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The Boho Berry Book Club is a meeting place to gather and talk about a different personal development book each month — and the ways it can make our lives more awesome off the page.

Personal development topics can feel…well, personal, and we often can’t help but fall into the trap of taking ourselves too seriously. This group places a bright filter over those topics to make it all feel a little lighter.

The Boho Berry Book Club is an opportunity to engage with self-help concepts and integrate them into our lives where it feels right, leave what doesn’t with zero guilt, and know that we have the backup and relief of a club of awesome, imperfect people figuring it out along with us.

View each book, each week, each day as just a new experiment you’re conducting in living a happier life, and enjoy!


• A book is selected each month (more on this later) and, much like an in-person book club, a meeting is set toward the end of the month for us to talk about it. However, it will be held in our virtual living room — the Boho Berry Book Club Facebook Group.

• During the month, you’re free to read the book at your own pace. We want the book club to feel like a fun, light and inspiring extra in your life, not like homework.

• Monthly book club meetings will take place on the 25th of each month and consist of questions, quotes, and conversation-starters released in separate posts, where discussion about each prompt can take place in the comments section.

• Starting on the 25th of each month you’re also encouraged to write your own posts sharing your thoughts and experiences of reading that month’s book.

• Throughout the month some chat about the book is a given, but to avoid “spoilers” and to support everyone’s individual reading pace, we ask that specific, in-depth talk waits until the end of the month. Think of what you would or would not say to your real-life friends about a book that you were all reading at different speeds! When in doubt, wait to post until the 25th.

• We’ll keep the conversation going before our main chats with a “spoiler thread” where you can share thoughts and intentions related to mind, body and spirit as you move through the book. We would love for you to share your experiences!

• On the first of each month, a poll will go up in the Boho Berry Book Club Facebook Group with possible selections for the next month’s book. You’ll have 3 days to vote for the book that you’d like us to read next, and then the winner will be announced. This gives everyone plenty of time to get the book before the next month starts.

This Month's Book:


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Joyful by Ingrid Fetell Lee

Kristen, here!

Doesn’t just looking at this blog post graphic, with its bouncy, colorful, confetti-like dots, make you feel a little perked up? A little JOYFUL, dare I say?

Confetti falls under the category of Abundance in the great pantheon of joy-making visuals that Ingrid Fetell Lee explores and explains in her excellent book, Joyful!

Fetell Lee was a designer with an eye toward useful, ergonomic items, who had an mind-opening experience that led her to research what visual experiences seem to elicit joy in humans on an almost universal, primal level — and now, we’re reading all about it and how to implement those facets into our own lives in the Boho Berry Book Club!

My interest was initially piqued by Fetell Lee’s TED Talk that almost serves as the thesis for the book, and it got me thinking about the things that bring me joy — which is different than happiness. While happiness is profound, joy comes in pops. But stacking up enough of those pops seems pretty profound to me…and I’m so happy to be exploring that idea  this month in our book club. I hope you’ll join us!

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