Boho Berry Book Club – June: Big Magic

Welcome to the second month of the Boho Berry Book Club!

Our first month, where we read and discussed Lunar Abundance by Dr. Ezzie Spencer, was a huge success! There was a real sense of comradery, sharing and open-mindedness in the group, and members shared that some real moments of clarity had taken place as a result of reading the book. It ruled.

I was particularly touched while watching the live new moon intention-setting ceremony and Q & A that Kara and Ezzie hosted within the group. Comments were streaming in in real time from people who loved it; who said it made them feel peaceful; who were excited about the goals they set for themselves in this unique separate-but-together ceremony. It made me feel like we had something special and meaningful going on and that it was doing some real good in people’s lives.

So let’s do it again!

If you’d like full instructions on how to join the group and how it works, head over here.

During our monthly book selection poll, the members of the Boho Berry Book Club voted for Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert to be our pick for June!

Not unlike Lunar Abundance, Kara has talked often about her love for this book. She even uses a passage from Big Magic as a piece to write by hand in the beginning and end of her Positive Scribes handwriting course in order to see progress made!

As its bursting, colorful cover art foretold, Big Magic exploded onto the scene when it was released in 2015 and people freaked out about how much they loved it. It’s a book about creativity, what it takes to live a life full of it and how to find happiness by bringing it to everything you do — from artistic endeavors to, just as importantly, the way you live your everyday life.

But it’s also about the hurdles to creativity and how to bound over them (or how to get back up when you didn’t quite clear it and got clobbered). Elizabeth uses examples from her own life and career to show that just like “normals” do, famous authors who’ve been played by Julia Roberts in a major motion picture experience frustration, fallow inspirational periods, and that feeling when it’s just not clicking. The important thing is to appreciate the magic of creative thinking enough to keep trying and trust that even if lightning doesn’t always strike twice, smaller sparks of electricity still light you up.

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