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The Boho Berry Book Club is a meeting place to gather and talk about a different personal development book each month — and the ways it can make our lives more awesome off the page. Personal development topics can feel…well, personal, and we often can’t help but fall into the trap of taking ourselves too seriously. This group places a bright filter over those topics to make it all feel a little lighter. The Boho Berry Book Club is an opportunity to engage with self-help concepts and integrate them into our lives where it feels right, leave what doesn’t with zero guilt, and know that we have the backup and relief of a club of awesome, imperfect people figuring it out along with us. View each book, each week, each day as just a new experiment you’re conducting in living a happier life, and enjoy!


A book is selected each month by poll (more on this later) and you’re free to read the book at your own pace. We want the book club to feel like a fun, light and inspiring extra in your life, not like homework!
A monthly spoiler post is provided for chat about the book throughout the month…to support everyone’s individual reading pace, we ask that specific, in-depth talk stays in the comments of this post.
Every week, we post a blog post or article related to that month’s book to check it out, discuss in the comments, and keep the energy of the month’s topic going!
A free-for-all post is also provided each week for talk about other self-help books, podcasts, videos, blog posts and articles. We want the Boho Berry Book Club to be a space to share and get ideas for inspiring things to check out that you may not have come across on your own!
A shortcut to the discussion on our current or past books can be found by clicking the “Units” tab on the left side of the Boho Berry Book Club homepage.
Book Selection:
On the 1st of each month, a poll will go up in the group with possible selections for the next month’s book. You’ll have 3 days to vote for the book that you’d like us to read next, and then the winner will be announced. This gives everyone plenty of time to get the book before the next month starts.
Have fun!


This Month's Book:


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Everything is Figureoutable by Marie Forleo

Kristen, here!

I once read a quote in some magazine — I believe Seventeen, when I was young enough to be reading that — that I found both comforting and freaky. It was a profile on actress Christina Ricci where she talked about how she finds solace in the fact that nothing is (or has to be) permanent. Hard times eventually lessen or pass. If you get married and it’s not making you happy, you can get divorced. Basically, things will change, or you can change them.

Reading this automatically made my brain go to the worried side of things — “That means the good things don’t last forever, either!” — but I also remember being glad that that meant the bad things don’t, either.

Marie Forleo’s sentiment in her book Everything is Figureoutable reminds me of this. There’s a solution, a change, for EVERYTHING. Does that mean that the solution always feels like supreme happiness? Not necessarily. But it is there. You can lift yourself out of a struggle or you can release an escape hatch. Either way, there’s a way you can figure things out, and that forward action puts you in better place.

With this in mind, we’re taking some forward action in Boho Berry that led Kara and I to decide to make this the last month of the Boho Berry Book Club.

It’s bittersweet for sure! We debated whether to do some new things in the club or whether our energy might be better used in different ways, and ultimately, we decided to move on and make space for the new.

The spirit of the book club has always been about digging into ways to make life feel good and taking a light-hearted approach toward new concepts, thinking in different ways and making change, and next year, we’re looking forward to upholding those ideals — just in a different form.

In 2020, you can look forward to more Boho Berry blog posts and videos focused on feeling good and trying new things! We’re really excited about our ideas and we think you’re really going to enjoy them.

So, like my unlikely sage Christina Ricci and this month’s final author Marie Forleo say, nothing is permanent and everything is figureoutable, and we’re saying goodbye to the Boho Berry Book Club. We thank you SO much for being a part of it!

We’ll still be open for conversation in the club this month, so if you’d like full instructions on how the Boho Berry Book Club works and how to join, jump in!


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