Welcome to the #PlanWithMeChallenge! Kim, Jessica, and I are thrilled to bring this planner challenge to you each and every month. The #PlanWithMeChallenge was created as a way for us to come together as a community to share not only our love for planning, but the HOW and WHY behind our planners as well.

Don’t know what the challenge is or how to participate? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

#PlanWithMeChallenge on Instagram:

NEW: We’re excited to announce that we have launched a @PlanWithMeChallenge Instagram account! This account features some of our favorite spreads from members of the community, as well posting the monthly list of prompts over there.

Join in the fun here!!!

If you’ve never heard of the #PlanWithMeChallenge on Instagram, then I’ll let Jessica do some explaining:

The purpose of this challenge is to focus on our actual planning system(s).  HOW do we plan? HOW do we accomplish our goals and create our best life? And what can we share that will inspire someone else and make their system stronger? Although Kim, Kara, and I use the Bullet Journal, we know there are great tips from Kikki.K’s, Plum Paper Planners, Day Designers, Passion Planners, and more. It’s open for all!

Are you in?

  1. Follow me (Kara) @boho.berry, Jessica @prettyprintsandpaper and Kim @tinyrayofsunshine over on Instagram.
  2. Download the prompts below.
  3. Spread the word by posting about the challenge, using the hashtag #PlanWithMeChallenge and whatever other ones you normally use.
  4. Respond to the prompts whenever you can by posting a photo, sharing your ideas, and use the hashtag. It’s never too late to jump in! All prompts are open to interpretation :)
  5. Check out the other posts in the hashtag – engage by liking, commenting, and asking questions!

If you’re new to the #PlanWithMeChallenge and you’d like to get a taste of what kind of inspiration is being shared, check out the #PlanWithMeChallenge hashtag on Instagram.


#PlanWithMeChallenge on Facebook:

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>> Join us here! <<

In January 2016 we brought the #PlanWithMeChallenge to Facebook, and so far we have welcomed over 11,500 of you to the Facebook group! How amazing is that?!?

It has been great to expand the challenge’s reach to Facebook and participate in the conversations that have ensued in our daily prompt threads! If you’d like to participate on Facebook, here’s a little breakdown for you on how it works:


The purpose of this group is to expand the reach and community of the #PlanWithMeChallenge. This group is here to help people of ALL planner types refine their planning systems by reflecting on their own strategies and techniques and engaging with others.  The nature of the sharing goes beyond just aesthetic and into the HOW and WHY of planning.


Before posting, please read through the community guidelines here.


  • Each month, we will post a new set of daily prompts.
  • You can download a printable version of the monthly challenge below.
  • Each day, there will be a pinned post with the “Prompt of the Day”.
  • In order to keep posts organized by theme, we ask that you post your daily photos within the daily prompt thread.
  • If you are posting a different day’s prompt, just scroll until you find that day’s thread within the feed and post it there.
  • Above all, have fun and enjoy the beautiful camaraderie of the planner community! :)



| LETTER | A5 |

Each month, I hand-draw and design a printable version of the daily prompts. I’ll  also be uploading both Letter and A5 size printables to the Facebook Group so that you can print it off and put it into your planner to track your progress. (They’ll be under the “files” tab).

** If you’re a Boho Berry Tribe Member, you can access the printables in the Tribe Resource Library as well! Remember, your password is at the end of each of the emails that I send you :)


  • May, 2017
    Download the printable here!
  • April, 2017
    Download the printable here!
  • March, 2017
    Download the printable here!
  • Prompts are live for February's #PlanWithMeChallenge! :)
    PWMC - February
    Download the printable here!
  • Januray, 2017 #PlanWithMeChallenge
    January, 2017
    Download the printable here!
  • December, 2016
    Download the printable here!
  • November, 2016
    Download the printable here!
  • October, 2016
    Download the printable here!
  • September, 2016
    Download the printable here!
  • August, 2016
    Download the printable here!
  • July, 2016
    Download the printable here!
  • June, 2016
    Download the printable here!
  • May, 2016
    Download the printable here!
  • April, 2016
    Download the printable here!
  • March, 2016
    Download the printable here!
  • February, 2016
    Download the printable here!
  • January, 2016
    Download the printable here!
  • December, 2015
    Download the printable here!


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