April Bullet Journal Set-Up

Hi lovelies! Can you believe that April is just around the corner? I know I say this every single month (or at least it feels like it), but this year is just flying by!

I’ve been a little quiet here on the blog lately because I’ve been hunkered down getting ready to launch my handwriting course next month (information coming VERY soon!), but that hasn’t stopped me from taking some time to set up my new BuJo for the month of April!

Today, I’m walking you through all of the changes I’m making in my Bullet Journal. If you’d prefer a flip through, then scroll on down to the end of this post to check out today’s Plan With Me video :)

Is your Bullet Journal ready for April? Come check out what's new in my BuJo!

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One of the things that I love about switching to a new journal is that feeling of starting fresh. It almost feels like a new year to me, even though I switch journals every 4-5 months. Every fresh start brings new opportunities to review and reflect, and I just love that about the Bullet Journal® system!

Last week, I talked about my review process and how I set up my new journal. Today, I’ll be showing you how I’m putting those plans into action… woohoo!

Is your Bullet Journal ready for April? Come check out what's new in my BuJo!

First up is my monthly spread. A few months ago I moved away from this layout and went back to the traditional monthly log. This month, I’m going back to this tried and true layout. I split my month into three columns: ALL DAY, AM, and PM. This allows me to have multiple events and appointments on each line without it getting too cluttered. On the right

On the right, I have a small section for this month’s goals/tasks along with a small month-at-a-glance calendar.

The color-coded dots at the bottom of the page allow me to see quickly at a glance what is going on throughout the month.

I haven’t decided if I like having my workout schedule here in the monthly view since it takes up nearly the whole column. In the future, I may create a separate symbol for workouts so that it takes up less space.

Is your Bullet Journal ready for April? Come check out what's new in my BuJo!

Up next is my Gratitude Log (blank page up top) and Monthly Tracker. I did away with the Self-Care Tracker here as I felt that it was a little too cramped last month. You’ll see how I incorporated it here in a bit :)

For my Monthly Tracker, I decided to incorporate the moon phases in order to spot any correlations that may occur throughout the month. I also added boxes to tasks that I don’t necessarily need to do every single day. Not only will this help me to know when that particular item needs to get done, but it will also make me feel a little less “guilty” when that whole line is not filled in.

Is your Bullet Journal ready for April? Come check out what's new in my BuJo!

A new addition to my Bullet Journal this month is my Sleep Log. I’ve been loosely tracking my sleep in my Self-Care Tracker for the past few months, but I wanted to dive a bit deeper into how much sleep I’m getting and the quality of that sleep as well.

I’m using an app called AutoSleep that syncs with my Apple Watch. AutoSleep automatically detects when I go to sleep, when I wake up, and my heart rate throughout the evening. I plan on recording this data in the spread above to get a better picture of my sleeping habits by the end of the month.

Is your Bullet Journal ready for April? Come check out what's new in my BuJo!

This month, my Self-Care Tracker is getting a whole spread. On the left, I listed some different activities that I can do to improve in each area throughout the month. On the right is the tracker itself.

Again, I’m incorporating the moon phases here to see how they affect the different areas of my life. I also spread the graph out a bit so that I can distinguish between the lines of the graph more easily.

Is your Bullet Journal ready for April? Come check out what's new in my BuJo!

Last but not least is my beloved Mood Mandala. This has quickly become one of my favorite spreads each month! It’s such a joy to watch the mandala grow throughout the month, and it also adds a nice element of reflection to the end of every day.

That’s it! I’ll be starting my first weekly spread and subsequent daily pages right after the Mood Mandala. I’m so excited to officially move into my new purple journal next month!


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