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Boho Berry is a creative space to learn, share, create and grow. We plan out our dreams, learn from experience, and share it all with an open heart and ink-stained hands. Our community is one of expression, love, and support. We are truth-seekers, goal-setters, students and teachers, self-improvers and dream chasers. We are a creative community committed to the beauty of the written word and the strength in a single pen.

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As a Boho Berry Box subscriber, you'll receive exclusive stickers and designs from Boho Berry, plus a mix of products such as stickers, stationery, pens, pencils, markers, and other goodies from our favorite creative journaling brands.
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Over 200 videos about Bullet Journaling, handwriting, product reviews, and improving your daily life.
positive scribes
Improve your everyday handwriting with Kara from Boho Berry!
Do you struggle with your everyday handwriting? Do you wish it was more even, more legible, and perhaps even a little prettier? Positive Scribes is here to help! Become a part of the #ScribeTribe today, and join thousands of others on your way to the handwriting of your dreams!
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Design the planner of your dreams
Have you ever wanted to create your very own digital planner from scratch? If you responded with a resounding "heck yes!", then this course is for you!

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