Introducing: My Blog & Business Bullet Journal

Fridays are quickly becoming one of my favorite days of the week. Why, you ask? Because it’s YouTube day, of course! Today, I’m over the moon excited because I finally get to flip through my new Blog & Business Bullet Journal with you.

Whether you have a blog and business of your own or not, I urge you to read on. You’re sure to find some tips in this admittedly long post to help you along in your own Bullet Journal journey!

One of the main questions I get asked about my blog & business bullet journal is why.
Why do I need a separate bullet journal for my blog and business stuff? Why can’t I just keep it all in the one notebook like I did before?

Well, the answer is simple. I really wanted a separate notebook (hopefully one that would last me all year) where I could document the growth of my blog and business all in one place. Having those sporadic collections strewn across my original bullet journal was not necessarily a bad thing, mind you. It really was nice to only worry about one notebook for everything.

The problem arose when I transitioned to a new notebook. Being that one notebook only lasts me 4-5 months, I realized that I’d only be able to quickly review the past 4-5 months at a time. Again, I wanted to be able to see the whole year grow and evolve in a single journal.

Having a dedicated Blog & Business Bullet Journal solves two main issues for me:

  1. I’ll have everything related to my business all in one place.
  2. My every-day bullet journal should last me a bit longer (I’m shooting for 6 months).

I’m currently operating out of 3 notebooks. This may sound like a lot, but let me break it down for you:

I'm pretty excited to finally give you a glimpse into my blog & business bullet journal today! Let's dive in, shall we?

Notebook #1: My Every Day Bullet Journal

This is the Azure Blue Leuchtturm. In it, I keep my personal collections, goal setting, and my daily tasks and to-dos. I do not keep daily tasks in my blog & business bullet journal. Instead, I find it easier to keep track of my schedule and daily tasks all in one place.

Notebook #2: My Blog & Business Bullet Journal

This is the mega-huge black Leuchtturm. Y’all know black is not really my color, but all of their colored notebooks in the larger size are the “slim” version, which means they have fewer pages. I decided to forsake my love of color for functionality, hence the black notebook.

Notebook #3: My Marketing Creativity Notebook

Earlier this year, Lisa over at Marketing Creativity hired me on as her Operations Manager. I’m absolutely thrilled with my new position, and I couldn’t be happier to be working so closely with my favorite creative business consultant!

This Lemon Yellow Leuchtturm contains all of my notes, research, etc. related to Lisa’s business. For obvious reasons, I won’t be sharing the inside of this one with you, but it is a huge part of my daily system.

I'm pretty excited to finally give you a glimpse into my blog & business bullet journal today! Let's dive in, shall we?

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The one thing that I want you to be clear on before we dive into my blog & business bullet journal is that I don’t keep any daily tasks or to-do lists in there. This saves me from “syncing” issues between notebooks, and gives me one master task list to work from on a daily basis.

One thing that you will also notice throughout this notebook is the serious lack of decoration and doodling. I know it’s what you’ve come to expect from me, but this notebook is for my business. And when it comes to my business, well… I mean business ;)

Index - Blog & Business Bullet Journal

The first few pages, as with any bullet journal, is the index. I started off indexing every. single. thing. I quickly realized that if I kept on this way, I would fill up the index way before I was finished with the notebook.

My solution was to: A) Condense the monthly spreads to one line a piece, and B) Create a separate index for my blog posts and videos.

Post Index - Blog & Business Bullet Journal

The Blog Post & Video Index will cover 1 page, front and back. I divided each page into two separate columns so the index is essentially split down the middle. When I create an outline for a blog post or video, it will get indexed here.

Yearly Overview + Mission Statement - Blog & Business Bullet Journal

On the next page, I decided to create a yearly calendar overview. This is where the sheer size of this notebook truly hit me. Soooooo much space! :)

This is the only page that I have slightly decorated. I included my word of the year, “Energy” along with my mission statement. I just love having that mission statement front and center!

Stats Tracker - Blog & Business Bullet Journal

Next up is my stats tracker. (another Kim-spiration… yup! That’s a new word!)

Please take a moment to thoroughly appreciate the immensity of this spread!

I just love how much room I have to create mega-spreads like this one. Across the top, I’ve listed all of the stats that I want to track each month. Along the bottom, I’ve listed my main sources of income for my business. I intend to add a few more to that list this year, so I’m happy that I have extra room to do so.

Writing Log - Blog & Business Bullet Journal

This lovely writing log page was inspired by the lovely Kim over at Tiny Ray of Sunshine. If you haven’t already, I highly recommend checking out her post: Bullet Journaling for Bloggers.

I love the idea of seeing at a glance how many days I have been writing and posting. On the right-hand side I created a separate tracker for “book writing”. One of my big goals for 2016 is to write and publish a personal development book, so this tracker is about to get some good use!

Editorial Calendar - Blog & Business Bullet Journal

The next 24 spreads in my blog & business bullet journal are comprised of monthly editorial calendars and monthly review spreads. I grouped them all together so that I can more easily plan out the entire year out in advance.

I made each square of the calendar 8×8, then used these post-it notes (cut in half) to write down all of my blog post ideas. I definitely could have made the calendars larger, but I wanted to leave room on the right to write down my main goals and tasks each month.

I color-coded the post-its (blue for blog, pink for video). The reason I decided to go the post-it route was because I like to be able to move things around. Sometimes I will sit down to write a scheduled post and I’m just not feeling it. This way, it’s easy for me to adjust and move things around.

Once a post is published, I move the post-it off the calendar and write it in all “official-like” in pen.

Monthly Log & Review - Blog & Business Bullet Journal

Immediately following my editorial calendar each month is my monthly log and review. The log is set up much like the original bullet journal‘s monthly spread. Here, I jot down a couple of things that I accomplished each day. I like being able to see an ongoing record of all of the things I have done so far.

Beneath that, I’ve added a section for “Big Accomplishments”. These are big tasks or goals that I accomplished that month.

To the right, I have a monthly review. I “borrowed” these questions from Kim (yet again). I have all of these review pages already laid out, which will make them that much easier to complete when the time comes. I don’t know about you, but I’m much more likely to complete a review if I already have the questions laid out in front of me.

2016 Goals - Blog & Business Bullet Journal

My yearly goals are next. I decided to include personal goals here as well, just because I like having all of my yearly goals in one place.

2016 Goals - Blog & Business Bullet Journal

On the next spread, I decided to break those big goals down into actionable steps. Each quarter, I’ll take a look at my goals’ progress and decide on a few actionable steps to take to get closer to each goal.

On the right, I created an “Accomplishments” spread to track what progress I have made towards each of my goals each quarter.

Blog & Business Bullet Journal

I took a page (literally?) from my every day bullet journal and created a “Big Memories” page in my blog & business bullet journal. This is where I’ll record my big milestones for the year. I’m keeping these entries relatively small so that I can fit the whole year on one page.

The Sunshine & Berries spread is one of my favorites. Mainly because I just adore my blogging BFF Kim (Tiny Ray of Sunshine). She and I have been meeting up online once a week for almost two months now. We share stories, successes, challenges, plans, even the occasional recipe. This spread is where I log my notes about our chats, using the notebook threading system.

Time Log - Blog & Business Bullet Journal

My time log is definitely a work in progress. At first, I tried to log every single thing that I did for my business during the day. While that was a very insightful process, I soon realized how much space this would take up. That first page only lasted me 8 days!

I modified the time log a bit to break down each day into 4 segments:

  • M.C. = Marketing Creativity – This includes anything that I do as Operations Manager for Lisa.
  • Blog = Anything that I do specifically for my blog
  • BIZ = Boho Berry – Anything that I do on a “business-as-a-whole” level
  • Etsy = Self-explanatory: anything that I do for my Etsy shop

Starting in February, I intend to make this time log a full 2-page spread in which I will be able to fit the entire month at a glance.

Social Media Shares - Blog & Business Bullet Journal

The final main collection of my blog & business bullet journal is my Social Media Shares page. Here, I will list each post and video as it is published, and check off each time that I share it to social media.

Blog Post Outlines - Blog & Business Bullet Journal

I’ve often referred to the daily pages in my every day BuJo as the “heart and soul” of my bullet journal. Well, these blog post outlines are the heart and soul of my blog & business bullet journal.

This is where I jot down my thoughts and create an outline for each post. I like to include the publishing date and web address here as well.

That’s it! I’m sure I’ll be adding more useful collections as I think of them, and you bet I’ll be updating you along the way! One key thing that is missing here is collections for blog post ideas. Here’s my solution:

Notebook cover from Amanda @ Grey Theory Shop (Etsy)

This notebook cover from Amanda over at Grey Theory Shop has been invaluable to me! First of all, it’s gorgeous. Second of all, it houses my two smaller Leuchtturms along with 3 Moleskine Cahiers.

Here’s how I use them:

Notebook Cover from Amanda @ Grey Theory Shop (Etsy)

As you can see, I have 3 separate notebooks in here. Each one houses my running idea list for each aspect of my business: Blog, YouTube, and Etsy.

I love having each of these in their own perpetual notebook. It’s great to be able to quickly reference ideas for the 3 different areas of my business!

There you have it, friends! I promised you a long and detailed blog post last week, and considering this is the longest blog post I have ever written, I think I delivered ;)

I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments! Drop me a line below and let me know what you think!

Oh, and if you’d like to check out a video flip-through, stick around for a while and press play on the video below :)

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Kara Benz
Kara Benz is the artist and author behind Boho Berry, where she inspires her readers to lead a more centered, fulfilled, and inspired life. Kara also runs a successful sticker shop on Etsy - Boho Berry Paperie.
  • So many fantastic ideas! I had been trying to keep personal and blog tasks/calendars in one notebook, and found it just got too cluttered. Especially when you’re trying to keep a running list of ideas, stats, etc. REALLY love that stats tracker layout. I also had not considered doing a larger blog post index! So many things to incorporate. Thank you for the inspiration!

    Katie @ Cup of Tea

    • Thanks, Katie! It’s been great to keep a record of my business in a separate journal. I can’t wait to look back on it at the end of the year and see how far I’ve come :)

  • Ashley Crowe

    I was so excited for this post, it was the first thing I did today :). My new Leuchtturm and cover are arriving today and I can’t wait (I have the nervous butterflies bc I know this system will help me keep it all together better!!) to get my blog/business bullet journal set up. So many wonderful ideas!! Thanks again Kara!

    I was wondering… How did you find a blogging buddy (Kim)? I have attempted to do this in the past but found it hard to find someone just starting out that is going to stick with it. I know someone to bounce ideas off and to talk to about blogging would be so helpful, because my husband just doesn’t get it ;).

    • Thanks Ashley! Honestly, we just kept “bumping into each other” online. Kim and I are on the same page so often when it comes to blogging and business that it just made sense for us to hook up. My recommendation is to keep an eye out for other bloggers within your niche to reach out to. :)

      • Ashley Crowe

        Great, thanks :)!

  • I discovered journaling cards last year, and so have been doing a lot of research into journaling. Bullet journaling is fascinating to me, and yours is gorgeous, but I just… I barely have time to go to the gym, nevermind spend time doing something so detailed. I’m so impressed by how you manage it all. Will keep tagging along to see if I can’t pick up a few things :)

    • Thanks Johanna! What I love about the Bullet Journal system is that you create it yourself, so you can make it as simple or as detailed as you want :)

  • Meg Miller

    Kara, You are incredible. I just love your video with so many incredible ideas!!!!! I just started a business and was wondering how I was going to track all of my ideas, actionable items and goals. You created the perfect plan! I love the ideas of the inserts – that will come in so handy for me with podcasts, posts and videos. I love your art, your passion and your energy.

  • I love your idea for separating all your journals out like that. Makes it so much easier. I’ve tried having them all in one, but that gets confusing and complicated and I always seem like I forget something.

    • Thanks, Kara! Yeah, I totally agree. Having them all separated (but still working in conjunction) has made me SO much more productive :)

  • Spectacular post. I was waiting all week for it!! I also just got my new notebook cover from Amanda at Grey Theory this week (on your advice) and I am IN LOVE with it. She made it perfectly. I’m so glad you suggested it because it holds my Passion Planner, my Word of the Year journal, as well as my small bullet journal I have started.
    I am still new at setting all of my logs and goals up and am kind of waiting to get a new official Bullet Journal from Ryder Carrol’s site (they’re sold out)…I just don’t know if I can wait anymore to get going now! This post was just what I needed.

  • MissPiplup

    I’m glad I’m not the only one with multiple journals! I find it a lot less headache-inducing to separate my planning/brain-dumping across multiple journals. (The programmer in me would think of this whole exercise as a “separation of duties”) My personal planner/habit & financial tracker/random notes is housed in one of my Midoris. My design project ideas, notes and sketches are currently in my turquoise Foxydori. Until the end of last year, my 2nd Midori housed my work activity tracker and notebook.
    That was when I decided I give bullet journalling a proper go after watching a couple of your Plan With Me videos. My work bullet journal/planner is now happily stored inside my brown A5 Leuchtturm1917 and so far it’s working out quite nicely. I’ve found that I’ve been getting more done in a day since I made the big leap. It’s worked out so well that I’ve started implementing some bujo features into my 2 other planners.
    The decorating part of journalling has proven to be very enjoyable and theraputic. One of my favourite parts of the working day (apart from brewing tea in my teapot) is drawing up the next day’s header and migrating any unfinished tasks.

    • Exactly! I just find it makes more sense for me to keep business separate. Mostly, because I want to have the whole year at a glance in one noetbook to look back on for my business :)

  • Jessie Haynes

    This could solve a conundrum for me! I have a planner that I really think I should just use as an appointment and deadlines book, and I want to use a bullet journal for doing “dailies” but I also want to do high level business tracking AND I run a business does a variety of services…so I could set up a multiple notebook system that isn’t a pile on my desk and works in my bag XD

  • myartjam

    I think you have just inspired me to give bullet journaling a try! Im hoping it might help with keeping my crazy, ADHD self from getting so out of control.

  • myartjam

    I have two questions for you if you don’t mind:
    I have recently decided to bullet journal and am soo excited! I plan on starting my dailies the first of feb after I’ve written my year and month views plus some logs and trackers. I went searching for a laurctrum (or something like that), but could only find a large sized moleskin so I bought it. I then went home and purchased 2 laurctrum journals online. They won’t get here till February. 3. Should I go ahead and start with the moleskin or wait for the other?
    Also, I have started a blog fairly recently and I love the idea of having a blogging bullet journal. (Should I save the moleskin for that one?) my question is, I saw you don’t put your dailies or tasks in it and I was wondering where you plan each post however?
    Thanks for your time and I hope I hear from you!

  • I love, love, love your blog – thank you for providing such great information and photographs about bullet journaling. I operate 2 blogs and an online publication/website, as well as a separate business and need to keep tasks/projects for each, separate. I also have a 4th grader and 10th grader whose schedules I need to up with. I am going to give bullet journaling a try but a great first step for me is to know where I can buy either clear month stickers (January, February, March, etc) or month stencils – not stamps. Do you also keep a separate journal for family life?

  • This is so cool Kara! Continuing to do big things! <3 I love how youre able to keep everything for your blog & biz in one place and all so organized. Such great ideas beautifully implemented.

    • Thank you Marina! Every day is an adventure around here for sure! Your continued support means the world to me, friend! :)

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  • Kara, I’m addicted to your videos! I lost count of how many times I watched this one.
    I don’t use a BUJO, but I adapted my system to yours and I’m excited to see how I progress.
    I hope you are OK with me sharing this post on my blog.

  • tishushu

    I use a separate Extra Large Moleskine as my work bujo. I’m a software designer, and I take so many notes every day, my Large Moleskine would prolly fill up in a month. Also, my work bujo STAYS on my desk (even though I work from home…) and it only ever leaves if I am seeing a client. At first, I wondered if it was really necessary. Then I realized I was already keeping a notebook for work but wasn’t keeping an index (which in hindsight would have been awesome). I’m pushing through the notebook I have, adding monthly spreads and collections for certain projects, but going forward, I’m going full bujo with an index. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Kelly Lynch

    Hi Kara, thanks for the great post. I have one quick Q re: the separation of daily Bullet Journal and your Blog & Biz Journal (because I’m trying to decide whether to try a biz journal myself). You mentioned that you don’t have tasks/to-dos in the biz journal … and yet the spread of editorial calendar tracking seems like to-dos. How do you manage that type of thing concurrently? In other words – if you have a topic on an editorial calendar for a specific day, do you also write it as a task in your Bujo? Thanks again for the extremely helpful and inspiring ideas!

    • Hi Kelly! Solid question!

      I keep a record of my editorial calendar in my Blog & Biz Journal, yes… but I write any of my to-do’s related to it in my daily bullet journal. For example: on my editorial calendar, I have “Calendex Video”. In my daily bullet journal, I have tasks: – Film Video, – Edit Video, – Upload Video, – Write Video Description, etc.

      Does that make sense I hope?

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  • Arianna Festi

    Just…. WOW!!!
    I love it!
    I think I will use some of your spreads too, in case I will let you know if it worked :-)
    Thank you for being such an inspiration

  • Megan collins

    Wow, should have been way more comments! Great job on this post. Thank you for all the time and effort you put into this. I came away with some great ideas for organizing my thoughts and goals!

    I have difficulty organizing my time between my two careers, coffee farm/macadamia nut business (simplified) and then I’m an artist. The first one keeps me busy for about 60 – 70 hours a week, and I’m constantly putting out fires rather than having time to plan ahead. My art business suffers as a result.

  • Monique Cremer

    Being an organiser myself, plus on the other side of my fifties ;-), I thought I’d seen a lot on organising etc. However, I was in for pleasant surprises this week!
    Firstly, discovering BuJo itself was an eyeopener for me, secondly, this post is really really inspiring. It will allow me to combine my organised side with my creative side beautifully. Yin & yang bundled in a book!
    Thanks for sharing this, thanks for all the details.

  • Alanea Alder

    I have bookmarked your site. I’m just getting into bullet journals and I love your organization. Where did you get those clear tabs? I’d like to try using those in my series bible.

  • Pauline Walker

    I love how organized this is! I just ordered my mega Leuchtturm to use for planning my blog posts. The thing is that I will be planning 2 blogs in it, with plans to launch 2 more blogs in the future. How would you arrange multiple blogs in one notebook?

    • Hi, Pauline! I think that is a great question! If it was me, I think I would divide my notebook into sections (one for each blog) and have an index for each at the beginning of each section. Kudos to you for attempting to run 4 blogs at once! I can barely keep up with one :)

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  • nattythreads

    They look beautiful! I must admit I find that a bit scarily organized, though :)

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  • Catherine Carbone

    Do you sell your labels for the front of the bullet journal? They’re really nice and simple.

    • Cat Clayton

      Hi there! Just an FYI – I believe these are the labels that come with the Leuchtturm. They look just like the ones I got with mine. HTH!

  • Lauren Gail Olsen

    Do you think this could be accomplished with the regular medium sized Leuchtturm? I just have a hard time wanting to pay $35 for a notebook…

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  • Cristina Reiser

    Love your blog. I have such a hard time with multiple planners. (Bullet Journals). I go back and forth between wanting things separate and wanting them all in one place. Drives me nuts! I am also all about turning my journal into a place where a lot of self improvement happens, not just tasks to check off so I’m loving your earlier posts as well as all your BuJo stuff. I just started a separate Blog Planner in a 7.5×10 Moleskine. Love all the ideas you just gave me!!! Thanks!

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  • Patrice Fletcher

    This helps me a lot!!! I am trying to get my blog/website off the ground and I have been finding it very difficult to get organized. I have read so many other bloggers post on how they got started!! I look forward to learning more from you!

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