
  4. The Basics
  5. Make it Your Own


  1. The official Bullet Journal website
    I’ve said this a million times throughout this series but I really can’t stress the point enough. There’s no better place to get started than at the source.
  2. Kim’s Bullet Journal Reference Guide
    A few months ago, Kim over at Tiny Ray of Sunshine created this one-page reference guide for the Bullet Journal. It caught on like wildfire and was soon translated into many different languages.
  3. Future Planning in your Bullet Journal
    This is a post that I wrote last year about some different methods of future planning. If the traditional Future Log does not work for you, you might find something that will help you here.
  4. Daily Planning Routine
    One of the things that has helped me stick with this system is having a regular planning routine. In this video, I explain my personal routine in detail.
  5. Weekly Spread Ideas
    Another gem from Kim at Tiny Ray of Sunshine, where she covers a multitude of different weekly spread layouts. You can also check out my weekly spread right here.
  6. My Favorite Bullet Journal Hacks
    When branching out and coming up with your own collections, this might be a helpful guide/inspiration.
  7. Task Migration
    In this video, I explain my personal process for task migration within my Bullet Journal.
  8. My Favorite Bullet Journal Supplies
    A walk through my most used and trusted pens, notebooks, and other journaling supplies.
  9. Boho Berry Guests
    Are you ever curious about other people’s Bullet Journals? Perhaps those with different occupations or planning styles than my own? Check out my Boho Berry Guests series for guest posts by bullet journalists from all walks of life.
  10. Bullet Journal Blog
    Similar to my guest series, the Bullet Journal Blog features new and exciting bullet journalists each and every month, as well as tips and tricks from others in the community (including insights from Ryder Carroll himself).



Bullet Journal Overview
The Basics
Make it Your Own
Bonus Wrap-Up + Q &A (you’re here!)

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  • Kat Day

    I really loved this! I have an unrelated question, I recently did a Bullet Journal post on my own blog and I referenced your site and Kim’s. I really wanted to add pictures of your Bullet Journal but was hesitant and ended up not. How do you feel about others in the community using your pictures if they give you photo credit?

  • Even if I started bullet journaling several months ago and I’m slowly finding my style, I really enjoyed this post series! Thank you so much for sharing your useful tips and experience, you’re the best :) <3

  • threadbndr

    First of all, loved this series. I’m sending a link to my sister, who is just getting BuJo curious. I think you’ve done a great job.

    On a totally personal note – love the new haircut.

  • Kate

    Hi Kara
    Thanks so much for sharing all your BoJo experience – I totally love your videos, and your BoJo’s look absolutely brilliant!
    One question I have first up (I haven’t officially started my BoJo yet – just in the planning stages!!) …. you have your yearly log, your monthly log, your weekly log and then your daily log (give or take a couple of logs, but whatever I think will work for me, which is great)…the yearly/monthly/daily I understand, but with the weekly – when the first and last week of each month invariably runs from or into the next month….do you include the days from the previous/next month in that actual week?? Or do you only have them once? do you rewrite them ??? I really hope that my question makes sense – I had difficulty actually getting it down and understanding how to write it myself – fingers crossed you know what I am trying to ask :)
    Thanks so much

    • Candace – Boho Berry

      Hi Kate, like most things with the Bullet Journal, it’s all about personal preference. Some people like to have a full week completed and others like to keep the months separate. Whichever makes the most sense for you!

  • Kara, I just binge watched ALL your videos and loved every second of it! You gave so much helpful information!!!! As soon as my bujo comes in the mail I’m getting started with your great tips and advice :)

  • Jackie

    What type of sticker paper do you suggest for printing out your stickers? Brand, size, etc.

    • I love the Silhouette brand, but I’ve heard great things about plain ol’ Avery shipping labels. I recommend 8.5×11″, then you can cut them down to size after they are printed :)

  • Wrenaissance Art

    Thanks for answering so many questions & posting this links resource page!
    You’ve really clarified some issues about the BuJo system. It’s so flexible, it can be hard to grasp exactly how best to approach it sometimes.

  • Eu sempre passei aqui e percebi que nunca deixei um recado. Eis aqui a minha chance de ouro.

    Kara, since November 2016 I start to use a Bullet Journal to organize me, and I find in the pinterest inspirations coming from your BuJo. I just got to know your blog and I’m loving it from the heart.

    I’m going to do a mini series on my journaling blog and I’d like to tell you that you inspired me! See you!

  • Jane G

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I’ve recently discovered Bujo and I think it will be a great help for my goals.

  • Lisa

    Great blog! I just started my bujo a couple days ago and I’m already in love! Your blog has helped me get started. I went with the Leuchtturm1917 journal. I definitely had the fear of ruining a new book just as you mentioned at the beginning of the series. Today I decided to just jump in. Although I’ve only made up my key and august cover page I’m feeling pretty confident about it. I feel so much better now that it’s actually been started! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/2a756bfe35579a1cc74be581a37b0659fab72534fae9974d84c6f4a26ac5e18e.jpg

  • Elizabeth Diane Taylor-Brawley

    I cant wait to dive into these life changing goals. I have joined your group on facebook.

  • Alyson Ray

    This is great!! I am so excited about trying the bullet journal (again)!!! I love seeing all these cute and inspiring planners….My only fear is that my handwriting is so messy that I will get frustrated with how it looks. Any tips for me!?!